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The Model of Man - Video 3 - Christ Science

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Video 3:

Christ Science

The Christ is not a person, a thing, an institution, a miracle, or even the Son of God.

The Christ is a spiritual of God, God's self-revealing impetus, a near presence in thought, to be scientifically understood. Jesus was an Exemplar of it.

** Did Jesus regard himself as a scientist? - a Christ Scientist?

"What you say, turns religion upside down," Mary interjects.

"I have never claimed to be a religious man," adds Jesus. "I am a scientific explorer, a Christ scientist."

"Now I know why many people, see you as a puzzle," Mary replies. "They see you as a religious master, but here, you say you are a scientist. You don't even claim to be the Christ. You say the Christ is something far greater than a person can ever be. You say that it needs to be scientifically understood. Otherwise it is an enigma."

"The Christ is the spiritual idea of God," says Jesus. "Mother is correctly oriented in saying this. She is a Christ scientist. The inspiration and the power that uplifts society out of its stupor of living as little men, small-minded men, is the Christ within. But it needs to be heard. It needs to be understood. The Christ is never a person, who proclaims opinions and doctrines. Nor is the Christ an institution, a system, or even a miracle.

The Christ is God's spiritual idea. Its is God's self-revealing impetus. It acts in countless ways; always speaking to consciousness, always saying to humanity that the very concept of small-minded thinking is a contradiction in terms, because God, Mind is never small, and can never be reflected as being small.

"Small-minded thinking is self-deception. That's the message of the Christ.

"I am not the Christ," Jesus says later to Mary. "I realize though, that I am endowed with the Christ in full measure, as are all humanity, and as all should recognize themselves so, and ultimately will as they find their identity unfolding in Christ Science.

The Christ is our link to God, our awareness of God, and our link to scientifically understanding ourselves. The Christ is huge and imposing in this respect, because it speaks of ou unity with God. That's big. That's profound. The Christ is the most-monumental healing impetus that we have available to us, and can have, which we embrace to uplift ourselves with, and one-another. The Christ is our link to reality - to what God is, and to what we are, reflecting God.

"Mother's earliest perception was that God is Soul. That was before the seven names were recognized. She said that Soul is Substance, and humanity is its shadow. Mother seems to say with this that humanity exists, because God exists, as if to say we can see God by the shadow it casts, a shadow that is light. But Mother wasn't satisfied with the details of this concept. The concept seemed to be too small, too feeble, too foggy. She was looking for something bigger, and something clearer as a concept, as one would expect in scientific recognition.

"As the concept became clearer, she saw the divine shadow, as it were, to be substantial by reflection. Thus, she changed her perception of where the substance of God is located. She says, it is located in humanity and the universe, where the substance of God unfolds as the substance of a divine idea.

Mother says again and again that man exists, because God exists. She says that man is intelligent, because God is intelligent. She also says that man is substantial, b because God is substantial. She says that the only thing that sets God and man apart, is that the names for God are written in capitalized form

Mother says that this clearer concept of humanity raises the perceived status of man from being merely an appendage to God, to man being dynamically a part of God by reflection. She says that everything that we discover about God, is a discovery we make of ourselves. Here, our healing of small-minded thinking begins.

Mother says that when a divine idea is born, its substance for its full fruition is already within it. She says the same thing about intelligence. She says intelligence is not in God, but is a quality of God that is reflected in man and the Universe. This means that God is not located IN anything, but is expressed by everything. She says that God and man are not the same; that each is distinct, but both are One in being. She says that the Christ raises our understanding of the dynamic relationship between God and man, which she says, is a scientific process. She calls us, therefore, in the academy, 'Christ Scientists.'

"I often see myself as being still but a pioneer as a Christ Scientist," says Jesus, "while most people call me master. They are right, of course to call me that, in the context of me having worked in the Christ environment longer and more intensely than anyone I know, including Mother. Mother acknowledges this. She called me one the most scientific man on the Earth. She may be right in this, too.

The Christ lifts us up in a profound way, when we individually explore it, scientifically, as Christ Scientists, whereby we welcome the Christ and move with it, and come closer to it. Of course, we become healers in the process. Mother's Academy operates essentially as an institution of Christ Scientists. We have become proficient healers in this environment, which we cherish greatly."

