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Science Barriers Dissolved - part 2

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So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is that an amazingly wide world comes into view when one steps past the Newtonian barrier in astrophysics. The Sun becomes a plasma star. The Earth becomes a planet with a plasma core. Ancient concepts fall by the wayside when science widens the view, - when it breaks open the Newtonian box where only primitive concepts rule.

Kepler saw a glimpse of it. The cause for it hadn't been discovered in his time. What he saw is not rooted in mechanistic physics, but is rooted in plasma physics.

 Ironically, Kepler was more advanced in his vision in the 1600s, than mainstream cosmology is today.

Mainstream cosmology is today totally stuck in Newtonian physics, without a glimpse beyond this barrier.

This may be the reason why leading institutions dream of super massive black holes in space as residues of exploded stars.

And why leading physicists see those black-hole masses spinning into each other, with gravitational waves spinning off that propagate across galactic space, none of which is physically possible in the real world.

These exotic dreams are dreamed, because in mainstream science, Newtonian physics had been turned into a barrier that traps mainstream science behind a wall that apparently no one dares to cross to see the wider world. The barrier is crowding out the truth to the point that physicists don't believe in physics anymore.

Neutron-star black holes are not possible, except in dreams. Black holes are deemed to form when in a supernova explosion, neurons are liberated that attract each other by gravity and clump together into enormously dense lumps with a 15-orders-of-magnitute greater gravity than atomic masses. This is the mainstream dream, but it is not physically possible.

Before free neutrons come even close, the enormous velocity that they gain by being split off from atomic structures, would put the neutrons into such wide orbits relative to each other that they would explosively disperse, or at best be drawn into a maze of orbits that would last forever, or until their enormous kinetic energy is drained away by friction.

And because neutrons decay into protons within minutes, when split off from an atomic nucleus, the entire neutron swarm would decay into protons and disperse with the electric force.

Black holes are simply not possible in the real world. Even Newtonian physics makes this plain. Black holes are only possible in the dreaming of physicists who don't believe in physics anymore.

That's why the Gas-Sun theory is hailed in the box of mainstream science. The Gas-Sun theory is only possible in a mind that doesn't believe in physics anymore. The rational mind sees a paradox in the sunspots.

Sunspots are dark spots on the Sun. But they should be bright if the Sun was heated from the inside. Physicists who don't believe in physics anymore ignore this paradox. They look to Newtonian physics as a way out and dream up gravitational interaction of atomic elements that by their nature are electrically neutral, to which Newtonian physics applies. They envision a process of nuclear fusion caused by heat generated by gas compression. Except the envisioned process doesn't work in practice.

Scientists said that if the Sun can produce power by gravitational gas-compression to cause nuclear fusion, so can we.

But it doesn't work. The world record is a 1 second fusion burn, before the process blows itself out. And this world record was achieved with a 10-fold energy loss, instead of an energy gain. And so it should be, because nuclear fusion is an energy-consuming process.

The giant National Ignition Facility, a technological marvel the size of a sports stadium, never achieved fusion at all. The facility employs 192 large-scale laser-beamlines to create 500,000 gigawatts of light energy.

The immense energy burst is focused onto a fuel target the size of a pea. It is focused onto it from numerous directions simultaneously, in order to compress and heat the fuel. But nuclear fusion has never been achieved by the facility.

The process failed, because the facility doesn't play with power. It plays with Newtonian parameters, mass and velocity, instead of with electro-magnetic forces that are up to 39 orders of magnitude stronger.

The plasma Sun, in contrast, does play with power. It employs those electro-magnetic forces that are 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the Newtonian forces. With these, being efficiently deployed, the solar process has a workable foundation. And it does work. The barrier, here, is that it is not recognized to exist.

Only the false model, the Newtonian-based gas-sun model, is recognized in mainstream science. The resulting failure in perception, erected a barrier that has blinded science against the real world. This barrier has become immensely costly for society on three fronts simultaneously; on the Global Warming Front, the Energy Front, and the Ice Age Front.

