Text and images transcript of the video Water Crisis: Healing the Colorado River - part 2 by Rolf Witzsche 

Water Crisis: Healing the Colorado River - part 2

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** We the People: Independent and Free

For the needed breakout , to the freedom to live under the worst conditions, America is probably the culturally most-ideally self-conditioned nation on Earth. The quest for freedom, as a concept, is rooted in the very heart of American history. This is not forgotten. It is celebrated each year on the 4th of July, the Day of Independence. This day is the day when America formally claimed its freedom from the world-imperial colonial system. It is the day when its Declaration of Independence was ratified.

The real declaration of independence was delivered to the British Empire three years earlier, on December 16, 1773, with an act of defiance that became known as the Boston Tea Party. 

The Tea Party culminated from years of protests over British taxes, British governance, and the right of the empire to tax a people without representation. During a town meeting of seven thousand people in protest of the consignment of tea for which tax was due on arrival, all that was foul in the treatment of the American colonists under the despotism of empire, was dredged up and remembered. Demands were made that the consignees of the tea resign, and that the tea of empire be sent back. 

The consignees were called "Traitors to their Country, Butchers, who have done, and are doing every Thing to Murder and destroy all that shall stand in the Way of their private Interest." When the Governor held his ground against the popular demand, possibly because two of his sons were named consignees, the people decided to latch on to their freedom as human beings and act in defence of a people's right. 

In disguise as native American, the political activists boarded the remaining tea ships and dumped the disputed tea into the brink, all 342 chests of it.

The world was changed by this event. The nation became free in heart and soul.

The empire responded with intolerable legal and economic reprisals with a vengeance designed to roll back this history, which by then was no longer possible. The Tea Party is significant in that it marked the historic beginning, of the end of empire.

In defiance of empire, the colonists banded together and formed th ir own government, including a Continental Congress by which the American people became in fact a free and sovereign independent nation. The thereby established concept of independence was formally voted up as a Resolution in the Continental Congress. The national Independence Resolution was voted up two and half years after the Tea Party, on July 2, 1776. It confirmed what had been established firmly in the heart.

With the Independence Resolution voted up in Congress on the 2nd of July in 1776, it was understood that a document needed to be scripted that formally declared what had been determined with the resolution. The famous Declaration of Independence became the result of that. 

Thomas Jefferson had been previously given the task to organize the preparation of a draft for such a document. The draft was subsequently debated in Congress for two days, and was refined, item by items, into a final formal statement to the people and to the masters of empire, indicating that the world has changed. 

As it was the finished document of the American Declaration of Independence that was voted up on the 4th of July, 1776. The vote declared an intention of the nation to be free. It did not mark the end of the rule of empire in America. Far from it. But the intention did mark the end of the beginning. 

If Shakespeare, the great dramatist of the nature of empire, had lived at the time of this historic American Declaration, he would likely have agreed that the achievement marked merely a beginning. He may have suggested that the people themselves didn't fully comprehend what the concept of independence means. Did it mean merely the dissolution of formal ties between the colonies and an empire, by which the colonies would be free of the direct control of the masters of the empire, in this case the British Empire? 

The Continental Congress was formed in 1774 for a much 'smaller' objective than Independence. The congress was convened to petition the British King to back off from the Empire's reaction to the Tea Party, which had been too punishing and too despotic. As it was, the King refused to relent. Instead of relenting, he declared the petition a rebellion. 

The brutal kingly response roused the otherwise docile public into a debate that two years later had raised the platform in public awareness to enable the full Independence Resolution in Congress.

Shakespeare might have seen the result as a compromise. He might have seen the Jefferson Declaration, modified and voted up in Congress, as an apology to the King, saying in essence to the King that the American people who had escaped the prison of empire in Europe in 1621 on the Mayflower, had over the ensuing century learned to recognize that a human being has certain fundamental legal rights, such as being free from despotism, and that these rights must be respected.

