The Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR, by Rolf Witzsche  (Sept, 2011) - Previously called the New World Development Project


The Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance

World Development - Dynamic Systemic Change - The Ice Age Challenge
Reality unfolding before us

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Dynamic Systemic Change

The Ice Age transition has begun 
The greatest systemic change in human history is in progress
unfolding as the 21st Century Renaissance

Are you ready to move with it?

our planet has a paradise zone
a strip of tropical waters free of hurricanes
 a good place to start the richest age ever
to usher in the Age of Humanity

Are we all ready?

 Are we ready to relocate our agriculture to save it from the coming cold?
Are we ready to build a world richer than dreams?
Are we ready for agriculture afloat on the tropical seas?
Are we ready for floating bridges, connecting the continents?


How do we know the Ice Age is critically near?

The answer is found in the electrodynamic nature of our galaxy, the solar system and the ice age cycles


The Earth has been in an ice age epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch, for the last 2 million years, interspersed with pulses of warm interglacial climates, such as the one we are in. The entire development of what we call civilization occurred in the last pulse that is now ending. 

We are gradually beginning to realize that we have lived in an anomaly. We have never experienced the normal climate of the Pleistocene, but we need to prepare for it if we wish to survive. And this we can do. The age of scientific honesty lies before us as a part of the human dynamic change. With this dawn comes the understanding of the nature of the pulses that give us our warm anomalies.

Since no mechanistic cause exists that matches the shape of the pulsating ice age cycles, we need to look to electrodynamic causes, where electric charge and discharge processes produce a wide variety of such pulse phenomena. The nature of a discharge-pulse system is illustrated by the dump bucket that kids love in water parks. 

The bucket is charged with an inflowing steady stream of water until it fills to the brim and becomes top-heavy and unstable until it finally flips and dumps its charge on the kids that love the big splash. 

Our nicely warm interglacial climate is comparable to the dump-bucket cycle, but on the galactic scale, where it is an electric cycle. 

In small celestial electric discharge systems (the pulsars) the cycle time is short, measured in seconds. 

In the water park the cycle is measured in minutes. 

On the scale of the entire galaxy that extends across 100,000 light years across, the cycle time is correspondingly longer. While the discharge cycle varies, it is typically in the range of 12,000 years. We appear to be at a stage on the galactic scale that is comparable to the last drops coming out of the bucket. The numerous climate instabilities that are increasingly occurring, all correspond to an electrically weakening solar system. Their occurrence suggests that a major transition is near.

While we cannot control the galactic cycles, we can prepare ourselves for the coming consequences, such as by creating new agricultural resources out of the reach of the glaciation. It is known that during Ice Age times the permafrost line was as low as the 40 degree latitude (the blue lines above). Effective agriculture is not possible in permafrost climates, and large-scale greenhouse operations in the glaciation zone will likely be crushed under the weight of increasing snowfall. 

When the transition begins we will most likely see mass migrations occurring, away from the cold regions where living will fast become impossible. Much of the housing will likely collapse in the new snow belt regions, extending for example from Canada deep into the USA. The design limit of roofs, for snow loading, rarely exceeds 100 pounds per square foot. Most houses won't even carry that much weight. The houses with steep roofs that shed their snow load before it becomes too big, which may have been common during the cold years of the early 1930s, are now quite rare. 

Most roofs are too gently sloped for the snow to slide off, or are totally flat and will likely collapse when the snow accumulation exceeds the design limits. Those limits may have been safe during the interglacial period, but as we enter the transition period to the glacial climate the snow accumulation may quickly become several times larger, and collapse many of the unwisely-built houses and crush the inhabitants.

In order to avoid this danger we need to create a New World for ourselves in which we can continue to live. This means that we will need to produce new high-quality houses by the millions, which can be done with automated production utilizing basalt as a feedstock and nuclear power to melt and shape it into anything we care to construct. On this basis we are able to create completely new cities, possibly by the thousands, with new industries, and set them up in areas where the glaciation cannot reach them. On this basis we have the capacity to facilitate the vast mass migrations that will result when entire countries become uninhabitable, which may begin without warning and unfold quickly.

But where will we build the new cities? Where will the people go? Where are the big open spaces that can absorb such an influx? In the USA the great deserts offer wide empty spaces. In Africa the Sahara does so the same on a very large scale. Africa, with its central location could become the center of the world?

Africa is an option, but it comes with a problem. The masters of empire have been on a campaign since 1974 to depopulate Africa of its native population as much as possible. The genocidal depopulation policy was spelled out in the U.S. National Security Study Memorandum 200 produced in 1974, the very year that the Global Warming Doctrine was also imposed on the world, evidently in order to prevent the self-development of the world and to hide the approaching Ice Age under the blanket of false science and deceptions of numerous sorts. 

The policy to depopulate Africa to as large a degree as possible was evidently created for the purpose of making room for the coming mass migration out of Europe once the coming ice age transition is under way. However, the political tensions that the depopulation policy has created, renders Africa hardly a willing host on the needed scale, especially during the initial period and in the current political climate.

Another option would be to cut down the rainforest of Brazil, which would be the worst option possible, as the Amazon flowing out of it will be needed to activate the Sahara and Sahel. This leaves humanity with only one option, to create floating agriculture across the tropical oceans. Fortunately a thousand mile wide strip along the equator is relatively free of hurricanes, extending across most the equatorial circumference of slightly over 40,000 kilometers. The floating agricultural acreage that would be possible to be created in this area would be 23 times larger than the total harvested U.S. acreage. In other words, the potential far exceeds what would likely ever be required.

The tropics also give us the largest rainfall. Of the app. 500,000 cubic kilometers of fresh water that falls as precipitation each year; a whopping 400,000 cubic kilometers falls over the oceans. The equatorial region near the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is the wettest portion of the world, a shifting rain belt within the tropics that moves northward till August, then moves back southward into the Southern Hemisphere till around February and March. 

All the rainfall that will be needed for the floating tropical agriculture can be captured right in the tropics, and held in floating reservoirs until needed, and may ultimately be used as a resource for the needs of cities and industries.

Freshwater floats on the oceans. Vast floating reservoirs of it can be created, contained within thin-walled, impregnated basalt fiber fabrics. The collected water can be withdrawn at any point where it is needed. The floating agriculture could be build right on top of it, or the collection system could be surrounding it to whatever extent it would be needed. It probably wouldn't need to be extremely large as the average rainfall in the tropics is several times larger than anywhere else.


The Future of Canada may lay in Australia

Australia has vast open spaces for industrial development. When Canada needs to find a place for itself in the New World once its territory becomes largely disabled by the coming cold, and by the onset of glaciation, it may find a new future in Australia in partnership with it and with a number of European nations. This partnership could launch the greatest industrial development in the New World with Australia becoming the industrial center for it until such time that Africa may supersede it. 

