Transcript for scene 44 of the video " Mother's Academy part 3a - Adulterous Adultery" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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In humanity, the divine Mind is reflected

In humanity, the divine Mind is reflected individually as one mind. God is incorporeal, but is reflected in man and the Universe. Divine Love is reflected in love. The 'Intelligence' of the Universe is incorporeal. By design, the divine, and only the divine, is incorporated in Us and in the Universe. We are its intention unfolding; its shape, beauty; sublimity; and its Spirit manifest in myriad forms of expression. 

This also includes sex as an element of the divine, and an amazing one at that. It is an aspect of the all-encompassing dynamics of Mind, Soul, Life, and Love. It manifests Truth, and Principle, and Spirit. It has its roots in all of these. It is a corporeal expression of the infinite One that is All, and is reflected in all. 

But what does this mean? This, we have yet to discover in detail, step by step. 


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