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The Soul-gateway was activated

This was the type of response that unfolded when the Soul-gateway was activated to the infinite domain of divine Mind and Spirit. It is self-evident that Mary Baker Eddy could not bring the small marriage model into onto this boundless scene that evermore became a monumental manifest of the divine Principle of Universal Love. The expanding impetus of this principle impels one to leave the small model behind. It impels us not to scrap the idea of human unions, but to uplift its expression in thought and in deed to approximate to some degree the divine Truth in which all humanity is already more closely married to one-another and human beings than a priest could sanctify - uplifting the marriage model to become a seek kernel for ever-wider forms of expression of the reality inherent in our humanity.

Sure, this higher demand poses no small challenges in the small-minded world. But what of it? Do the challenges alter the principle involved?


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