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The reason why the solar activity peaks

The reason why the solar activity peaks at the middle of a solar cycle is, that it takes 5 years for plasma-pressure wave from the primer fields, that is generated as a type of shock wave with the polarity reversal, to reach to the Sun. The delay is due to the long transition time crossing 7 billion kilometers of space from the primer fields to the Sun.

The plasma pressure around the Sun is a critical variable factor for solar activity. When the plasma density is high, two things happen. The solar activity becomes intense and large numbers of sunspots are created. High plasma density on the Sun also blocks to a larger degree cosmic-ray emissions from the Sun. The effect makes the peak of the solar cycle, with the densest plasma sphere around the Sun, the weakest in solar cosmic-ray flux. Inversely, it makes the valley between the solar cycles, which is weak in plasma pressure around the Sun, the period of the strongest solar cosmic-ray flux reaching the Earth, and also the period of the largest coronal holes.


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