 Shakespeare might have pointed out that the adopted Jefferson Declaration didn't really ask for much more than that, even after Congress had worked on it for two days, saying, "The founding fathers had asked for nothing more than the most minimal that a human being is due - the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness - and the right to establish the required forms of government that are best able to assure those basic freedoms. 

While the outcome was a heroic stand to take for the American Congress, it was still far too small in demands, as if Jefferson had said to the King, look the world has changed. Society has grown up. We don't ask for much, but we do ask for these few basic little things. These can no longer be avoided. So let us have these freedoms. 

"Of course, as one would expect, the King, being the pathetic little man he was, answered with war."

Shakespeare might have pointed out that The Jefferson Declaration of Independence, as a compromise, might have been indented to avoid war. Shakespeare might have added that one cannot do this. One cannot avoid war with a compromise in principle. Shakespeare might have said bluntly that the American Declaration of Independence, should have begun squarely, and openly, with the demand that Great Britain abolish within its realm the system of empire that has ruled the American nation, and the British nation too, and had enslaved both for far too long. Thus, under natural law and principle, the system of empire has no right or basis to exist, and should be let go for reasons of its universal inhumanity, and of course also for the freedom of Great Britton. "

Shakespeare might have said that such a declaration as he suggested, based on his knowledge of history, would have reflected the sentiments of the Boston Tea Party more fully and more correctly than the official document did. He would point out that the official declaration stands as an apology for the system of empire and its claimed 'right of kings' to exploit those of humanity whom it could grasp. With such a compromising 'apology' as it were, America has surrendered the very freedom in principle, that it had been aiming for.

Shakespeare might have written up the American Declaration of Independence differently, in his own unique style, in a more-correct manner, reaching back to the sentiments in Boston Harbour on the famous day in 1773. 

He would have started by boldly declaring in his opening statement what the nature of the system of empire is and has been throughout history, going far back in time to where the system of empire became recognized as "The Whore of Babylon" that should have been abolished even then, but was allowed to fester and to destroy civilization till it collapsed into its own inner emptiness. 

"The whore is not a person, or a nation," he would point out emphatically. "The whore is the devil within that destroys civilization, that inspires a society to murder its children, demolish its economies with greed, and then inspires war for looting and slavery to feed its lust until nothing remains."

Shakespeare might point out that the Babylonians had an inkling of the challenge they faced with the devil within. "They saw it as a conflict, symbolically between the Chaos Monster and the Sun God - two types of mentalities - with the Sun God determined to subdue the monster. The metaphor describes well the nature of the conflict between empire, the Chaos Monster, and humanity the Sun God.

"The Chaos Monster may be termed the system of empire in modern language. Empire had become a monster that society had seduced itself to love, perhaps only reluctantly, while it was destroying with this devotion to the mobster, the whore of Babylon, the very fabric of civilization that human existence depends on. The great reformer in civilization, Hammurabi, had endeavoured to minimize the damage that was being done on this platform, without being able to eradicate the platform that supported his own power, by which Babylon was doomed. The notion of Independence from the system of empire didn't exist at this time, even as an ideal concept.

"The biblical term, The Whore of Babylon, symbolizes the seductive nature of the system of empire, as a disease in civilization that promises the sky, though it cannot hide its lack of substance in the nakedness of her emptiness.

"The Whore of Babylon is scripted as riding a seven-headed beast that all the kings of the Earth bow to. Thus, she, the whore as a concept; she, the system of empire, represents a compound disease of mental failures that no one in the ancient world had even dreamed to gain its freedom from, or even its independence, from, while only a very few people in modern time have reached that high. The world still lives largely under the spell of the whore and destroys itself accordingly.

"The Declaration of Freedom from the whore in our world, would declare in its Preamble the emptiness of the system of empire as its real nature.

"It should be said of her, the wore that is empire, that by her own deeds she lays bear before the world, and always has, her absolute lack of a human soul. 

"She is a disease, not a person, or a nation. She is a disease that has to some degree infected all nations, and, as a disease, she has no place in human society. It thus becomes the duty for society, to raise up its humanity as a shield, and with it, to shield itself day and night against the poison of her issuance, until the whore has been dethroned and all nations are become free.

