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Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Segment A

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Segment 1 - Swamp of Latent Errors

Part 1 Is the current Climate Science 'fake?'

Part 2 We have to offer up scary scenarios

Part 3 The Earth has Cancer, and this Cancer is man

Part 4 The Ortes / Aristotle / Malthus / Eugenics Axis of Errors

Part 5  'Son' of the Swamp

Part 6 Manmade Climate Change has no leg to stand on

Part 7 1974 - The Swamp is Going Global

Part 8 'In Lies We Trust!' The truth be damned

Part 9 A scientist without a background in physical science

Part 10 Opposition Movements in the Science Community

Part 11 Is the Earth getting colder everywhere?

Part 12 Climate Change IS happening, but is NOT manmade

Part 13 The breakout to REAL climate science is possible.

Welcome to the Swamp of Latent Errors

But is the current Climate Science 'fake?'

Is searching for the truth "dangerous?"

The term "fake" is a dangerous term. It implies an intention to deceive.

Searching for the truth is liberating. It needs to be hailed, because it unmasks whatever is erroneous. Unmasking the erroneous covers a wider field than "fake." Climate science is littered with erroneous concepts.

Some of the errors involved are latent errors from historic time that were perpetuated rather than healed, and them having been perpetuated over long periods, they gain somewhat the appearance of truth. They are often even defended as the truth, at times contrary to evidence and honest recognition.

One of the original activist for the Manmade Global Warming doctrine, which he apparently found hard to justify, had put it this way:

"We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have.

"Each of us has to decide what is the right balance between being effective and being honest."

He was saying in essence:

'In lies we trust' - The truth be damned

The man's stated trust in lies makes him one of a multitude in modern time. The truth has been buried in may ways by many people, over long periods of time, especially in politics, that latent errors become defended with lies.

President Trump is proposing that we get back to being honest, to the truth, unearth it, open its coffin, resurrect it.

Yes, this will disturb the swamp of politics that goes back centuries to distant times when the truth had little meaning, when truth was 'adjusted' by objectives.

The Manmade Global Warming doctrine appears to have been born in this type of swamp of latent errors. The errors, of course, were magnified to serve the desired political purpose.

"The Earth has Cancer, and this Cancer is man."

(Ideology promoted in the late 1960s)

It appears that the ideological war of empire against humanity became escalated in the late 1960s, during an epoch in history in which empire was fast loosing ground. A wave of worldwide cultural optimism had erupted that flowed out of NASA's moon landing missions. The masters of empire responded with a counter-ideology to defeat the rising light of humanity.

Who remembers the 60s, likely remembers the banners "The Earth has cancer, and that cancer is man."

How else could the masters of empire defeat the wave of cultural optimism that raised the platform of man in a renaissance type environment that came out of the space program, from which flowed a sense of freedom, humanist power, and set up a new high-level horizon for society? How could this dawning light be overturned?

The murder of Kennedy had been an early step in this direction. But the space program continued.

The Vietnam War that President Kennedy had ordered America's withdrawal from, was ramped up instead. But this too, backfired. It roused the peace movement.

The great Peace Music Festival that was staged in up-state New York, happened in the same year in which the first moon landing occurred.

Even the banner that the Earth has cancer and that this cancer is man, didn't fly. Cultural optimism was flying high instead.

The masters of empire found themselves forced to dig deeper into their swamp of latent errors that had been accumulated for centuries. From this swamp, they dredged up a special brand of environmentalism that had been brewing there from the very beginning of their war against the USA.

This takes us back to the late 1700s and to the great cultural optimism that had flowed from the USA establishing its Federal Constitution as a bulwark against the forces of Empire in the world.

It was in this time frame, in the late 1700s, that a Venetian monk and philosopher, Giammaria Ortes, had dished up a mental poison pill, a special kind of environmentalism, right in the background of the USA establishing itself as a free nation.

The Ortes / Aristotle / Malthus / Eugenics Axis of Errors.

Giovanni Maria Ortes

(March 1713 – 1790)

Venetian economist, mathematician,

Camaldolese monk, and philosopher.

