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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Segment D

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Segment 4 - To Create a New World

Part 1 Challenged to Create a New World

Part 2 Who Speaks for Draining the Swamp?

Part 3 Real History that we Cannot Step Away From

Part 4 World Development Project with Forgiveness.

Part 5 Climate is Not a Factor in the unfolding history of love

Part 6 Who Speaks for Humanity?

Part 7 Speaking the Truth is Liberating

Challenged to Create a New World

We can step away from the already unfolding great climate collapse by us building us a World-Bridge of infrastructures afloat on the equatorial seas, far from the ice and cold. And we can have this newly created world fully operating when the Ice Age phase shift happens. In fact we need to have much of it already built and in operation as we move deeper into the boundary time zone before the big Ice Age phase shift occurs.

When the Ice Age phase shift occurs, our current climate will collapse as if a dimmer switch has been flicked. The Sun's radiated energy becomes rapidly reduced at this point, by 70%. That's huge. But that's what we see in ice core records. And it affects the whole world. Still, working together globally, we can prepare ourselves for what lays ahead, without missing a beat in the process.

Also, under the dimmer Sun, less water is being evaporated, whereby rainfall diminishes by 80%. This too, is what we have gleamed from the ice core records.

We have to cope with that also, and we can deal with it easily by us stepping away from the swamp of latent errors. By us recognizing us as human beings, we recognize that we are not impotent, even in the face of such impossible-seeming challenges.

We have the capacity with our creativity to supplement the little rainfall that we will likely still get in the tropics, by diverting the out-flow of the world's biggest tropical rivers, like the Amazon and the Congo rivers, which won't completely dry up. We can divert their outflow, from flowing into the oceans to flow into the World Bridge system instead, and into continental areas that may still remain in operation during Ice Age conditions.

Large populations, with large industries and agricultures, require large freshwater resources. Desalination will some day be sufficiently developed to carry the load. Until then, a worldwide water distribution network will be needed.

The infrastructures that we must urgently build to protect our food supply at the present stage in the boundary zone, must be designed to meet the known, critical, extreme requirements of the full Ice Age. While the requirements pose a significant technological challenge, the big challenge for today is to get the construction process started. If we don't start, we won't get anything built.

As human beings, we have the capacity on hand to build us a new world out of the reach of the collapsing climate. Floating agriculture along the Equator can provide us the vitally needed new platform for continued living on this planet in an Ice Age environment.

If this option becomes implemented, the whole of humanity will have a future without fail. If it isn't implemented, the near total collapse of humanity will result by default as a consequence, and this too, without fail. This much is certain.

It is also certain that no nation can do this alone, and that no other viable option does exist. This means that we have no choice really, but to make this one option that we have, implemented reality. That's today's highest priority.

Who Speaks for Draining the Swamp?

Draining the swamp is the greatest challenge of our time. But in the real world, the task is easy.

Draining the swamp simply means, for society to let it go, to walk away from it. The swamp of latent errors has no real value, no validity, no substance. Errors never had substance, validity, nor value.

Without society draining its life into the swamp, the swamp dries up like so many dead leaves that litter the garden in spring and blow away with the wind.

When one steps outside the grasp of the swamp of ages-old latent errors, the world becomes accordingly brighter and more truthful.

Thus, when one takes these steps, one begins to realize that there exists no actual need for the swamp to be drained.

When society steps away from the influence of the swamp, no matter how daring this may appear, that is, when society stops pouring its life away into it, the swamp vanishes on its own as if it had never existed. The collapse of the swamp happens thereby naturally, because the swamp of latent errors never had any real substance in itself to begin with. Whatever the swamp became was pored into it by society.

The swamp itself has no real history, with which to grab us from its murky waters of latent illusions. When we let the swamp dry up in the mind, as we stop pouring our life into it, whereby its imagined history is gone; its hold on us is gone likewise.

Then, with society becoming truthful with itself, it becomes easy for it to commit itself to building the World-Bridge infrastructures with floating agricultures and cities for its future living in a radically cooling world as we are moving ever closer towards the Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s.

Real History that we Cannot Step Away From

Real history, that is our spiritual history, is a factor that we ultimately cannot step away from, no matter how intensely we try. A powerful example is the history of love. This history is rooted in our humanity. It is real. Poets have written about it, seemingly forever, and still do. Musicians sing of it. We live it, as we cherish one-another, and traverse worlds upon worlds in the name of love.

Love furnishes a line of separation between scientific humanity and imperial depravity

In the larger world, love furnishes a line of separation between sanity and insanity, between truth and the swamp of latent errors, and between spiritual substance and fascism, and so on.

A clear line of separation is needed between sanity and insanity, truth and the swamp, and the substance of civilization and fascism, because without love these opposites tend to mingle and society becomes never free. Universal love stands as a standard for reference thereby. If a concept uplifts the whole of humanity and impels one to take action to promote it, then the love for our common humanity separates the chaff from the wheat, or the swamp from the truth, or fascism from the value of humanity. In this case the opposites can never mingle and the false drops off into never-land.

