The mathematically indefinable - 14 Dimensions of Leadership - by Rolf Witzsche - Sept. 2011

The Challenge of Leadership 
14 dimensions

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beyond the reach of mathematics
lies a realm that is not mechanistic, but dynamic,
that is powerful, enriching, liberating, and alive with its own substance



The dimensions of leadership remain to the present day poorly understood, though they are more deeply the substance of civilization than anything else.

The human realm is alive with what is mathematically indefinable. It has created a phase shift in the dimension of life that no other species has developed, such as the capability to create itself a whole new world with resources that do not exist naturally, but are created. This is what humanity has achieved. Humanity comes to light thereby as a profoundly unique species with a near infinite potential. The potential renders us an infinite species. 

But how do we move forward?

Oh yes, we have stepped beyond the point of just living. We have learned to fly like no bird ever has. We stood on the moon. We have created our own stars and are now looking out from them onto the universe to better understand it, and with it, to also better understand ourselves. But are we really committed to this liberating process? Are we committed to a process that has no end? What is advancing the process?

Here we face what appears to be our greatest challenge, the most difficult challenge, the simple challenge to extend a hand across the table man to man, heart to heart, soul to soul, in universal cooperative unity that is critical for civilization, and with love for our common humanity whereby we stand with love for one another. 

We face a great challenge on this front, because this element of human development has been blocked for millennia, intentionally mostly, in the defense of an oligarchic system that lacks the capacity to stand on its own, which is committed to stealing, and which therefore cannot exist in the light of a highly developed humanity.

In ancient days the oligarchic system was religious in nature, which later 'advanced' into feudalism, imperialism, then fascism, and in modern days terrorism. And behind this horrid scene of today stands the oligarchic doctrine for the looting of society that has in recent years become globalized and sanitized with fancy names, such as profit driven market economics, liberating speculative monetarism, unrestrained free trade (read predation), and so on, which are all but hidden processes of stealing in which the oligarchic enterprises and powers feed on society in predator/prey relationship. 

Since none of these processes are productive in nature, for the simple reason that stealing is never productive, the oligarchic processes, processes of empire, have collapsed the global physical economy, the financial system, and even the value of currencies. On this train, when the support structures for human living become destroyed, in order to prevent the uprising of society in its self-defense, wars are organized to create chaos in the world that terrorize society into impotence, both psychologically and physically, which thereby sets back human development sometimes centuries.

At times the horrors of war are started directly in the shadow of terror that is staged to soften the ground as a means to get the wars started. World War I was started that way. The war was triggered with the high-profile terror assassination of an arch duke and his bride. In more recent times the 9/11 terror attack on the World Trade Towers in New York was staged for the exact same reason. This terror attack was probably the most brutal inside terror job ever unleashed, and it had the expected effect to soften the ground for war. Two huge protracted wars were staged in the wake of it that haven't ended to the present day, and likely won't for as long as the oligarchic doctrine rules the power-structures of the world.

The 9/11 terror orgy was staged in the shadow of a society that has failed to protect its humanity for centuries by allowing an oligarchic system to exist and prey on it. The terror orgy thereby became merely an extension of all the other processes that are typically used to deepen the isolation of humanity and nurture its self-perceived impotence. 

It was probably intended by the masters of empire that the 9/11 event became recognized as an inside job staged in concert with international participation of oligarchic elements from many nations, for this heightened the sense of society's impotence in the face of the power that is running the world. 

Terrorism disables society's trust in its own humanity. The subsequent countless conspiracy theories about the 9/11 event didn't help society to get itself out of its trap, but deepened the trap. Naturally, of all the conspiracy stories about how the job was done, the official conspiracy story was obviously the most unlikely one as it served as a cover-up and had the entire operation built around it on the doctrine of plausible deniability.

A more useful approach to understanding the terror doctrine of oligarchism was presented by America's LaRouche Political Action Committee on the day of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It was presented in the form of a one hour documentary that traces the funding sources through many layers of the oligarchic system, with the official protection for it coming from the highest levels of government and the oligarchy's agents, which also protected and organized the resulting wars afterwards. LaRouche's exposure was presented in conjunction with a by then long-standing concrete policy proposal for bringing the oligarchic system to a halt.

In the light of the larger field of the oligarchic doctrine, the 9/11 event was not a big thing. A few thousand were killed to create a war in which millions were killed in the course of it. And even then the event was likely rated as a minor success, since a key element of the oligarchic doctrine wasn't even touched on, which is to cause the collapse of civilization and the subsequent depopulation of the planet to less than a billion people that are deemed ideal for an oligarchic system to maintain itself on a feudal looting platform. The global oligarchy is minute in numbers and doesn't require too many slaves to be supported by in style.

The oligarchic doctrine brings us into dangerous times in this context, because the oligarchy's game is not going well. For example, the now precariously pumped up monetarist financial system, on which the oligarchic system presently rests, is collapsing into ever deeper bankruptcy, a bankruptcy so deep that all the numerous tens of trillions in bailout money poured into the oligarchic system by many nations of the world, can't stop the oligarchic system from collapsing. It is coming down like the towers came down in New York City in September 2001, that had their foundation destroyed, from which point on the towers were doomed.

The danger is that the oligarchic doctrine calls for war when its foundation is gone. In this context 9/11 was staged, and a new 9/11 will likely be staged soon again for the same reason. Israel might be the sacrificial target this time. It has bee crying for war for years. The moment that a spectacular terror event is unleashed on Israeli soil the country will likely explode into a new wave of war, like the USA had after 9/11, and Israel would have the full backing of the USA in such a case no matter the cost. The resulting wave of madness in the shadow of chaos would likely bring also North Korea onto the target list.