"Here begins independence," Shakespeare might say. "Nobody can be ground into the dirt so deeply that the crimes of empire, the devil within, past, present, and future, will remain unseen forever, and remain unchallenged till the end of time. This isn't possible. 

"The whore that is empire lays bare before the world its illuminatizism, its dance of hell on Earth.

In the noise of her dance begins her epitaph, her self-proclaimed timely statement of inner emptiness, the emptiness that is inhumanity, whereby her own doom ultimately becomes unavoidable, not the doom of mankind, nor the doom of the congregation of nations."

Shakespeare would speak in metaphor as he always did, and rightfully so, because neither he nor anyone in his time, or anyone in 1776 when America reached for Independence, could have imagined the scope of the monumental crisis that society would allow to come upon it by its failing to flush the system of empire, the Whore of Babylon, from the landscape of its thinking, its economy, its science, its culture, and it civilization.

For more than fifty years, humanity faced the whore's death threat of nuclear war that promises the extinction of the human species. For fifty years the doomsday clock of nuclear war stood near the midnight hour, ticking, and getting us closer and closer by keeping the whore in power even at this critical stage, with nothing being done to end the crisis. Shakespeare couldn't have imagined this.

For even longer than this, from the 1790s onward, the modern whore of Babylon has been crying for world-depopulation genocide, with the updated goal to eliminate 6 billion people from the face of the Earth under the depopulation policy. 

Instead of eradicating the source of this absolute madness and assault against it, society takes an active part in the mass murder of up to 100 million people a year with the biofuels hoax under the carbon reduction doctrine that is a hoax itself, as I said earlier.

Likewise society stands coerced by the whore to close its eyes to the near Ice Age in 30 years that almost no-one of humanity will be able to survive without giant infrastructures being built in preparation for it, which are not being built or even being considered. The movement on this front, for humanity to have a future, is presently, zero. The worldwide drought that is a fringe effect of the unfolding Ice Age dynamics, similarly gets a zero response.

"This is the reflection of the whore being still alive in society," Shakespeare might comment, bewildered.

He might say about it: "A terrible vengeance is now way overdue to descend on her, the whore of Babylon - the devil within - in modern time while time remains, and on her children, by the force of her own undoing of all that is human and good. 

By her own foul nature, she, the enemy of the people of the world, the last and only enemy of mankind, stands bloated before the world by her dearest treasures, the power of her money, the tyranny of her sword, and their perversion of all science. 

"She, Whore of Babylon, has by this, by her very existence ripped away from her face in those very storms that destroy the inflation of the arrogance of insanity and inhumanity, the cover-up that now no longer hides the mark of empire, which even the masters of ancient Babylon ultimately could not contain."

"It is she, the empire, she the devil within, the modern Babylon redressed as the New World Order, she herself, who, together with her minions has inflated the fires of her own destruction and of her lackeys with her, who have swelled into rather large congregations of thieves and swindlers. 

She is Babylon reborn, with all the filth attached by which Babylon has died, and with not a single trace of the light of humanity within her that could have saved her. She is the whore of the ages who devours the world's precious and issues forth famine and death. 

"She is our enemy who would destroy us all. She is the enemy of all people. But it is now she, who is already seeing her power destroyed by her own, cruel hand. Ill-fated beast that she is and always was, she brings about her own doom by the very hand with which she strikes against mankind, her intended prey. In her beginning doom unfolds the still-uncertain chance for civilization to survive.

 But," Shakespeare would say, "don't compromise with the devil in the house. As you watch her dance with vigour in whatever Hell she has chosen to bring the end upon herself and her lackeys, don't ever compromise yourself to being mesmerized by the whore. Tell her that the world she aims to destroy is our world, not hers. We, not she and her lackeys, are the people of the real world. The real world is our world, which she and her kind have soiled for far too long. Begone then, Witch! Begone Babylon! Begone Empire, Begone Whore! Be gone together with your zoo of thieves, swindlers, and money-changers of the foulest sort whom you protect, who, with your blessing have claimed the right to devour society's living and to murder it at their pleasure. Begone with them all.