With Canada being located well above the 40 degree line, its existence as a viable nation will likely end when the ice age transition begins. A nation that cannot feed itself has no future. For this reason we will likely see Canada building itself a new future by helping to build the intercontinental network of floating bridges and floating agriculture with floating cities spread across the expanse. Australia could become the industrial hub for the development process. Canada could play a leading role in the development of large-scale nuclear power facilities, especially the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LIFTR) that is inexpensive, safe, and produces the high-temperature process heat that can be pumped up for the melting of basalt. Canada has one of the world's largest deposits of basalt and the 5th largest deposit of thorium. With these, the automatic manufacturing of houses is possible right now, and likewise that of the modules for the floating bridges. In partnership with Canada, Australia could become the manufacturing base for the basalt products. With intense enough devotion to the process, the entire intercontinental bridge network and floating agriculture could be up and running before Canada would become disabled by the cold and by the rapidly accumulating snows.

It is hard to imagine a world in which Canada plays not a major contributing role, which its involvement in creating the basalt infrastructures would assure to be continued.

Canada and Australia are culturally close, so that the cooperative partnership would happen naturally. With the two nations joining hands, Australia could become the industrial and scientific center of the New World, and become the primary engine for the development of Africa. Also Australia is fairly close to a major node point of the ionosphere's electro jets, which would ultimately power its industrial complex and all the cities that come with it, including the floating agriculture and all of its cities. 

India would likely be interested too, in this vast development. Thorium power and basalt processing would quickly become its number one contributing product, which in turn would assure its food supply forever. Russia and China would join the project for the same reason. They all need to find their niche in the New World. The USA would no doubt join right from the start.

With nearly all of the nations of the world contributing, the 30,000 kilometer long network of floating bridges, floating agriculture, and a surrounding freshwater infrastructures, could be completed and augment the world's food supplies long before the ice age transition begins.

Basalt processing, a paradox.

Basalt is a finely grained rock of ancient lava flows. It is ten times as strong as steel, nearly as hard as diamond, does not corrode, melts at 1,400 degrees, and can be shaped into anything from large construction modules to micro-thin fibers that can be woven into fabrics, robes, and insolating bats. And it is near infinitely abundant. Also, it is process ready as it sits on the ground. No preprocessing is needed as in steel production. However, it takes a lot of energy to melt it, twice as much as for melting steel. The paradox is that this energy requirement isn't a factor, because all of the energy that is put into the melting of the basalt can theoretically be recovered from the cooling of the product, so that the shaping of the basalt is energy neutral. In practice heat losses do occur. Nevertheless, a well-designed plant should be able to operate with more than 70% efficiency, and operate pollution free. The nuclear reactor that would power such a plant would only need to cover the energy losses, due to inefficiencies.

All thermal powered electricity plants, in contrast, have a substantial energy loss built into its system. These systems need to have a large differential between their energy source and an energy sink, in order to produce mechanical work that can be turned into electricity. Basalt processing doesn't require this energy loss. A well designed basalt processing plant with a 1000 megawatt reactor should therefore be able to produce ready-made housing modules at a rate of roughly 2000 per hour. The plants required would be relatively large in size, and those too could be set afloat on the oceans to produce the floating bridge modules, etc., produced on site where needed.. The supply system for building the floating bridges and floating agriculture would then only require basalt as input, of which there is enough on the planet to cover the entire land area of the world more than thirty feet deep. And a small amount of thorium 233 would also be needed, and agricultural inputs of course, and top soil. Most crops might also require a roof over them, to protect them from the torrential tropical rains.

Building new agriculture on this platform would assure humanity's food supply with abundance for all times to come, and this in the most efficient manner possible.

The New Platform for Economics

When this kind of creative renaissance gets started, a whole new economic system would likely begin to develop. It wouldn't be a monetarist system. Monetarism requires a vast differential to exist between the rich and the poor so that the lure of money can have a corrupting influence that is easily exploited. The New World would have a form of economics beyond anything that has been seen so far.

It would start with free housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and education, which are the basic necessities for a developing civilization. To get the New World development started this foundation would be offered for free to anyone willing to work on the projects. This promise can be made, because the sum total that comes out it is many times greater than the sum total of what goes into it. A form of credit system would cover the rest to stimulate cultural development, technologies, art, theatre, and so on.

In today's world monetarism is killing society. Economics has become a word for looting. Everything has become profit oriented, squeezing society in every respect, driving vast segments of people into slum living and homelessness, rent slavery, and indentured for life for education that in far too many cases is worthless.

Those willing to participate in the Ice Age World Development Project under the conditions stated would be lining up at the door by the millions. When this system begins to develop, the whole world would follow in this path, which would be the richest that's possible, and it would be totally sanitized of parasites.

The current drive in the USA to get Franklin Roosevelt's Glass Stegall legislation re-instituted is failing, because it doesn't offer enough. It offers a separation between productive banking and predatory speculative enterprises. It doesn't offer to end the predatory oligarchic enterprises and powers, and empires of power. The Ice Age World Development Project furnishes a new crown and places it on society itself, the human being, the only engine for human development. Under the Ice Age World Development Project the concept of property and the privatization of the wealth of society, falls by the wayside. That's the only way the new world can be developed. The Ice Age Challenge is a challenge to create a new renaissance. If we fail, the human game ends.

Fortunately, nobody knows how close the Ice Age Challenge really is. It may be only decades away, if that. The point is that if we knew that the interglacial period would last another thousand years, we wouldn't be forcing ourselves to create a new renaissance, and as a consequence we would perish in the whorehouses of the present world's oligarchic institutions and die of hunger, poverty, war, and plain simple hopelessness.

The Ice Age Challenge stands before us to create a world for ourselves with such productive riches that we will not only survive under the worst possible climatic conditions, but thrive and grow, and become ever more human. Isn't that what we need already right now? If our world is in such a mess that we cannot survive the return of the Ice Age, but need to ask, "when is it coming," we admit thereby that we have already failed ourselves. Our world should be developed to such a point of creative power that whenever the Ice Age Transition begins, it would have no impact on human living. Unfortunately, the very opposite is presently the case. We become weaker, poorer, more isolated, more fascist, and more divided, even on the critical scientific issues. That is where the tragedy lies.

Thus we face the gravest challenge ever, which stands before us, with closed eyes. And it is the gravest challenge that we will ever face, to build the grandest renaissance ever, which is on a scale that only the Ice Age Challenge has the potential to bring to the foreground, by which all the lesser merely moral challenges, will be met along the way of meeting this one critical challenge.

The stumbling block presently is oligarchism. The masters of empire have blocked the scientific recognition of the physical challenge before us by every imaginable method at their disposal, and they do have managed to put humanity deadly asleep, to the point that science itself has become a death trap. We do see the Ice Age Precursors before us and we eagerly explain them away, as we have done for more than 35 years already with ever-greater blindness to reality, to the point that 99.999% of the mass of the universe is deemed not to exist. We make excuses for our blindness. Something needs to break open on this front. Without a scientific breakout from the Wellsian type of strangulation of science where only gravity and mechanistic processes are allowed to be considered, humanity has no hope, no future, and in a relatively short time not a livable world remaining to live in.

The proof that a transition may have already begun is not insignificant. In fact it is rather plain.

Our sun's activity is getting weaker. Its recovery from the last sunspot minimum took longer than before. The last minimum produced a higher percentage of spotless days than is normal.