Iran would likely be Israel's target of choice, a long-established target, with Egypt being a secondary target to clear the back door. Clearing the backdoor is standard military strategy in a big war. It was used by Hitler who captured the West before going East into Russia. With such a setup now unfolding, considering the Egypt-Israeli diplomatic break in recent days, the new wave of war is likely intended to become immensely big, which civilization might not survive. The great danger in this case lies in the horrid worldwide killing potential of the depleted uranium warfare that appears to be prepared for with the potential to become 50 to 100 times more devastating than what had been unlashed in Afghanistan and Iraq during the Post-9/11-Wars. 

In the wake of the immensely massive destruction that appears to be planed in the face of the oligarchic system now staging its final end-game, the chance fades to zero that the Ice Age Challenge that stands already before us, can be mastered. Of course this appears to have been the plan all along, for which the global warming terrorist game was invented in order to keep the real Ice Age Challenge unrecognized, not responded to, and the scientific potential shut down that the mastery of the challenge would require.

Humanity stands at the crossroads today in a big way. The biggest challenge before it lies not in the climate dynamics. We have the technology, materials, and the energy resources to make the worst of the Pleistocene Ice Age livable if we care to do so. But this is presently being blocked. The fact that it is blocked tells us that the biggest challenge before humanity lies in the human domain where we have entered an ice age of the heart and soul and mind; where fascism and imperial monetarism became established in the postwar world; and where the oligarchic system was allowed to remain the ruling force in spite of its long advertised intention to reduce the world population to less than billion by all possible means.

So, how do we deal with the human ice age?

This was the subject that I have pursued since the 1980s when the the oligarchic New World Order had gripped the world scene with its nuclear war terrorism. At the time when humanity had 65,000 nuclear bombs hanging over its head, I began to explore the dynamics involved in the context of exploring the grassroots-level relationships in the most intimate domain where people are more naturally challenged to face each other primarily as human beings, and where, if they are lucky, find themselves challenged to face the full dimension of their humanity and our common humanity. There people face the challenge to raise themselves from the small, downtrodden, divided and isolated self-perception, to the infinite dimension that truly defines humanity and opens doors with liberations along the way that are as yet untold, but can be explored for their potential.

The infinite dimension is mathematically an enigma as it poses a problem for which no solution exists in mathematics, because the concept of infinity defies the mechanistic comprehension that mathematics deals with. However, infinity can be comprehended as a principle. 

One can explore it in the context of the concept of entropy. There are three states existing in the universe, all being physically expressed. 

The first state is plain "entropy" as it is defined by the second law of thermodynamics where everything is winding down towards an energy depleted state, like the winding down of a clock. This is applied to everything and has become the authorized world view. However, it does not define the nature of humanity, civilization, nor the universe itself. 

The second state is "non-entropy", an energetic state in physics where nothing is winding down. The structure of an atom is an example of this type. It is a dynamic system that is immensely energetic, and it is never winding down. It is a perpetual motion system. But it too doesn't define humanity, or life itself. Living systems are not a perpetual motion machines. Where there is life there is development happening. Human existence and civilization isn't a steady state existence in a mythical equilibrium. From the very start humanity has been progressively self-developing, and has reached a stage where it has demonstrated its potential for near infinite self-development. This brings us to the third state.

The third state is "anti-entropy." The concept defines a system that not only maintains itself, but becomes progressively more energetic. The universe is anti-entropic. It is constantly expanding and developing, powered by the electric force, a highly energetic force that is as wide as the universe itself. While we don't know the origin of it, it is recognized as Principle. 

Life is like that. Humanity is most extensively like that. We may call this anti-entropic principle, the Principle of the Universe. Some call it God. More than 100 years ago, America's pioneer of spiritual science, Mary Baker Eddy, did define God so. She stood alone on this ground, and she did change religion with it and thereby gave humanity a new dimension which mathematics cannot define, but which can be explored nevertheless.

We don't plead with the Principle of the Universe, but we can express it evermore. In the process as we explore it, and express it, and thereby explore ourselves, we find infinity expressed in a comprehensible manner. Mathematics doesn't reach that far, but as human beings we can. We can understand it and bring it to light. 

The lagging in this arena - the failure in comprehension - is evidently a part of the reason why civilization is breaking down. The green movement is insisting that humanity and the world are entropic and winding down towards an energy zero state of total depletion, or at the very best, a "sustainable equilibrium.". 

This isn't the truth that we see in the universe. It is an ancient political trick of the masters of empire to get humanity to deny its innermost nature as an anti-entropic species, evidently for purposes of preying on it, looting it, and keeping it impotent and docile. 

The spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy did the opposite. She put Principle, the principle of the Universe, at the heart of humanity, thereby removing all boundaries and limits. The resulting expression has brought about great wonders in terms of physical healing that should not have been possible on the authorized platform of entropy, but which is evidently supremely natural on the unauthorized platform of anti-entropy as it has been amply demonstrated. 

The implementation of such a self-elevating process, of course, does not lend itself to a formalistic approach. The concept of God cannot be mathematically understood, nor Principle itself, neither the Universe or humanity and human civilization. History is proof of that. 