"You, whore, are on the line for this. You are doomed by this, this time, by the ugly slime of your inhumanity, your fascism, your blood-lust, your lies, by which you stand convicted by humanity. The heavens above have condemned you and the Earth below has caught you in your own trap, which, between them say to you, Go witch! Be gone! Be gone Empire! And take your stinking lackeys with you as you go. Let them feast in hell on your delicacies, on your stolen loot that has no value, and on your dreams of power and glory and war and murdering, that have no legitimacy, and never had in the world of man."

Shakespeare might encourage us to keep HIS rather blunt declaration of the natural human independence, which is the healing of humanity of its disease, in mind, whenever we read the Jefferson version that was evidently not written for the end of empire, but might be seen as a profound sense of the beginning for the end, which, as such, has enduring obligations attached to it for all mankind and by mankind. 

Shakespeare might add: "Paste the Jefferson Declaration of Independence on the wall in your bathroom and read it every day and ponder its short-coming, and when your thinking encounters the Babylonian part in your mind, the part about the whore of Babylon that still rules you and rules your thinking and your world, then reach for the lever and flush, and raise yourself up to claim your independence. 

"Flush the crap of empire away. Flush it from the landscape of civilization. Make the flushing count - flush! And flush again! The flushing sound is the correct music for the epitaph of the wore. America has written the words that go with the music. In the flow of the profound loving that evidently inspired the words of the American Declaration of Independence, that was created as a declaration of a society primarily to itself, the American nation began to experience the color of freedom, and science will soon become free likewise on this course held steady, becoming free to serve mankind, and mankind becoming free with it; free to meet its needs; free to unleash its potential; free to create a renaissance to face the next Ice Age with; and being proudly free to have a future in its grasp at last."

In this long ensuing war of empire against humanity, which is still ongoing, the future needs to be claimed actively. 

'On the passive side, hundreds of millions have already perished, and humanity itself now stands at the brink of extinction with nuclear war. All of this means that our very existence and our chance to have a future depends on winning this final battle of the endless-seeming war that has infected too many nations. 

**8 Independence from Climate Change

The Challenge of the California Drought, and the Ice Age Challenge that the drought is a part of, are not parts of the war of the whore against mankind, however, our response to the climate change depends absolutely on us winning the long delayed fundamental victory of independence from the whore that opens the door to universal freedom.

It appears that the founding Fathers of the USA, as they composed the Declaration of Independence, had perhaps a faint sense of the greater challenge before all of humanity, where no one is free on Earth until all are free. 

For this reason, the science video presented here, is dedicated in honour of America's celebration of its hope-filled Independence Day on July 4th 1776.

The world has a great need today to claim its freedom in science as a step to reach for the future and to advance the scope of its science to protect human existence and expand it with a great renaissance. 

The age of slavery, poverty, and universal impotence, should have ended eons ago. It should have ended in Babylon. The horrors imposed by this failure to end the wore, and those horrors that are still prepared to happen, might yet force mankind into oblivion even today. The stage for this doom remains established. 

Nuclear war is a game that is played in minutes. 

The players are on the field.

It takes something more solid than hope to call the game off.

**9 Independence Means  Dependence on the Power of Our Humanity

The Face of Man is rich. We do have the power to change our course and to change the course of the world with our dawning light of profound divine expression that we see in the compound face of man as the gem of the universe.

**10 Look at Mind.

Our window to the future is our freedom to pursue the leading of infinite Mind. Humanity stands tall as the greatest expression of infinite Mind that is experienced on Earth. The power of the quality of Mind is expressed by humanity in the form of pioneering discoveries like children pursue in exploring their newly discovered worlds with enthusiasm and joy. On any lesser platform the very concept of a future fades out of sight, as it so often has in the past.

The quality of Mind defines an active aspect of our spiritual humanity, high above mysticism, and inaction.

