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Deep-ocean desalination

Deep-ocean desalination will likely soon become the universal freshwater source of the world as new types of filters promise to increase the desalination efficiency a hundred-fold, even ten-thousand fold. The improvements have already been demonstrated in principle, though the manufacturing technology for their implementation remains yet to be developed. The proven principles will make the already utilized reverse-

osmosis desalination vastly more efficient, and easily possible in much shallower oceans.

One of the promising new types of semi permeable membrane for desalination would utilize the recent advances in the manufacturing of graphene sheets. A graphene sheet is a sheet of graphite atoms linked together into a tight lattice one atom thick. If the technology can be worked out that cuts the right size of holes through the sheet of graphene, a more than 100-fold increase of the desalination efficiency is deemed to be theoretically possible, according to research done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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