We, humanity, have emerged from the last Ice Age with a 1-10 million world population. That's all the natural world could support in a primitive Pleistocene Ice Age. But humanity is anti-entropic. We are discoverers and creators and producers. We created agriculture in the post-Pleistocene world, and are now able to maintain us in the coming time of the return of the Pleistocene Ice World. We have become immensely creative and productive as a matter of Principle. We have developed along this path progressive energy systems, from wood, to coal, to gas and oil, to nuclear energy, with cosmic energy utilization being potentially possible. We have become a population of 6.9 billion, that should never have been possible, and wouldn't exist without our self-development expressed in progressive energy development. Yes, we stood on the moon and are now exploring the universe from the vantage point of space that no other living species that we know of has done before nor is capable of. And even while we have done this, we have barely begun. 

We are now at a stage where we are about to make cosmic history as a species that has developed the technologies, energy resources, and material resources to meet the Ice Age Challenge that stands on the near horizon, and say, where is your sting? 

For the last 2 million years the repeated Ice Age cycles have beat the human presence back to small populations in the order of just a few millions, together with many natural species that have vanished forever. We, ourselves, are the last of 8 human species, and the only one that has not become extinct by the great challenges against it that most likely the Ice Ages brought with them. But this may not be said this time, nor any longer. We have developed the capacity to snub the Ice Age by relocating our critical agriculture away the northern region, from north of the 40 degree latitude to appears to have been the permafrost line during the last 90,000-year glaciation cycle. We have all the needed resources at hand today to meet the Ice Age Challenge that way, and win. Only one factor remains yet to be developed, the lack of which prevents us from utilizing the resources that we have. 

This inhibiting factor is the still-festering, unhealed commitment to entropy that has been imposed on society in its predator/prey relationship with its oligarchy that affects human existence and humanity's science on all fronts. This deadly trap, authorized by the dark lords of the oligarchy from ancient times forward, is the hardest to break out of. Even the most pioneering institutions, including the political pioneers who speak the words of anti-entropy, remain today still largely trapped in the entropy of authorized science that limits the scientific perception to little more than myths, rather than truth. 

Nothing is more critical in the current age than the recognition of the anti-entropic nature of humanity on all fronts. All scientific development and the resulting development of civilization depends on our breakout from this trap. 

While the trap is politically imposed, the breakout from it must be powered from a higher level. It cannot be powered with the resources of the low-level entropic platform that created the trap in the first place, and on which level it is being tenaciously maintained. 

Whoever is engaged in scientific development needs to focus on breaking out from the authorized level where entrapment is actually the political goal that is deviously achieved by trickery and science mythology. 

The higher level is defined by the Principle of anti-entropy. The 19th Century spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, has pioneered a scientific breakout from entropic perceptions by adding a few correlative terms to her definition for God, which likewise cannot be mathematically defined. She presented the terms Spirit, Mind, Life, Love, Truth, Soul, and Principle as the substance of our humanity. She presented the challenge to humanity to recognize itself expressed in these mathematically indefinable terms. 

She challenges humanity to see itself echoing the Spirit of the Universe that is all harmonizing, the 'intention' of the good; the Mind that is intelligence; the Life that has no limit for its dynamic unfolding; the Love that unites us into cooperative unity, without which we would have no civilization; the Truth in which we discover ourselves and the Universe; the Soul in which we find the future that we build and define in it what we regard ourselves to be in the present; the Principle that is the power that shapes the Universe and humanity alike. 

None of these concepts are mechanistic in nature nor diminishing, but are anti-entropic and unfolding more fully the more we discover them as the heart of our being. In this mathematically indefinable quality of our humanity all aspects of leadership are rooted.

The unfolding of humanity's self-perception as anti-entropic, won't result from the mass-effect of mass movements. The mass-movement concept of which the world has seen far too many expressions of, is inherently a dictatorial concept. The real development progression comes from the heart and soul and mind, from the substance of our humanity. There, no real mass exists, to retard or advance anything. There, our humanity gives us the power to move in leaps and bounds with no inertia holding us back, because anti-entropy is the condition of our nature, which is currently throttled to a crawl by the limits we place on ourselves. 

How can one explore what is mathematically indefinable? 

The answer is that can be done quite well in the dialog of novels where we can explore the challenge in humanist terms in our relationship with one another. This is not an easy task of course, by any means, nor a small purpose, whereby the work becomes worthwhile.

20 years of work to create a sequence of 14 novels

A set of 14 novels were created for this purpose, but not as entertainment, instead as research tools to explore the dynamics of civilization and the leadership we provide for one another and for ourselves to come to terms with those aspects of our humanity that mathematics cannot fathom.

The first novel in the sequence was in an attempt to explore the principle of anti-entropy by giving it a physical face as a parable. The novel has the title, Flight without Limits. It addresses some of the parameters of anti-entropy, and its challenges. 

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Flight Without Limits is a science fiction novel of anti-entropy. It visualizes an ancient myth of North American coastal natives about a magic canoe that could take a traveler instantly to any place desired. While this capability is blocked by physical principles, no such blockage inherently exists in the mental domain where the seemingly magical is achievable. On this platform unfolds a highly challenging dimension of leadership, of a type that is currently actively prevented in order to keep society small and impotent.

Literary works on subjects human development and freedom won't likely be published anytime soon in the commercial mainstream, as the very attempt to break the authorized trap that keeps society small finds little resonance in that 'small' society that seeks its entertainment within the trap. While this tragedy will end one day, so far it hasn't. For this reason, I the author, am self-published and give my work away for free. Civilization is not a profit engine. It is far too precious for that. If the result of the publishing on these terms, doesn't justify the effort, then it is not worth to publish anything. If on the other hand the value received by the reader doesn't inspire an acknowledgement, then nothing has been received and the principle of civilization has been denied, as the unity of civilization is its strength.