The Sun's energy output is measurably dimming. It has dropped 0.02% at visible wavelengths and 6% at EUV wavelengths in comparison with the levels at the last solar minimum. These are big reductions. Also, the Sun's magnetic field strength is less than half now, in comparison with the solar minimum of 22 years ago. At the same time, over the last two decades, the solar wind's speed has dropped by 3%, its temperature by 13%, and its density by 20% as of 2008 (before the NASA Ulysses Mission. that has reported these startling figures, was terminated).

The entire heliosphere, which surrounds our Solar System, has 'shrunk'. The result is an increase in the level of cosmic radiation, specifically high energy (GeV) electrons - a minor but telltale component of cosmic rays striking the Earth and its atmosphere. Their number has jumped by about 20%, which increases cloud formation and thereby produces colder climates as more solar radiation is reflected back into space by the white tops of the clouds.

These are not speculated effects expected in future time. They are measured effects happening now, and their numbers are startling. If the 20% increase in cosmic radiation, for example, is projected forward in a linear fashion, we should be in full Ice Age conditions in 80 years. If the increase was to happen exponentially, which is most likely, we may reach full Ice Age conditions in as little as 20 years. In either case, the consequences for human living are so huge that the conventional yardstick for measuring the future no longer applies.

For example

When the idea of the USA was formed, its declaration of independence recognized as self-evident truths that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; and that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This founding principle was not applied to slavery during the forming of the Union and its Constitution, or else, so it is said, the Union could not have been formed. 

It is said that the good that was thereby accomplished by compromise would have been prevented had the founding recognition been applied to slavery. Thus the disease of slavery was allowed to remain. Unhealed, it festered for almost 80 years until it was exploited by the British Empire as a wedge to destroy the Union, which nearly succeeded. 

The Union was saved in a horrendously destructive civil war that could have been avoided had the founding principle been applied to slavery at the very beginning, which evidently seemed impossible at the time, but might have been possible had the effort been made to do it. It was deemed in those days that time would heal the disease, which it didn't.


We are still at this stage. The highest imperative of our time, to respond to the Ice Age Challenge before us, is deemed impossible to implement. It is said that the implementation of the Ice Age World Development Project is not possible from the American standpoint. It is said that the American people cannot be inspired to reach that high to save their very existence. It is said that the only process that is deemed possible for America to rebuild its economy is the implementation of the 1960s NAWAPA project. 

NAWAPA is a 50-year project to divert a portion of two rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean, to flow south instead, from Alaska, across 2,000 miles of aqueducts, tunnels, and reservoirs, to irrigate the southern deserts in the USA and Mexico. The project is huge, the largest civil engineering project ever imagined. It would involve the building of 360 individual projects, including the building of dams to raise the water level high enough to cause rivers to flow backwards, and several pump-lifts to lift the diverted rivers over the 6,000-foot level of the high desert of the Nevada Great Basin.

 The project is so immense that it includes the building of a 1,700-foot high dam in Alaska, in permafrost country, and in one of the most earthquake prone zones in the world. This dam would be nearly three times as tall and nine times as massive as China's Three Gorges Dam that took 12 years to construct under ideal climate conditions. The pump lifts too, would be massive, requiring the energy of 36 large 1 GW nuclear reactors that would force the diverted river to flow uphill. The resulting reservoirs too, would be gigantic in volume and flooded area, requiring the relocation of numerous cities and towns, the relocation of the Alaska Oil Pipeline, and the relocation of Canada's transcontinental railways. 

The project is so enormous in scale that it is expected to employ 3 million workers directly, and another 3 million indirectly on the supply side, for 50 years. Then, when all 360 projects are completed, after fifty years of construction, the project would bring water in the dry southern U.S.A. at a flow rate of roughly a quarter of the outflow on the nearby Mississippi River. It is expected that the employment of 6 million people for fifty years and the mobilization of the American industrial capacity for this purpose, would rebuild the US economy, even though no productive benefit would be derived during the construction period, and only a marginal benefit thereafter. And once it was constructed after 50 years of work, the resulting system would not be expandable beyond the built-in limits, primarily because of its limited source.

The project is presently promoted by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee. It is said that the project is possible to do in terms of getting the American nation to commit itself to it, while projects like the Ice Age World Development Project is said to be not possible, judged on the same basis.


While it is certainly possible to construct the NAWAPA project as outlined in the 1960s, a project that would draw water from the high sub-arctic, the project would likely be disabled by the coming Ice Age transition long before the construction of it would be completed, or at the very best, soon thereafter. In this case, building the project would have left the USA unprepared for the Ice Age transition, and without a fall-back position to newly created protected food resources, new industries, and new housing.

The same consequences would also apply to Canada, which would be drawn into the NAWAPA project as a partner. The resulting continent-wide commitment of resources to NAWAPA would totally prevent the global focus on the return of the Ice Age and humanity preparing itself for it, such as the implementation of the Ice Age World Development Project. In this case the masters of empire would have a vast portion of humanity served to them on the silver platter of universal genocide by irreversible starvation.

By the insurmountable consequences of ignoring the Ice Age Challenge, by which humanity may become extinct, the slavery issue becomes incomparable. The only comparison that stands up is the lack of healing that brought both issues to a critical stage. On the slavery issue the unhealed disease festered until it nearly destroyed the Union. In modern times the disease is scientific dishonesty, which likewise festered for decades, forcefully nurtured by the masters of empire, by which they assured themselves a clear-cut path to their long-coveted depopulation of the planet to less than a billion, as has been stated so often.

The lack of response to the Ice Age Challenge is a case of the long nurtured and now widely accepted scientific dishonesty, which has disabled the very best of society from being effective in securing the continued existence of civilization and humanity with it. NAWAPA, in spite of all its problems that should be blocking factors, is deemed possible, while the rescuing of civilization is deemed not possible, and the critical factor that makes it so, is the long-festering disease of scientific dishonesty.


It is hard for one to be inspired by the presently promoted NAWAPA project. It makes huge demands for minuscule effects in return. The NAWAPA principle is good, buts implementation is way off the mark. Its objectives can be met in 3 to 4 years of development with modern technological means, instead of the envisioned 50 years as the project is promoted.

The current NAWAPA plan envisions to bring a portion of the waters that flow through Alaska unused into the Arctic oceans, to the Southern USA and Northern Mexico, across 2000 miles of mountains, while up to four times the envision water volume is available locally in the outflow of the Mississippi River that is dumped unused into the Gulf of Mexico.

This outflow could be trapped into a floating reservoir and be applied to wherever it would be needed, via a region-wide, nuclear powered, distribution pipeline network. 

The floating reservoir would employ the natural buoyancy of freshwater that is lighter than salt water. A floating reservoir of any desired size could be created with ease, as no high strength containment is required for water-in-water conveyance. A relatively thin barrier would suffice, which could be manufactured immediately with fiberglass fabrics and Kevlar, two of the strongest sheet materials in current use. The water could be available as soon as the nuclear powered distribution system was built, which shouldn't take more than 4 years if the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor is used as a power source, which is save and easily built as it doesn't require an extensive pressure vessel for making steam.

Such a system, promising near term benefits with minimal efforts, is much more likely to inspire society's support, and it wouldn't be disabled before it gets off the ground, by the coming climate transition as the northern project would.