"Are you running a science club then, a club of scientific healers in the field?" says Mary.

"A club?" Jesus repeats. "No, Mary, our academy is far beyond being a club!

Almost the entire field of mankind sees itself structurally operating in the form of self-focused clubs, or corporations, or corporal entities, all the way up to the scale of empires. Each is a form of self-isolation in denial of God.

The Academy, in contrast, is God-focused. It is focused on exploring God with Christ Christ. The Christ IS Science. As I said, the Christ is not a thing or a person. It is the self-revealing 'voice' of God that is heard in the form of scientific recognitions. The highest form of science is, thereby, Christ Science. It can't be a club, because clubs are self-centered. The Christ, in contrast, as the spiritual idea of God, is universal in scope that projects the light of God, the quality of good, onto the world.

Christ Science cannot be represented by a club, unless the club comprises the whole of mankind, by which it won't be a club anymore. The Christ is alive in everyone's heart, though mostly but sparsely recognized. It fosters the scientific understanding of the dynamics of God, as a light for us to move with.

The club model, in comparison, is a type of corporate model. It is by design hopelessly too small to represent the Christ.

"However, I can see the potential for a worldwide church of Christ Scientists; a type of unlimited Christ Academy that whole of humanity is already a part of, without realizing it. Of course, a church universal can't be a club, because the Christ is universal, as is also its Science.

"The corporate model is primitive and rather simple. It is signified by the letter 'I' - the 'I' that has a circle drawn around it. The 'I' is inward looking. It focuses its entire field of vision onto itself, its assumed corporeal self, a concept of self-isolation that the circle represents.

The 'I' sees only itself. It seeks fame, status, beauty, power, wealth, and so on, to enlarge itself within its circle, and steals whatever good it may recognize outside its corporate circle, for this purpose. Empire is an extreme for of it. It confiscate whatever is in reach, in order to enrich the 'I' within it, that is its center, its oligarchy, its purpose, its perceived all.

"That's what a club looks like, Mary. Most people operate on this corporate platform.

"We, in Mother's Academy, strife to operate on the divine platform that is built in Christ Science. We have discovered the model with inspiration, reason, understanding, and experience. We are Christ Scientists. What we are building on, as a platform, is the total opposite of the corporate model. We are building on the universal model of man that is also the model of God.

"We have discovered what had actually already been evident in the time the Moses story was written, when God was recognized in the story as the Great I Am, the self-revealed I Am, revealed to Moses, as the scriptures say.

The I Am is a revolutionary concept that says to humanity, you are, because I Am. Higher you cannot look.

"That's our model," Mary, "the model that we recognize in the Academy. That's the model of God and man in unity. God says to humanity, I Am, therefore you are, - I and you are dynamically One in being. This is profound.

"Also, you cannot draw a circle around the I Am. The circle is impossible here. There is no outside of God, of the divine, possible, because the divine is all. The omission of the circle illustrates the profound reality that enables wide-ranging healing processes. Because an outside is not possible, whatever appears to be located outside the infinite, I Am, has no more substance than a false perception, the substance of a dream.

"What appears in the dreaming is the error of the corporate model asserting itself, staking a claim, which it has no right for, under the law of God.

This is important. We need to remind ourselves of this until the lesson is learned. The law of God is the law of perpetual harmony; perpetual right; perpetual peace; perpetual good; perpetual joy. Sicknesses, diseases, evils, and deprivations, are outlaws to be arrested. They are false claims. They are the hallmarks of the corporate model that has no legitimate foundation under God's law. A better name for God's law, is, reality.

That's how we recognize God's claim in Mother's Academy - a center, not with a boundary, but with a circumference that includes all, that precludes the concept of an outside.

"We are exploring, in the Academy, what reality is. This is a scientific process that is within reach of every human being. Our type of exploration takes us far above the status of a religious club, to the status of pioneers, exemplars, leaders, healers, illustrators, and seers of the future that has not yet been, but is assured by the laws of reality.

"I am not a religious man," Mary, "as the world sees me preaching in the temple. I have never expected anyone to take anything on faith, as the men of religion do. Religion has become a tradition of opinions. People are tired of it. Society has it opinions given to them by little men, and it bows to them religiously in mindless submission.