The world is being radically turned upside down on these fronts, simply because physicists don't believe in physics anymore.

On the Manmade Global Warming Front, society is trapped into a doctrine that demands the mass-burning of food as bio-fuels at the cost of the largest-ever holocaust unleashed against humanity by starvation.

On the Energy Front it blocks humanity creating itself an energy-rich future.

And on the most severe front, the Ice Age Front, it blocks the recognition of the near Ice Age, which thereby prevents humanity building itself a new world that the coming Ice Age cannot affect.

Ironically, the Newtonian Barrier in astrophysics,

also blocks the advance of science itself -

When physicists don't believe in physics anymore

science is choked.

The Gas-Sun model

(the invariable Sun)

It blocks the recognition

of solar climate effects,

and promotes instead

Man-Made Climate Change.

It blocks humanity's

cosmic-energy utilization.

It blocks the recognition of

the near Ice Age, and prevents

the building of infrastructures

for continued human living.

Ironically, the Newtonian Barrier in astrophysics, also blocks the advance of science itself - When physicists don't believe in physics anymore science is choked.

While the illustrated merging of black holes at the beginning of this video is not possible in the real world, the imagined concept is derived from actual, physical measurements. The measurements were made by a gigantic observatory that measures light-speed variations caused by wave-like cosmic disturbances.

The wave-like variations that are illustrated here, are deemed to result from a gravity wave, as gravity is one of the 'king pins' in Newtonian physics, with nothing past the barrier being deemed to exist.

While the measured wave phenomenon is not possible within the realm of Newtonian physics, it is readily possible in the wide world behind the barrier, as the result of plasma interactions.

The measured wave phenomenon is attributed to black holes spiraling into each other, because no other option remains in sight within the branch of physics that cannot see further than gravity, mass, and velocity interaction.

But when this blinding barrier is removed, not only does the solar system come to light in a more beautiful and rational manner, but also the universe as a whole.

For example, the measured phenomenon of a cosmic wave affecting the speed of the propagation of light, is not enigma when one looks beyond the Newtonian barrier.

When one looks beyond the barrier, the observed wave phenomenon is much more rationally recognized to having been caused by large rotating plasma streams merging into one. Plasma streams rotate internally, and are drawn readily to each other when flowing in parallel.

In high power experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA, it has been discovered that high-energy plasma streams can be made up of a ring of 56 individual plasma filaments that naturally combine into 28 filaments, then 14, 7, and so on, all the way to potentially just a single one.

In the combining of major plasma streams, very large plasma events could potentially cause an energy-wave effect that ripples through the energy background of the universe in a similar manner as photons of light are propagated across this background at the speed of light. This means that the theorized black holes are not required for the observed phenomenon, nor their collapsing orbits.

Neither would the result be a gravity wave. Why would one choose the absolute weakest universal force, the force of gravity that diminishes with the square of the distance, as a propagating medium on the galactic scale?

The paradoxical outcome happens only when one cannot see beyond the barrier that hides from sight what lies beyond it, where a vastly bigger world unfolds, a world of plasma, electric forces, and an energy background that governs the speed of light.

The physicist David Boehm, whom Albert Einstein had referred to as his successor, saw apparently empty space as a teeming background of energy with an implicate and explicate order that is recognizable by observable effects.

The barrier that blocks the scientific recognition of anything beyond small-minded concepts has become a tragedy in modern time in far too many different ways.

Manmade Global Warming Doctrine

- economic destruction

- biofuels holocaust

Ice Age Denial

Foundation for building a New World

the greatest renaissance-type revolution

- scientific, technological, industrial,

- humanist, economic, cultural, physical

Ice Age Preparation

The barrier against science has led to self-inflicted tragedies far greater in scope than society cares to acknowledge. It enabled the Manmade Global Warming doctrine that inflicts enormous economic destruction with its baseless crusade against carbon gases, and inflicts the greatest-ever holocaust against human living with the mass-burning of food in a starving world under the biofuels mandate that is murdering upwards to 100 million people each year with the sword of induced starvation.

