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Peace and Joy and Power - Part 5a

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Part 5 - Our Humanity: Peace, Joy, and Power

How do we get us out of the deception trap with that?

"If the trap is deception, or 'invited' self-deception, the liberating element is the truth.

"This means that the liberating element is science, a force that is focused on the truth.

"Isn't this the reason why the Flat Earth mythology has faded out of existence? When a concept is self-evidently false, one simply moves on and let the false dry up and die like a stranded jellyfish. Science mythologies are like fish out of water.

"When physicists don't believe in physics anymore, the human response should be, to help them get back into the water.

"The truth is a scientist's native domain. It is its water. There is no peace in the landscape of the impossible. There is joy in recognizing what is actually real, and in seeing it reflected everywhere in the universe. There is power in moving with the truth.

"This is the solution that science offers to physicists who don't believe in physics anymore, who lost their peace, and joy, and power. You should help them, Mary, to have peace, joy, and power again, and you will help them when you find real peace, joy, and power in yourself.

"The archaic ,Flat Earth concept had faded out of existence with the dawn of classical culture. Classical culture develops scientific perception.

Eratosthenes 'measuring' the Earth (app. 200 BC)

"At around 200 BC, the Greek mathematician, geographer, poet, astronomer, and music theorist, Eratosthenes, who has also served as the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria, had not only calculated the circumference of the Earth as a sphere, and this without stepping outside of Egypt for it; he had achieved the feat with an amazing accuracy by seeing in the mind the operation of fundamental principles. That's the power of science. The archaic flat-earth perception was dead from this point on.

"When the Flat-Earth concept was revived in later time, as a mythology, for various objectives - it often succeeded, for religious and political objectives, to de-program segments of society away from demonstrated scientific perception, back to the mythological perception, especially during the counter-culture wars against the Golden Renaissance.

"The insertion of contradictory postulates, into the scientific awakening in society, has a devolutionary effect. This effect is typically exploited to protect imperial and religious structures against an awakening society, by dragging society down into perceptual impotence.

"This trick, to insert contradictory postulates into the scientific wakening in society, is still being deployed to the present day, for its disabling effects. The Manmade Global Warming doctrine is an example of this type of the intentional de-programming society away from reality, by means of inserting contradictory postulates into scientific perception.

"This modern type of 'Flat Earth' doctrine, named Manmade Global Warming, was unleashed in 1975 to destroy the industrial power of society, by vilifying it, and vilifying humanity with it, as elements of evil.

"This political objective, now imposed from the highest levels, still continues.

"The Manmade Global Warming doctrine had, and still has, an enormously damaging effect on society. Humanity is destroying its economics with it, even while its postulate is physically impossible, and therefore, is obviously not happening.

"Society is destroying its economics for its belief in a myth, while the actual physical cause for the global warming that had been experienced from the 1700s to the 1970s, which is the solar cause that we have physical measurements for, is being swept under the rug, because physicists don't believe in physics anymore.

"Belief in physics has given way to belief in politics. All physical factors are being ignored. The solar up-ramping that gave us 250-300 years of global warming is being ignored is if it didn't exist.

"Likewise is the physical nature of the CO2 greenhouse-effect swept under the rug, as belief in physics has been supplanted with belief in politics. The CO2 absorption coefficient is up to 50 times less than that of water vapor, while water vapor is 100 times more dense in the atmosphere.

"In addition, C02 is effective in only a few narrow bands in the low-energy part of the spectrum, while water vapor is effective in a wide band. In addition the thermal absorption of Oxygen and the Raleigh Scattering Effect, which are effective at the high-energy end of the spectrum, add significantly to the greenhouse around the Earth. These are hard physical factors that have been measured. They are well understood. But they are ignored as almost no one believes in physics anymore.

"In addition to all that, the water-vapor effect that is king of the greenhouse system, is affected by the cloud-nucleation that varies enormously with solar cosmic-ray flux, which varies with solar activity. This immensely variable physical factor, of course, is not even being considered in a world that doesn't believe in physics, although this factor too, has been physically measured, and is well understood.

"A huge experiment was conducted in Europe, at the CERN lab to measure the effect of cosmic-ray flux on cloud nucleation.

"A large test chamber of water vapor had artificial cosmic rays injected.