"Opinions thereby become doctrines, and doctrines become the law; and whoever is found guilty in defiance of it, is found guilty of heresy against doctrine. He is scoffed at, ridiculed, and is easily murdered in the name of God. It is too dangerous for people to stand up for what they know to be the truth. In some religions the 'infidels' become beheaded. In other religions the victims become tortured to death by society being demanded to throw stones at the victims under doctrine until they die from the inflicted injuries.

"No, Mary, I am not a man of the religion, I am a scientific explorer who is seeking the truth about God and the fullness of God's creation reflected in man. The worst thing that I could do, is to ask people to take anything of what I have discovered, on faith. If what I have discovered cannot be understood scientifically, and be acknowledged on the basis of t6heir uplifted experiences, and in the freedom found in experiencing the resulting good and expanded harmony, then my discoveries are worthless. My counsel on the subject of faith is, for people to have faith in themselves as human beings, as the reflected image of God, and to have faith in good, knowing that God is good.

"Apart from these fundamental points, there is nothing gained by taking anything of faith. I expect people to understand what they seek. I have said this many times.

If this renders me a scientist in your eyes, Mary, since the terms this the best term that applies, so be it.

In fact, I expect society to become scientists. I expect them to become scientists in discovering themselves, instead of living as mindless babblers of learned slogans, no matter for how long in time the slogans have been sung by society. Slogans are the songs of little minds. That's why I must ask you to become actively involved in working with the model of God and man, not on faith, but by understanding it, proving it, living with it, and by developing it further according to what you experience. That's the process of the Christ.

The Christ is not IN the model, or in any model. However, our advanced modeling becomes an aspect of moving with the Christ. The Christ is not IN the Academy, or IN me, but is explored by us in living. We are learning its language. Nor is the Christ IN science. Science develops our perception of it, and with it a perception of who we are and what God is. The entire concept of IN is impossible in science relating to God and man.

The concept of IN refers to man as a corporeal mortal, and to God as a separate entity that has humanity appended to its as a collection of corporations. That's not possible. None of this is possible, except perhaps in dreams.

"Rome, as an empire, is a corporation. It is a dream. As I said before, a corporation is an entity that deems itself to exist outside the law of God, which renders it free to create its own laws to do what it pleases. Thus Rome, by its actions, like every empire, is a corporation, which renders it a dream where nothing is real and enduring.

"In the real world, the individual human being is far from existing as a corporation that is free from the law of God. Humanity is one with God and is supported by the law of God. That's a big difference.

"As I also said earlier, the model for man as a corporation is basically simple. It consist of the letter I, surrounded by a circle. Of course there is no point in exploring a model of this type, which is 100% erroneous, and exists only in dreams.

That's why we have built the great model to explore what is real about God and man.

"Like God, man is wide, profound, divine, and totally real, as is God. And that's not simplistic. The model must reflect all that God is. This means that there exist many more links within the model, which are all important in their way, such as the link across the center of Soul. Spirit and Life, link through Soul. Likewise Principle and Truth, link through Soul.

Here, the garden of exploration becomes more complex. Soul has a significant role to play. This role becomes still greater if one links the extremities of the model, Mind and Love, likewise through the center, through Soul.

"Between Mind and Love, Soul is the glue. Soul is the nuclear strong force that ties the whole thing together. 

All terms in the model come to light profoundly when seen through Soul. This means in human terms, that all aspects of God are coming to light through our heart and soul. Soul pulls everything together tightly and brings us close to God, as there is but one universal Soul.

"If one draws a circle around the upper part, from Mind to including Soul, one groups together a functional unit that furnishes our creativity and powers, our productivity, our science. One might say that this group represents the 'intelligence' component of soul. Yes, soul is intelligent.

"If one does the same for the lower half, one encapsulates Life, Truth, and Love, with Soul. This combination groups together our down-to-earth half; our unity with one another, our social cooperation, our sexual intimacy. One might say that this group represents the substance component of soul. Yes, soul is substantial.

"Furthermore, if one combines the two halves that way, Soul becomes an anchor that holds both halves together.

"The divine idea, man, becomes thereby a single beautiful construct, with a center that is soul. Soul is its heart, with intelligence and substance as its complementary wings, the intelligence wing, and the substance wing, like two wings of a bird.

As every bird flies on two wings, so does Soul. It flies on the wings of intelligence and substance. Both are wings of God, and by reflection, wings of man. Man exists, because God exists. Man is intelligent, because God is intelligent. Man is substantial, because God is substantial.