**11 Look at Principle.

Humanity is also a champion of Principle, as an active force in civilization. Civilization is not arbitrary. It is the result of creative Principle expressed. Humanity no longer lives the primitive resources of the Earth, but lives by created resources derived from applied, discovered universal principles, such as the principle of agriculture, and the principle of nuclear power.

**12 Look at Spirit.

Above, Mind and Principle, stands the light of civilization that is our amazing human Spirit that poets have called divine, which it really is, according to evidence. No other species on Earth has ever seen the future, much less explored it, and own the technologies with which to bring itself into the future, such as creating a renaissance for the Ice Age ahead.

The triad, Mind, Principle, and Spirit, define the superstructure of civilization, the expression of man as the gem of the Universe.

Below the superstructure lays the foundation that raises the gem far above the mud where the battles are fought that are devoid of anything human, with inhuman consequences.

**13 Look at Life

The foundation structure begins with the profound recognition of the value, beauty, and sublimity of Life. Here we find poetry, song, literature, art, theatre, music, and so on. On this platform the shrieking cries for depopulation, genocide, and war, find no resonance.

**14 Look at Truth

The foundation structure also includes the quality of Truth expressed as a distinct color of civilization. The value of truth is not found in the absence of lies, though this by itself would be cause for celebrations. Truth, as a recognition, sets apart what is true, from the multifaceted circus of the pantheon of speculation, conjectures, opinions, fears, believes, uncertainty, and so on. Humanity has the quality to discover the truth, know the truth, understand the truth, and to acknowledge the truth.

**15 Look at Love

Below Life and Truth, as if it was the deepest foundation, we find the spiritual gem that is almost indefinable. We cannot weigh Love, measure it, bottle it up, but we know that if it was withdrawn from the landscape of civilization, civilization would collapse. We sing songs about it, white poetry and operas to celebrate it, because all know what it is by its effects.

**16 Look at Soul

Between the superstructure and the foundation stands the human Soul, the heart that colors us divine. The Soul of humanity is science. It is the 'barn door' to infinity. It is the door to freedom that all the masters of empire in their dark quest have endeavoured to shut down with dogmatic impositions, and shackle with the iron bars of intellectual privatization. 

And so, science lives on. Johannes Kepler looked at the solar system and said to himself, I must discover the Principle that is expressed here, because this is Life. I must see the Truth, because I cannot do any less, for I am a human being. It may take years, but I must do this, because I am Love. I cannot accept anything less for me, because I have an open Mind. 

With this human identity unfolding in the heart, Kepler has discovered the solar system as no one had ever seen it before.

Kepler would say to us today, "look at what I have done. I started a revolution in thinking that became science.

"For more than a thousand years astronomy had been imprisoned by the doctrine that all movements in the heavens must be on the path of perfect circles, because the heavens are perfect. I have freed astronomy from this prison of false doctrine, because the universe did not comply. So why should I.

I have presented to humanity the freedom of the truth - the freedom to understand it and to acknowledge what is understood. This revolution changed the face of humanity. It ended the dark ages. I made this to happen. I demonstrated that freedom is made, that it doesn't happen on its own. Nothing had happened in imprisoned astronomy for a thousand years. My actions changed this history. History is made. I have made history. The laws that I have discovered are now widely applied, including to guide spacecraft to their destination.

What I did back in the 1600s is rooted in the principle of the human being, and as a principle, the freedom of the revolution of the truth, is still possible today, because principle is universal and therefore timeless. "

**18 Kepler on Climate Change

The modern Kepler would say to us in our time on the critical subject of climate: People open your eyes as I have done. Look at yourself. Look at the evidence. Look at what is true. You can do this. What I have demonstrated as a principle in the 1600s can be applied today to break all the prisons of dogma, even that, termed, climate science; and you will discover what comes out of it is revolutionary.

"With the truth in your heart you will invariably step away from the house of the dogmas, where no evidence exists. The dogmas of the small-minded define the very foundation of life on our planet - which is the carbon in the air that supports life, which is carbon based life - a dangerous pollutant."