"The measured increase went off the chart when the cosmic rays were turned on. The experiment proves in principle that cosmic-ray flux, which varies with solar dynamics, enormously affects cloudiness, and thereby affects the climate on Earth in a big way.

"Increased cloudiness reflects a larger portion of the solar radiation on the Earth, back into space, with the climate getting colder. CO2 has no effect in this at all.

"These are all well-understood, enormously powerful, plain and simple, physical climate factors. But in a world where physicists don't believe in physics anymore, these giant factors too, are simply swept under the rug with the song of politics setting the tune where no one believes in such archaic stuff as physics anymore.

"On the wide horizon of physical climate factors, the CO2 component is so minuscule that it is comparable to a cat in comparison with the height of the World Trade towers. Even if the cat could be super-nourished to grow as big as a horse, it still would remain insignificant for all practical purposes on this giant scene that is ruled by the Sun and by what affects the Sun in the form of changing plasma density around the Sun.

"The injection of the myth that plasma physics plays NO role in cosmology, removes a critical dimension of reality that actually comprises 99.999% of the mass of the universe.

"This deep denial that has infected science, of an entire physical 'dimension' that is critical for understanding the universe, has a similar confusing effect as the Flat Earth dogma had in ancient times. Except in modern time, debilitating effect is instigated by deception."

"Or is it the result of 'invited' self-deception," Mary might interject. "The blinded victims in the world of physics seem to say that they don't believe in plasma physics, because plasma physics appears to them too remote and esoteric to be considered as serious science.

"Physicists who don't believe in physics have imprisoned themselves into a box of fantasies that is so empty of anything real that the universe can only be understood as being purely mechanistic in nature, even while the resulting imagery is not physically possible. It is this dreaming of something magical that doesn't exist that has become the esoteric factor in science, because there is no truth in any of it. The physicists have trapped themselves into this box and cannot get out of it."

Science Circumcised

"You give them too much credit, Mary," Jesus the scientist might reply. "They didn't reject plasma physics. The entire subject was censored out of existence. Serious scientists wouldn't have rejected it, if they were aware of it. Science has been circumcised. It has been mutilated. Plasma physics has been cut away and thrown into the trash can, just as billions of male babies had the foreskin of their penis cut off and thrown into the trash. The mutilated society is now wallowing in problems on a vast front.

"The consequences are bigger than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some who chose it, and could experience the difference, say, it's like living in a world without color. Science is affected in a similar manner, by removing plasma physics from cosmology.

"In civilization, close sexual intimacy promotes social, civil, and national intimacy. When this is cut away at the root, a hollow, less-loving, hard, war-like, even fascist society develops, with suicidal tendencies.

"It appears that the Egyptian Empire went a long way on the path of circumcision. It destroyed itself with it, at its very root.

"It now appears that in modern time, in the period after World War II, just as the epoch of empires had nearly ended, the process of the circumcision was ramped up by the masters of empire, and applied to science in a big way, and to the population of the USA in a big way.

"Prior to World War II the sexual mutilation was extremely rare in America. Now the none-mutilated men are rare. The effects are staggering. At the end of World War II, the USA was the richest, most prosperous, most industrialized, most developed, most admired, and most generous nation on the planet. Now it is the opposite on the entire front, including in science. The color is gone out in America. It is possible to get out of this trap. But who wants to?

"This trap forms the environment in which physicists don't believe in physics anymore.

"Just look at how this train of horrors developed, Mary.

"In 1950 it was openly announced that the world has too many people, and that something more dramatic has to be done than staging wars, because, as it was said, wars don't kill enough people. A huge offensive was launched to prevent the economic development of the 3rd World nations. Poverty is a more potent killer than war.

"Here Kennedy intervened with the Moon Landing project that liberated economics in a big way, and to some degree also science. The resulting cultural optimism was so great that Kennedy was killed to shut it down.

"The Vietnam War was subsequently ramped up, and with it the demoralization of society was put into high gear.

"When the peace movement and numerous other factors brought the war to an end in 1973, a new avenue was invented to continue, and to escalate, the murdering of humanity.

"Three genocidal projects resulted.

"In 1974, America's NSSM200 doctrine expanded the economic war against the 3rd World nations. In the same timeframe AIDS was unleashed and spread across the world, primarily in Africa.

"And in 1975 the Manmade Global Warming doctrine was invented. The mutilation of science had become so successful by this time that this devastating Global Warming doctrine could be launched. Its focus is to diminish the physical infrastructures that are needed by a living society, such as energy utilization, industrialization, housing construction, farming, all the way to the point of the mass-burning of food by means of the biofuels hoax.