Activating the deserts as a food producing resource is required now, not 50 years from now, as the North American agriculture is already deeply affected by the beginning climate transition, small as it may be, such as floods, drought, and wet conditions of the type that reduced Canada's wheat harvest by 20%, which is currently expected. The northern U.S. agriculture is no doubt similarly affected.

What is possible and what is not?

In real terms the 1960 NAWAPA plan is impossible to implement as a crash program. It looks good on paper as a make-work project, but it is humanly not possible to implement under the current circumstances. It would require the relocation of three million families for long periods, many of them into hostile environments. That's not possible without the large scale provision of housing on a massive scale, together with schools, secondary support industries, on a surge basis, on demand.

The current economic system doesn't have the capacity to supply the already existing needs, such as to end homelessness, slum living, and rent slavery.

With or without the Ice Age Challenge pushing it, the housing requirements cannot be met without the development of high temperature basalt-forming processes for the automated manufacturing of high quality housing at such a low cost that the housing can be given away for free. Without this type of infrastructure NAWAPA is not possible to implement, other than with fascist methods. Without the Ice Age Challenge pushing the required mobilization, these infrastructures would not be created. Of course, once the Ice Age Challenge is acknowledged, NAWAPA won't even get of the ground, as a proposal that is dead from the start.

The only project that is actually possible of the two, is the automated production of houses as a part of the Ice Age Challenge. Sure, free universal housing by the millions would upset the current real estate value system, but it is needed, and it will be increasingly needed as the progressively greater snow load is increasing the housing collapse in the major snowfall regions.

Right now the collapse is still minimal, limited to the collapse of a garage here and there, or school, factory, or shopping center. But the trend is on. The climate transition is in progress. Nobody knows or can know where it will end.

Cosmic electrodynamic systems in the transition stage are unpredictable. All that we can rationally do is to respond to the trends in progress and their potential conclusion. Gambling with the future of civilization and the potential collapse of humanity is not an option. This factor should determine what is possible and what is not.

The Ice Age Challenge before us, when it is acknowledged honestly, will invariably render what is presently deemed impossible, to be possible, with the right leadership of course that presently doesn't exist but has the potential to unfold out of necessity and for the love of the good that is native in humanity.

The time will come when it will no longer be said that society's leadership for the ideal response, or even the necessary response, is "an enemy of the good," as it is presently being said.

NAWAPA is too local in scope

The comprehensive implementation of the Ice Age World Development Project is critical for the survival of all the northern nations, such as Canada that is located high up in the Ice Age permafrost region, together with Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Norway, Finland, Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden, France, and to some degree China and India. The 40 degree latitude circle encapsulates much of the industrialized world. China, Russia, and Canada are already affected by the climate transition, which is only at the beginning stage.

While these countries are presently trapped into the same ideological prison where it is deemed impossible for humanity to meet its needs that may soon be the most critical in the entire history of civilization, most country's entrapment might not be as deep as it presently appears to be in the USA that has been intensively subjected to oligarchic scientific and cultural debilitation.

China is presently the development leader in the world. It is already active in this capacity in Africa, to some degree. China will definitely need to consider the development of new food resources. It will likely be a driving force in partnership with India to start the development of floating tropical agriculture, which is rather easy to do, and for which India has the materials in abundance, both basalt and thorium for nuclear power, for the high temperature Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor.

As a technology itself, the implementation of floating agriculture is simple. Numerous options exist to support large flat modules placed on top of mass produced floatation devices, such as hexagonal modules of the appropriate size that can be tied together into honeycomb structures to support almost anything. Even the final assembly process of the platforms can be largely automated.

Oligarchic entrapment of science 

Once the oligarchic entrapment of science is broken, which it will when the coming Ice Age emergency becomes increasingly evident, developments will likely happen rather quickly. The Ice Age World Development Project might then be taken up in several places simultaneously. The USA will likely join this effort relatively soon, which is presently deemed impossible by its leadership and political pioneers, because of this leadership's deep entrapment into the oligarchic system.

The present effort to restore the Glass Steagall legislation, put in place during the Franklin Roosevelt years, doesn't address the nation's entrapment by the oligarchic system sufficiently to cause a decisive breakout from it in society, which the Ice Age Imperative has the power to inspire. Other nations may have to be the ones to pioneer the breakout from oligarchic entrapment, as the motivation for it is deemed impossible to attain in the USA, as it stands today. This kind of freedom is deemed impossible. Other nations may have to provide the leadership that makes the critically essential, possible. Once this leadership begins to develop, the USA will likely follow.

It has been said that society tends to follow competent leadership, the leadership with a liberating vision. This may happen on the international scale.

"Where there is no vision the people perish"

This text of ancient wisdom hung framed over the desk of the American leader who pioneered the development towards commercial nuclear power. The man was Admiral Rickover who moved heaven and earth to create an unlimited power supply system for the nation's submarine fleet. The term, 'not possible' likely wasn't in his vocabulary.

Ending the yoke of slavery may have been deemed not possible when the USA became established, but we will never know if this impossibility was merely assumed for the lack of vision against the background of the long heritage in America of the oligarchic system and its deadly effect on human development. The oligarchic system, expressed as empire, had ruled the world for millennia by then. The breakout from empire that the American Revolution represented was narrow. Its most advanced ideal, even its founding principle, was not sufficiently trusted to be deemed practical and beneficial. It took the consequences of 80 years of continued slavery to finally end it in America, officially, under the leadership of a pioneer who understood the challenge to some degree.

The challenge in the modern world is vastly greater. The unfolding Ice Age transition that the masters of empire have been able to hide for 35 years under the blanket of the Global Warming Doctrine, doesn't leave us the luxury to letting things slide for 80 years as for the breakout from the slavery trap, which actually has only been broken superficially in many places and respects

We really don't know how much time we have left in the interglacial holiday from the cold that many think will last forever. There exists no scientific method by which we can know the final answer to be justified to do nothing without gambling away the future of civilization and of humanity as we presently do by doing nothing in preparing ourselves for it.

The precursors are the writing on the wall

We tend to ignore the ice age precursors, and go to great lengths to explain them away, while we insist that it is impossible to respond to their writing on the wall.

Most of the world is saying today to its scientific pioneers, don't waste your time to wake us up, we don't want to be awakened; we like to remain asleep; it is less challenging to be asleep.

The breakout from this self-entrapment will likely begin as soon as the writing on the wall becomes clearer and unmistakable. When the wave of starvation that presently claims 100 million each year of the billion now living in chronic starvation, and the silent holocaust of the consequences of the folly of non-response claims its billion people for the lack of food, maybe the awakening will then begin. Unfortunately, by then the awakening will likely come too late. In a dying world the human resources will likely no longer exist for the advanced breakout infrastructures to be built.

Floating agriculture, high-temperature basalt processing under pumped up heat from high-temperature nuclear reactors, while these are still possible to implement today, may indeed become impossible at a future stage when the big starvation cycle begins in the shadow of the ongoing climate transition that seems to be impossible to acknowledge for most leaders on the political and scientific horizon.