I currently maintain the (c) copyright symbol on my novels to enable me to upgrade them without causing injury to others who may otherwise invest in what might be an incomplete work. In any other context I consider the copyright restrictions as anti-civilizational in effect. 

Civilization, if it is to be anti-entropic, depends on the type of leadership that pokes its nose beyond the leading edge. There is too little of this happening. Most leadership today caters to the small-minded box in which society finds itself trapped, and defends the box rather than freeing society from it by breaking the boundaries down. Most leadership in the modern world, including the most progressive would-be leadership, has collapsed itself to the level of entertainment that is acceptable within the box, while freedom can never be found there, but instead tragedies result.

The novel Flight Without Limits sets the stage for wider horizons, but even there, the danger of the box remains a challenge that only scientific honesty can meet, which appears to be humanity's final frontier. It comes to light as a challenge of leadership, of uplifting the concept of leadership itself, away from the level of mass-movement leadership that tends to become dictatorial and thereby regressive towards a more infantile state as solutions are sought on the same low-level platform on which the problems are rooted, where solutions cannot be found. The mass-movement as a system is self-entropic in this sense. Effective, anti-entropic leadership can only exist outside the mass-movement platform. It needs to be free to pursue the infinite potential of our humanity in advanced ideas, and to allow their merit to inspire society and lead it.

Johannes Kepler was a leader in that respect, whose leadership in scientific honest changed the course of science on the platform of advanced ideas. Here is his introduction to his famous book, his fifth book, The Harmony of the World. 

Now, eighteen months after the first light, three months after the true day, but a very few days after the pure Sun of that most wonderful study began to shine, nothing restrains me; it is my pleasure to taunt mortal men with the candid acknowledgment that I am stealing the golden vessels of the Egyptians to build a tabernacle to my God from them, far, far away from the boundaries of Egypt. If you forgive me, I shall rejoice; if you are enraged with me, I shall bear it. See, I cast the die, and I write the book. Whether it is to be read by the people of the present or of the future makes no difference: let it await its reader for a hundred years, if God Himself has stood ready for six thousand years for one to study Him.

(Johannes Kepler, Book V, Harmony of the World)


The second novel, Brighter than the Sun, was started in the 1980s in an attempt to show the danger that a society is facing that allows itself to be kept mentally regressive and thereby increasingly infantile. 

The novel opens with an exploration of the twin danger of false leadership in conjunction with insufficient scientifically-honest leading-edge leadership in society. In the environment of these two dangers, resulting in a humanist vacuum and evil intentions, society tends to allow itself to be led by the nose into an arena that it would normally not enter, that tends to take it to its grave. 

The nuclear terror scene of the 1980s, which the novel is build around, was a scene of this kind of deep terrorism where anything could happen, and was intentionally invited under the umbrella of the Great Game, like the Global Warming terror game of today, for which no solution exist either within the trap of authorized, entropic thinking. When the mind is confronted with such deep problems for which no solution is possible, a regression begins to a more infantile state, such as cynicism, fear, indifference, irrational behavior and so forth, which altogether have the potential to open the door to irrational responses. On this path huge tragedies result with great trials and suffering, which of course, by themselves, do not solve the underlying problem. Progress needs to have an anti-entropic foundation, which the novel also illustrates, and which sadly is far from being sufficiently developed. 

The next project in exploring the anti-entropic human dimension that defies all mathematical reasoning, became corresponding larger, as the challenge is large. It became a series of 12 novels, the series, The Lodging for the Rose.  

The series deals with the entropic death trap of social and sexual division and its isolating boundaries that like an iron curtain keep society confined, small, and impotent. The development of civilization, in contrast, depends on an ever-greater unfolding of the cooperative unity of society for the universal development of our humanity. On this front religion has set up iron-clad barriers of entropy that has kept society confined, isolated, and compliant to controls, some initiated by the ancient trick of religiously imposed self-control. 

This element of imposed entropy is also still one of the most critical barriers in science. It is a barrier there of imposed self-control under the weight of doctrines that are rarely recognized as a trap. The imposed self-control is so subliminal that it is generally not recognized to even exist, and is therefore the most difficult aspect of entropy to deal with. I have devoted 12 novels to the subject for this reason. When seen from this background the novels will make sense, but possibly not otherwise. 

The difficulty here is that a recognition of the barriers cannot be imposed dictatorially, but must come from the individual's self-recognition of the anti-entropy of humanity that is native in every human heart. 

This difficulty has placed a great challenge before the writer. The series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, is somewhat in the nature of a classical tragedy, but on a higher level where a breakout to the sublime is more easily possible. It took 20 years of work to write the series, and it may take many more years for its development potential to become realized. 

There are no snap solutions possible in the scientific development of civilization. No magic formula replaces scientific honesty in the discovering of ourselves as human beings and the power and freedom we gain on this road of self-development. 

Defining the Ultimate Frontier

The ultimate frontier is the land of scientific honesty in the social domain.

The dynamics of our inner development take us on a flight above the world's worn-out concepts that should have been discarded long ago as we find them in imperial notions, dogmas of terror, depopulation genocide, economic looting, including the dogmas that impose the isolation of people from one-another, and their division. All these prevent us from experiencing the boundless strength of our humanity and the rich colors of human living in unity with one another as people of the most intelligent and capable species on this planet. 