During the Peace of Westphalia conferences in 1648, this type of focus enabled peace to become realized after almost a hundred years of feuds and war. It became possible to set up a new foundation for civilization and its redevelopment.

The question may have been asked in those days what is worth to be identified as intrinsically human and is rooted in the heart? On this basis a remarkably tall type of world constitution was created that still stands in principle. On this tall constitutional platform all the wrong was forgiven and small-minded notions were laid aside for the price of peace. In today's world the price is to have a future that society must win.

This means that we need to lay aside all the small-minded notions that are entertained about the galactic and solar systems and their effect on our climate, because no actions will be taken to secure the future of humanity until the digital nature of the Ice Age phenomenon is understood and acknowledged that gives us two opposite and incomparable climates on Earth by flipping the Sun between its high and low powered states.

Without this understanding no infrastructures will be created for the future of humanity, even in response to the current climate collapse while we are still the boundary zone to the near Ice Age phase shift.

It takes a major upwards leap in the self-perception of humanity to raise itself out of the trap of small-minded notions, the kind of leap that requires a deep love for humanity. This love must be such that the Ice Age infrastructures will be built, and be constructed fast, even if there existed but the most minute chance that the Ice Age will unfold as the leading edge scientific measurements indicate, because to fail would mean the end of civilization and humanity with it. Love is a force that can prevent us from gambling with our future existence.

World Development Project with Forgiveness

A appears that with this kind of powerful incentive furnished by universal love for our humanity, we have a good chance that we will build the World Bridge infrastructures, especially in considering our spiritual history, the history of universal love that we have experienced in the past in 1648 and in other periods of building a renaissance.

Of course there is always a price to pay for the separation of humanity from its swamp of latent errors to become possible. The price is not paid in dollars. Much of it was paid in forgiveness in 1648.

Without forgiveness, the forgiveness of its small-minded notions and their consequences, humanity cannot be free from its swamp, but remains attached to it by the remaining unbroken links. And without society becoming free to act for its humanity, the World Bridge infrastructures cannot be built.

The principle of forgiveness appears to have been understood to some degree in 1648 when the principles for the Peace of Westphalia were developed. A series of meetings had been conducted in various places over several months until a workable platform was erected on which all the nations of Europe could live securely and productively with each other after a hundred years of war, destruction, and ideological clashes in which a third of the populations had perished.

The price that they all agreed to pay for that greater objective, to be able to live again, was largely paid in forgiveness.

How they managed to succeed is unknown. We only know that they were victorious over their smallness and achieved what they all treasured the most, no matter the cost in forgiveness, in order to free themselves from the swamp they all had became drawn into. And they did live again. They created a great renaissance environment in which such musical geniuses emerged, as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and so on. Only when the swamp was allowed back, under Napoleon, and claimed their life anew, did the renaissance spirit gave way once more to war.

In our times the swamp is deeper, bigger, with a longer history than in 1648, and with more to recover from. The modern 'sons' of the swamp are too numerous to count, ranging from colonial slavery, to today's food burning, looting economics, financial collapse, endless war, and even nuclear war, and all that with evermore terror and destruction in the wings that the destruction of Dresden was but a small example of.

We even have our own 30-Years War to forgive that flowed from the lie of Manmade Global Warming that we have sacrificed so much for and still do, from which flows the biofuels food-burning holocaust that consumes agricultural resources in a starving world that would normally nourish 400 million people, in which nearly the whole of society participates at the gas pump. The victims by starvation may add up to 100 million per year.

 A lot of forgiveness is needed by all of us.

However, the principle for stepping away from the swamp, even from today's giant swamp, remains the same as it always had, historically. The Principle that remains is forgiveness, with which truth comes to the foreground. With forgiveness, as love opens the mind to the truth, society writes itself a ticket to build itself a New World as a foundation for one another to live, and to have a bright future, in spite of the challenges.

Climate is not a factor in the unfolding history of love

Ultimately, the climate factor is not the critical driver when love guides the way. We have experienced the human potential in supporting one-another when the global climate was rich to help us along the way, as it still largely is. This history sets up a standard.

Thus, as the climate is now getting cold, the same love has the power to impel us to move forward, to migrate away from the cold and build us a New World in the tropics with our intelligent inner resources, so that we can continue to live richly, and live richer still than at the present.

Impelled by our love for one-another, we have the potential to become masters over the climate, not to change the climate, but to uplift us above its grasp.

Only in the tragic cases when we foolishly step away from our humanity in self-denial, can climate factors become factors that we need to fear.

But why should we? With love in our heart for our universal humanity, the swamp-like self-denial will fade from the landscape as the unending history of love asserts its claim and impels us onward.