At such a stage, what today is possible but is mistakenly deemed impossible, will indeed become impossible then, with the consequence that the world population will collapse below the one billion mark, which is far below the threshold for civilization to exist. Below this threshold looms a primitive lifestyle that no one living today would wish to endure, or would be able to endure. The average lifespan during the last Ice Age glaciation period appears to have been in the range of 15 years. This may be all that then remains possible, if indeed the Earth has not been made uninhabitable by then, by the huge effects of the depleted uranium wars that have already horrendous consequences for the entire biological system of our planet, for which a 100-fold increase in the devastation is prepared for, pre-positioned, ready to go. If the Ice Age Challenge doesn't cause us to get us out of this trend that is now fully prepared for the end game, maybe nothing will. Then the word impossible takes on a totally different meaning.

What is deemed impossible today will likely be our salvation if we manage to break out of the trap of the impossible. If we don't manage this, the future of humanity is dim, if it exists at all if we don't act soon.

The most deadly disease: Scientific Dishonesty

Is anyone even aware of the depth of scientific dishonesty that has gripped society, including those who champion the cause of science? Is anyone aware of the seemingly impossible breakout from scientific dishonesty?

Scientific dishonesty goes deep, and like a fungus, it is destroying the very fabric of civilization in almost all the critical arenas. Slavery was only one form of many in which its rot was felt, and was the mildest case. Other forms of scientific dishonesty are evident as fascism, oligarchism, monetarism, terrorism and so on. The rot is even destroying the fabric of science, especially in the arena of astrophysics that is critical for understanding the dynamics of the Ice Age Challenge before us.

Scientific dishonesty in astrophysics

For example, it is scientifically dishonest to regard galactic processes as mechanistic processes, since it is a well-known fact that gravity only rules in the 'small', such as within the sphere of a solar system, because gravity is the weakest of the basic forces in the universe and diminishes with the square of the distance. It is scientifically dishonest to regard this 'local' force the controlling force of a galaxy, because this type of far-reaching action is not physically possible according to what is known about gravity.

Orbiting solar systems on the galactic scale, orbiting the galactic center, are not possible, because the motivating force, the force of gravity that governs mechanistically orbiting systems, does not have the necessary reach for such a process to be possible. Since this impossibility is self-evident, mythological inventions are added, like Ptolemy's epicycles that he invented to make a false theory plausible. The modern epicycles are invisible super-massive black holes with such unimaginably large gravity that the imaginary orbiting of stars around the galactic center begins to seem rational. However, since this concept too is mathematically impossible to conceive, more epicycles are added to make the concept appear possible, concepts like dark matter and dark energy that are deemed to exist but cannot be seen or experimentally detected. This trap of scientific dishonesty is cultivated to hide the universal electric force.

Scientific honesty requires one to admit that all observed motions on the galactic scale can only be caused by electrodynamic action since the electromagnetic force is the only force with the natural large enough reach so that no epicycles are really required. The electric force is known to be 36 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, is experimentally measurable, and does not diminish with the square of the distance as gravity does, but does so only linearly. 

It is scientific dishonesty to ignore the electromagnetic force, the most far-reaching force in the universe, for the sake of imposed mythological concepts, and to imagine that all aspects on the galactic scale are ruled by gravity alone, since it is known, and experimentally proved, that this cannot be the case.

Scientific honesty is liberating

Once scientific honesty begins to determine our perceptions, the door becomes opened to recognize the Sun and the Universe as being electrically powered, because nothing else exists as a organizing and powering force on the required scale. By knowing that the 99.999% of the mass of the Universe exists in plasma form that is electrically charged and responds to the electric force, one cannot honestly accept the notion that the electric force that organizes the universe, both on the galactic scale, and cosmic scale, does not exist. It does exist. One would have to forcibly close ones eyes and mind, not to see it.

Unfortunately, this is what all authorized concepts of cosmic science are based on, in the nature of an intentionally created trap.

It is easily possible for one to close one's eyes and mind and accept what the 'repeat after me' so-called 'science' imposes. It is easier to accept the voice of authority that imposes a dream-like state, than it is to accept the challenging recognition of truth that demands of one corresponding actions. It is easier to stay asleep and dream one's life away, but it isn't liberating.

Of course, when the awakening does begin, and honest scientific recognition begins to make its demand, the recognition of the electrodynamic universe, solar system, and sun, is not far behind. With this unfolds the recognition of the deep interconnection of our climate with the electric cycles of our solar system, and its connection with the galaxy as a whole. This takes us far away from imagining that our climate is the outcome of mechanistic cycles, which incidentally, in most cases, are also electrically organized. The term scientific honesty would apply to such a case of breaking out of the trap of scientific dishonesty that conjures up such mythological concepts as the bouncing-ball solar system.

The term scientific dishonesty applies when the basic reality is understood, but is ignored for countless forms of compromises, or is politically demanded not to exist, or not to apply, as under the Wellsian Doctrine for intentionally disabling science.

Under the Wellsian doctrine, science has become mythological. The result is a perception in which our solar system orbits the galactic center on a mechanistic path, through density waves, ordered by gravity, and oscillating above and below the galactic ecliptic, for which no mechanistic force exists or is possible to cause such motions.

In dishonest science the recognized concepts become mythical, such as the apocalyptic concept of the 62-million year cycles of mass extinction events that are not supported with known evidence, as in real terms no cyclical extinction events happened. According to physical evidence, each mass extinction during the long history of the Earth has had its own unique physical cause, which rules out the terror mythology of extinction cycles. 

Scientific dishonesty is cultivated to sweep away the recognized truth in the name of an imposed doctrine that serves oligarchic purposes.

It is very hard for humanity to break out of the chokehold of dishonest science where the basic facts are ignored or turned upside down for the sake of oligarchic imposed doctrines, such as the gravity-only universe, organized around such mythical inventions as density waves, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, the Big Bang explosion that supposedly created the Universe, and the Great Attractor that is the latest in a long series of epicycles that are needed to rationalize the Big Bang Gravity-Only Universe. These deceptions are well financed, designed to darken the light of science, as H. G. Wells has suggested should be done to protect the oligarchic system that cannot stand in the light.

That a breakout from scientific dishonesty is possible is self-evident in the existence of civilization. Civilization isn't built on lies, even on being dishonest with oneself, but is built on moving with the highest perception of reality. Otherwise civilization wouldn't exist. The great calamities that tear down civilization result from the exceptions that hinder progress and reverse it.

The slavery issue as a case of scientific dishonesty

The pioneering colonists on the American shores claimed their independence from the looting force of empire by recognizing the profound universal truth that all humanity is equal in all humanist respects. On this scientific recognition of their worth as human beings, they tore down the yoke of empire and claimed their native liberty. They found the crown of the human being and began to wear it. They fought the War of Independence for this freedom, but when it came to slavery they compromised with what they had recognized scientifically as a truth. The compromise resulted from scientific dishonesty. They created a political union built on compromise. Building their political house on dishonesty with themselves, was deemed to be for the greater good, rather than not building anything at all.

