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The answer is simple

"The answer is simple," Jesus would reply. "What you want most, is the same that the whole world wants and is far from experiencing. This is, peace, joy, and power. But don't look for them in religion and superficial philosophy. Find them in yourself.

 "And why is this so? It is so, because these three are a unit that is essentially one. When people seek a part of the whole in isolation, they run into problems. Nothing works. The reason why nothing works, is that what they seek is not possible in isolation. And this is so, because the three parts are a trinity. They exist as a package. They function as a package, or they don't function at all.

"The package is simple. Peace unfolds into Joy, and Joy into Power, and Power - your power for good - reflects itself back into peace. The power of your humanity also reflects itself back into joy.

"The reason why this trinity forms a triangle, is that every point of a triangle is linked with every other point. Thereby the whole functions as a unit that is three-fold, that is a trinity.


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