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Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - part 5

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Part 5

"To rouse the living, wake the dead"

The path of science (my contribution)

How does one rouse society to the truth, when the rulers cry, "there is no truth - all is opinion"? The measured evidence should take us beyond opinions. We are in the boundary zone to the near Ice Age, of which science presents to us measured data of what to expect.

As I said before, great science projects have measured the Sun and its effects on the Earth, intensively, over many years, with amazing results. The results all tell us the same story, that the Sun is getting progressively weaker and the climate on Earth is getting colder and dryer.

The measurements also tell us that the final phase shiftto the full Ice Age is near, and that the full Ice Age pales anything that we experience so far.

The looming Ice Age certainly should not be ignored, as is presently the case, even if we don't fully understand yet the absolute of it all.

Towards this end I have presented the scientific discoveries that have been made over the years. I have presented these discoveries in my numerous exploration video productions that I have hosted on my website, Ice Age Ahead -( http://www.ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca/, ) Click on the Science tab.

The videos have been produced to alert society of the great danger that Canada, Europe, Russia, and the USA are facing to their existence, by the incredible speed of the on-going collapse of the solar system, and with it the collapse of the climate on Earth.

The videos hosted on my website are categorized into several types.

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The index page lists all my videos and available transcripts for them. The videos cover a wide range of subjects. Most of the exploration videos contain discoveries that were new to me at the time. With a few rare exceptions, they are discoveries presented to me, or publically presented by leading institutions, individuals, and researchers within these institutions. Some of the material presented includes data published by international science research projects, some spanning many years, such as the ESO and NASA Ulysses project. that took 36-years to complete, or the multi-year ice coring projects in Greenland and Antarctica.

A major focus on physical science is evidently needed, because society has lost its connection with what is affecting it. My science videos are presented to bridge this gap that has developed over time.

Society has become lost in a dream where nothing is real. It still speaks the words of science and promotes science, but has blinded itself to the momentous discoveries that science has already made. The dreaming has tragic consequences for its future.

Consider the Bering Strait tunnel project as an example. The project has been long proposed and is still being promoted. It would connect the American continent and the Eurasian continent across the top of the world via 50 mile long tunnel, crossing the Bering Strait below the sea.

However, the project has two fundamental flaws. One flaw is that the top-of-the-world path would become disabled by the ongoing climate collapse before the project would be completed.

The other flaw is that the tunnel isn't designed to connect with anything. Thousands of kilometers of railways would have to be constructed, across difficult terrain, to link the tunnel project up with major population centers.

Now compare the tunnel link with my proposed floating World Bridge infrastructurethat is designed to connect all the continents along the Equator. The project has none of the basic flaws that the tunnel project has. It wouldn't become obsolete by the ongoing climate collapse, even by the Ice Age when it begins. In fact it would be essential for it.

 In addition, the World Bridge would link all the major population centers of the world in the most efficient manner possible, with links extending to Africa, India, Indonesia, and links to Burma, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippins, Australia, and with further links to North and South America. The World Bridge would link up with Europe through Africa, and Russia through India.. The far-flung floating Word Bridge would thereby become a World Community Bridge, with all nations participating and benefitting.

Also the World Bridge project would become immediately beneficial while the construction was in progress. It would become the backbone for vast new forms of floating agriculture that would be attached to the floating World Bridge. The new agriculture would become operational in step with the advancing construction. It would start producing food almost from the start, while the traditional agriculture begins to diminish. The world Bridge would also have thousands of new cities attached, rent free, servicing the agriculture, complete with new industries and cultural centers.

This giant project will likely be more easily built with automated industrial processes, than the tunnel project would. The material and energy resources for the project exist in near infinite quantity. The material sits process-ready on the ground, in the form of basalt that melts at 1,400 degrees, and is lighter and stronger than steel and is none-corrosive. And the energy for the processing is available from high-temperature liquid-fluoride nuclear reactors that have been sitting on the shelf for 50 years. We lack nothing to build our New World, but the courage to do it, and of course the science awareness in society that inspires that courage. This is what my Ice-Age video series is aiming for.

My part in the video productions is focused on drawing the wide field of related science research and physical measurements together into a comprehensive whole, in order that the measured evidence may speak for itself in its numerous forms and contexts, and in their relationship to our living on this planet that is our common home. However, the exploration is still incomplete at this point.

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