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Humanity discovered its ability to use fire

When the gateway remains closed, society denies itself its potential future. In the case of energy, it denies itself access to anything beyond the growing-up stage. In its earliest awaking humanity discovered its ability to use fire. The fuel for this fire, typically was wood. Eventually coal was discovered as a fuel for fire. In more recent times, oil and gas resources were discovered as useful fuels for fire. In most recent times nuclear fuels were added to the list of available fuels. Nuclear fusion technology may extend the burning of fuels for fire still further. At the present a number of large unresolved critical problems stand in the way for nuclear fusion power to become practical. Nevertheless, it appears possible that these problems can be solved over the next few decades. And this is how far the current horizon extends. Anything beyond that is deemed impossible. Nothing beyond that is deemed to exist. 

With humanity having been unable to free itself, and this extends to the present, from the oligarchic chokehold, humanity's scientific access would be blocked before it was able to avail itself of the limitless electric energy resources in cosmic space that exist in the form of plasma, which presently powers the Sun and the galaxies. 

Humanity denies itself the use of this 'fire.' It denies itself the use of this boundless energy resource for which no fuel is needed that would be used up. It is a resource that is abundantly available and has no depletion limits. With this resource being blocked by small-minded thinking and cultivated degeneration, humanity denies itself its own survival in the coming Ice Age, which, potentially could begin three decades from now.

While presently, hydro-electric power is hailed as a sustainable energy resource, and likewise power from windmills and solar collectors, these resources are the shortest-lived of them all , because their resource is the Sun, and the Sun is poised to lose 70% of its radiated energy when it goes inactive, and the next Ice Age begins.

All green energy ends in roughly 30 years. Gas and oil deposits will be depleted in 60 years at present rates of depletion. Fuel reserves for nuclear power, which is currently under attack, will likely last us only another 100 years, and possibly for 1000 years if the fast breeder reactors would be allowed to be implemented. The use of thorium for nuclear power may extend the nuclear-power resource limit by another thousand years. But this too, is ultimately limited. There is simply no entropic energy resource available to humanity that will last through the next 90,000 years of the coming glaciation period, much less beyond it  

Nuclear fusion power is not an exception from this built-in fate for entropic systems. Yes, nuclear fusion power is entropic in nature. Its entropy is located in lithium, which is essential for its basic fuel. Lithium exists in limited quantities in natural deposits. If nuclear-fusion power became possible, its fuel resource would only last for roughly 400 years, when the world's lithium deposits are expected to be exhausted.


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