 Those who demanded the abolition of slavery were deemed the enemy of the good, and are still regarded that way. History, however, tells us a different story. The enemy of the good was the unhealed scientific dishonesty that eventually ended in war that the people of the union nearly lost. Only after the great tragedy of a needless and terribly destructive war, was the scientific recognition of truth, on which the nation was founded, extended to also the slaves, abolishing slavery, acknowledging to themselves that indeed all human beings are equal, that the slaves are real human beings. 

With this honest recognition, though it was 80 years overdue, the people finally overturned the scientific lies that Aristotle had brewed up 2,000 years earlier with his theory of natural slavery. Aristotle created leadership lies for the benefit of his masters. He spoke in total opposition to what had already been known and established as a truth, and had been demonstrated as a truth by Socrates and Plato. Aristotle is said to have been a student of Plato. This is true only to the extent of his aiming to discover how to overturn Plato's scientifically established recognitions of truth.

 Aristotle became one of the world's most accomplished masters of scientific dishonesty. He is still celebrated as a great genius for this reason.

Scientific dishonesty is big in modern days. The Global Warming Doctrine is a glaring example. It is not called that anymore. It is now called Climate Change, since the global warming isn't happening. Now, manmade CO2 is blamed for everything. Whether the climate gets warmer or colder, wetter are drier, CO2 is blamed in every case, and humanity is blamed for producing it, which is said to be destroying the planet with no hope for a solution than for humanity to stop living. The resulting climate terrorism has gone to such extremes that it was proposed during the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference that the cheapest way to solve the CO2 crisis is to eliminate most of humanity, something in the order of getting rid of 4.2 billion people. That's extreme terrorism. It is saying to a child born into this world, your existence as a human being is an enemy to the planet and thereby to yourself.

Sadly, the abolition of slavery didn't end the song of scientific dishonesty. 

It took a long time for the African American people to gain full civil rights in the USA. And this was a mild case. Countless wars were instigated on the dishonest premise that Russian, or Chinese, of Jews, or Japanese, or Arabs, are whatever the case may be, are not real human beings, to enable the slaughtering of them in the various wars instigated by the masters of empire.

And the case goes deeper still, which is wrecking the world today economically and financially with the weapon of monetarism for the ever-wider wholesale looting of society on the premise that it is alright to hurt the other guy, or investor, or government, or nation, or merely just the common folks, especially the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, and so on, -- all of whom are deemed to be not real people, but are regarded as something less, people who can be exempted from the universal equality of humanity and being treated as human beings. Thus they can be taxed to death, robbed blind with fees and fines and other impositions, and price increases and wage cuts, and so on and on. 

These examples serve to proof a point that is critical as we get closer to the coming Ice Age transition. The point is that scientific honesty is the gate to human freedom, so that when this gate is closed, or even partially closed with compromises, great tragedies occur. In the case of America the scientific dishonesty on the slavery issue festered for 80 years and became a monster that ignited a civil war that came with a price tag that far exceeded the supposed benefits of the compromise with scientific dishonesty.

The compromise of scientific dishonesty was repeated in countless different forms when society failed to stop the march of fascism, but let it fester in the world. It should have been stopped when the French Revolution became a terror campaign. But it wasn't. It destroyed all of Europe repeatedly, first by Napoleon, then by two empire-instigated world wars, and still fascism rules more brutally than ever, exacting a price in tragedies already suffered that is too huge to be tallied up. And still the compromise of scientific dishonesty continues on this front, unabated, with ever-new faces being added to its hall of fame.

But the greatest tragedy for scientific dishonesty still lies before us, and can yet be avoided, which is found in the world of science itself. The lack of scientific honesty to the truth already discovered, such as that gravity is a weak force, prevents us from recognizing that the Universe is actively organized by the vastly greater electromagnetic force with dynamic interactions that determine our climate, including the ice age cycles. The hiding of this truth that is known and established, and its active denial in the halls of science under oligarchic control, keeps our hands tied so that the good cannot be accomplished that would enable us to prepare our world for the unfolding climate transition, such as by protecting our food supply with the Ice Age World Development Project.

The scientific dishonesty that enables fascism in all its forms, which has nearly destroyed civilization and may yet succeed if it isn't stopped, pales in comparison with the consequences of the scientific dishonesty in the sciences itself to block society's responding to the Ice Age Challenge.

The resulting consequences of the blocking of scientific honesty promise to be on a scale in tragedies that has never been encountered before in the entire history of civilization.

We may not be looking at a repeat of the 'superficial' cold spell that gave the Earth its Little Ice Age in the 1600's with a half a degree drop in global average temperature. The Greenland ice core samples tell us quite a different story. They speak of a more distant past, the normal ice age climate that was 15 degrees colder, not half a degree. Nobody really knows what this means, because what we call civilization developed entirely during the nice warm interglacial period that appears to have run its course according the precursors that we can already see.

In addition to the colder climate in the coming glaciation period, we will see the greenhouse effect of the Earth's atmosphere reduced, which derives 97% of its moderating effect from the presently high concentration of water vapor. The ice core samples tell us that the water vapor concentration, together with snowfall and rainfall, will likely be reduced by a factor of 5. The reduced greenhouse effect promises to give us dramatically larger daily and seasonal temperature swings, and less rain for agriculture. This trend will likely increase the circle of disabled agriculture past the 40 degree line where evidence of glacial permafrost has been found. This circle is already extremely large. Reduced rainfall may have a disabling effect on agriculture extending over much wider areas. This trend is already being felt, faintly, in the form of increasing drought conditions down to the 30 degree latitude (beyond the circle shown here).


The detected reduction of snow accumulation in the ice core samples, correspond to a similar reduction of moisture in the atmosphere by potentially also a factor of 5, as the ice core data indicates, with a corresponding reduction in rainfall. These measurements make it rather plain that the relocation of much of the world's agriculture into the tropics, afloat on the oceans, becomes essential for the coming Ice Age World.

We also face another critical factor when the big climate transition begins back to the normal Ice Age climate. And this factor is unpredictable. When a major dynamic system changes states, large fluctuations occur. While the interglacial climate has been remarkably stable, a lot of superficial fluctuations have occurred, some rather big ones too, most of them lasting for just a few decades.

During the transition period this pattern will continue, but on a much larger scale, corresponding with the larger instabilities. These transition instabilities may cause the largest damage. The potential housing collapse may result from such causes, when for example extreme cold airflows interact with moisture laden airstreams, large snowfalls will likely result. Under normal glacial conditions the annual snowfalls should be much reduced as colder air is drier air, but during the transition fluctuations anything can happen. That is where the danger lies. But knowing the danger enables humanity to prepare itself for it by creating new cities outside the snow belts, and, or, replacing sub-standard structures in the endangered areas. This is a task that can only be accomplished with the automated mass production of new high quality housing, that the USA, for example, had the capability to produce since the 1950s, but had denied itself the benefit of, for the lack of scientific honesty.

The bottom line is, on the front of the Ice Age Challenge, that the greatest danger, and also the only danger, which looms before us on this front, is the lack of scientific honesty that presently prevents all efforts towards humanity making preparations to secure its civilization. Preparing for the return of the Ice Age glaciation does not pose a technological challenge, or a materials challenge, or an energy challenge, but comes to light as a human challenge in the form of scientific dishonesty. All that we physically need to make the preparations and secure civilization exists in abundance. The only blocking factor is the scientific blindness that prevents us from utilizing the resources we have.