Ortes' poison pill was...

his theory of population 'explosion,' in a geometric progression,

doubling every 30 years. His take was that the herd (society) must be culled

(depopulated) in order that it won't overgraze its pasture (the Earth)

and destroy it, and thereby destroy itself.

Ortes was in error, of course, perhaps by intention. He failed to recognize that humanity expands with scientific and technological progress, with which it creates its own and expanded resources for living that the primitive Earth cannot provide.

It is unclear where Ortes' crafted error has been drawn from, which reduces the profound status of man to that a beast in the field, and humanity to a heard of animals.

Ortes' 'error' may have been rooted in the lingering 'error' of Aristotle, the intellectual author of the doctrine of natural slavery.

 Aristotle opposed and denied Plato's concept of the universal spiritual value and creative power of man.

Aristotle spoke in defense of the very system of slavery that some of the greatest Greek classical pioneers, like Solo of Athens, had been trying to overcome.

This means that the swamp of latent errors has had already a long trail of history before Giammaria Ortes of the Venetian Empire became a champion of it and amplified it.

The British Empire, of course, loved Ortes' 'error' and its potential root in Aristotle who had argued for keeping humanity down. This wonderful swamp of errors justified the Empire chokehold to keep its colonial nations small, impoverished, and impotent by impeding society's natural scientific and technological development.

Ortes' contribution to the swamp of latent errors was also picked up by Thomas Malthus who plagiarized Ortes' 'error' extensively and built on it.

Malthus' ideology was in essence:

- that any achieved progress that improves living conditions

causes population expansion that negates the achieved progress.

- and that the power of populations to expand is greater than

the power of the Earth to provide a subsistence for it.

Thus, progress is futile says Malthus.

His ideal society is small, underdeveloped, impotent, and impoverished; the kind of docile, 'stable' society that never challenges empires. His take was that society should be kept so primitive that the poor die at an early age.

Malthus' contribution to the swamp was likewise picked up by the British Empire and amplified its infamous depopulation ideology. Depopulation had been implemented in India in a big way, by means of famine. With it, the empire protected itself against human development that would have dethroned its rule, which eventually happened.

After Thomas Malthus, Francis Galton, the grandson of Charles Darwin, picked up the depopulation poison pill from the swap of latent errors and developed it further.

By building on Darwin's extension of the poison pill, in the form of social Darwinism, a form of 'managed' breeding of people, Galton had amplified the underlying error from the swamp still further with his Eugenics theory.

Adolf Hitler had loved both social Darwinism and Eugenics, and had practiced them extensively in his pure Arian 'breeding' centers, and in his NAZI euthanasia operations of people unworthy of life.

This tells us that the swamp of latent errors that the Manmade Global Warming doctrine became a modern 'son' of, had a long trail of history standing in the background, with a poison element of it having been raised into the limelight almost as soon as the USA was formed, which became its prime target.

The Manmade Global Warming doctrine still caries this early torch from the Ortes days of the swamp. The Manmade Global Warming doctrine, by its very design as a lie, renders society a climate villain who destroys the Earth, and thereby destroys itself. What a poison pill! What a lie! The doctrine sets up a problem in the mind for which no solution is said to be possible, except for humanity to eliminate its living, commit suicide, hail depopulation, and lay itself into the grave.

  'Son' of the Swamp

Contrary to appearances, the Manmade Global Warming doctrine is not humanity's song for a safer world. The doctrine is a 'son' of the empire's swamp of latent errors. It is one of many such 'sons'.

In ancient times a calendar month was referred to as "the son of a year."

In this sense, the Manmade Global Warming doctrine is a 'son' of the swamp of the carefully crafted errors, piled upon numerous errors, where nothing is real, where we find Ortes standing in the middle of it all, and the Roman Empire not far behind him.

The system of empire itself, is a 'son' of the swamp. It is its champion. It lives in the swamp and is a part of it.

That the Manmade Global Warming doctrine, now called Manmade Climate Change to veil the issue, is rooted in the swamp of latent errors, rather than being rooted in actual climate science, was made rather plain recently by a secretary of the U.N.