All this stands in stark contrast with the greatest-ever revolution for human development that unrestrained science would provide the potential for, in scientific, technological, industrial, humanist, economic, and cultural progress, with boundless freedoms in physical living. All this is presently being prevented, with the destruction of civilization being promoted instead, by small-minded thinking, on a scale that boggles the imagination.

As I said before, the doctrine of Manmade Global Warming is one of the resulting tragedies caused by the barrier that blocks the scientific recognition of anything outside of small-minded concepts.

The invented doctrine of Manmade Global Warming attributes all climate changes on Earth to carbon gases, and closes the door to any recognition beyond that, which would free society from this trap. With the blocked recognition of what is real, great danger begins, because society's trapped perception entices it to wreck its economy, in order to roll back carbon in the air, which is actually the foundation for its living that is presently carbon intensive.

The belief in Manmade Climate Change is only possible in a society that is trapped into not believing in physics anymore.

The consequences of the carbon-scare science travesty have become so enormous that society is now massively burning its food in a starving world, in the name of reducing carbon emissions to prevent manmade global warming that is actually physically impossible, nor is it happening.

The food burning in the biofuels process consumes agricultural resources that could normally nourish 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the massive food burning adds up to 100 million people being murdered by starvation, per year, intentionally, in the largest fascist holocaust in history.

And all this is the result of the small-minded barrier that blocks reality from science so intensively that physicists don't believe in physics anymore.

If scientists would extent their vision beyond the limits of their accepted barriers, they would recognize that humanity's carbon contribution to the global atmosphere, effects the climate no more than a mouse on the back of a cat in comparison with the World-trade towers that once stood in New York. If scientists would see beyond their barrier, at the real world, they would recognize that the Sun is the master of the climate on Earth, vastly more so than the carbon cat could ever be.

The CO2 carbon gas that is targeted for elimination at horrendous cost, is actually smaller that a cat. Its absorption coefficient is 10 times smaller than that of water vapor, and its density in the air is 100 times less.

And in addition, the carbon dioxide response spectrum is narrow, quite rare, and is vastly overshadowed by the big greenhouse contributors, which are water vapor, oxygen, and the Raleigh scattering effect.

Now compare the carbon dioxide response with all other effects, and keep in mind, that the CO2's contribution is 10-times weaker, and that CO2 is 100-times less dense than water vapor that produces 97% of the greenhouse effect, which in turn is controlled by the Sun, then the total carbon contribution to the greenhouse effect is actually smaller than a mouse on the global scale.

Then consider further that the human contribution to the atmospheric carbon budget adds up to a mere 3% at the most. By this recognition, the manmade mouse shrinks down to the size of a beetle.

In this wide-ranging comparison, the carbon cat is effectively no larger than a beetle on the sidewalk beside the World Trade towers.

In real terms the greenhouse effect of the Earth's atmosphere is rapidly diminishing, because a weaker sun emits larger volumes of cosmic-ray flux that increases cloud forming and reduces water vapor in the air.

The point is, we need a stronger greenhouse, that moderates climate fluctuations, not a weaker one. Unfortunately, we lack the power to compete with the effects of the Sun on our climate, or to alter them. It would be wonderful if we had this power. But we are far out-classed on the cosmic scale.

The Sun is the climate master on Earth. We have no power against it.

The only power we have, is to build us the technological infrastructures that enable our continued existence in the coming Ice Age environment when the Sun's radiated energy is reduced by 70%. We have the power to build us a new world that enables us to live in the coming Ice Age climate when the livable world shrinks to the tropics, but we don't have the power to prevent the Ice Age, or even alter its climate.

Also, if scientists would really open their eyes, they would instantly recognize that the real carbon crisis that humanity is facing, is actually a crisis of deficiency. The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is presently at the lowest level since life began. CO2 is absolutely critical to sustain life. It is consumed by plants, which are the foundation of our food supply. And it is dissolved in the oceans and sustains the food chain there.

