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Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - part 7



- 1 - Culture and Science
- 2 - The series: 'The Lodging for the Rose' by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
- 3 - A project to bridge the near universal isolation in modern society, from one another
- 4 - I was gradually drawn to pay attention to the little that was known at the time
- 5 - An exploration series of novels about the beauty and sublimity of our humanity
- 6 - The Ice Age Challenge is so imperative that all the lesser challenges, like nuclear war, will be laid aside
- 7 - I named my 12-volume epic series, 'The Lodging for the Rose'
- 8 - And, oh, how much greater than a rose are we?
- 9 - The title 'Winning without Victory' into a mini series of the principle of active peace
- 10 - The Kaleidoscope project series
- 11 - Another series I named the 'Sex and Sacrament' series
- 12 - In addition, I have produced a large series of special focus videos
- 13 - Another large group is available in the form of audio books
- 14 - I also attached singe-story audio books to the front pages of my videos
- 15 - The earliest special presentation are presented as PDF books
- 16 - Society needs to be the leader for the politicians
- 17 - A video production that is designed to explore the power of cultural effects
- 18 - Society's writers, poets, musicians, scientist, and artists, own the job to uplift the humanity
- 19 - The uplifting also needs to reach deep into the domain of physical science
- 20 - As human beings, we have the power to reach as high as we need to
- 21 - We haven't seen anything yet
- 22 - With this song we will have the commitment within reach to move forward

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