It is appropriate therefore that the exploration of the Ice Age Challenge ends with exploring the vital arena of our advanced human self-development that is critical to meeting this challenge. Towards this end the series of novels has been developed on a platform that has the Ice Age Challenge with its vast human imperatives standing faintly in the background.

The series of novels - The Lodging for the Rose

A series of novels with the summary title, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for exploring the inner dimension of our humanity, where we find the real lodging for a rose. A rose means nothing to a rat, and to a deer, a rose means nothing more than just a tasty snack. But to us human beings, well? This part needs yet to be explored. This is what the series is aiming for.

The series of novels invites the reader into a world that cannot be comprehended mathematically, but can be comprehended 'infinitly.' One might see it as a series of action novels on the front of scientific honesty in the social domain.

The Lodging for the Rose is a series of 12 novels with the Ice Age Challenge standing almost hidden in the background. 

Allow me to briefly present its 12 titles:

The novel, Discovering Love.

The development and the protection of our civilization is ultimately not a political, technological, nor an economic issue, but is an issue of human beings relating to one another evermore deeply as human beings on the home ground where the social world unfolds in the intimate domain, where we deal with one another at the closest distance with ideally with the least separation, heart to heart. 

Discovering Love begins there. It is a challenging novel. The entire series is challenging, and the most challenging may not be the most practical, but is without doubt the most liberating. 

In this basic context a phase of leadership comes to light in the novels that counters the notions of false leadership that have been shaping society for millennia on a front where intentionally imposed inhibiting perceptions have had deep-reaching debilitating effects, and still have, such as in the sexual domain and its religious background that has long been exploited to control society by inhibiting its natural self-perception as a profound species of great worth and quality and unity. 

The liberating leadership in this phase, which is primarily a leadership of truthful ideas, is an acknowledgement of the universal quality of good that may be termed the Spirit of the Universe, for the simple reason that all aspects in the universe are 'intensely' harmonizing from the subatomic realm to the ordering of planets and galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and so on, towards a universal greater good. It makes no sense to assume that humanity is excepted from the nature of this universal good, as the exemption that has been religiously affirmed for millennia. In this phase a leadership of profound ideas is required to pave the path out of the trap and of its consequences that tare the fabric of civilization.

The novel, The Ice Age Challenge.

Oh yes, The Ice Age Challenge. A long story stands behind bringing the Ice Age Challenge into the series of novels. The subject imposed itself as it happened, and it did so at a time when global warming was the big thing, far from the Ice Age Challenge. 

While we don't know precisely even now, how close the return of the Ice Age is in time, we don't really have to wait for the Ice Age transition to begin before we start responding to its challenge. In many respects we live in an Ice Age already, heart to heart, and nation to nation. The mere living in our social, political, economic, and scientific ice world is not an easy challenge, and more so is the challenge to break out our this trap . 

In our fast-changing world with increasing dangers, our breaking out of the stalemating trap it is in many ways like being in an Olympic slalom race that one knows one must win, while one stands at the starting gate as one who has never skied before. While the course is difficult, the challenge it presents is one that one cannot sit out on the sideline, as a spectator. No one is a spectator really, on the scene of civilization. It is demanding scene. The price is grand, and the consequence from falling out, tragic. 

But where is the leadership that guides the pioneer? The pioneer is alone. He must find the traps along the way by its own resources, as indeed society is forced to do on its own for the lack of scientifically honest leadership that should be challenging the leading-edge concepts and step beyond them.

One of the hurtles on the course that the novel exposes is the strangulation of science by the redirecting of its resources into dead-end pursuits, such as towards the development of nuclear fusion power as an energy resource that is fundamentally not possible and has no natural principle standing in support of it. The the fusion-power research effort is in the type of effort that is consuming the scientific resources of the world for the purpose of preventing the real development to happen, towards productive creative processes, and towards the utilization of the actually existing vast energy potentials. that are thereby being denied 

The politics for creating dead-end pursuits, when honesty viewed, comes to light as an intentional effort to block the emergence of the universal leadership of profound ideas than can open the horizon to a new world and a new renaissance.

The novel, Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World.

The innermost Ice Age, of course, is the hardest to deal with. It is harsher the closer it touches one on the home ground. Oh it is easy to love when the world is warm, but when ice flowers cover the windows it is hard to replace them with the roses from a distant spring. Still, can there be ice flowers in the heart where the rose has its native domain, and its season is eternal? 

This is to say, do we really know what civilization requires? Do we really know how to protect it? Can we provide the correct leadership? Yes, deep in the heart we do know what real leadership requires of us individually, but who will act? Who will act honestly with the heart and soul? 

Those who dare to venture this course do it with honesty to Principle, with scientific honesty to the highest degree possible, with tears in the eyes and with Truth understood and acknowledged. With this we create our own spring and summer, where roses do grow regardless of the season. But are the summers that we create on this path strong enough to exist in a frozen world, strong enough for us to cause it to thaw? That's the big challenge that may not seem practical at first, but it has the potential to be immensely liberating when Truth itself becomes the leading element.

The novel, Winning without Victory.

Here a phase shift takes place in the sequence of the novels that adds another facet to the dimension of leadership and the shape of civilization. The phase shift has to do with goals and objectives, and the processes for meeting them in the ever-expanding dynamic development of life. 

One way for reaching goals is the Olympic competition. But can this be regarded a platform for civilization?

Olympic competition is designed to end in a victory where only one person can win, but an expanding civilization requires that we all must win. We must win together and grow by supporting and developing each other in order to survive together, or else no one may survive in the long run. That's the quality of life from a blade of grass to humanity. In principle the universe and civilization are not an Olympic arena with Olympic games going on. Civilization is not a oligarchic game. It is a cooperative construct.