So let us rally around the standard of love and raise it up with scientific spiritual development, for after all, love is our light. Love is the Sun of the human world.

Who Speaks for Humanity? The End of Agriculture is Near!

Yes, you have read correctly. The end of agriculture is on the agenda. In this context the scene in Goya's painting can be seen in two different ways.

In the present context the target for execution is Truth in Climate Science. The execution is designed to assure that the end of agriculture on Earth will happen. The end of agricultures is assured when science fails to inspire society to build itself a New World with large-scale technological infrastructures strung across the Equatorial seas, with which agriculture can continue and develop further. The executioners are creatures of the swamp.

In 5 to 15 years the scene takes on a different meaning. At this late stage the target of the execution, the man in the white shirt, is society itself. It accepts a fate that at this late stage it cannot avoid. At the present rate of collapse in solar activity, the end of today's agriculture, in nearly all areas of the world will happen, forced by increasing cold, drought, climate extremes, and the lack of freshwater.

In this tragic scene, in both cases, the tragic figure is society, just as society is the tragic figure in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

In the play, Hamlet, a nation is under attack from without. Its king is murdered, and the murderer sits on the throne. The rightful successor who should right the wrong is petrified by fear. In the wake of his failing to act, the scene becomes worse. The tragedy here is that no one defends the nation, whereby the nation becomes defeated. But the real tragic figure in the play is society. It suffers a deep tragedy by its failing to assure its future, by its failing to support Hamlet at the critical stage. In the end everyone dies, and society dies with it, which is essentially already dead when the play begins, hidden in the foreground under its blankets of mud from the swamp that encourages inaction.

With this said, I must ask, "who speaks for humanity at today's critical stage?" The climate collapse is in progress. The end of agriculture is on the horizon. Science flinches. It cannot speak the truth nor is society willing to hear it. That's where we stand toady. The truth is plain. The climate principles are understood. The forces have been measured? But who stand up for the truth? If Hamlet isn't encouraged by society to speak for its humanity, who then speaks for it?

Who speaks the truth and inspires humanity with it to build itself a technological New World in which agriculture can continue, unaffected by Climate Change and by the near Full Ice Age? Who speaks for humanity in the hustings and inspires it to raise its head and act in defense of its future?

In the play, Hamlet, the relationship of society with its humanity fails. No heads are raised. Tragedy occurs. Should this be the fate of the world?

If President Trump, against all odds, should succeed to inspire America, and by example the World, to walk away from the swamp and thus uplift the climate scene to the level of real science, backed by volumes of measured evidence, and heed their imperatives, his place in history as the greatest President of all times, would be assured. This much is guaranteed.

Inversely, any failing to act in this manner, whether by the President or by society itself, would guarantee that there won't be any history for anyone to remember, as too few of humanity would remain alive to remember our time.

But why should we fail? Why should we even flinch? The dark age, the age of the swamp, is ending. The recognition of the truth is dawning that we, humanity, are the brightest gem of life on the Earth with infinite value and with an amazing inner substance that promises to power a new renaissance in our time, as we nourish our sublime substance as human beings and let it unfold in the form of a New World for us, along the line of the World-Bridge principle.

Let's hope therefore, and let's work to assure this, that President Trump's proposed Presidential Committee on Climate Science gets started promptly, and gets the ball rolling toward a World Truth Festival.

And why should we fail? A World Truth Festival is possible. Our continued thriving on this planet is possible. We have its realization in our hands. Their grand realization is possible, because we have already achieved amazing victories on this line in the past with great renaissance-type settings unfolding.

Why should a World Truth Festival not be achieved to assure us a future, even of the magnitude that is required, in the manner as President Kennedy had succeeded to make the nation's space-flight project to the moon a reality, and had succeeded with flying colors?

In considering the vast technological challenges that had to be overcome to accomplish the moon landing objectives, the building of the World-Bridge in our time, to place agriculture and cities onto the equatorial seas for the continued existence of humanity on a renaissance platform, will in comparison, when it happens, be a mere anticlimax. It will be an anticlimax in the light of the great feats that have already been achieved, even while the World-Bridge project promises infinitely greater benefits in return than landing on the moon had wrought us as a renaissance project. We have no cause to fail?

With this in mind, support the President's intended Truth Festival. Share this video. Uplift the world.

Speaking the Truth is Liberating

We are not so small that we should deny ourselves and fail. We are giants with what we have in our hands today, even the power to shape politics. All of this is worth celebrating. This is worth the greatest joy, and also the greatest commitment to make the brightest future yet imagined, that we have in our hands to create, come true.

I am but one man,

but I am one of us all,

I believe in us, in humanity,

we are the diamond in the sky,

incomparable, with the power to win,

we give light a new meaning, with a sparkle

in the heart that in its brilliance supersedes the Sun.

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