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The Model of Man - Video 1 - Why Build and Model

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Part 1:

Why Build a Model of Man?

Why do we need a Model of Man?

We need a scientific model that lets us look deep into the soul to visualize who and what we are as the tallest expression of life on the Earth.

We need to develop this model in order that we may rescue ourselves from the tragedies that we have allowed to come upon us, both historically and in modern time. We need a model that locates us within the functional dynamics of God, for the simple reason that God is reflected in humanity, which renders us the most precious gem in the world, and the most-creative beings that we know to exist.

Our future, however, is clouded by tragedies that stand poised to destroy us. We see them as threats for nuclear war; we see them as economic collapse; and we see them in the form of the near New Ice Age for which the transition has already begun.

These are all big issues, for which we need big answers to get ourselves out of the unfolding trap? And the solutions that are possible, which may be the only solutions, are equally as big. The solutions point to failures in humanity relating to one another as human beings, for which spiritual solutions are required. These politics cannot provide. But they can be found in spiritual science.

Can spiritual science address the terror threats of nuclear-war?

The threat has grown silently to such an intensity that a hair-trigger stand-off is now staged all along the East/West dividing line.

The line separates the presently dying gambling empire of the West that is focused on stealing,

and the increasingly free world in the East that is focused on cooperatively meeting the human need.

When the dividing fault line erupts into nuclear war, the extinction of humanity is assured by the ferocity and the magnitude of the now deployed nuclear weapons. The arsenals are so immense, and the drive for war so intense, that unless humanity changes course soon, the borrowed time that we live on will expire.

But how can we get ourselves out of this trap for which no answers have been found over the past 70 years?

In addition, we face the potential start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s. This challenge is not for distant times. It is here. The transition is in progress.

Our world ship is sinking.

The sinking is already 18% complete.

The ocean liner Titanic sank in 160 minutes from the time it hit an iceberg. At the 30 minute mark it became evident that nothing could prevent the sinking of the ship.

For our World Ship the 30 minute mark has already been crossed back in 2009, when it became glaringly evident by the unfolding astrophysical dynamics that the World Ship is going down into a new Ice Age, potentially in the 2050s or sooner.

The difference between the Titanic and the World Ship is, that on the Titanic is was understood and acknowledged that ship is sinking, while on the world ship, the sinking is not even being recognized, evidently under political dictate.

The sinking of the World Ship is presently at the 45 minute mark. It is sinking with 7 billion people on board,the whole of humanity, without exceptions.

At the 45 minute mark, the rulers of the Steam Ship Titanic began to deploy the lifeboats, of which it carried far too few, and those were severely under-utilized.

The masters of the Titanic were condemned for this negligence. But we, on the world ship, don't even have any lifeboats available at all, nor do we have the intention to build any. And why would we?

Under the dictates of empire, humanity is not allowed to concern itself with such esoteric concepts as the future, much less prepare itself for it. Humanity presently choked mentally by numerous forms of constricting mental malpractice under imperial dictatorships, which include policies for world depopulation.

The depopulation objective that empire seeks, is to cut back the world population from the present seven billion people, to less than one billion. The resulting sparse human presence is deemed to be an ideal stage of poverty that is believed will enable an oligarchic system to survive, which Empire is. The policy is, "let the people die." Science has been arm-twisted into compliance to assure this goal.

So, how do we get ourselves out of this crisis? The next Ice Age that looms near on the horizon is not allowed to be recognized. The recognition is prevented by numerous means.

The question becomes imperative, therefore, how long will we wait till we begin to prepare our world to meet the future needs of mankind before the Sun turns colder, or before the nukes strike us down? We have come to a threshold point on this front.

We are the last of eight human species that developed over the course of more than two million years. The seven prior species have all become extinct, most likely during the many Ice Ages in our past. Ice Ages are immensely demanding on humanity, and by default become devastating.