"The biofuels production presently consumes agricultural resources at a volume that would normally nourish 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the food burning adds up to a holocaust of silent dying in the range of 100 million people per year. So who believes in humanity anymore, in universal love and the Principle of the General Welfare?

"And the saddest part is, Mary, that the entire Western society is actively participating in this crime against humanity, and itself. That's the result of a mutilated society that has lost its intimate connection with one-another.

"This deeply rooted danger had been already noted in ancient times.

"The allegory of the biblical Jacob illustrates the debilitated nature of a mutilated society. It is a story of deceptions, marriage rivalry, and conflicts, all the way through.

"We are told in the story that Jacob has 11 sons and one daughter in a marriage with two wives and their servants. It is a long story that ends in tragedy.

"The root of the tragedy, the circumcision, isn't revealed until the end of the story. We are told that Jacob's daughter. fell in love with a man of an un-mutilated village. Her brothers wouldn't allow their union to proceed, except under the condition that the men in the village would become as mutilated as they themselves were.

"We are told that this offer was a deception, because when the men in the village complied and were in pain, by the circumcision procedure, the brothers came with their swords and killed all the men, sacked the village, and probably took the women as slaves. The writer raised a point that had evidently had tragic effects already in ancient times.

"This sad historic allegory still plays itself out in essence, in the modern world, in which roughly a billion men live as mutilated victims, and a hundred million women. The statistics don't tell the full story. In the Middle East, three circumcised culture are at war with each other.

"And on the scene of nuclear war, the East/West dividing line is between the USA, a nearly fully mutilated nation, and Russia and China whose populations have so far have remained intact. Like in the Jacob allegory, the circumcised camp, America, had the means developed to clobber Russia and China to death. This failed when Russia had built a bigger bomb and saved the world from a nuclear war. We have the same contrast causing tensions between North Korea with a normal population, and South Korea with a circumcised population. North Korea has been nearly clobbered into oblivion during the Korean War, and remains still threatened; and struggles to defend itself.

"It will take a lot of humanist, spiritual and cultural development to heal humanity of its debilitation, which also includes the debilitation of its science.

"The Ice Age Challenge might be big enough to cause humanity to raise itself to a higher-level stage.

"And it is critical that humanity begins the healing of itself, soon, because the Ice Age Challenge is already near on the horizon. The process has already started.

"The critical healing includes the healing of science. Fortunately, the healing of science is the easiest part.

"The healing of the numerous paradoxes in astrophysical science is relatively easy, regardless of their complexity, because a human being wants to be honest with itself about what is true."

The denying of the truth is hard, but when it comes to the Sun, denial of the truth is impossible

"It is one thing to dream of black holes in space that no one can see, but when it comes to the hydrogen Sun theory that renders the Sun as heated from the inside, the honest in society are confronted with the paradox of the dark sunspots that everyone can see, but which shouldn't exist when the Sun is energized from within. Some close their eyes and dream of 'dark energy' as a magical exception. But with this they insult humanity, even their own humanity, by suggesting that such an impossible postulate should be considered as the truth.

"When they look at the Sun, they cannot deny that the Sun below the surface is dark, instead of being bright, as it should be if it was heated from the inside. While they obediently bridge the paradox with dreams of magic, they cannot escape the recognition that they lie to themselves. They may not be comfortable in this, since at any moment a child may step forward, as in Christian Anderson's tale of the Emperor's new clothes, and proclaim that black is black, and never white."

"If the physicists would understand plasma physics, no such lies to themselves and humanity would be needed," the pioneer of science might reply. "Black is black. The child would be right. The voice of a child may yet cause society to awake, as in Anderson's tale. To those living in the real world, plasma physics isn't esoteric at all, but to imagine that 'black is white' would be seen as an esoteric dream.

"Plasma physics is such common sense type stuff, that it is actually difficult to ignore, because its effects are visible everywhere.

"Plasma has an electric quality. Its motion produces typical electric effects, such as magnetic phenomena. All magnetic phenomena in the universe are generated exclusively by the movement of electrically charged particles. The Sun is alive with them.

"What can be simpler than to recognize the Sun as a sphere of plasma, with energetic reactions occurring on its surface. That's what it means to be living at the leading edge. The universe comes together as something that makes sense.

