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Peace and Joy and Power - Part 2

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"What is it, that I should want most in my life?"

Part 2

"The answer is simple," Jesus would reply. "What you want most, is the same that the whole world wants and is far from experiencing. This is, peace, joy, and power. But don't look for them in religion and superficial philosophy. Find them in yourself.

 "And why is this so? It is so, because these three are a unit that is essentially one. When people seek a part of the whole in isolation, they run into problems. Nothing works. The reason why nothing works, is that what they seek is not possible in isolation. And this is so, because the three parts are a trinity. They exist as a package. They function as a package, or they don't function at all.

"The package is simple. Peace unfolds into Joy, and Joy into Power, and Power - your power for good - reflects itself back into peace. The power of your humanity also reflects itself back into joy.

"The reason why this trinity forms a triangle, is that every point of a triangle is linked with every other point. Thereby the whole functions as a unit that is three-fold, that is a trinity.

"A trinity is like a tripod. A tripod stands secure on any terrain when its three legs are deployed. If anyone leg is missing, the tripod cannot stand at all. That's the nature of a functional trinity. If society would develop peace as a package that includes the development of joy and the power of its humanity, its civilization would stand secure. This is also so in the individual context. That's why I use the term trinity. I use this term to make a point, because the concept is mostly applied incorrectly, especially in religion where the 'incorrect' concept has tragic consequences.

"In the theological context, the term trinity is often applied to three isolated elements that function as separate parts, whereby none is really understood. In this incorrect application the elements, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are paraded, each one standing by itself. Each element is deemed to represent God separately. It gives God three different names. That's confusing.

"This isolating trinity also turns God into an abstraction. The abstraction is understood as totally isolated from humanity. It becomes irrelevant. The concept of God as an abstraction supports nothing. And, as you may have noticed, Mary, humanity is completely left out of the picture. It doesn't appear, as if it isn't significant. It is rendered irrelevant. That's significant to your question, Mary, and not only to your question.

"In contrast, Peace, Joy, and Power have a practical object to support. The object is you. The object is humanity. The effect is civilization. Peace, joy, and power have no meaning, except to you who can experience their essence; who is liberated by them; this includes humanity. This trinity and you are united by its uplifting effects.

"This trinity, with its effects, surrounds you, and it shields you from yielding to its opposite, fear, despondency, helplessness. Peace and Joy and Power take these away from you. Peace takes fear from your heart; Joy dissolves despondency; Power obsoletes helplessness. Peace and Joy and Power flow with healing in the wings.

"The theological trinity, in comparison, doesn't function as a trinity at all, but functions as a three-part vertical, hierarchical structure.

"It doesn't even pretend to function as a trinity, but functions as an over-lord structure, with humanity implied as the underling.

"The theological trinity puts God into the infinite sky, and humanity, by omission, into the dust of the earth, having no value at all.

"The theological trinity places a singular 'Son' beside the Father, as an incarnation of a singularity termed God. And in between the two singularities, the theological trinity creates a third singularity that it terms the Holy Spirit, which humanity does not have, but must, presumably, look up to from the torments of its needs, in order to get a glimpse of what it is not, praying for mercy and redemption.

"This type of trinity makes no sense, Mary. It robs society of its humanity. It isolates everything. Your need, Mary, is to get away from this terrible distortion of reality.

"This is also the reason why physicist don't believe in physics anymore. When the world of physics is isolated into unrelated singularities, the stage is set to venture into fantasies where one drifts away from reality.

"Your need is to rediscover yourself. You need to rediscover your humanity, your peace, and your joy, and your power; none standing in isolation. This is everyone's need, even in physics. Universal isolation has become pandemic. It started in ancient time. It spread into everything.

"The theological trinity concept isolates what is inherently One. It isolates it into an over-lord to underling relationship that relegates humanity into the box of impotence. Everyone should want to get out of this box of impotence. This model has ruled the dark ages. It still rules society to a large degree. Humanity dances to the tune of imagined impotence. This is reflected in the increasing scientific impotence to acknowledge what is real in physics.

"Is it any wonder than that humanity has built nuclear bombs? It has built them, because it sees itself as impotent to deal with one another as human beings as One. And also, it has built not just one, but tens of thousands. The nuclear terror has imprisoned humanity into the box by fear. Humanity squirms in this box. But this is not what defines humanity.

"Humanity should wake up and cry out with shame, 'We wield weapons out of fear, impelled by our perceived impotence to live side by side as human beings, laterally, as a common, universal humanity.'

"There is no joy in this box of impotence, loaded with fear, much less is there any peace. This self-terrorizing state is the result of humanity being imprisoned for millennia into a terrible theology of universal isolation that society has allowed to come upon it.

"Everything that is in this box of humanity's self-imprisonment, which it has lived in for so long, is so shameful that society is inclined to hide it out of sight, in a closet if it could, so as not to be reminded of it. Except, this only increases the tragedy.

"In this trap, humanity cannot recognize itself and thereby finds it difficult, if not impossible, to pry itself out of the box. That's why it builds ever-bigger weapons.

"Only someone who is alert of the trap, is qualified to shine some light into this prison box. And this, Mary, is what defines your need, and your duty to yourself. This is a critical need for you, Mary, because your very existence is endangered by the darkness in that box. This darkness is a danger for the whole of humanity, because its physicists have become so impotent as human beings that they don't believe in physics anymore. This is dangerous, Mary. Some light is needed here."

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