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Solar system in a state of transition

The entire solar system is presently in a state of transition. The dynamics are getting weaker, and the propagation times are getting longer. The weakening of the dynamics that we have witnessed in technological measurements, are far from being trivial.

The changes that we saw appear even more momentous when one considers that the primer fields that are critical for the solar dynamics, are themselves magnetic constructs that are formed by the movement of flowing plasma. They are formed by it. Their geometry is shaped by it. They depend on a minimal volume of plasma flowing. And that's precisely what our measurements tell us, is now diminishing, and is diminishing rapidly.

We don't know, unfortunately, where on the diminishing slope the threshold is crossed where the entire interconnected dynamic structure falls apart and vanishes as if it never existed. But we do know that when this happens, the dynamics that focus plasma onto the Sun, no longer happen. The timeframe of the high-powered Sun then ends.


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