The train towards winning by a process where we all win, comes through many stations along the way. The destiny is uncertain. It is easy to step off. But one must stay the course until the paradox is resolved that separates winning from victory. 

One single thread is threaded through this rather extensive novel, which is the challenge of establishing scientifically honest leadership beyond the level of the common concept of mass-movement leadership. This challenge cuts a hole into the facade of oligarchic 'leadership,' which is intentionally regressive, and which is presently the most powerful mass-movement leadership on the planet. This leadership owns all the media, the entertainment, and the news services. It owns the thinking of society to a far greater extent than anyone cares to realize. It owns it so completely that the Global Warming Doctrine has a wide following in society that by its adherence to it actively destroys the foundation for its own living in defense of an oligarchic doctrine. Thus society is actively shutting down down industries, it economic processes, its infrastructure development, even to the point that society is massively burning its own food in the form of biofuels, rather than being nourished by it. 

While the novel has been written prior to the modern regression towards the near total oligarchic ownership of the thinking of society, the oligarchic mass-movement leadership process had been well established already at the time, so that the principle of responding to it still applies. 

Obviously, the salvation of society does not rest on any kind of mass-movement leadership, but depends on the leadership of advanced ideas created on the platform of our humanity and its creativity that revolutionizes the landscape of civilization in the light of the merit of the advanced ideas.  

The challenge that we face today is to cause a shift to happen in the quality of leadership in the world, away from the mass-movement perspective that is keyed to the smallness of society's boxed in thinking, raising it up by an order of quality in line with the revolutionary potential of universal leadership in ideas that challenge the boundary of the leading edge. 

The Benjamin Franklins of today are shunned and ridiculed for placing this challenge before society. The sleepers proclaim, don't waist your time in trying to wake us up. Benjamin Franklin wouldn't have accepted this comment. He nurtured a network of leading-edge thinkers. The mass-movement environment, in contrast, has the opposite effect. The entire modern society has become mass-movement oriented, especially its government that has become subverted by the party system for which no provision had been made by the nation's founding pioneers, which has been established in later time for oligarchic control and predation rather than for government by universal principle and responsibility to the electorate, and civilization, and humanity. 

We face a great challenge on this ground today, to clean it up, to clear away the mess that has become increasingly tragic, especially in the USA that has become bankrupted thereby and had its industries destroyed, which now is also on the fast track of loosing its food supply on the same path to hell. But we can win this challenge and not leave anyone vanquished, can't we?


The novel, Seascapes and Sand.

The seashore is not for sleeping. The sleeper is easily raped. Nations are raped, cultures are raped, the whole word is being raped on the seascapes covered in sand. 

Instead of one embracing sleep at the seashore, shouldn't one be rather alive with celebration, exploring the wonders of being free, even when it is scary to be free, free to love? Real leadership needs to be focused on the freedom to love, including to love one's humanity. That's challenging, because this type of movement has been blocked for millennia. 

The stalemate on this front has become the tragedy of Russia that had celebrated its Thousand-Year Anniversary of the Christianization of Russia in the timeframe in which the novel is located. In real terms Russia celebrated its tie to the Byzantine brand of Christianity, an oligarchic system that religiously imposes society's self-strangulation. Russia had never freed itself from this trap, that merely became modified and became the Communist system. 

Both the Byzantine and the Communist systems were mass-movement systems with a leadership that had committed itself to keeping society small instead of scientifically and technologically developing. This, indeed, has been the path the entire world has been forced into, in various different ways. In this context Russia never experienced a real civilization built on the universal leadership of profound ideas, profound discoveries, great scientific truths. Russia focused on human labor instead of the large scale utilization of scientific physical principles and physical energy to multiply the effectiveness of human labor.  Russia's society never gave itself this opportunity. It lacked the leadership.


The novel, Flat Earth Society.

What happens when society becomes complicit with a rapist and commits rape upon itself? Oh yes, this is easily done, too easily. And all too often the rape is passive, a rape of silence and indifference and fear.

When there is no active leadership of profound ideas alive that powers the advance beyond the leading edge, society collapses in the default state of being gripped by the entropy of doing nothing. Society is collapsing then in almost all critical respects on this front where nothing moves forward. Civilization becomes a dead scene. 

The scene of entropy is a dead scene. If the scene is maintained for long, which it has already been for far too long, civilization dies. Still the challenge can be met. It can be met with honest hearts and a great daring to be honest. When the breakthrough is made from entropy to anti-entropy a liberation from the dead scene begins. At this point the horizons become brighter. What seemed impossible before, suddenly becomes possible. Even the restoration of Africa becomes possible then, from being a universally looted dead scene to becoming a viable continent of enormous potential in all imaginable respects. 

The novel, Glass Barriers.

With this novel another phase shift begins in the sequence of novels, with still another new dimension for leadership and civilization coming to the forefront. 

The glass in the title refers to cultural barriers that are easy to see through, but hard for one to break through to establish the underlying singular universality of humanity.  This is hard, unless one is skilled in dealing with glass. Unfortunately this is a skill that few have acquired and most would rather not learn, because of the challenges involved. Nevertheless the human mind has the quality of cognition with scientific understanding that enables humanity to cross barriers with ease that otherwise may seem insurmountable. The liberty thereby unfolds from scientific acknowledgement.