"Reflecting God, Soul, means the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal, from which all substance flow, and all intelligence flows contributory into soul, reflecting the divine.

"This also means that Soul has two complimentary components associated with it: the 'intelligence' component, and the 'substance' component. In fact, the entire structure is made up of pairs of complimentary components, with Soul at the center.

"Every one of the complimentary components is as critically important to the whole, as are the two complimentary wings of a bird. The two wings of a bird compliment each other and enable the bird to fly. Every bird lives on two wing. If one of the wings fails, the bird dies. Likewise us, we live on two wings, the intelligence wing and the substance wing, of the bird that is soul. When one of the wings becomes dysfunctional by our denial of God, civilization dies, and humanity dies with it."

"I can see the entire model as a complex structures of complimentary wings," says Mary.

"Look at Mind. It flies on the wings of Principle and Spirit. If one of these is neglected, the bird doesn't fly.

Likewise Love, it flies on the wings of Life and Truth. If one of these is neglected, Love as a bird, doesn't fly."

You are right on the mark," says Jesus.

"And don't forget Soul, Mary.

"Soul has two sets of wings. The wings of Principle and Spirit are its intelligence oriented wings. And the wings of Life and Truth are its substance oriented wings.

"Soul also has still other wings, such as Principle and Truth," interjects Mary.

"And Soul flies in addition on the wings of Spirit and Life."

"Don't forget the wings of Mind and Love - Soul's greatest wings," interjects Jesus. "It appears that nothing exists is the spiritual universe that isn't complimentary in some form and serves a wings for Soul. It's central to everything.

The Christ speaks to the Soul through the myriad channels of God.

The ancients had a sense of this when they referred to the central pool in the temples as the pool of abundance. Soul is the pool of abundance, because it is a bird the flies with everything as its wings.

"Even the most basic physical forces compliment each other and thereby construct the universe. That's what John has discovered. He says, we wouldn't have a universe without them. He says that everything in the universe is complimentary by design.

"That's why Mother chose the geometry of the triangle, way back in time, to build the model on. The triangle has no opposite sides, but it has wings. In a triangle every point is linked to every other point. In addition, a tripod structure can stand securely in the roughest terrain.

"Nor are we limited to the obvious of wing structures in the triangular configuration. We can recognize for example that the bird of Spirit, flies on the wings of Mind and Principle. This opens up many more possibilities.

"Likewise, can we recognize that the bird of Principle flies of the wings of Mind and Spirit.

"In the same manner the bird of Life flies on on the wings of Truth and Love.

"And of course, the bird of Truth, flies on the wings of Life and Love.

"These are breakthrough recognitions, Mary.

Our scientific winged recognitions take us far beyond the low-level negative references that we find in the Decalogue.

They also take us far beyond the negative symbolism of the Adam and Eve story.

"In the story, Adam and Eve are expelled from paradise in response to haven tasted the concepts of opposites; in this case, the opposite of good and evil. From this point on, harmony ends, tragedy begins. The writer of the story was aware of the devastating effect of accepting opposites. Opposites are an empty illusion that supports nothing and gains nothing. God doesn't create opposites. The writer wasn't aware of the concept of complementary wings. The story was written so early in time that the language didn't exist to illustrate the complimentary wings concept.

But we can do this now. That's why we have build the model as we have built it, on the foundation of the triangle. It opens up a wide horizon of sacraments of all sorts.

"We need to 'nourish' all the components of soul, each in its own unique sacrament with God, especially the intelligence component and the substance component.

"We need to celebrate the sacrament of mind, as being one with the divine Mind. Our science, culture, technologies, agriculture, and discoveries of universal principle, and so on, are all components of our sacrament with Mind.

"We also need to celebrate the sacrament of Love reflected in loving. The universal welfare of the world depends on that. It includes sexual intimacies unfolding into political intimacies of a common universal soul that flows out through love in ever richer streams of good. Good is the substance of soul, carried in the streams of love. This component must not diminish. Love must never diminish in any of myriad forms.

"Both components, as wings, must be nourished together. To neglect one or the other has tragic consequences.

