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She says 'Good' IS 'God' (universal)

A long time ago, in the late 1800s, the world-renowned American spiritual leader, named Mary Baker Eddy, had created a textbook to convey her discoveries. She had produced it with a glossary attached. In the glossary she defined the term, God. She defined it with a long list of synonymous spiritual concepts that characterize God. Surprisingly, the term, "good," is not in the list. But, isn't God, good? Isn't it the standard concept in Christianity, that God is good? How did she solve the paradox that she created, of the missing, "good," in her definition for God?

She solved the paradox in a profound manner. She defined the term, "good," separately. She defined the term "Good" AS "God." She says Good is God.

She says 'Good' IS 'God' (universal). Good is thereby not private in nature, but universal and limitless. She says in essence that if good isn't universal, there is something fundamentally lacking.


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