The leadership in this case is the kind of inner leadership that is leading oneself, that one establishes for oneself and responds to. If this is a leadership of opinion, one is lost. If it is an understanding and acknowledgement of Principle on the scientific platform in total honestly with oneself as to what really is true about our humanity, then one touches the garment of liberty in a process by which amazing movements can happen that can shape ones life and possibly also the world. In the novel, the glass barrier is dealt with in India, and not in a superficial manner.

The challenge of becoming ones own leader in the highest sense with complete scientific honesty, is a much taller challenge than one may realize. Many people fail on this ground and become arrogant and hypocritical, especially in the sciences where it is not fashionable to respond to the self-evident truths when they they are not authorized to exist. The novel doesn't concern itself with such failures. The horizon is far too rich by not failing. India is a land of rich horizons on this platform, with evidence of a civilization whose leadership created one of the seven wonders of the world though very little is known of the leadership standing behind it, except for the vast legacy of achievement cut in stone that still presents an enigma created during a brief period roughly a thousand years ago. The achievements testify of a period that was rich is society's self-leadership along the line of a grand idea.

The novel, Coffee, Sex, and Biscuits.

The next novel on the same phase deals with the process of the discovery of grand ideas. Scientific honesty is one thing, but who directs one at the leading edge were discoveries of fundamental principles are made that become the basis for one's self-leadership?

In any context, the combination of "Coffee, sex, and biscuits" can have countless meanings. As a phrase, it usually given many meanings, including in religion, and also in social religion, even in political religion. But does it also point to a paradox? If so, the paradox begs to be resolved. 

The paradox, surprisingly, has a political component. The scene of political discussions often becomes a scene of rage and indignation in which people become lost in the dead-end back alleys of single issue arguments, while the larger picture rarely comes to the foreground and is therefore often missed, and nothing is won in the end except a rash of controversy and accusations, and dictatorial demands that may even be valid but are not placed on the higher level principles that can give them power and inspire the self-leadership in society that gets people to move on the critical issues. 

It is rare that the political scene is seen from a higher-lever perspective with scientific principles leading the way towards solutions. In this arena, in the maze of dead-end back alleys, the political leadership invariably becomes dictatorial rather than inspirational. Thus nothing ever gets done, because the leadership that get things done is not found there, which would lead the inspiration of profound ideas that empowers one to act, and to act rightly.

The novel, Endless Horizons.

At the level of anti-entropy, achieved through self-leadership, many horizons unfold and not always as one might expect. The inspiration of profound ideas cannot be forced, but it can be nurtured. At times long periods pass, of patient nurturing, until breakthroughs begin to erupt and change the scene. Then liberty can unfold explosively like a bursting flower or new seeds blowing in the wind.

The image for the book was originally created to accompany a poem that was written for the book. The poem is about the human journey and our responsibility in it and its bearing fruit, which becomes a form of responsibility in loving that has a yet to be revealed, that beckons to be explored. This is what the book is designed to do in the larger context, reaching up to the anti-entropy of humanity. No leadership can force this, but self-leadership. Anti-entropy is the outcome of the self-leadership of society by the universal leadership of profound ideas, and the patient efforts to nurture their unfolding in the world. Civilization is not a gift from heaven. It is the fruit of human development. When this process is not protected, or is even undermined as it is often the case, civilization is doomed too collapse. This, tragically, we have seen in too may respects already.

The novel, Angel of Sex in Queensland.

At this point one final phase shift is introduced that presents yet still another dimension of leadership and civilization. This one is defined by the recognition of Principle as power. The physical universe is construct of principles that are the constructive power behind the universe and cause it to exist. Without them nothing would exist. 

The concept of Principle as Power is often overlooked, with tragic consequences. There was a time when slavery was deemed to have a natural principle to justify it, such as the Principle of Natural Slavery, conjured up by Aristotle to legitimize the process. However, when we explore the natural universe it becomes apparent that all principles are harmonizing in a constructive manner towards a greater purpose. In this platform, slavery cannot be recognized as a principle. It's effect is destructive to civilization, not constructive. 

While the debate has raged for millennia, the false concept of slavery as a principle still continues to rule. In spite the emancipation, the process of enslaving human beings for the profit of an oligarchy continues unabated. The real emancipation won't be won until the separation is fully made between Principle and slavery. Until this time civilization remains in peril for the lack of constructive power being expressed.

This is a critical issue that is still missed in the modern world. For example, America's political pioneer, Lyndon LaRouche, recently presented the concept of what he called the "oligarchic principle" as the root for most of the modern evil, from fascism to terrorism, from looting to genocide, and so on. But scientifically speaking, the concept is dangerously wrong. 

Oligarchism has no principle. Nothing of it is constructive. It is an invented process, and nothing more. It has no legitimate foundation to exist. By raising the understanding up to the comprehension of the scientific truth that oligarchism is has no principle standing behind it, oligarchism can be defeated. The defeating of it might not likely happen otherwise. 

The concept of an "oligarchic principle" legitimizes the evil process of oligarchism as a fundamentally legitimate power that by its nature as a principle is undefeatable, which is the very opposite of what is really the case. While it is generally understood what LaRouche intends to say, the notion of oligarchy as Principle runs contrary to the fight to eradicate it.

The case in point is cited here to illustrate the difficulty involved, to establish correct and effective leadership for society and in society.

The title for the novels seems strange in this context, and hardly inspirational, but is appears as an essential aspect to be considered in this final phase that has to do with active, precise, scientific leadership for the protection of civilization and its advance that requires a sure foundation. 