She stated that the Climate Change objective of the U.N. is, to roll back the industrial revolution of the last 150 years.

The swamp succeeds, because it owns the press and the media, and even world institutions who make the news that the press projects. With this vastly extensive control, the swamp breaks into the mind, shapes humanity's self-perception, and forces dehumanization unto it. With its war against industrial revolution, the U.N. defines the backbone of modern physical economics to be the target for elimination in the name of Climate Change.

Substance and Truth come into view when one steps away from the

swamp of latent errors, and of illusions without substance and reality.

Outside the swamp, Manmade Climate Change has no leg to stand on.

This doesn't mean that Climate Change isn't happening. Climate Change is happening. It is real. It is big. It is gigantic. But this change isn't manmade, nor is the climate warming.

The climate is cooling in the real world, and the cooling is driven by astrophysical factors. Here reality comes into view.

1974 - The Swamp is Going Global

That the Manmade Global Warming terror doctrine has nothing to do with actual climate science, but reflects the swamp that Ortes, Malthus, and Galton war a part of, became evident in 1975 when the doctrine was announced..

The Manmade Global Warming doctrine was officially announced in parallel with America's National Security Study Memorandum 200 becoming policy. NSSM-200 called for the targeted depopulation of third-world nations in order to preserve their natural resources for America's future needs.

Both, NSSM-200 and the Manmade Global Warming doctrine were concocted together in 1974 as a single package to serve as a two-pronged approach for the same objective. NSSM-200 targeted the third world. The Manmade Global Warming doctrine targeted the developed world.

The objective of the doctrine from the swamp, was from its beginning, to create an energy-lean, de-industrialized, primitive society right across the world; the kind of society that Malthus would have hailed. It forces by design a high-rate of starvation and deep economic collapse. That's the Malthus song, the economic suicide song. NSSM-200 spelled out the same type of objectives

The Russian Academy of Science correctly referred to the doctrine's infamous Kyoto Accord as an "Economic Suicide Pact."

The year of the start-up of the doctrine, the year 1975, was also a significant year for the doctrine for another reason. The reason was the outbreak of peace.

In 1973, all American forces had been withdrawn from the Vietnam War. A decade of horror and demoralization had come to a close. A new era was on the horizon, with hope for the future.

The 1969 peace euphoria of the Woodstock Concert in up-state New York, was still in sight. In like manner had the cultural optimism of America's moon landing in the same year, still lingered. These two great cultural lights lingered in the background when the final end of the Vietnam War was happening. A hope and dream by many was fulfilled. The world was becoming a brighter place.

In order for the masters of empire to keep the regressive demoralization of America on track that the war had successfully inflicted, and to prevent the demoralization from becoming reversed again in the erupting euphoria of peace, a new demoralizing project was quickly invented. The poison doctrine of Manmade Global Warming was assigned this role. The doctrine was designed in such a way, as to escalate the imperial war against humanity, and to once again, especially target America.

The doctrine excels exceedingly in what it was designed to achieve. As it defines humanity an enemy to itself, and imposes on it a problem for which no solution is possible except for it to commit suicide, the doctrine causes a subliminal regression in the mind towards a more infantile stage where slavish obedience happens.

The doctrine also staged a type of terror-war in society, against one another - activists versus deniers - along the line that the Venetian Empire had used to poison the Renaissance Environment in the 1500s, with the Reformation and Counterreformation poised against each other, which destroyed the Renaissance from within and became escalated into the 30-Years War.

"In Lies We Trust!" The truth be damned

In high-profile cases where imperial imperatives stand in the background, science becomes twisted, faked, and crafted to meet the political objective. The truth falls by the wayside.

That there is no truth in the Manmade Global Warming doctrine is evident by the scientifically measured fact that the Earth had been in an almost 300-years long trend of massive global warming forced by the Sun. This astrophysical global warming had shut down the Little Ice Age in the early 1700s. The up-ramping of the Sun during this period is easily measured in Carbon-14 ratios that reflect variations in solar activity.