"If the simple reality was acknowledged, it would be acknowledged that the Sun can't be anything but dark inside, when all its actions are happen on this surface. Why shouldn't a physicist be able to understand this simple aspect of physics? If we were a normal, none-mutilated society, this paradox would not exist, and the Ice Age Challenge would be a none issue. In this case, the building of the Ice Age infrastructures would have already begun. That's how big this issue is that we need to heal. It has become an existentially critical issue. Nevertheless, it also appears that some form of healing has begun."

"Why then are those damaging lies still spun around those plainly apparent real happenings?"

"They are spun, the truth is blocked with illusions. The truth is deemed not to exist. The science of astrophysics is boxed into this trap where all phenomena must be reduced to mechanistic effects. This is hard to do, because one invariably ends up in dreaming about processes that are physically not possible, like the Sun being powered by hydrogen nuclear fusion. The prevailing theory is the best that can be achieved on a mechanistic basis. But it doesn't work. It creates paradoxes.

"For example, it has been demonstrated that the mass of a helium nuclei is less than four times the mass of the protons that have formed it. What happened to the lost mass? Did the lost mass became transformed into energy? Is this how the Sun is powered? This is the accepted model for solar hydrogen-nuclear-fusion power production.

"But is the assumption correct that such a process generates energy? Einstein says that mass is energy. When mass is lost, energy must be emitted. The hydrogen fusion-sun theory is built on that. But how is the mass lost? Experience has shown that the nuclear-fusion process is an energy consuming process.

"Before two protons or nuclei can be forced to fuse together, they need to come extremely close. For this to be possible a lot of energy is required to overcome their mutually repelling electric force that keeps the protons apart in the manner of a powerfully inhibiting barrier.

"In order to force two protons to collide, the enormously strong electric repulsion force must be overcome, termed the Coulomb Barrier. The energy that is invested to break this barrier, doesn't simply dissipate when the fusion takes place, but becomes a part of the resulting package. It becomes the binding energy for the package. A significant energy loss results from this.

"When the fusion takes place, internally, another type of energy transfer is required that transmutes one of the up-quarks in the package, into a down quark. The transmuting process balances the internal electric structure, whereby an electrically neutral structure results, termed the neutron. Since each proton and neutron also contains a mass field, an energy field that creates the effect of mass, the transmuting energy is likely drawn from this source. It reduces the apparent mass of the package. No energy is emitted for this to happen. The energy is transferred within. Nothing else makes sense, doesn't it?

"The bottom line is that atomic fusion is inherently an energy consuming process, not an energy producing process. This is why fusion-power systems don't work. Fusion reactors require 10-times more energy input to achieve fusion than the fusion gives back. And the energy that is derived does not result from the fusion itself, but results from the unbinding of a neutron that is supplied in the fuel. That's the process utilized in the hydrogen atomic bomb.

"In the bomb, two over-built nuclei are forced together. One has a single neutron attached, and the other two neutrons. In the process of combining the two into a helium nucleus one of the neutrons becomes redundant and becomes unbound from the package with the release of the binding energy that had been previously invested into it.

"No actual energy production results. The neutrons that generate power in the nuclear bomb explosion, and also in fusion power reactors, were not produced in the bomb or the reactor, but were essentially supplied in the fuel. The reason why the energy burst of the hydrogen bomb is so immense, is that a fission nuclear bomb, within the bomb, causes all the excess neutrons in the fuel to become unbound simultaneously. Nor does the fuel exist naturally, that contains the excess neutron.

"These facts don't prove the hydrogen-Sun theory. They prove the opposite. They illustrate that it is physically impossible for a hydrogen fusion Sun to 'produce' energy, even if a gas sphere of the size of the Sun could actually exist.

"This paradox, of course, is easily resolved when plasma physics is considered, and the Sun a plasma star. Here the solar energy is derived from the acceleration and concentration of interstellar plasma and its interaction with the Sun's electron-rich photosphere. In the interaction all natural atomic elements are synthesized in high-powered plasma fusion. From the synthesized atoms the Sun's light and heat is emitted. The process is simple and dynamic. No magic is required for it. The Big Bang Theory is not required either that is deemed to be the imagined source for the hydrogen gas atoms that the Sun is supposed to be made of.