Life flourished in its early period when the CO2 concentration was wonderfully high, up to 20 or even 30 times as high as it is today. But it also diminished sharply while life developed in leaps and bounds. It was consumed so rapidly that around 300 million years ago there was so little of it left that life diminished with it, apparently by carbon starvation and eventually by glaciation climates. The world's big coal fields that we utilize today originated, in this timeframe that started with high levels of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, but then diminished at a high rate of depletion.

Fortunately for us, the CO2 level was uplifted twice; once during the Permian period, and once during the Jurassic period, apparently in both cases by the Sun. However, in both cases the CO2 level diminished again. It diminished to the extreme low level that we have today, that's less than half of what it had been during the devastating low 300 million years ago.

We live in a world that is biologically starving. We should celebrate every bit of CO2 uplift that we can manage to achieve.

Moreover we should build large-scale infrastructures to extract some of the large stores of CO2 back out of the oceans, where 98% of the world's CO2 is located. We should raise the atmospheric CO2 level 10-fold to lift the biosphere out of its starvation mode.

We can do this. We can up-lift the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere 10-fold, without affecting the climate, because CO2 is no bigger as a climate factor than a cat in comparison with the World Trade towers that once dominated the New York landscape. Even if the carbon cat could be over-nourished to become a horse, it would still remain insignificant on the global scene.

If scientists would extend their vision even more boldly beyond the limits of their accepted barriers, they would also acknowledge that the Sun has provided nearly 300 years of global warming from the Little Ice Age to the end of the 1990s, which coincides with the global warming period that is blamed on manmade CO2. This means that the wonderful global warming that we have experienced, has been caused exclusively by the Sun, since the evidence lies in the Sun that we cannot affect by any means.

If the already measured physical reality would be officially acknowledged, a huge burden of shame would be lifted off the soul of humanity, and off the face of life itself, which are both presently slandered as arch villains, even as a cancer on the Earth.

While the solar global warming has physically reversed, from the end of the 1990s onward, coincidental with the beginning of the collapse of the solar-wind pressure that the Ulysses spacecraft has measured, mainstream climate science remains stuck, blocked by its iron wall that turns carbon into a fire-breathing dragon that must be abolished at all cost, so they say.

If scientists would recognize carbon as the stuff of life, and that neither carbon nor humanity did cause the warming effect that had been caused by the Sun, then it might also be in a position to see that the global cooling that is now happening towards phase shift to the next Ice Age in the 2050s, is likewise caused by the Sun.

The failure to make the type of recognitions and acknowledgements that would uplift the face of humanity, is a failure in the mind that results from subscribing to barriers in science that prevent the recognition of what lies beyond the small-minded limits of perception.

This failure in the mind is of course intentionally cultivated and politically exploited, as a means to impose evermore pain and destruction onto targeted populations for the purpose of control and domination, such as by reversing the industrial revolution, which is now on the agenda.

In order to increase the grip of control, the Paris Climate Accord that is focused on control rather than truth, is now being said to have been too soft and not painful enough.

Even the massive food burning that presently kills upwards to 100 million people per year with starvation, has been declared by the masters of the doctrine, to be not radical enough to save the planet from overheating, even while the planet is actually cooling. The masters of the doctrine whisper to society that it should lay itself down to die to cut back on carbon emissions, in order that the planet may live. The barrier against science has effectively isolated society from its humanity.

The barrier cuts so deep that no one dares to speak the truth that the Earth's biosphere is carbon-starved. Tragically, society listens to the deceptive whispering of their gods, the self-proclaimed scientific elite. Spell-bound by the whisperings, society shoots itself into the foot, economically, socially, and politically, and this at the time of the greatest challenge before it, with the Ice Age already looming on the horizon.

Modern society has become as deadly tragic by its being barred against reality by its own barriers, which it finds itself too small to cross, just as William Shakespeare had illustrated society to be in his time, in his play Hamlet, where society is existentially tragic by its inaction, and assures its own doom.

 In Hamlet, the tragic figure was not Hamlet itself, the fool who did everything wrong, The tragic figure was society that did not act to save its existence with appropriate responses. Society was tragic in Hamlet, in that it allowed the defeat of the nation to happen, that it saw coming, but had failed to prevent, by its inaction. He illustrated the type of inaction that is universally imposed by the accepted barriers in a small-minded world.