The current practice of peer-review science doesn't work, as it perpetuates mediocrity. Society needs a form of leadership that speaks the truth, that fights for the truth in a loud and clear manner, that stands alert against subtle errors creeping into the field, which when not countered tend to fester unresolved for millennia, such as slavery.  The lack of the kind of leadership that corrects such errors at their early stage is especially tragic in the sciences that are critical for the advance of civilization. Who stands up and speaks for the truth there, when the truth is deemed not to exist? 

We see a lot of violations against the truth in many fundamental aspects, and few stand up who care to speak for the truth, especially when nobody wants to hear it unless one is being authorized to do so. Humanity is stuck up to its neck in these kinds of waters of often self-orchestrated uncertainty, to the point of science becoming mythology and drowning in it. 

The has become critically dangerous with the Ice Age Challenge looming on the horizon for which no preparations are being made for the lack of alert scientific leadership, to the point that the Ice Age issue isn't even discussed in any meaningful manner. 

On this scene, like in today's convoluted sexual scene of isolation, division, circumcision, radicalism and so on, we deal once again with the scientific imperative to escape from the environment of conjured up entropy in which civilization is breaking down, even in the sciences.

The key item on this front is the profound truth that humanity cannot be understood in terms of animal dimensions, animal reactions, and animal capability, because humanity is not an animal species in Principle. It is a unique species with profound qualities that cannot be understood with a lesser yardstick than the scientific platform that applies to it as an anti-entropic species. When this profound truth is lost sight of, then humanity has lost itself. When the Principle of our Humanity doesn't stand at the forefront of the political scene, the political scene becomes entropic and civilization begins to collapse. 

The truth that humanity is not an animal species is one of the most sacred truths about ourselves as human beings,. Unfortunately it is also the most discarded and disregarded truth. Many people speak the words that man is not an animal, but hardly ever does anyone trust it as an impetus in fighting for civilization. It is said that it is impossible to succeed that way.

Lyndon LaRouche has been the first modern pioneer in voicing the scientific truth that man is not an animal. But between the recognition, and the staging a political fight on this platform, lies a road that has not yet been traveled. The subject is not an easy one, for one to deal with. It has not been dealt with anywhere to any great extent. For this reason the novel remains largely but a shell, yet to be filled out while the research continues. The task before humanity on this front is related to taking responsibility for uplifting humanity. This is a huge and as yet unidentified process in all its essential details. The lack of success on this fron may also be the reason while the oligarchic system still rules the scene of humanity nearly completely. 

A few attempts are made in the novel to set a different stage for humanity than the one on which it is drowning in concealments and lies. "In Lies We Trust!" reads the banner of the world.  In exploring the scene for a new path, to find a path away from it, one is like wandering in a landscape of fog, though the stakes are high. And the stakes are indeed high when the truth is obscured or banished completely from the landscape. The consequences are typically enormous when society is failing itself.

The novel, Sword of Aquarius.

Continuing with this final phase phase, Aquarius is the cup bearer for the king. He bares a bitter cup that the king is pouring out on humanity in the shadow of the banner, In Lies We Trust. When humanity is failing itself, the world becomes smaller, emptier, colder, like the weather tend to become in the far reaches of Siberia in winter where parts of the novel are located, so that civilization becomes fragile. 

However, there is a winning happening at the end that is profound to some degree, but also quite faint as few are able to see it, and fewer willing to fight for it, and those who do fight, fight quietly in the shadows. It is a scene of precarious balancing. The weight of great evil with the determination do decimate society and civilization, is balanced with the weight of those who risk everything to keep civilization alive and humanity with it.

The details of the great evil are fictional of course, but the intention is real and immediate and more threatening than any fiction could ever be made to be. Thus the story is largely symbolic. The unwritten modern tragedy that is real need for a form of leadership in society that can break the real tragedy that is not fiction. The is real now. Many are struggling to provide some leadership, but few aim to raise it up to the level of anti-entropy where alone the development can become progressively explosive to create a renaissance. 

So far, society is still on the loosing track, even while it has the potential to sweep the scene clean. When scientific truths are understood many things can happen that seem impossible at first glace. They do happen in the novel, faintly. Far more though should happen in the real world. The potential exists for the true idea of humanity to break through and to completely shape the 'physics' of the landscape.

The novel, Lu Mountain.

In the last novel of the series the same phase continues, and it continues in China. 

It continues in China, because the USA has disabled itself as a platform on which a pioneer can live, and work, and prosper. In any country where fascism festers like a disease unhealed, the pioneers become persecuted who would fight for freedom and humanity. 

In the novel the pioneers flee to China. There is a mountain in China, named Lu Mountain. The name is synonymous with healing. In times past many healers had found a lodging there. The book with its name isn't as much about China though, as it is about the strength and the enduring quality of the human spirit that brings its own healing upon itself. Thus the human journey will not end in cataclysm or trail out into dust, but  will continues to unfold on the wings of healing in the endless development of our humanity. 

We are on a journey that has no inherent end, which has instead an inherent potential that we have just barely begun to touch and implement and create a new renaissance with it, and a new industrial revolution. On this note the journey continues after the book closes. It continues in spite of the challenges that still remain, and the setbacks, the trials, the failures, and the victories that we experience along the way as we move forwards in the best way we are able. The principle of anti-entropy is expressed in this manner, and it is the underlying principle of humanity and the heart and the power of its self-leadership.

See: Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR - (Universal World Development - Dynamic Systemic Change - The Ice Age Challenge being met - The Reality of Humanity unfolding before us)

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