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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Segment C

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Segment 3 - Carbon, Climate, and the Sun

Part 1 The Towers and the Mouse (the real CO2 story)

Part 2 Who Speaks for the Biosphere?

Part 3 Ice Ages are Radical Events - like falling off a cliff

Part 4 Who Speaks for the Sun?

Part 5 Ice Ages are Digital Events

Part 6 Proof of the Hibernating Sun

The Towers and the Mouse

It is well known that the thermal absorption coefficient of CO2 is TEN-times SMALLER than that of water vapor - just compare the numbers - with water vapor being the main greenhouse gas, while water vapor itself is 100 times more-abundant in the atmosphere than CO2.

It is furthermore well known that CO2 responds only in a few narrow bands of the light spectrum, and at the low-energy end, while water vapor responds almost across the entire spectrum.

In addition CO2 is far overshadowed by the energy abortion of oxygen and the Raleigh Scattering effect at the high-end of the spectrum, which itself varies with solar-activity levels.

If one puts the carbon-gas reality into perspective, the entire carbon-gas greenhouse effect adds up to being no larger than a cat in comparison with the late World Trade towers of New York City. And in comparison with the cat that represents the entire CO2 contribution to the greenhouse effect, the manmade portion of it adds up to be no bigger than a small mouse sitting on the back of the cat. A mouse is insignificant on this vast scene.

And even if it was miraculously possible to overfeed the mouse to become the size of a horse, it would still be insignificant in the overall landscape.

It certainly would not justify the USA spending the proposed 93 trillion dollars by 2030 to keep the mouse as small as it presently is, which the Green New Deal demands, based on lies.

The truth of the total greenhouse effect, which the towers represent, is that the vast majority of it, in the high 90% range, is generated by the thermal absorption of water vapor.

And it is further evident that this huge factor of the water vapor effect, is strongly affected by solar cosmic-ray flux and the numerous astrophysical causes that modulate the solar cosmic-ray flux. Carbon plays no role at all on this scene.

The changing solar cosmic-ray fluctuation is the main factor that affects our climate in a big way. It affects cloudiness, and it affects the water vapor density that is the main greenhouse factor.

Cosmic-ray showers ionize the atmosphere and affect the could-forming process.

The effects are far-reaching. They are experienced as floods, droughts, global cooling, and so on.

Cosmic-ray induced increased rainout also reduces the water-vapor density in the air, which is the main greenhouse generator. The resulting weaker greenhouse, in turn, results in larger climate extremes such as burningly hotter sunshine and colder clear nights.

The weaker greenhouse effects also result in correspondingly larger storm patterns, colossal air streams, blizzards, winds up to 100 miles per hour, highway closures, train derailments by wind pressure - and this is happening now, not in the future. No amount of increased CO2 could offset the reduced greenhouse effect by reduced water vapor. CO2 is not a greenhouse or climate factor. However, CO2 is a life-critical factor for the biosphere.

Who Speaks for the Biosphere?

Isn't atmospheric CO2 one of the most critical elements for all life on Earth?

Shouldn't it therefore be increased in the atmosphere, instead of being choked?

Not one of the high officials who 'conduct' the carbon climate-hoax has jet dared to speak for the biosphere and for all life.

All life on Earth depends on CO2 in the air to facilitate photosynthesis. Plants live by it, and we live of the plants. The plants that we live of exist at the present time in a severely CO2-starved environment.

The CO2 ratio in the air is presently at the lowest level of the last 600 million years that we have measurements for. The CO2 starvation is so severe that greenhouse operators get a 50% increase in plant growth by simply doubling the CO2 concentration.

During the age of the dinosaurs, when food production was plentiful, the CO2 concentration was 6 1/2 times larger than we have it today. The present CO2 ratio is so low, that large segments of the biosphere may starve to oblivion during the next Ice Age, when the CO2 level drops dramatically, which it does in its cold environment as it always has during Ice Ages.