While the technology didn't exist in 1975 to measure Carbon-14 isotope ratios in historic ice samples, it was well known in the 1970s that the historically counted sunspot numbers, which also reflect solar activity levels, did correspond with known climate conditions.

It was no secret in 1975 that the sunspot numbers had peaked in 1960 to an all-time high, and that the climate had peaked likewise, and that the numbers had dramatically dropped after that, to almost half in 1970.

A serious scientist with a background in physics or astrophysics would have never imagined that the global warming that had occurred when the Sun had been ramped up, had been in any way manmade.

In addition, a serious scientist would have noted that the solar-caused global warming had already reversed, and had reversed sharply. No one in his right mind would have proposed in 1975 that the Earth was in danger of overheating. The doctrine of Manmade Global Warming would have never been raised if serious science had ruled the day.

A scientist without a background in physical science

As it was, the Manmade Global Warming doctrine wasn't announced by anyone with a working background in physics or astrophysics. It was put on the plate of humanity by a person schooled in anthropology, a field of science that is far removed from physics and climate dynamics, but who speaks for the swamp. The masters of empire evidently needed someone with standing in the scientific community, but one who had no practical background in physics and climate dynamics, who could be recruited to launch the swamp poison doctrine with zeal, and who could be guided to promote it vigorously around the world.

The 'winner' who was selected was evidently unaware of what huge type of Pandora's box the doctrine had been planned to become.

The selected 'winner' couldn't have known that the poison box that the doctrine developed into, would be used decades later to enable its masters to stage the largest-ever holocaust in history, all in the name of reducing carbon emissions (which the holocaust project is actually increasing).

The holocaust is the modern food-burning biofuels project that consumes agricultural resources, worldwide, at a rate that would normally nourish 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the massive food burning adds up to a holocaust of upwards to 100 million victims per year, by starvation.


It must have been blatantly self-evident already back in the 1990s, to the scientific alert, that the global warming that the world had enjoyed, was caused exclusively by the Sun, with carbon gases playing no role at all. Numerous scientists around the world began to see through the facade of the doctrine as a scam, and began to oppose its swamp science and its subliminal terror assertions.

Opposition Movements in the Science Communitylies

One of the opposing scientists, Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser describes in an 1999 article the fate of the Heidelberg Appeal, by the University of Heidelberg in Germany, with which the organized opposition movement began, back in 1992.

In this case over 4,000 scientists had responded to the appeal, including '62 Nobel Laureates from 69 countries'. It was hoped at the time that the wide-based voice from scientists around the world, standing in opposition, would have an impact on the policy makers at the Rio Earth Summit. Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser stated that over 35 organizations were publicly standing against the global warming doctrine at the time, though he noted that their 'voices' were not even heard, much less were considered.

Over the years, 50,000 scientists from around the world had signed their name in support of numerous appeals, declarations, petition projects, reports, and records of statements, all in opposition to the unscientific assumptions of the doctrine. While this opposition was never heard, much less was considered at the numerous U.N. sponsored Climate Change conferences, one of the petition projects did have some success. It had caused an 85% rejection of the Kyoto Protocol in 2004. This was accomplished by addressing the governments directly.

In considering the wide base of the opposition movement, it becomes evident that the overwhelming consensus on the carbon-climate issue stands in opposition to the doctrine, and NOT in support of it, as it is claimed in the media. However, we face a tragedy on this front, because the entire opposition movement against the false assumption of carbon forced global warming, is itself built on false assumptions. No one in this arena, to my knowledge, speaks for the real solar dynamics, where solar activity variations have large effects on the climate on Earth, where the Sun is NOT its own master, causing is own activity variations, but is itself mastered by changing external conditions within the larger cosmic system that the Sun is a part of. This means that the opposition movement is itself unaware of the actual nature of the Sun and the larger cosmic dynamics that are affecting the Earth's climate by way of the Sun, in a big way.

This means that the opposition movement against the global warming climate scare doesn't offer solutions for the real Climate Change issues at all, because it fails to recognize what really affects the climate on Earth. It doesn't ask the right questions and look for the truth. The opposition is so far off track that it doesn't even acknowledge the ongoing Climate Collapse towards the next Ice Age, but does in fact hide it.