By society's clinging to false doctrines that blinds it to the truth, society is on the path of committing suicide by default. That's the platform of classical tragedy, like in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Modern society finds itself blinded against the vast body of known principles that stand behind the Ice Age phenomenon, which are principles of electro-dynamics, rather than being mechanistic principles like that of the Milankovitch Cycles theory. Tragically, society finds itself trapped into inaction, by these Newtonian-type, mechanistic-focused barriers.

The Milankovitch Cycles Ice Age theoryregards the Ice Ages to result from Newtonian physics, from minute variations of the Earth's orbit and of the inclination of its spin axis.

This science trap is as much a trap as is the theory of gravity waves and orbiting black holes in astrophysics, and of course the carbon effects related to global warming. These are all traps of a single type. Only the consequences are different in the different cases, and vary greatly.

The Ice Age Challenge can only be ignored in a society: - that doesn't believe in physics anymore - that doesn't believe in its humanity anymore.

Failures in perception in astrophysics appear to be inconsequential. This type of thinking is a trap. The science failures in astrophysics open the door to failures of perception in climate science where the consequences are enormous. And of course, the failures of perception in climate science open the door to failures of perception in Ice Age science, where the consequences are existentially total. In short, there is no such thing as an innocent science barrier.

If the Ice Age phase shift happens, without a new world having been built to support continued human living, humanity will likely crash. If its 'orbit' is not supported, humanity will crash and fade into oblivion. Living under a 70% weaker Sun, with 80% less rain, requires infrastructures that take decades to build, but which are presently not even being considered.

Humanity's 'orbit' is civilization. It will crash if it is not supported, and humanity will crash with it.

The bottom line is that the future of humanity looks exceedingly grim for as long society remains as Shakespeare has described it in Hamlet, and this not because the Earth's orbit might collapse, or the climate of the Earth will overheat, none of which is actually possible. Instead the future looks grim, because an Ice Age climate collapse is unfolding that we could easily live with, if we would built us the infrastructures for it, but which we have barred us from even considering. This single, utter folly by society is the current state of civilization. It is poised to unfold into the saddest classical tragedy in the entire history of humanity.

Fortunately for us all, the universal bowing of humanity to inhibiting barriers is not inherent in the innermost design of the human being. This means that the clinging to barriers can be overcome when society makes the effort to re-kindle its humanity again where entrapping barriers have no place. And for this profound step forward nothing more is required than what we have already within us.

Supported by our universal humanity and its principle of the general welfare, we have the greatest potential future within reach, and we have it in our heart to reach for it. With this outlook, an outlook without barriers, the barriers that are still clung to, on so many fronts, are all doomed to fall away while humanity asserts its native freedom as human beings.

And that's not just a maybe. The movement has already begun, to step beyond barriers. It began faintly in 2009 as a daring venture to step across those political barricades of cultivated ignorance that protect and uphold the systems of empire that have historically showered humanity with wars, slavery, corruption, looting, entrapment, and economic destruction.

Freedom and development begins, both in science and in politics, when the barricades fall that would hinder the advancement of humanity.

We already see a new world emerging on the political front in which we find evermore nations cooperating with one-another freely, for their common welfare and mutual development. The same is possible in the sciences.

The tide appears to be turning, and not feebly and spasmodically, but proudly and celebratory, and with a vision of a future that inspires optimism, peace, and joy, and power.

How long it will take from the bold beginning for all the dusty barriers to become dissolved for the greater welfare of humanity, cannot yet be determined, but the movement has begun with the human spirit uplifting the entire scene, uplifting even the sciences, especially in physics, astrophysics, climate science, geophysics, Ice Age science, and even political science.

While we have a long way yet to go till the future is no longer obscured in the world, it can be said with certainty today that we are out of the starting gate. Small-minded barriers are fading. The race of peace, joy, and power is in the process of unfolding before us. On this path we will have a future, and potentially the grandest ever imagined.

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