Transcript for scene 14 of the video " Peace and Joy and Power - Part 2" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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We wield weapons out of fear

"Humanity should wake up and cry out with shame, 'We wield weapons out of fear, impelled by our perceived impotence to live side by side as human beings, laterally, as a common, universal humanity.'

"There is no joy in this box of impotence, loaded with fear, much less is there any peace. This self-terrorizing state is the result of humanity being imprisoned for millennia into a terrible theology of universal isolation that society has allowed to come upon it.

"Everything that is in this box of humanity's self-imprisonment, which it has lived in for so long, is so shameful that society is inclined to hide it out of sight, in a closet if it could, so as not to be reminded of it. Except, this only increases the tragedy.

"In this trap, humanity cannot recognize itself and thereby finds it difficult, if not impossible, to pry itself out of the box. That's why it builds ever-bigger weapons.

"Only someone who is alert of the trap, is qualified to shine some light into this prison box. And this, Mary, is what defines your need, and your duty to yourself. This is a critical need for you, Mary, because your very existence is endangered by the darkness in that box. This darkness is a danger for the whole of humanity, because its physicists have become so impotent as human beings that they don't believe in physics anymore. This is dangerous, Mary. Some light is needed here."


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