"The only requirement is that the universe is recognized to be vastly larger, more powerful, and more dynamic than the mechanistic theories allow it to be.

"On this wider horizon of plasma physics, the universe is not paradoxical and enigmatical, but is simple and beautiful and a joy to behold and to understand.

"The tragedy begins, when the physicists, and society with them, defend their belief in what is not physically possible. They force themselves to live in a house that has its windows boarded up.

"The debilitated in science cannot see beyond its prescribed illusions, Mary. They are kept unaware in their boarded-up dwelling, that they, by them defending their illusions, actually argue for the destruction of humanity, and themselves with it, and also their children, because their argumentation for something that doesn't exist, opposes what really does exist.

"In this manner, the blinded people contribute to the tragedy that prevents the infrastructures from being built that are necessary to enable human living to continue in an Ice Age world. The trapped people cannot move and build the real world, because they cannot recognize what it is.

"The theory of the hydrogen-gas Sun, renders the Sun an invariable factor for all climate considerations. This is the universal perception, which is a deadly trap. This prescribed perception, which has become mainstream science, stands as a powerfully inhibiting barrier against the recognition of the real Sun that is enormously variable. The result of the blocking of this fact is so deadly that the danger cannot be focused on often enough.

"The real Sun is not only inherently variable, it also masters our climate. It creates the Ice Ages. With the next Ice Age being as near as 30 years from now, humanity is in mortal danger as the result of the scientific facts about it not being recognized, acknowledged, and responded to with corresponding actions. It has become existentially foolish to deny the universe.

"The bottom line is, that our Sun is a variable Sun, because as a plasma Sun, it cannot be anything else. It is powered by plasma flowing into it from interstellar space that is subject to electric resonance phenomena and density variations, which depend on interstellar conditions. The composite of these drives our climate, and determines our future. That's what the world should be alert of.

"I agree. The very opposite of senseless dreaming should be happening.

"Science should be sensitive to the truth, and Society should be sensitive to what the truth is, namely that an Ice Age will begin, because that is what the evidence indicates.

"The evidence and the science of it should promote the building of the needed infrastructures for living in an Ice Age world. This should happen, even if there was only the slightest chance that an Ice Age will actually materialize. Humanity should move on the most minute hint and take the critical actions that are needed, because to fail would mean the end of much of humanity.

"However, the present evidence indicates that an extremely high probability exists that the next Ice Age start-up will occur in the 2050s timeframe or sooner. Humanity is committing suicide by not reacting to this high potential, believing in dreams of the impossible instead, including the dream that the interglacial holiday will last forever, so that society won't have to stir its stumps to respond to an Ice Age challenge.

"Inversely, if humanity was to react to this high potential that the new Ice Age is near, humanity would be acting with power, and build itself up in the process, into the greatest renaissance of all times."

 "Unfortunately, today's scene is a scene of impotence," Mary might comment. "The giant that humanity has the potential to be, is asleep, dreaming dreams of freedoms that are slavery, such as cultural freedom, scientific freedom, which add up to freedom from reality."

Freedom from culture?

Freedom from science?

Freedom from reality?

"This defines your opportunity for getting out of the trap," the master scientist would say. "Wake everybody up. Don't let them sleep. Don't give them this freedom.

"When the deception is recognized for what it is, that has trapped much of the world, society becomes able to step away from the deception, from the false freedoms.

"Deceptions are temporary in nature, even when they are widely accepted. Deceptions don't defeat science, nor are they intended to defeat science, as this is not possible. Deceptions are intended to defeat society, and they do have their effect.

"However, the deceptions rule only until honesty in science obsoletes them. Until this day, their destructive effects continue. So, wake people up, Mary. Give them a chance to live.

"There is nothing real in the dreaming, imposed by deception.

"Life unfolds in the real world. The universe operates by principles that do not change with perceptions."

"Yes, we can step away from the false, but how to do it; how to open the eyes and mind of the world?" Mary might say. "This hasn't been achieved yet. The Nuclear War mythology still rules. The Manmade Global Warming mythology still rules. The Mechanistic Universe mythology still rules. The Endless Interglacial Climate mythology still rules. Even the Flat Earth mythology still rules to some degree. Have we made no progress?"

"You can start making progress by recognizing yourself as a human being, While society remains choked under the hold of deceptions, we, at the leading edge have made tremendous progress," the pioneers of science might say. "We have made progress that has the power to change the world. We have become a light that is destined to flood the dark places with joy. That's how we will defeat deceptions.