With its ignorance, the opposition movement, that is as small-minded than what it opposes, actively prevents the building of solutions for dealing with the greatest threat to civilization, which is the ongoing Climate Collapse that humanity must urgently protect itself against and its future.

From its false basis, the opposition movement poses a greater danger to humanity than the Global Warming doctrine does, which it opposes. The global warming doctrine is so obviously false that people simply laugh about it, while the opposition movement dishes out more-deeply rooted errors that are more difficult to recognize and to correct.

But what about global warming itself?

Is solar activity still collapsing? Is the Earth getting colder everywhere?

Yes, the Earth is getting colder everywhere. The solar warming of the Earth that started in 1715 and gave us wonderfully warm climates for the last 300 years, is over. It's history. We wont have it again. The Earth is getting colder year after year. We face longer periods of colder climates to the point that they will decimate agriculture.

The warming had peaked in the 1960s, then collapsed briefly and reversed slightly, but from the late 1990s onward, it began to diminish sharply. The sharp collapse is evident in numerous real physical measurements. Today, 20 years after the solar reversal, increasing cooling has begun to affect agriculture.

Yes, Climate Change IS happening, and it is happening in a big way, but it is NOT manmade. We cannot change it, nor can we prevent it. We can only react to it.

At the present rate of global cooling, the resulting agricultural collapse may become so extensive that many of the northern nations will cease to exist in 5 to 15 years, if no actions are taken by humanity to create itself a new food-supply infrastructure in the tropics, far from the cold climates.

Since the cooling is global, the effects won't be regional. All the vulnerable nations outside the tropics, where the solar irradiation is weak, will be affected simultaneously, such as Canada, Russia, the European nations, and to some degree also the USA and China. When agriculture becomes disabled on a broad front, where no food is grown, people die. Without food people die. A nation ceases to exist without people. Nations will vanish.

Is this scary? No it isn't. It is only scary if you decide NOT to become involved in creating a new food supply infrastructure for the world, in the tropics.

Are you looking for a Free Ride ticket?

Hop to it. It is called 'Suicide'.

It is absolutely free. It only costs you your life, (which most people don't attribute any value to)

The Living ticket is extremely expensivein efforts and commitments. For this, it promises 1000-fold returns in benefits.

If the infrastructures are created, life continues, and will likely thrive on a vastly-higher-level cultural and economic platform than we can yet imagine, which is something worth celebrating.

Whether we will make the effort to build us a New World, will likely depend on President Trump, or another leader, or society itself, becoming successful in prying the lid off, of the Pandora's Box of the poison doctrine of Manmade Global Warming.

The doctrine is presently so strongly in control of society that the massive global cooling that is already in progress, is deemed not to exist, and thus remains to be overlaid with dreams of global warming. The breakout from this trap is critical, and the time for it is now. - Time is running out fast.

The breakout to REAL climate science is possible.

It may happen. The facade of the fake-science (hoax) is wearing thin. The scene is wide open.

The Presidential Commission on Climate Change, if it is honest, will invariably recognize the ongoing cooling of the Earth and its consequences for agriculture, which is humanity's main food resource. If the recognition is made, humanity is one step closer to having a future, versus having none. The stakes are that high.

This means that the big question is: Will the President move with his proposal at this critical stage and succeed? Or will he flinch?

Global Cooling Climate Change IS real.

The climate IS changing.

A catastrophe IS in the making.

The catastrophe, if it happens, will be manmade.

The Global Cooling IS increasing every year.

It MAY 'murder' you in 5-15 years, but it IS preventable.

The prevention IS blocked by the doctrine that is hailed.

The blocking renders the resulting catastrophe MANMADE.

But there exists a giant in the world who is greater than the doctrine.

This giant is the human being.

Even a President is a human being!

The President CAN...

Well, I must apologize here. These statements should have been presented as questions. You are the giant. The giant doesn't need to be erected, though asking questions tends to unlock the door within, and awakens the dormant recognitions that are within reach of everyone.

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