Academy for discovery of principles, the light of humanity, kernels of truth 


I place before you an open door with vistas of discoveries of profound universal principles that will enable you to shape your future more extensively than you may imagine. 

In the universal Academy of Humanity were kernels of truth have been discovered and built on through the ages, often into majestic structures, an image of our humanity is coming to light that borders on the miraculous in achievements. And even while we marvel at what has been achieved, we haven't seen anything yet if we limit our vision to only what the eye can behold, because beyond this threshold the great wonders of boundless discoveries begin, the discoveries of truths and universal principles that all aspects of our civilization are built on.

Discoveries of truths are not dreams then, but vistas in the mind that can be verified in laboratory experiments, and thereby be demonstrated to be truthful, and be advanced to beneficial applications that expand the borders of human freedom and capabilities. The process of making discoveries comes to light thereby as a fountain of recognizable physical principles that furnish our humanity the great power that is available to shape our destiny - to build a future that is a fit reflection of the highest expression of life on this planet - a power to shape life itself in numerous ways.


One of the vistas of discoveries on this site, of efficient universal physical principles, seen through the open door of advanced science, is the discovery of the availability for humanity of anti-entropic, limitless, physical energy - not in the form of fuels that we use up from depletable deposits - but energy that is the energy of the universe itself. This energy is electric. It is carried in plasma in space. It powers the Sun, the stars, and all galaxies in cosmic space, and which also to a lesser degree powers the Earth's numerous natural planetary services. 

This is anti-entropic energy that cannot be used up, which also promises realizable energy densities that far supersede all of our dreams and imagination, and any system that we have presently implemented to artificially produce energy, or aim to implement in future time. 

The natural energy progression is from wood to coal, to oil, to nuclear, and from there to cosmic electric energy utilization.

Let me warn you. This is not what is being dished up in textbooks used in the schools, but which is discernable with an open 'eye,' both visibly and mentally. Discoveries write the textbooks of the universe beyond the leading edge. If you want to see what cosmic power can accomplish, then look to the Grand Canyon in Arizona or to the planet Mars that is full of such evidence.

Another one of the vistas of efficient universal physical principles that you will see through the open door of discoveries, is the discovery of the Ice Age dynamics.

What every textbook in all the schools denies, is actually the truth. And this truth is that our Sun is not a constant factor in terms of energy production, powered by nuclear fusion within for which no real evidence exists, but is a factor that is critically dependent on a certain level of plasma input energy density that enables the electromagnetic primer fields to function, which make it possible for the Sun to be electrically powered, including its synthesizing nuclear fusion that is happening at its surface. 

Ice Ages result when the interstellar plasma density drops below the required threshold for the primer fields to be maintained, whereby the Sun becomes inactive. In accord with this simple physical principle ice ages begin rapidly. Ice Ages are not the result of mechanistic causes that unfold as gradual cooling over many thousands of years, but begin without warning and take effect rapidly, possibly in the space of just a few days.

If one extrapolates the measured progression of the electric weakening in the solar heliosphere, that has been reported by NASA's Ulysses spacecraft before it was shut down, the dynamics of the electric model is such that the ongoing weakening will likely reach the solar cut-off point in approximately thirty years.

This is how the process of discovery, of universal physical principles, enables one to see the future unfolding before it physically does. 

It is fairly obvious what the consequences will be for agriculture outside the 40 degree latitudes, when the solar radiation is reduced by 70% for long periods. It takes big changes in the energy profile to cause ice sheets to pile up 13,000 feet deep over the continents in the cold regions.

Ice core samples from Greenland indicate that the Sun became active briefly during the last Ice Age at intervals of 1470 years, termed the Dansgaard Oeschger Oscillations. 

During these periodic events the Earth has warmed up rapidly, within decades, from deep glacial conditions to near interglacial conditions, and then cooled off again, causing enormous temperature swings, especially in the later part of the Ice Age. These enormous and rapid fluctuations are inconceivable from a mechanistic standpoint, but appear totally natural as reflections of  higher-level electrodynamic principles.

The ability to discover these advanced types of the universal physical principles, and their foreseeable effects in the future, though no one has yet observed these effects, is native to potentially every human being. Its capacity to discover, understand, and acknowledge universal physical gives humanity an intelligent force that no other species of life known to us, has. 

Animals die out in the Ice Age affected regions when the climatic change begins. Only humanity has the capability to actually see the future before it happens. We have the power to use this capability to build ourselves the infrastructures that enable us to live and prosper under the most extreme conditions that the future is poised to bring about. 

