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Desalination is not a new concept. It is routinely applied commercially, though at great cost due to the large energy requirements. Massive energy is required to force seawater through dense filters that allow the freshwater molecules to pass through, but which block the slightly larger salt molecules. For the process to function efficiently, the water is applied at great pressure against the filter membrane in commercial desalination plants, typically in the range of 300 to 600 pounds per square inch.

However, when the reverse-osmosis separation process is submerged into deep oceans, in the range of 5000 meters deep, the average 2% weight differential between saltwater and freshwater is sufficient to enable reverse osmosis. The pressure differential at 2% would be in the range of 150 pounds per square inch. In practice slightly greater pressures may be achieved. The resulting pressure is sufficient to enable the reverse-osmosis desalination process to power itself. 

The deep-ocean pressure-differential would be less than the pressure that is currently applied in commercial operations. The resulting lower efficiency is easily compensated for by increasing the size of the operation, since space is not a factor on the ocean floor.


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