We need a 10-fold INCREASE in atmospheric CO2, to enable the greening of the Earth back to its natural potential. The world is presently in need of increased food production, rather than the starving of it.

These critical facts are all facts that the fake-climate-science profiteer-hoaxers like to hide from the world, and from world leaders, as if these critical facts didn't exist.

It would be wonderful for the world if humanity had the capability to actually cause global warming to happen at will. Instead, the Ice Age is coming and is near, as near as the 2050s, and there is nothing at all that we can do to prevent it, or even hinder it. All we can do is react to it. But this reaction to save our existence in the face of the real danger imposed by global cooling towards the Next Ice Age, is strongly prevented by fakery in science.

Fortunately we have still time to repent and react. The 2050s are still 30 years away, at which time things get really bad. The projected 2050s timeframe for the Ice Age phase shift to happen, is predictable by the dynamics of the currently ongoing collapse of solar activity, and the recognition of the operating solar dynamics.

Ice Ages are Radical Eventslike falling off a cliff.

The available measurements that we gleamed from deep-sea sediments, tell us that Ice Age transitions are not gradual events, that they are threshold events, like falling off a cliff. That's what we see in the benthic records in deep-sea fossil sediments. When we drop below the level that supports our interglacial Sun, below the blue line, we fall off the cliff into glacial climate and extremely low CO2 levels, as the colder oceans absorb more CO2.

This means that Ice Ages are essentially digital events. When we fall off a cliff everything becomes different. A whole new world begins. Ice Ages are incomparable.

 Ice ages happen when a feature of the solar dynamics, which presently focuses interstellar plasma unto the Sun, goes inactive. The Sun goes into a low-power mode when this happens, a kind of hibernation mode.

Ice Ages are therefore essentially threshold events. They start and end in an on-off fashion.

 They start when the electromagnetic Primer Fields collapse that presently focus interstellar plasma streams onto our Sun, which the researcher David LaPoint had explored a few years ago, and has named the Primer Fields.

The plasma-focusing principle of the Primer Fields is most vividly apparent in space, in the Red Square Nebula. Normally, plasma is invisible, including the Primer Fields that focuses it onto a sun, Plasma doesn't emit light. However we can see its effects as it lights up atomic material in its path. By these effects, the operating principle becomes visible, including its focusing of interstellar plasma unto a Sun. The Sun is energized by it.

Every sun is a plasma star that interacts with interstellar plasma and is powered by it in surface reactions.

That's what we see being visible in the Red Square Nebula. When you see this image used in serious astrophysics as a example to illustrate the dynamics of our Sun, then celebrate, because you have hope on the horizon that your life won't end in 20 years or sooner. What you see is that critical.

Who Speaks for the Sun?

Society is far from being truthful with itself in the present world. The current model of the Sun, the internal-fusion gas-sun model, is so obviously false by it being physically impossible, that it was likely designed to be counter-scientific in its effect from the start, for political objectives.

The British writer HG Wells illustrated the reason for counter-scientific objectives in his novel, the Time Machine.

In the novel (The Time Machine) the inventor of a time machine travels with it far into the future where he encounters a delicate, beautiful people who live serenely in a world rich in food, and without a care, who have no work to perform. He names them the Eloy, the elegantly lazy.

When the traveler's has his time machine stolen, he searches for it and discovers a second type of people. He discovers the Morlochs, the industrious science driven machine loving people who keep the place running. With it he also discovers the secret for the Eloys' idyllic existence. The Morelochs maintain them as livestock. They eat them for breakfast.


Wells was saying to the noble elite of his time, the masters of empire, if you cannot find a way to constrain science, society will eat you for breakfast. Thus, science was changed. The debates of how to do it lingered on, into the 1920s. The gas-sun model may have been created as a deception.

The internal-fusion gas-sun model is so obviously fake, as it violates so many basic principles of physics, that it is hard for a serious scientists to believe in the widely-taught official model.