This grand ability does exists today, and the materials and energy resources for humanity to prepare its world for the recognized Ice Age future, also exists today, including the technologies. No physical barrier exists that would hinder all the endangered nations to relocate themselves onto floating platforms laid out across the tropical seas, together with floating agriculture and floating cities and industries. But will we act in response to what we know about the future to protect our existence, or have the capability to know?

On this frontier we still face some rather formidable barriers, which are essentially artificial barriers, such as the many culturally imposed barriers. For example, society at large does not trust its scientific abilities? It does not trust the science-discovered principles? All too often society says, no, including in the sciences, even if the discovered principles can be replicated in the laboratory. This smallness needs yet to be overcome.

By not trusting ourselves, we become a society of pathetically "small people," as Friedrich Schiller had put it, whereby the current potential to meet the Ice Age challenge may become tragically lost.

In order to discover the principles that motivate ourselves, we need to step into the spiritual realm where we discover the invisible dimension of our humanity that the physical dimension only faintly reflects, such as the dimensions of love, justice, truthfulness, integrity, intelligence, and so on. 

And here again, we face great hurtles, many of which have been inflicted by numerous types of religions, and religious and political fictions, about the nature of our humanity. 

On this frontier, too, as the Universal Academy continues, discoveries of fundamental universal principle have the potential to open doors towards building an environment of great freedoms. These enable us to become human beings in the highest sense. Only then, when the disabling fictions are swept out of the way will we begin to glimpse the amazing nature of our humanity.

The horrific folly in our present world, of monetarist looting, nuclear war threats, and depopulation genocide, which sadly have become the hallmark of our time, indicate how little society has allowed itself to discover and acknowledge of the nature of its common humanity. 

The blindness that one finds in the present, towards the principles of our humanity, echoes to some degree the larger blindness in society towards the universal physical principles with which we can behold the future before it happens. The similar blindness to our humanity enables monetarism to exist, and the systems of oligarchy, empire, war, theft, and genocide. 

When the blindness is lifted these terrors will vanish, as they have no place in human civilization. 

The current fight around the world to get the Glass Steagall law restored in the USA, stands as an example of the still lingering blindness in society to fundamental principles. The underlying principle in the case is simple: 

The Glass Steagall law is designed to deny the private right to steal. And those who oppose the law, deny the right of government to block the private right to steal. 

With the Glass Steagall fight being smothered with fringe issues, the fundamental principle becomes conveniently obscured. Banking separation is not the issue itself, is it?  The bank-separation law is merely an efficient means to implement the fundamental principle in the sphere of banking.

I have developed a similar approach in my video "The Triply Divine Man" (under "Triply Divine Humanity"), because the Glass Steagall law itself is an answer to a problem that had not been efficiently answered since the Plato/Aristotle split of intentions 2,300 years ago. The issue wasn't called "the private right to steal" then, but "the private right to enslave." But the principle is the same in both cases, to block theft. Aristotle had championed the doctrine of the private right to steal, with his doctrine of natural slavery, which he probably didn't invent himself, but had likely been hired to support. It appears that Rafael understood this in the early 1500s when he painted his famous fresco, The School of Athens.

To Congress, the Glass Steagall law may appear like a technical issue. In real terms, it is a fundamentally revolutionary an issue, that is as revolutionary as is the founding of the USA itself. Both are profoundly revolutionary steps to block the power of oligarchy over society. Both are gigantic as way-marks in the history of human civilization. The repeal of Glass Steagall in Congress, is a repeal of the principle that it represents, and is thereby the beginning of the repeal of the foundation that the USA has been built on. And this is hardly a technical issue.

The answer to the Glass Steagall problem, which is to restore the law, is self-evident once the underlying principle is understood, whereby the blindness is lifted.

In like manner - when the still lingering blindness to the great physical principles of the universe is lifted - will the process begin to develop the world towards the needed Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance in which the Ice Age challenge becomes met along the way.

My website presents numerous open doors of discovered principles, opened by discoveries wrought in many diverse fields that at first glance seem isolated, but which are fundamentally interlocked. 

Most of the discoveries on this site are of the type that won't likely be reported in newspapers for many years to come, which many scientists will refute today, and deny, or call invalid, and many will declare them to be 'over the top.' Nevertheless these open doors will determine the future of our humanity, or at the very least, the future of many of the northern nations and cultures, like those of Europe, Russia, Canada, China, and the USA.  The discovered universal principles will either be responded to, or by default, society will lay itself down to die. Fortunately, we are not a default society. We have the power and the inclination to move with everything we know and cherish about the innermost nature of our humanity, and bring it to light.

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