That's pathetic, isn't it? But how can we step away from the doctrinal crap that all evidence tells us is not true? The doctrine tells us that what we live by is a poison. How can we move away from this without having a higher-level truthful platform to step up to.

Kepler says, "You discover this platform when you open your eyes."

But what do we see when we open our eyes? We see, that the carbon-dioxide density in the atmosphere, that all life depends on, is presently at the lowest level since life began, and is in fact dangerously low. Yes, the foremost critical nourishment for all the plants and plankton on the planet, on which the food chain rests for all the higher forms of life, has diminished over time to just barely above the biosphere's starvation level. This renders carbon in the air not a villain to be slain, but a friend to be embraced. We need a 10-fold increase in CO2 density in the air in preparation for the next Ice Age in 30 years.

However, is respect to the doctrine of CO2 being a Climate Change gas that endangers the Earth, Kepler would point out, that it is not enough for a scientist to state that according to all evidence CO2 has no effect on climate whatsoever. The act of trying to prove that something that cannot happen, doesn't actually happen, twists thinking into knots and dead-end pursuits. It is more efficient to explore what actually causes the climate effects.

Kepler would say that science has a greater task to fulfill than to tear down the houses of errors, lies, and myths, even those that humanity has become imprisoned in. The task of science is to built a greater house that is free and true. Then society will let go of the old, as it responds to the true.

Kepler would say that it is the task of the scientist to speak the truth, to demonstrate the truth, to build a grander house with the truth than has ever been constructed before. This means, speaking the truth about what actually controls the climate on Earth. This truth has the power to liberate society from the carbon climate trap. The truth is solid. It comes with clear evidence attached. With it, society has a reason to rush out of the old trap and occupy the truthful house. Progress is made that way by causing movements with the truth.

And for the climate on Earth, the truth of course, is colored, electric. The evidence is everywhere.

**19 The Climate-Truth: Earth's climate is electric in nature.

The truth about the climate on Earth is electric in nature, because our universe is an electric universe. The universe is 99.999% plasma, and plasma carries an electric charge. It would be surprising if the ever-changing electric Sun, would not be reflected in the ever-changing climate on Earth that the Sun creates in the first place, with its numerous electric effects.

By the process of stepping up to the truth, the scientist embraces the liberating Principle of Independence from dogmas, to the free world where what is true is knowable, and becomes understood and acknowledged, such as the truth that the climate on Earth is electric in nature in every respect, from the atomic level to the galactic level.

The entire climate pyramid rests on the water molecule having an electric dipole quality. Here begins the climate chain. The loose attachment of the hydrogen atoms and the peculiar angle of their attachment, enables the water molecule to absorb radiated solar energy on a wide spectrum, which renders water vapor a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes 97% of the greenhouse effect,

The boundary between water-vapor in the air, cloud condensation, and the liquid state of water such as rain, is determined by aspects that affect the expression of the electric dipole-quality of the water molecule and the ionic attraction between the molecules.

With Cosmic Rays being the most powerful of all the aspects that affect cloud nucleation, in the case of electric ionization, our climate is determined by the strength of the Sun, exclusively, which determines the rate of Cosmic-Ray flux impacting on our atmosphere, primarily the Solar Cosmic-ray flux that is vastly more-numerous.

When a weak spot in the corona surrounding the Sun can release such a massive Solar Cosmic-Ray flux that a large part of a continent is showered with a flash flood by cosmic ionization in the middle of a drought, then it becomes fairly obvious where the big climate forcing originates, and for that matter, where all the numerous climate changes originate, which are falsely blamed on CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere, for which the face of mankind becomes slandered as a climate villain and has the depopulation noose placed around the neck.  

This means that our climate is determined by the electric plasma density that surrounds our Sun, which is determined not by the Sun itself, but by electric resonances in interstellar space.

Yes, our climate is determined by resonances in interstellar electric plasma streams. 

The effect of the resonance is so large and so long in cycle time, that the effect is determining the conditions that cause the Ice Ages by crossing boundary conditions that affect the Sun, until the fragile electrodynamics system breaks and the Sun goes inactive for a season.