Just look at the sunspots. The sunspots are dark. They reveal a dark Sun under the shiny surface.. The sunspots should be brilliantly bright if the Sun was internally powered.

We are told that sunspots are dark, because dark energy streams through them that blocks light. With this, the fakery is excused. But with the Sun being a plasma star that is surface powered, so that nothing happens inside, the dark sunspots are expected.

The big stars, too, make it rather plain that a sun cannot be a gas star.

The giant star UY Scuti is 5 billion times larger in volume than our Sun, with only 10 solar masses to its credit. It takes a wild imagination to regard this giant empty star to be heated from within by gas-compression nuclear fusion. But as a plasma star that is externally powered, this giant largely empty star, makes sense.

The gas sun model only makes sense politically, because the gas-sun model, defines our Sun as an invariable star. The masters of the plot tell us, that if the Sun doesn't change, all climate changes are manmade. So, please commit suicide and die to save the Earth.

The masters also tell us that, because the Sun doesn't change, Ice Ages result as effects of long-term orbital variations with cycle times of ten's of thousands of years, and more. So, please go back to sleep and don't burden yourself, Ice Ages are far, far, distant.

The problem is, that if you listen to the masters you'll be dead in 20 years, because no one will then build the New World infrastructures for securing the world's food supply before the present agricultures collapse.

The depopulation of the planet will then happen, to less than a billion people, according to the imperial plan.

Of course, should you choose to step away from the master's song of science pervasion, as you find plenty of evidence that what the masters have conjured-up is a big lie without substance or value or legitimacy, you will recognize that the fairy tales that are being taught are not really important, because nothing productive is achieved by contemplating errors laid upon errors as in the swamp of latent illusions.

The elevating recognition unfolds when the principles of the universe are becoming recognized, including, that we, as human beings, have the power within us to recognize the truth about the Sun,

and to understand with it the real dynamics of the universe, which gives us the power to move with joy and act with confidence, as we see reality unfolding in the mind.

The structures that we see reflected in the Red Square nebula, are electromagnetic structures that focus interstellar plasma onto a Sun. The nebula is a rare case in which the dynamics become visible in the very large, which normally are invisible. Plasma is by its nature invisible, except in cases when its interaction with atomic material, such as in space, lights up the atomic material. In this way the principles become visually discernable.

The researcher David LaPoint replicated the plasma focusing process in static laboratory experiments. He named the electromagnetic fields that form naturally in flowing streams of plasma, the Primer Fields.

The Primer-Fields' principle has also been explored in high-energy dynamic experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory under the direction of Anthony Peratt, where a similar plasma-flow geometry was observed. The plasma that is focused onto a sun by these primer Fields, flows in interstellar space.

When an electric current flows in parallel wires in the same direction, the magnetic fields that the flowing electric particles generate, draw the wires towards each other, by what is called the Lorentz Force. The same happens in plasma flowing in space. The electrically charged plasma particles are drawn towards each other. Plasma streams are thereby self-concentrating. The more that they are pinched together, the stronger become the magnetic fields that increase the pinching.

When the pinching becomes extreme the magnetic fields break down and form ring structures that flip the flowing plasma particles backwards under a magnetic confinement field, where the plasma becomes concentrated evermore. The highly concentrated plasma then becomes projected from under the dome onto a sun.

 A sun is a plasma star. On its surface, by the force of extreme plasma interaction in similar primer fields, atomic elements are synthesized, that, by them being highly energized, light up the Sun. When the inflowing plasma pressure is greater than the magnetic confinement field can hold back, plasma escapes till the pressure drops below what the magnetic dome can contain. The escaping plasma becomes the solar wind. This means that for as long as the solar wind flows, there is enough plasma in the system to keep the Sun fully powered.

The Sun's venting off excess plasma pressure in the form of solar wind is comparable to a kettle venting off steam. When the energy input into a kettle is reduced, the steam diminishes and stops. On the Sun, when the solar wind diminishes and then stops, watch out, the Sun becomes dimmer thereafter.