"The nourishing is critical, even if the world shies away from some elements, by so many small-minded doctrines and objectives. If one applies the model for example to the physical shape of the human being, the head of the human being relates to Mind on the top, and Love relates to the genitals at the bottom.

"In other words; the mind must nourish love. This is really how the human being functions in all aspects, even sexually. Without the mind, there would be no sexual intimacy happening. The sexual process is almost entirely a function of the mind, at least a large portion of it. The mind and the love of humanity are dynamically linked, and they are linked through soul, the great pool of abundance. This takes sex far out of the corporate model of man where the I is the center of all, where sex is a problem, because it isn't rooted corporate model. It doesn't work there; its doesn't heal anything; it doesn't satisfy; it exists without a purpose, except for procreation as animals do. It is such a paradox that it is called, sin.

"The arms are our extremities with which we create and build. They relate to Principle on one side, and Spirit on the other. Below them, our legs that we plant on the ground, relate to Life on one side, and Truth on the other side. Again, we have the dynamics of the two wings represented. Between them the scene opens to sex, with sex being linked with Love. And as I said, sex does not stand on its own, disconnected. It is linked to mind through soul that represent divine Mind and divine Soul. Since the sexual intimacy unfolds in the mind, linked through soul, the sexual sense that people cherish, should be seen as our soul-sense. The resulting deep connection renders sexual intimacy an extremely deeply-rooted spiritual experience.

"In all of these aspects we experience God, because we are the reflection of God. As Mother says, we exist by reflection, because God exists. All good flows through the soul, into love, in our experiencing God. In our experiencing the dynamics of soul, we are experiencing some of the Pool of Abundance of divine Soul.

"What happens when we die?" Mary interjects. "Is the link broken with death? Is the reflection no longer happening?"

"That's an invalid question," Jesus replies. "It is invalid, because negative references are invalid. Death isn't a factor in divine Mind, neither should it be for us. Think in terms of completion.

"God doesn't stop. Omni has a dual meaning in the scientific sense. It means, all. It also means, forever. This divine quality also applies to us. We develop this quality when we become active in developing the future.

Love isn't an end in itself. It is an open channel through which we built the future. As we are getting closer towards the start of the great night, much work will be required to upgrade our world in order to enable life to continue through the great night. We need to build the future. We live for the future. Our love must create a bright future for generations yet unborn. If this love in which God is reflected is broken, then the end-result is the same as if we haven't lived, and consequently, we drop off into oblivion by this choice of not having lived.

The world is full of people who have excluded themselves from the open-ended process of reflecting the flow of divine Love. They say, they live in the present for the present. This means that they have never really lived at all.

Real living means moving with the future, because life is infinite, forever unfolding, forever expanding, forever growing in grace and beauty; and in being powered by love.

Whoever does not live in the stream of love that assures one-another a bright future, which reflects divine Love, that person isn't really alive.

This happens widely. The world is full of examples of the walking dead who have never really lived, who by their choice of living in the present - with the song on their lips: the future be damned - have thereby determined their fate, whatever that fate was, or may yet be.

Those who have perished in wars are of the category of a people living in the present, who perished for their severe lack of reflecting infinite love. Many still do so.

If their loving had been rich and overflowing, they would have moved mountains to prevent wars from occurring, or would have prevented the very notion of wars, including the preparations for them. But in failing to do this, to prevent war, the victims failed themselves severely, and are still failing, by their living in the present where their love is limited to the moment and is thereby so sparse that little of it really flows.

Love is out-flowing. Civilization is not a stagnant pool. It is bubbling with life and love. Indeed, why would a people care about eternal life, if they don't care about living in the future now? Living in the future means, to let the needs of the future determine the present, in order that we will have a future.

Death by extinction is not a possibility in the divine flow.

In the divine flow where life unfolds into active loving, building the future, flowing from the soul, richly, from the pool of abundance, the future is grand by design no matter what challenges it brings with it. It is grand on a scale that is divine.

With life being actively cherished for its beauty and power, bubbling over with our loving it for its endless unfolding to ever grander forms of living that nothing can touch, oblivion is never an option for consideration.

**Great projects for our Ice Age Future humanity relocating itself into the tropics much of it afloat onto across the equatorial seas.

The only option that we have in the divine realm, is Joy, Power, and Peace.

We find this option unfolding in an explosive renaissance of good, that is the forever divine norm in living.

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