The sharp electric-plasma weakening that the Ulysses spacecraft has measured confirms as evidence that the climate change that gave us the drought is the result of the electric cycles in interstellar space that affect our Sun.

As scientists we can know all of this by the evidence that our scientific instrumentation lays bare before us. By acknowledging the evidence, and by understanding the dynamics the evidence reflects, we can see the future more accurately than that astronomers now see the motions of the stars as reflecting the principles of known dynamics.

Just as the motion of the planets is largely affected by the mechanistic interaction of gravity, mass, and kinetic energy, so the energy system that powers our Sun from interstellar space is largely electric in nature, is affected by its dynamics, and affects our climate as a consequence, including the drought that has now begun.

Kepler would say that by us seeing the future unfolding in this scientific sweep of critical observations, we can affect corresponding changes on Earth that accord with the ongoing dynamics of the Universe. He might say, we can do this, because was are man.

We can see electricity in space that no eye has ever seen. We can see the electric effects on our climate , because we have an open Mind. We know the Truth, because to a human being the truth is knowable. The human Sprit is expressed in the freedom and the independence of moving with the truth, not in denial and subjection. 

When the human Spirit is set free and becomes daringly independent to look at the evidence with open eyes and mind, then the stage is set for the recognition of the universe as being electric in nature, and the Sun being an electric star that is electrically powered by the universe that is itself electric in nature, and the Earth as having an electrically determined climate that reflects a vast array of ever-changing cosmic factors, such as the electric weakening of the solar system towards the coming next Ice Age.

If the electric truth remains hidden, nothing will break the carbon vilification doctrine of global warming, and the vilification of mankind with the seductive lies of the doctrines that are designed to break civilization. "Get real," Kepler would say, "and celebrate that you are man."

It takes a giant, like the human being, to recognize and understand the vast dynamic electric factors that no eye can ever see, and acknowledge them with created technologies and infrastructures that will determine the future accordingly, and this with such power and precision that the needs of the future become addressed with responses in the present for effects that have not yet occurred. 

Of course it takes a lot of scientific self-development for society to see itself in this context of unlimited freedom. But what of it? Do the challenges, change the principles that afford us those freedoms? We are man, the tallest expression of the Universe. Our Soul is science, and its name is infinity.

We are the gem of the world, with all the power of the universe to let this gem shine in the greatest renaissance ever, because we are Life and we are Love. We can say to the whore of empire and her seductive doctrines and policies of insanity, be gone! Be gone depopulation, be gone genocide, looting, war, annihilation, and so on. Be gone! We have no place for small-minded thinking in the world of man! Independence is ours. With it the dreaming of poverty, blindness, lies, and fascism ends, and humanity's subjection to them ends with them.

**20 Dawning Renaissance of Dominion

On this pathway too, we can leave the old landscape of dogmas behind and develop and build the means that can render the advancing drought in the world of no effect, and come out richer in the process, with enriched economies, vitalized culture, and a majestically up-lifted identity. We must do this and live, because we are humanity. We are the greatest of all with the capability to do what is required.

Thus, if the Sun can flood a vast landscape with water released from the atmosphere by means of cosmic-ray ionization, as we have seen it in Texas, we can do so likewise, in a controlled technological fashion, because we are human beings.

Since our needs are modest, simple electric ionization for the cloud-making process can give us total control of the result, and total independence from the natural climate conditions, including the drought. The Colorado River system can be healed in this manner.

If the principle is applied to artificially ionize the atmosphere over the Lake Powell catchments basin, the enhanced vapor-nucleation process should theoretically be able to draw the needed few inches of rain out of the atmosphere over the space of a year to re-fill Lake Powell to its maximum level and the entire Colorado River system with it, including Lake Mead, and to go beyond that.

The Hoover Dam has been designed to handle the flow of 11,000 cubic meters of water per second over its spillways, in addition to the water flowing for maximum power generation. This full-design capacity, would make the Colorado River roughly 1.5 times larger in flow volume, than the Columbia River. All this could be achieved with a mere 50 inches of extra rain per year across the Lake Powell catchments basin where a large portion of the Colorado River presently originates.