The principles that produce the large electromagnetic structures in interstellar plasma streams that power a sun, have been recognize to exist in space. They have been recognized in the Red Square nebula.

When one looks closely, one can actually see some of the main features of the Primer Fields visible in the nebula.

While the Primer Fields for our Sun are never visible, with the Sun being too weak for that, the plasma streams the feed into the Sun have nevertheless been 'seen' by their effects. They have been detected by the Ulysses spacecraft in the form of sharply defined voids in the measured solar-wind pattern over the Sun's poles. Of course they are not voids, but are instead dense plasma streams flowing onto our Sun, which the solar wind cannot penetrate.

They only look like voids in in the solar wind measurements. With these voids, NASA's Ulysses space mission has delivered still another proof that the Sun is a plasma star. The Ulysses satellite orbited through the polar regions of the Sun for 12 years. Each time it passed across a polar region, it measured a sharply defined void in the solar wind pattern, right over the poles.

It is safe to say that these voids were caused by the plasma connection flowing to the Sun from the Primer Fields, just as we see similar structures converging onto a sun in the Red Square nebula. The two are the same. The proof of the principle of interstellar plasma streams flowing onto the Sun is important to us, because it renders our Sun as not being its own master, but being mastered by external conditions. The Sun becomes thereby a variable star that has its solar activity modulated by changing conditions in the interstellar plasma streams that flow into the Sun.

This is the critical feature that all the opposition movements against the the Manmade Global Warming doctrine fail to recognize, while it is the key feature that renders the Manmade Global Warming doctrine essentially obsolete. The doctrine assumes the Sun to be an invariable constant, whereby all climate changes are assumed to be manmade. No opposition movement in the sciences to date, counters the invariable Sun doctrine that the Manmade Global Warming doctrine is built on.

Even the 'Grand Solar Minimum' groups fail on this basis. While they acknowledge that the Sun goes through large cycles of changing solar activity, they assume that these cycles are mastered by the Sun itself, instead of them being imposed onto the Sun. Thus they fail to recognize that the historic cycles have all diminished and are no longer valid as climate factors. By this failure they block the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics, which has tragic consequences for humanity, just as the Manmade Global Warming doctrine blocks the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics for the same reason, except that the failure is intended in this case.

To date, not a single climate science group has recognized that Ice Ages result when the Sun's Primer Fields collapse as the interstellar plasma streams diminish below the cut-off threshold for the Primer Fields. This is why no preparations have been made anywhere in the world for the consequences of the Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s that all scientific measurements point to.

The principle of the Primer Fields is therefore of critical importance for us, because the Primer Fields are formed by the magnetic effects of flowing electrically charged particles. This means that a minimal rate of flow and plasma density is required for the fields to form and function. This also means, that when the interstellar flow-rate drops below the minimal threshold needed for the Primer Fields to be maintained, the operating Primer Fields collapse. In this case, when the fields collapse that focus concentrated plasma onto the Sun, the Sun becomes less powered and an Ice Age begins on Earth.

This fact is totally obscured by the false model of the Sun as an internally powered gas star, which renders the Sun an invariable star. The Manmade Global Warming doctrine is built on this false model of the Sun. No opposition movement against the Global Warming doctrine has yet countered this model of the invariable Sun, and recognized our Sun correctly, to be a plasma star, a variable star, and Ice Ages to be digital phenomena.

Ice Ages are Digital Events

They are cosmic On-Off events that affect our Sun. This means get ready! Forget the fur coats. Think Big.

As I said before, when the Primer Fields collapse, the interstellar plasma stream is no longer focused onto the Sun but flows loosely around it. At this point the Sun reverts to a low-power default mode, a type of hibernation mode. That's when the climate on Earth goes cold. The glacial period begins. We call it the Ice Age. And so we should. The Earth becomes largely a planet of desserts and ice, when the Sun hibernates.

