Transcript for scene 32 of the video " Mother's Academy part 3a - Adulterous Adultery" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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The oligarchic system has been highly successful

The oligarchic system has been highly successful in placing its chokehold on humanity, which refuses to grow up. The self-refusing notion of humanity is so gross that it willingly supports the oligarchic program for depopulating the planet. The oligarchic powers aim to reduce the human presence, from the current seven billion persons being alive, to less than one billion, as rapidly as possible, by destroying the world food supply, such as by massively burning it, and by other similar measures.

The programs for nuclear war, and conventional perpetual war, are advanced symptoms of society's refusal to grow up spiritually, as human beings with a common universal humanity that should be developed rather than being decimated. 

With the portal to the divine Soul closed, humanity cannot see its own value and freely allows its economies to be destroyed with the destruction of its industries, farming, science, culture, and as of late its financial system with speculative looting, bank bail-outs, and also the fascist bank-deposits bail-in processes that have already been prepared for.

On this platform of de-humanizing destruction, the return of the next Ice Age assures the near or total extinction of humanity, which could potentially begin in 30 years. This can be prevented by us mobilizing the soul of our humanity.


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