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Peace and Joy and Power - Part 6

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Part 6

Christmas is the stage for celebrating the start of a New World.

As we lay the role playing aside, a phase shift in thinking begins; we are progressing, even amazingly fast in some cases.

Still the question remains, have we done enough?

On the Ice Age front, we have achieved miracles. We have developed answers with scientific discoveries for questions that we couldn't even ask only 20 years ago. Now we are building on the answers. We are not following history anymore, we are making history instead.

The current inflection point in the history of humanity promises to be the greatest of all times, because the opportunity we have today, and the power to use it, IS the greatest of all time.

Never before, in the entire history of life on Earth has the capability existed to bring a 7 billion world population into a largely uninhabitable world, that the Earth is during Ice Age conditions, and for the people to flourish in this world in peace and with joy, and to develop evermore in it with the power of our common humanity.

A milestone achievement was NASA Ulysses mission that discovered the solar system's diminishing, and measured its enormously fast rate of collapse at 30% over 10 year, both in terms of the fading solar-wind pressure and in the fading underlying solar magnetic field.

Measurements were completed in 2008 when the mission was terminated.

The collapse in solar activity projected forward suggests that the long-awaited Ice Age transition will happen in the 2050s timeframe.

It was known at the time, in 2008, that the Earth becomes a largely uninhabitable, largely ice-bound planet, that few people are able to survive unless the infrastructures are built to make the coming Ice World habitable.

It became self-evident at this time, that for humanity to survive, a new world will have to be created to enable the relation of most of humanity into the tropics, away from the cold, and that this would have to be placed afloat on the equatorial sea. On the sea humanity is save from flooding, earth quakes, droughts, and to a large degree also from asteroid intrusions.

It also became apparent as far back as 2008 that the task for building a New World in the tropics, afloat on the seas, is so great that all nations will have to carry the task together, cooperatively.

Almost as if it was in response, a sequence of amazing movements began to happen at this time towards the forming of cooperative associations of nations for the building of infrastructures towards meeting the common aims of mankind.

In the very next year, in 2009, a new far-flung financial and economic alliance was forged, which became the BRICS alliance, of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa that joined in 2010. This alliance brings together 41% of the world population, not as an empire, but for improved bilateral relations for the common benefit the participating partners.

Three years later, in the year 2013, the principle of the win-wind cooperative union of nations was given a still wider form with the initiative by China that became known famously as the Belt and Road initiative.

The Initiative is expected to bridge the wide 'infrastructure gap' that exits across the Asia Pacific area, and Central and Eastern Europe, all the way into Africa and beyond, and by bridging the gap accelerate economic growth in the affected areas. The grand design is to bring the world closer together, on a win-win basis.

While none of theprojects are focused on the critical building of the Ice Age infrastructures, an extremely valuable basis for cooperative relationships is being established thereby as a starting platform towards the larger fulfillment of the Ice Age projects.

Another aspect that is super-critical for the great Ice Age infrastructure development, is peace in the world.

On this front Russia made enormous contributions towards ending the terrorist orgies in Syria by defending Syria militarily, and by bringing a new sense of cultural peace into a terrorized world.

A milestone on this path was the liberation of Palmyra in Syria from ISIS terror, in 2016.

The liberation was celebrated on May 5th, with a classical music performance by the St. Petersburg, Mariinski Theater Orchestra, staged right in the middle of a former war zone.

The event uplifted the humanist landscape.

The event quietly changed the world.

Half a year later, in September 2016, the cultural focus was uplifted again when China hosted the G20 world summit in 2016. The logo for the summit, surprisingly, was symbolic of plasma-flow physics, such as streams of plasma flowing around a Sun.

The cultural element of the summit was performed on a lake, with the stage submerged just inches below the surface so that the performers were literally dancing on water.

Was this China's way of indicating that it is aware of the Ice Age Challenge, and the need for building a New World afloat on the sea?

Shortly after the 2016 G20 summit, in November that year, another major event happened that surprised the world. Donald Trump won the American Presidential Election. The American electorate broke ranks with the war-and-terror parties and elected for the first time in modern history a president who speaks about peace and building cooperative alliances between the USA and Russia and China, resulting in an uplift in international relations that only a year earlier seemed totally impossible, even to hope for.

In the year after the US Election,, on May 14, 2017, China hosted the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing with over a hundred countries attending. It was said about the event that the spirit of economic development had become infectious.

But more important than the economic scene, seemed to have been the forum's gala performance. A ballet performance of the event featured another symbol that is symbolic of the Ice Age Challenge. the symbol appears to symbolize the Earth as an ice planet, which cannot be evaded, but must be faced.

Another major event in 2017 in China. was China's hosting of the annual BRICS summit. During the summit's gala event, another Ice Age related symbol appeared prominently.

A big yellow sun appeared in a dark sky, as background of a scene focused on children, as if China was saying to the world that the future that belongs to the children, and that this future will unfold under a darker Ice Age Sun, meaning that the present world must built up with Ice Age infrastructures, primarily for today's children, for them to have a place to flourish and develop in the future in the near Age world.

It is interesting to note in this context that President Xi and other key dignitaries were ushered into the performance hall, and to their seats, by the hands of children.

Does this mean that China may recognize the need for creating a new world for the children of our time, for them to have a future? That's probably too much too hope for.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that the first scene of the BRICS 2017 gala performance was a ballet scene of an awakening, staged against the background of the sea. The sea will be the dwelling of humanity in potentially the 2050s. It appears that an awakening to this reality along this line may have already begun, perhaps even in a significant way.

Whether the awakening will also cause a fading of the many science illusions that still prevail, remains yet to be seen.

In some respects the progress has been amazing that has been made in the last 10 years since NASA's Ulysses mission had measured the rate of the ongoing 'collapse' of the solar system. Nevertheless, the resulting response has been too feeble to make a significant difference on the global scene, where humanity remains largely asleep.

Humanity may yet murder its children by default as nothing substantial is being done to enable its children to have a future in the near Ice Age world. Thus the question repeats itself, have we done enough?

The greatest transformation of our planet has begun while society dreams on, lulled with stupefying illusions and its eyes closed to the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge to raise itself up that remains yet to be realized.

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