But how do we know that Ice Ages are caused by the Sun going into hibernation?

Proof of the Hibernating Sun

The proof is located in historic Berillim-10 ratios. Berillium-10 is a radioisotope that is produced exclusively by cosmic-ray collisions in the atmosphere. When the Sun is weak, it has almost no plasma corona surrounding it. The means that the Earth is hit with the full volume of solar cosmic-ray flux. The Berillium-10 ratio is therefore correspondingly high.

Note, that during the entire span of the glaciation period, the Berillium-10 ratio was extremely high, shown in the lower graph. A weaker Sun that emits such great volumes of cosmic-ray flux, in spite of its weakness, can only be a hibernating Sun that has almost no plasma corona surrounding it.

The high Berillium-10 ratios during the glacial period proof conclusively that Ice Age glaciation is caused by the Sun operating in low-powered mode, and that interglacial periods are caused by the Sun operating in high-powered mode.

Also note that the start and termination of the last glaciation period happened sharply. Cyclical orbital variations cannot cause such sharp transitions as have been measured. Only plasma-electric effects can cause this by the Sun's Primer Field's becoming active or inactive.

One might argue here that the high volumes of cosmic-ray flux that produced the high Berillium-10 ratios, were in part galactic in origin, because a hibernating Sun, without Primer Fields on operation, would Not have a plasma heliosphere surrounding it that attenuates galactic flux, so that the Earth would be exposed to the full volume of the galactic cosmic-ray flux.

While this is true, it should be noted that the attenuation that the heliosphere provides is rather minuscule.

When the Voyager 1 spacecraft penetrated through the shell of the heliosphere into interstellar space, it measured only a 35% increase in cosmic-ray flux density that is itself minuscule in comparison with the solar cosmic-ray density that the Earth encounters by its close proximity to the Sun.

The bottom line is that even during the glacial period, during the hibernation phase of the Sun, solar activity varies dramatically and affects the climate on Earth.

When the last glaciation began, roughly 110,000 years ago, the Sun cooled down rapidly, but the ocean-temperature change lagged behind significantly. This tells us that we might get away with open-air agriculture in the tropics in the immediate period after the Ice Age phase shift. The Berillium-10 ratios also tell us that the Sun becomes progressively colder during the glaciation period, which is reflected in corresponding climate cooling, so that the initial cooling may be less harsh, and may be comparable to the Younger Dryas period prior to the interglacial startup.

The Younger Dryas period was roughly 30 times 'colder' than the Little Ice cooling had been. The Little Ice Age had resulted in a half a degree of average cooling recorded in the Greenland ice sheet, below today's average. The Younger Dryas was on average 15 degrees below today's level. This much climatic cooling is hard to imagine.

It is even harder to imagine the full Ice Age that was significantly colder than the Younger Dryas event which doesn't show up well in the ice cores from Antarctica.

The ice core records from North Greenland indicate that the initial Ice Age cooling ended at a slightly higher level, comparable to the mid-point of the Dryas cooling.

In this case, the initial cooling would have been only 20 times larger than the cooling that caused the Little Ice Age, which of course is likewise unimaginable in consequences, since the minuscule cooling that caused the Little Ice Age had depressed agriculture already past the starvation level to the point that some areas of Europe suffered population losses by starvation upwards to 30% in some regions. A 20-times deeper cooling implies extinction in these regions. This is what we face when the Ice Age phase shift happens. This is what we have to built technological infrastructures for to protect the future of humanity.

We should not ignore that according to the best estimates in archeology, the world population was as low 1 to 10 million people who were probably living largely of the sea, since during an Ice Age the land areas are largely desert. This means that humanity's transition to the next glacial period with a potentially 7,000 times larger population, can only be achieved with technological resources, such as indoors agriculture and worldwide water distribution.