The high elevation of the Lake Powell catchment basin, with its naturally low cloud ceiling, promises to be ideal for applying advanced ionization technology operating from ground-level platforms. The clouds, and the conditions to create the rain, occur close to the ground.

If the cloud ionization technology was applied over the entire, relatively small area of the Lake Powell catchments basin, we would have the means at hand to turn the tap on and off at will to regulate the freshwater in-flow into the river for whatever volume would be desired. 

The same technology, once it becomes established for large-scale application, would give humanity also the power to manage the rate of inflow into other major river system, regardless of the intensity of the ongoing drought, and perhaps so even during Ice Age conditions. 

We have the means at hand with this technological principle, to turn the dying Colorado River into a water-rich giant greater than the Columbia River presently is. This is the kind of creative power that we have as human beings. And this would bring us only to the beginning.

The same process is fully applicable to increasing and managing the flow of the Sacramento River system, and all the other catchments systems that together make up the California State Water Project, and the Central Valley Project, and so on, in spite of the drought.

The key to this amazing capability lies not in violating the natural system, or abusing the natural system as some people would see the process, but lies in intelligently utilizing the principles by which the natural system operates. It is the natural system that places its thousandth of a percent of all the water on Earth into the atmosphere as water vapour, by the process of evaporation. We have nothing to do with that. The evaporation process is controlled by ocean temperature and solar energy. Nor can we alter the principles by which water vapour is turned back to liquid water. But we can apply the principles further, to meet our needs. We can learn from the natural system that transports freshwater even to the top of high mountains, and apply what we learn, which is not a violation of the natural system.

**21 The Devil in the Heart

Right now, we are are far from the healing of the Colorado River happening. The principle for healing the river is not even considered. The science that would enable it is denied. The scientific foundation that would make the healing an electrical factor is deemed not to even exist, with the denial going up to the highest levels in politics, economics, and in the sciences.

The water level at Lake Mead is presently so low and so fast diminishing that it will drop below the minimum level in 2017 that is required for electric power generating without a healing of the river with technological means being applied.

In order to minimize the impending loss of electricity generating from the dam, five turbines will be replaced with wide-head turbines that are designed to work efficiently with less water flow and pressure, which would keep the electricity generating going beyond 2017 until the lake drops below the new and final limit for power production, which is 200 feet lower than the current low limit. After that, the penstocks will run dry and no more water will run down the river. Then what? 

What will happen to the 40 million people who depend on the waters of the river flowing?

All of the Imperial Valley depends 100% on the water delivered from the Colorado River, both for domestic consumption and for agriculture. The Colorado water is delivered from the river to the Imperial Valley by the new All-American Canal, previously known as the Alamo Canal that had been routed partly through Mexico. Of course, when the river stops flowing, the Imperial Valley dies.

In order to prevent the total dying of the Imperial Valley, plans are considered to drill out the concrete plugs in the diversion tunnels that were used during the construction of the Hoover Dam to channel the river around the construction site. The tunnels were sealed afterwards with concrete plugs, when the dam was completed. By drilling the plugs out, the remaining water in Lake Mead could be drawn down to zero. The Colorado River would be running free after that, and unregulated, with everybody downstream fighting in the puddles where once a river flowed.

But why should any of this happen, when the river can be so easily healed with cloud ionization?

Without the healing of the river the entire gigantic construction effort is planned to become wasted, and everything that depends on it is committed to vanish as if it never existed. The question is, will we, as human beings, allow this ultimate folly to happen.

**22 When the Colorado River Is Healed: Made Independent

When the river is healed by means of applied discoveries and technologies, its original design will then continue to be realized to the full, and this with ever-wider application of the by then independently created freshwater resources for human living.

This is the future that we have at hand to create for ourselves with applied discoveries and technologies. 

This potentially rich and full future, is the future that we will create for ourselves once we begin to discover ourselves as human beings once again, and decide to live as human beings. And the step-up to get there, is really just a small step for a man.

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