Transcript for scene 35 of the video " Mother's Academy part 3a - Adulterous Adultery" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Awaking in society would re-awake its spiritual heart

This type of awaking in society would re-awake its spiritual heart; its center; its creative and productive potential. It would become an adult-civilization in this process. The process would enable it to create the needed scientific and industrial revolution with which the Ice Age challenge can be met, which is still possible, but is presently kept under wraps so tightly that it is deemed not to exist. It humanity would accomplish this spiritual breakthrough, its children would live. 

Presently, every person who expects to be alive thirty years from now, which includes most people who are 50 years or younger, will be exterminated in the coming Ice Age extinction, mostly by starvation, unless the world meets the Ice Age challenge before the Ice Age begins.



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