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When the Sun goes inactive one day

The dramatic start of the next Ice Age when the Sun goes inactive one day, almost without warning, could be upon us in 30 years. The time estimate is based on the leading edge discoveries in plasma physics, astrophysics, and the dynamics of the currently unfolding processes. Of course the dynamics can change, but if they remain as they are, the start of the next Ice Age is much more immanent than anyone cares, or dares, to acknowledge. Most likely a decade will pass before the needed acknowledgement will happen. This leaves us roughly two decades remaining to prepare our world for the vast changes ahead before they happen. Two decades might be sufficient. The worldwide implementation of deep-ocean reverse osmosis desalination is one of the necessary preparations for meeting the challenges before us.

I have explored the processes involved for the potential great transformation of our planet, and the principles for these processes, in my recent video: "Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years." The challenge is worldwide. No one, anywhere on the planet, is not affected by the physical transformation of our world that awaits us.


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