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In comparison with the potential capability

While India has large rivers that dump enormous quantities of discharge into the oceans. The Indus River, for example, discharges on average 6,600 cubic meters per second into the Arabian Sea. That's a bit less than the Columbia River. And the Ganges discharges twice that volume into the Bay of Bengal. 

The Ganges River drains a million square kilometers of land in India and carries with it silt and pollution. It is deemed a mighty river, but in real terms it is no larger in discharge volume than the Mississippi River, which will likely not have its discharge waters be re-used either,

The outflow from all of these rivers could be diverted and used for irrigation. But why would one divert the waters from already overstressed rivers? In addition to this question, the outflow from all of these deemed 'large' rivers appears suddenly rather 'small' in comparison with the potential capability of large-scale deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination systems. 


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