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Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - part 7

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Part 7

Culture and Science

Science in Literature

The series: 'The Lodging for the Rose' by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

While humanity is presently far from implementing a Plan-B option to secure its existence in response to the knowledge that science has afforded, it is my perception that, ultimately, we will discover that we are a single humanity that is universally affected and universally endangered by the diminishing solar dynamics and related climate effects. With so much at stake in this context, even the very existence of humanity, I see us as being able to lay aside our numerous forms of divisions and isolation that are all artificial, and thereby find evermore reasons to value and love our common humanity and elevate it and protect it by all means possible. And those means we have richly at hand.

Against this background, I have produced 14 novels as a project to bridge the near universal isolation in modern society, from one another. The work was begun in the late 1980s, extending into the 1990s, and beyond. In this timeframe the big cosmic science projects were still in their early stages and far from yielding revolutionary measured results. The Ice Age potential was still but an ominous ghost in those days that few took serious when I started to write the series.

I was gradually drawn to pay attention to the little that was known at the time, about the Ice Age Challenge and its harsh brutality.

I started to write an exploration series of novels about the beauty and sublimity of our humanity, exploring these with some of the artificial mantels of division and isolation daringly being invalidated, as a step towards meeting the larger challenge.

Now that we have massive evidence that the Ice Age potential is real, as it has been measured in the air, in space, and on the ground in numerous different ways, all with harsh forebodings for human living, it is my perception that the imperatives that the Ice Age Challenge presents will impel society in our time to raise itself into line with the discovered physical reality of the Ice Age Challenge that is unfolding before us, which is so imperative that all the lesser challenges, like war, even nuclear war, will be laid aside, in order to protect the treasure that we find in our universal humanity, which the Ice Age Challenge renders evermore precious.

I named the major portion of this work, my 12-volume epic series, 'The Lodging for the Rose', because a rose means nothing to a dear, except, food, while a rose evokes a sense of beauty in the human mind.

And, oh, how much greater than a rose are we? Our beauty goes beyond what even the eye can see, which is lodged in the heart.

I have recently taken one of the large books of my 12 volume series, with the title 'Winning without Victory' and divided it into a mini series for its multifaceted exploration of the principle of active peace. Most of the books are available in free PDF form and audio-book form.

I have also produced two earlier special focus book series, made up of stories from my novels, the Kaleidoscope project series.

Another series I named the 'Sex and Sacrament' series.

In addition, I have produced a large series of special focus videos, featuring stories from the novels.

Another large group is available in the form of audio books.

Occasionally, I also attached one or more of these singe-story audio books to the front pages of my videos, offering a background viewpoint unfolding in the noral, economic, social. and political contexts, as in the example here.

The earliest special presentation are presented as PDF books.

I made the effort to present this wide range of special focus, because it has become apparently necessary to rebuild our innermost connection with one another on a scientific basis, to the point that some interest may be generated in the critical Plan-B to protect one another and our humanity in the on-going climate collapse. What good are the scientific advances in astrophysics, the Ice Age dynamics, water systems potential, and energy systems potentials, if society lets them dry up on the beach like some stranded jelly fish, and wither into oblivion?

Civilization is not a political project. On this front society is the leader itself. Its existence now hangs in the balance on the Ice Age front. It therefore owns the initiative to protect itself and to have a bright future.

Society needs to be the leader for the politicians. In some cases that actually works.

Yes, Virginia, the Russians did hack in a daring attempt to raise the culture of peace, as did China. The images shown here are from my 8-parts of a video production that is designed to explore the power of cultural effects.

Society's writers, poets, musicians, scientist, and artists, and so on, together own the job to uplift the humanity that we all share, to uplift it to its native grandeur in the eyes and hearts of everyone. We have become so small on this front that when a few people actually make some serious efforts in the cultural domain, effects can be realized that change the world.

The uplifting of our humanity also needs to reach deep into the domain of physical science where far too many myths abound. This needs to happen, because society meeting the Ice Age Challenge on all of its fronts, won't happen without an uplifted truthfulness in the recognition of what is real.

Fortunately, as human beings, we have the power to reach as high as we need to. Thus we have the power established within us, for the first time in the long 2.5 million-year history of our development as humanity, to face the coming Ice Age with the song, 'Where is your sting?' and to do this from the basis of our created new world that the Ice Age cannot touch.

'Where is your sting?' - we haven't seen anything yet

With this song we will have the commitment within reach to move forward.

Thus, I think, that this is what we will do indeed, because we have that potential on hand that we have built up four ourselves, which offers us as yet unimagined possibilities for wondrous creations, uplifted platforms for living and for cultural advances, to which the saying applies, that we haven't seen anything yet.

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