And, because the coming Ice Age phase shift is potentially as close as the 2050s, we better start the infrastructure-building soon. Ideally, it should have already started.

This means we better wake up fast, scrap the political divisions and insanity, join hands across the world, and build ourselves a New World to have a future. What we have operating today doesn't measure up by a long way. It is already collapsing.

When the hibernation of the Sun happens, a totally different world begins for us on Earth. The world becomes incomparable with what we experience today or have any knowledge of from the past. We have only the ice core records to guide us, in terms of what to expect.

Just look at where our wonderfully warm interglacial climate of the last 12,000 years is located. You find it encircled in blue. Our entire civilization with all its ups and downs, including its warm spells and little ice ages, developed within the blue circle. The interglacial world that we have lived in, and still do, is a brilliant anomaly in the larger bleak landscape.

The interglacial anomaly is created by the peak period of the resonance effect in the interstellar plasma streams that are associated with our solar system, which power our Sun. We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the peak of the resonance pulse that takes us past the threshold where Primer Fields form that focus plasma onto our Sun.

When Primer Fields form, the Sun is 2.5 times more energetic, which creates the warm climates that we enjoy today. Without the Primer Fields the Earth is cold and the survival-rate low. This means that the on-off timing is critical for us.

Since the Primer Fields, when they form, increase the rate of flow of the plasma stream that creates them, they require a higher plasma density to start up than is required to maintain them. This imbalance creates an asymmetry.

When the Primer Fields formed roughly 12,600 years ago, with which the last Ice Age ended, the climate warmed up for 3,600 years to its interglacial maximum. We are presently 8,000 years past this maximum, or 4,400 years past the symmetry point. This means that the Primer Fields are barely hanging on. And it also means that the slope for the rate of change is getting steeper as the resonance pulse in the interstellar plasma stream is getting weaker. That we are getting near the cut-off threshold for the Primer Fields, which is now accelerating, large climate instabilities are being experienced that break evermore historic records.

For example, when was the last time that an entire 26-car freight train was blown off a railway bridge by strong winds?

We experience these types of extremes now in ever increasing numbers, like snow storms in March with winds up to 100 mile an hour that pile up the snow into huge drifts.

But as we experience these extreme conditions, let us not forget that the cause is rooted in the phenomenon by which we ourselves exist.

The cause that has enabled us to exist, is the resonance effect in the plasma streams that enables interglacial climate recoveries to happen. If it wasn't for the resonance effect that enabled the interglacial recoveries that gave humanity a chance to rebuild itself, we would likely have become extinct long ago.

We should also not forget that we are in the current critical situation, because the entire galaxy is presently at its weakest state in 440 million years. If it wasn't for this extreme weakness in the galaxy, we wouldn't be in an Ice Age Epoch at all.

The reason why the galaxy has become extremely weak in plasma density, is the result of the resonance effects in the intergalactic plasma streams in which our entire galaxy is a node point.

The extremely large distances in intergalactic space result in long resonance effects measured as 31million year cycles, and 150 million year cycles, which are overlaid on each other.

Their overlaid effects created a roller-coaster ride of hugely changing climate conditions on Earth, including the deep cold of the epoch of the ice ages in the last 2 million years.

Since these effects are caused far away in intergalactic space, millions of light years distant, and the effects are enormous in scale, there is nothing we can do on Earth to affect any facet of them. However. we can affect our reactions to them. We can built us a technological New World where the cosmic effects won't affect us, no matter how large they promise to become.

We can gleam to some degree the extent of the climate change that the cosmic system has in store for us, by simply projecting forward into our time the measured data from the startup of the last Ice Age.

The forward projection tells us that we are about to enter into a type of climate that we cannot imagine, as we have no historic experience as a reference for it, but which we must prepare ourselves for without fail.

 That's what we are up against. But this isn't scary, is it? It is something that we can deal with when we decide to do so. In fact we will come out richer by it when the New World has been built, even by the process itself, of building the New World.

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