When no preparations are made, what magical solution will people resort to when their houses collapse under suddenly increasing snow falls? What will they eat when their agriculture begins to fail, which will then happen all across the Northern Hemisphere? Where will all the northern nations migrate to when their cities become disabled? Then, without preparations having been made for new living spaces, what place in the world can absorb the influx of billions of people, when for example Canada begins to fail, and Russia and all of Europe, and parts of China, and possibly some parts of India too. Much of the industrialized world lies within the potential permafrost circle that conservatively denotes the disabled agriculture and the extent of the snow and ice fields within?

Without scientific honesty that enables the timely compensating preparations to be made, which will take decades to complete, a huge catastrophe would await humanity. It would be on a scale that no science fiction writer has yet imagined, or can imagine. Fortunately, humanity has a mind that is capable of great scientific honesty, which may yet have its day

The Milankovitch Cycles

It has long been believed that the onset of the next Ice Age glaciation will be a gradual occurrence over the span of thousands of years, resulting from a combination of orbital variations of the Earth around the Sun, such as the changing tilt and direction of the spin axis of the Earth in the order of 41,000 years, etc.. However, with modern computers it has become possible to calculate the changing solar exposure that these interacting cycles imply, and the result shows that the computed mechanistic cycles don't match the ice core records. They don't even look similar, and the computed values are way off in comparison with historic and current experiences.

For example, the current value is lower than it has been during most of the last Ice Age (the green circle). According to the computed value we should be in a full blown Ice Age right now that should have started several thousand years ago, but this isn't the case.

The most exhaustive studies that have been conducted on these cycles show that they are not causative of the ice ages at all, but are essentially secondary in nature. The studies prove that the Ice Age Cause is electrodynamic in nature, which in the cosmic context can produce large and rapid fluctuation with unpredictable timing. In other words it will likely not take thousands of years for the transition to happen, but that it could begin without warning and play itself out rapidly over a short span of time between possibly 1 to 50 years, as the Polish ice core researcher Zbigniew Jaworowski suggests from his half a century of personal involvement in ice excavations on six continents. He suggests that the transition is already overdue by a few hundred years, so get the fur coats out, it is coming. He suggests that it could happen in 50 years or 150 years, or could have already started.

In the light of what is now a well-established understanding of the ice age dynamics, it is scientific dishonesty to ignore the known facts and place public policy on the discarded notion that the ice age transition is still a thousand years distant, such as we see it reflected in the promoting of the NAWAPA project for bringing artic waters to the south that are the first to be affected by glaciation. Political leadership should begin with scientific honesty. This rarely happens anywhere in the world.

Scientific dishonesty even happens in the sciences themselves. The orbital-cycles theory, as a theory for the ice age cause, is itself a mild case of scientific dishonesty, since it is known that the total solar energy received on earth is always the same no matter how the Earth's spin axis is tilted or directed.


The same is true for the 100,000-year eccentricity cycle of the earth orbit around the Sun. The yearly-average energy received from the Sun is always the same, no matter how large the eccentricity is. This was known since the publication of Kepler's second law. The only difference on earth is found in hemispheric and seasonal variations, but not in total energy received.

That the glaciation cycles are not hemispheric is evident in the close similarity between ice data from Greenland and from Antarctica, which shows that during changes in the ice age cycles, the Sun itself is changing, is getting dimmer and less energetic, and that with it the entire Earth is affected simultaneously.


 Real leadership needs to begin with the recognition of scientific truth in order that civilization can be protected, and for that to be effective society needs to be scientifically honest itself in a wide variety of respects for it to be able to choose the right leaders or dismiss them if they fail. This happens far too seldom, especially in the political arena.

Allowing oligarchic predation - a case of scientific dishonesty

Economics has become a game of prey and predator. It is said to be natural. The oligarchy is the predator and society the prey. The interrelationship between animal predators and prey is well understood and has been documented with the Lotka-Volterra equations. If society reduces itself to the level of animals, compromising its humanity, then the documented interrelationship applies and has indeed applied since the dawn of the age of empires.

Point A reflects the 12th and 13th Century, when oligarchic practice, expressed primarily through the banking institutions of the various monetarist empires, destroyed the physical productive capacity of society and its power to maintain its existence, that thereby collapsed. The European population collapsed 30% to 50% in this period. 

The scene changed at point B, in the 17th and 18th Centuries, when people, escaping the oligarchic system, established a new living in America and gained a certain degree of freedom from oligarchic predation. The freedom that thereby became established became expressed in the scientific and industrial revolution that was quickly reflected throughout the world. However, in the early 1900s the oligarchic system became massively re-established in America, especially in the shadow of the Federal Reserve Act of December 1913 that literally created 'Wall Street' in a development leading up to point C.

While the American population still remains relatively stable, its creative and industrially productive capacity has already collapsed by two thirds. It is now on the steep slope towards the zero-line. Any society that is scientifically honest with itself knows or should know the dynamic nature of this interrelationship and should have shut it down as soon as it begun. But this wasn't done. Society failed to recognize itself as human beings and thereby subjected itself to a form of animal dynamics. It allowed predators to be a part of civilization. We are now at point C where the collapse has become critical. If we don't stop the predation at this point, our economic strength will be collapsed down to the zero level where it becomes impossible for society to meet the Ice Age Challenge, whereby civilization will end. Stopping the collapse at point C is more than critical, but it isn't being done for reasons of scientific dishonesty. It is attempted with a feeble project.

Glass Steagall, a case of scientific dishonesty

 Glass Steagall is the name of an act of U.S. legislation from the early President Franklin Roosevelt years, designed to separate commercial banking from predatory banking. With the predator being kept away from the 'door' of the productive economy, the legislation enabled the U.S. economy to revitalize itself. But it didn't last. Glass Steagall was taken down bit by bit and was finally repealed. In the wake of this tragedy the predation resumed and became monstrous so that from the fall of 2008 on, up to 50 trillion dollars in bailout money was demanded by the predator, under the terror threat that any failing on the bailout front would collapse the entire financial system with rioting in the streets and blood flowing. Society succumbed to the terror threat. Terror is one of the predator's weapons.

The giant theft of 50 trillion could have been prevented with scientific honesty, meaning that society would have recognized itself as human beings and shut the predator/prey relationship down. But this didn't happen. It still hasn't happened. It is being attempted with an attempt to restore the Glass Steagall legislation. The goal is to get back to the old compromise of isolating predator and prey. To date, the restoring of Glass Steagall hasn't happened and the bailout process continues. This failure wouldn't be if scientific honesty had demanded the complete end of predatory actions as a matter of principle on the understanding that a human civilization does not include animalist relationships and needs to be freed from this pollution for which no principle exists in the human realm. In this note something greater than Glass Steagall would have been voted up. In this context the current attempt to get Glass Steagall back as another compromise hasn't so far inspired decisive actions. And why would it, with it being based on scientific dishonesty. Society sooner suffers the consequences than to rouse itself to scientific honesty on this issue.