"We have developed physically measured evidence that our Sun is a plasma star. That's a big step forward. - We discovered with that, that a Sun is not its own master. That's immensely significant.

"What we discovered now enables us to align us with the universe.

"We have measured evidence that the intensity of our Sun's activity is rapidly diminishing; that the diminishing is caused by interstellar factors; that the Sun is in a 3-phase transition to the start-up of the next Ice Age. This knowledge is the end-product gained by teams of scientists, engineers, contractors, workers, and planners, both at NASA and the European Space Agency.

"It took 36 years to design the Ulysses mission, build the hardware, launch the spacecraft, and fly the mission to its final end.

"The Ulysses mission was designed in the 1970s and was launched in space in 1990 on the first flight of the U.S. space shuttle Discovery. It was a mission for discovery.

"The spacecraft enabled us to see in space, in real time, that the activity of our Sun is diminishing amazingly fast, at a rate of 30% in 10 years. It gave us a 40 years head start to prepare our world for what is to come, and thereby to live.

"And the discovered voids over the Sun's poles link the Sun with the theoretical and experimental models for understanding the dynamics of the plasma Sun as an interstellar powered star.

"The spacecraft flew for 16 years. It enabled us to recognize that we are presently half-way through the first towards the Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s.

"We know that after the phase shift the Earth will become uninhabitable, except in a very few places.

"We have gained this knowledge by the work of ice drilling teams on the Antarctic and Greenland Ice sheets.

"The North Greenland ice-coring project was a 7 years effort that drilled 3085 meters into ice. The work gave us a detailed climate record going back in time 120,000 years.

"The Greenland ice coring projects enabled us to see for the first time in measured details, the enormous climate fluctuations that an Ice Age phase shift brings with it, that pale anything historically experienced, which renders the entire world uninhabitable, unless we built us technological infrastructures for living in an Ice Age world.

"Very little of this knowledge existed 20 years ago, before the big science projects were conducted, both in space and on the ground.

"What we have accomplished on this front is gigantic, Mary. It is revolutionary. It dwarves all the mythologies that stand against us into nothing in comparison. It enables us to pass them all by, and move on.

Responding to the Ice Age imperative,

promises to start the greatest-ever:

industrial revolution,

cultural renaissance,

revolutionary agricultures;

revolutionary economics,

a revolution in housing production,

transportation systems,

energy systems,

and social advances yet unimaginable.

"The power that invariably unfolds from the processes of responding to the Ice Age imperative, promises to start the greatest-ever industrial revolution, cultural renaissance, revolutionary agricultures; revolutionary economics, a revolution in housing production, transportation systems, energy systems, and social advances yet unimaginable.

"In this revolution, which is a revolution against small-minded thinking, we will build us 6,000 new cities with free housing for all, constructed in automated industrial facilities, powered with large-scale nuclear energy systems, and potentially with cosmic energy from the plasma streams that power the Sun.

"As the result of the created abundance, economics promises to become money-free. Money becomes an obsolete factor. War, empire, property, terror, looting, and deceptions, will all become obsolete factors.

"We have 30 years left to build us a revolutionary New World. And we will do this, by all working together, because anything less won't be enough.

"In order to get this done, every facet of the building process needs to be revolutionized. And this will happen, Mary, because the alternative is unthinkable. And so, it will happen.

"We will move with such power that the dreamers will awaken.

We are not at war with the dreamers. We have no intention to take their dreams away. We may take their night away. We may roll the stone aside from the portal of deception, for the freedom of the human being to become known throughout the world.

"And we won't be alone in doing this, Mary, in building those 6,000 new cities with free living for the future of humanity. The whole world will be on board. This will become the most exciting episode in the entire history of humanity."

"Or we do nothing and watch us all starve to death, in what then becomes the saddest episode in all history," Mary might add. "Shouldn't we have already begun the building then? Instead, we inhabit the easy chair and do nothing. Or worse, we deny that anything needs to be done.

"We should have woken up with the Big Bang," she might say, and add. "Isn't that where much of the dreaming began? The Big Bang is build on evidence that is not physically possible.

"The red-shift theory that supports the Big-Bang dream of the universe expanding away from us in all directions, is so evidently false that this particular dreaming should have ended right at the beginning. But we allowed the dreaming to continue."

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