Video explorations  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Decapitated Humanity and Recovery


In the face of the Ice Age before us


Video explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The video presentation is produced in two parts.  
The first part is focused on science and economics having become decapitated by the forces of empire. 
The second part deals with the forbidden aspects of science and truth.

Part 1: Science Decapitated while the Ice Age Transition has begun 

run time: 1:14

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Part 2: The 'New Ice Age Now' science 

run time 2:49

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The videos cover a wide range of topics, which are best explored through the transcripts that also contain the images, including high-resolution images. 


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The topics of the two videos are: The New Ice Age Now; the scope of science; the dimmer sun; plasma in space; the electric solar system; science awakening; cosmic electricity; plasma induced earthquakes; the power of cosmic rays; ongoing climate cooling; free housing; floating cities; floating agriculture; and stories of how empire decapitated the Titanic; and the European Stability Mechanism as a trap, including the financial bailout process.

Due to the length of the two videos, selected parts of it have also been produced as separate videos, listed below, which have their own separate transcripts.

Sinking the Titanic

The great ship that was sunk by intention to change the economic history of the world. Will this become the fate of civilization?

The Sky is Falling

Yes, the Ice Age Transition has begun. We can choose to ignore it and doom ourselves as we remain asleep, or act as human beings and protect our existence. Which will it be?

The Ice Age Transition

NASA's Ulysses satellite has measured the Sun getting weaker, and the solar heliosphere likewise. The climate consequences reflect these dynamics.

Ice Age Earthquakes

Earthquakes have an astrophysical, electric component that becomes more prominent the more the plasma pressure onto the Sun weakens, with critical consequences during an Ice Age transition.

The Dimming Sun

The sunspots tell us that the Sun is not heated from the inside, but is a catalytic electric energy converter.

Free Electric Energy Forever

The same electric energy resource that powers the Sun is also to a lesser degree surrounding the Earth where it powers lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other planetary services. 

Ice Age Renaissance Economics

Empire and economics are opposites. In order to produce the infrastructures required for 7 billion people to live in an ice age environment, the principle of economics, the opposite of empire, needs to be reinstated.

Cosmic-Ray Power

Most cultural advances were started in periods of high Cosmic-Ray Flux, including the dawn of written languages, of Christianity, Islam, the Golden Renaissance, and the Peace of Westphalia on which modern civilization still rests.

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