Impotence by scientific dishonesty

The same impotence that is apparent on the Glass Steagall front is also evident on the presidential front where the president elect is betraying the nation by being a champion supporter of the predatory process, as were many presidents before him.

Nothing will change on this front either, for as long as society itself remain trapped in scientific dishonesty that places the human being at the level of an animal, as a pray that is impotent against predators. And so the collapse and the resulting genocide continue.

The only obvious cure for the grand collapse and genocide now in progress, is for society to break itself free from the predatory oligarchic system before its total collapse is incurred, by breaking itself free from its own failing, from its own scientific dishonesty.

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt once attempted the shutdown of the oligarchic system in America as a technical solution with the Glass Steagall legislation that separated the predatory investment banking by the empire institutions, from commercial banking, as a means for protecting society from excessive predation. The legislation had a powerfully liberating effect that had enabled America to rebuild itself into the most powerful industrial economy in the world and the richest nation on the planet, but the underlying failure lingered on so that in later years the Glass Steagall Act was massively attacked, then amended till it remained as but a skeleton, until it was finally rescinded. The political fight that the American Economist Lyndon LaRouche has been leading for more than a decade to get Glass Steagall reinstated, is focused on breaking America away from the collapse process at point C where we are presently at, where we still have the strength to meet the Ice Age Challenge, but he too seeks a compromise that merely separates predation out, rather than building a New World on the underlying principle of civilization. He speaks the words that man is not an animal, but falls short of demanding a new world to be built on the platform of our humanity. Someday soon this may happen. Our meeting the Ice Age Challenge depends on our success on this front, before we drop below point C and civilization becomes lost.

The technical, economic, and physical construction problems for meeting the Ice Age challenge are miniscule as a challenge in comparison with the challenge for overcoming scientific dishonesty in the sciences, in politics, in economics, and socially. Without society crossing the hurtle of scientific dishonesty, nothing gets done or will be done. This has been amply spelled out. It is a well-recognized reality. And still, the core of the problem isn't being addressed. Interjecting the Ice Age Challenge at this point may be useful, but it too is presently blocked by scientific dishonesty.

Nothing concrete has been done to-date on the Ice Age front, much less bringing it squarely into the political arena. And nothing is planned to be done. When the subject is proposed for consideration, the near universal answer is No, No, No, that's impossible. 

Instead of facing the Ice Age reality and meeting its challenge, proposals for a multinational NAWAPA project are being tabled that would take 50 years to complete, promises little in return, and would be the first to be disabled when the Ice Age Transition begins, which could easily happen before the first drop of water even comes out at the end. Ironically, this 'impossible' project is deemed possible to do. 

The age of lies continues

Thus society continues to lie to itself. The train of scientific dishonesty is far from being broken. It is as if society was saying I don't want to wake up, don't waste your time; it is less challenging to remain asleep. Scientific dishonesty is the way the world runs. Nothing can change that.

Nevertheless, scientific honesty is not impossible to achieve, because the quality of honesty is a native quality of the mind of our humanity. The Ice Age Challenge is certainly a large enough imperative to get us to look at ourselves and rediscover our humanity. Without it, we have no civilization, and without that we have no future. When we get to this point of rediscovering our humanity honestly in the light of the greatest challenge, the Ice Age Challenge, will all the still unresolved lesser challenges, such as fascism, monetarism, oligarchism and its wars, and the growing rage of terrorism in its countless forms, become resolved along the way of facing the greatest challenge before us, as all of these challenges have remained unresolved for the same cause, which is a lack of scientific honesty.

If we make it alive through to the coming ice age transition and are able to master its challenges and survive as a society, we will do so because of the progress we will have made on the front of scientific honesty, because we will most certainly perish by the continued lack of it. This makes scientific honesty the most critical factor, second to none. And this gives us hope. By our nature as human beings, we are conditioned to master the Ice Age Challenge with flying colors. Still we can fail if we remain trapped into scientific dishonesty with which we have unconditioned ourselves. Much of the unconditioning has been religiously imposed for imperial objectives. If we fail ourselves by not mastering the Ice Age Challenge, we will do so for the lack of effort to reverse the conditioning. Thus it needs to be repeated at this point that the building of the Ice Age World Development Project is not primarily a technological challenge as we have the technologies for it already created, nor is it a materials or energy challenge as we have the materials and energy resources at hand to carry out the project, but we don't have the humanist conditioning anymore to utilize the resources that we have. We have unconditioned ourselves.

The test for our chance to succeed is the same test the American society had faced on the slavery issue that had compromised their recognition of the profound truth that all men are created equal. The development of our riches on this front will determine if we make it through the coming Ice Age Transition or whether we will continue to deny ourselves in our folly. These considerations render the Ice Age Challenge the most momentous challenge of all times, and also the most liberating one if we take up the challenge honestly.

The Time is Coming

Perhaps somewhere in the world it already has come, when it is said no longer that "the perfect is the enemy of the good," when it instead becomes understood and acknowledged that the perfect is the heart of the good as it truly is and always has been. 

A note on the change of the title of this article
from "New World Development Project" to "Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance."

As suggested by Rick Potvin (Australia):

Reality, as in "dynamic ice age reality" is bigger than the "world" because the world, as Lyndon Larouche writes, exists in 4 phase spaces: geosphere, biosphere, noosphere, and then Creator God. The world typically is thought of as geosphere and biosphere. But REALITY is human noosphere and God-Mind. So "Reality" is bigger and more inclusive than the World and we need Reality on that scale now. Ice Age Reality is going to kill us, but DYNAMIC reflects Greek Dynamis and Leibnitzian dynamics... human cognitive response.. dynamic reality. 

Thus, the title: Dynamic Ice Age Reality - DIAR (an easily memorable acronym). 

Posted By Rick Potvin to A Study of Writings of Rolf Witzsche and Lyndon Larouche at 9/21/2011 01:15:00 PM

The more I thought about it, the more it became apparent that "Reality" was too 'weak' a term in the title, that instead the term "Renaissance" would the best term to describe the dynamics of what is bound to be unfolding before us, and in may ways already has begun. 

The title, "Dynamic Ice Age Recovery", was suggested, but the term recovery, too, wasn't good enough. Recovering felt like seeking just enough strength and development to get through a crisis. Building a culture that is just barely strong enough to survive is not the kind of world that humanity should be content with for the next 90,000 years of the glaciation cycle before it. The term "Renaissance" promises a higher idea of culture than what has been achieved in the past, such as the Golden Renaissance that had uplifted the cultures of Europe more universally than anyone could have planned it as a cultural development project. And it did this by the dynamics of an unfolding humanity. 

While the term "Renaissance" may appear 'worn out' in our age, considering that the Golden Renaissance was crushed by a massive attack on it. Nevertheless it seems wise to use the term it in our age with a higher meaning attached, because the term "Renaissance" is the one term that most completely describes what lies before us. It is a universal term that has the power to transcend narrow nationalism, false environmentalism, ethnic and religious isolation and division, and so on, and also, by putting it in conjunction with the dawning Ice Age it offers up a paradox that begs to be resolved, which will resolve itself dynamically.

Thus, the title: "Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance" came to be.


Comments, and replies by Rolf Witzsche

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