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Cosmic electric energy for the distribution system,

However, with deep-ocean reverse-osmosis desalination, and cosmic electric energy for the distribution system, the immense task of supplying all of southern China with freshwater from the Philippine Sea is within the range of what can be achieved.

Ultimately, no other options really exist than to develop deep-ocean reverse-osmosis desalination to augment the freshwater supply in the already drought stricken world, and later in the dry world of the ice-

age environment, when the natural supply system is diminishing or stops operating. 

Of course the economics for meeting the freshwater challenge are fully on the side of the desalination system, as ultimately no other large scale supply system really exists that takes us beyond the current natural system.

High-volume automated industrial production of the modular units for the desalination, and for the in-ocean transport system, enables extreme efficiencies that make the mass-implementation of deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination possible, and this in such a powerful manner that the end result surpasses all forms of river diversion.


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