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The shock in the dome starts the magnetic field reversal

The 11-year solar cycle itself, begins with a shock event in the confinement domes. The process of breaching or closing a confinement dome's magnetic structure, changes the polarity of the magnetic field orientation that is projected from the Primer fields onto the Sun. The shock in the dome, thereby starts the magnetic field reversal, which becomes evident immediately on the surface of the Sun.

In addition, the shock event in the dome, also sets off a plasma pressure wave from the input dome. The wave builds up pressure around the Sun, which gains it maximum in typically 5 years and diminishes thereafter, as the built-up wave flows past the Sun. The pressure build-up and diminishment is reflected in the sunspot numbers. The numbers gain their maximum at maximum plasma pressure.

The shock event in the magnetic confinement dome, of course, also emits a magnetic wave along the axis of the plasma stream. The magnetic field propagation is a slow process in a high density plasma stream. But it too, reaches the Sun in about 5 years, projected from the input side. As a tightly confined stream, the projected magnetic polarity, affects only the polar region of the Sun, above the 60 degrees latitude. When it becomes active, it 'flips' the polar magnetic field orientation in the northern hemisphere.

The magnetic polarity from the out-flow side takes a little longer to arrive at the Sun, as it flows through less-dense plasma. The lower density that results, results from the Sun having consumed a portion of the plasma stream. The lower density, thereby increases the propagation time. Thus, the magnetic wave that flows from the out-flow side, affects the polar region in the southern hemisphere of the Sun, somewhat delayed.

By this differential origin, the polar magnetic field reversals do not happen at the same time in both hemispheres. The time difference can be as much as a year, or longer, reflecting differences in propagation time. But ultimately, the timing of the polar reversals are of not great significance.

The timing that separates the solar cycles from each other is not the polar magnetic reversal, but is the shock event that starts the magnetic reversal at home base, in the confinement domes.

Several types of oscillations have the potential to cause the big solar cycles oscillation to happen? The oscillation can potentially be caused by the plasma pressure wave arriving at the dome on the out-flow side. The wave arrives there after its 11-year propagation crossing 15 billion kilometers of space, flowing in a tightly confined plasma stream.


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