A mere 1 to 10 million people had survived through last Ice Age. That's all that had remained of us after 2 million years of existing. Surely, we want to do better, this time around.

When Ice Ages are encountered by a society being unprepared for it with technologies and infrastructures, the Ice Ages become deeply devastating.

Humanity has encountered more than 20 ice ages in the past, five of them in the last half a million years. The Ice Ages are interspersed with brief warm interglacial periods of roughly 12,000 years in duration.

The entire span of what we call history has occurred during the current interglacial period.

It is, as if no prior history had existed. In this current warm period humanity developed itself into the seven billion world population that we now have.

That's the timeframe in which, what we call history, has unfolded.

This 'history' is now in the process of ending.

The decisive phase shift that ushers in the next glacial climate, will likely occur in the 2050s or sooner.

If we fail to respond to the challenge it presents, history ends. This means that we cannot allow ourselves to fail. To fail, would mean that we would die back once more to below the 10-million mark in world population, or to our complete extinction.

The alternative would be to create a new world for ourselves out of the depth of our humanity, with vast new infrastructures that would enable us to live securely in the coming Ice Age world with a 10-billion world population. Great infrastructures need to be built for this. Great achievements need to be wrought in our development as a human society to create ourselves this potential future.

** Christ Science

The further development of the historic Christ idea that marks the dawn of Christianity, may also become a milestone on the path to meeting the Ice Age Challenge. Of course, that's an option that is presently not even considered.

For a breakthrough to be won, our inner humanity needs to be developed in a scientific manner. This can be achieved on the tallest platform of science, the platform of Christ Science, and it needs to be implemented as rapidly as possible. Time is running out. This means that an effective breakout from the current doldrums is urgently needed. But do we have the love for one another to prompt us to get this task started in spite of the vast divisions in the world, and to carry the task it to completion before the phase shift to the Ice Age occurs?

 It is theoretically possible for humanity to keep on living in the tropics all the way through the next Ice Age.

Humanity has lived through more than 20 ice ages in the tropics, which, even then, it survived just barely in many cases.

This means that the survival or extinction of humanity during the coming Ice Age isn't actually the big part of the issue that we face.

A few people typically survive the glaciation periods and repopulate the landscape when the Ice Age ends.

The big issue is, will we, in responding to the dynamics of the future, build ourselves the needed infrastructures - stating in the present - that will enable our seven billion population on this planet to continue to live in the coming ice age world?

Nor is the full survival of humanity enough of a challenge. The goal must be, in creating the needed new world, to create ourselves a vastly richer world than we ever had, with the brightest cultural renaissance, in spite of the Ice Age conditions that will be upon us in 30 years. Nothing less than creating a full global Ice Age Renaissance will be sufficient for getting through the next Ice Age. But will we even consider this?

Is anyone even remotely considering to build 6,000 new cities in the tropics in the coming 30 years, and to build them for free for one-another, in order to enable the relocating of most of humanity into the tropics, far from their present regions that become uninhabitable.

While suitable land is scarce in the tropics, new land can be created afloat on the seas. But will we do it? Indeed, can we do this? What giants would we need to be to meet and master such great challenges?

In order to see ourselves as the giants we are, we need to develop a scientific model for discovering ourselves, with which to better understand ourselves, and to discover within us the creative power and productive resources that we have. This is what the exploration series, the Model of Man, is focused on.

The current verdict is that the survival of most of humanity is impossible in the coming Ice Age world. It is deemed cheaper, to simply let the people die.

The verdict is that the money doesn't exist that would be needed to create a new world. The Western financial and economic system is totally bankrupt and is collapsing in value like a falling stone. It cannot even hold its own, much less finance the rebuilding of the world from the ground up.

But does the human being require money to meet its need?

Isn't the human being greater than money, and greater than war, and even greater than the Ice Age? This opens the question far and wide of who and what we are.

So let's build us a science model to answer the great question. Let's build a scientific model of man. But where do we begin? Who do we model ourselves after?

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