Transcript for scene 13 of the video " Mother's Academy part 3a - Adulterous Adultery" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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In the divine universe

While there are countless individual forms of the infinite expressions of Love possible, of the one universal divine Love, none of the expressions are personal and need be so understood for the divine color of love to be realized. Love is a universal quality of God that is uplifting, enriching, ennobling. Love defines our humanity. Love is divine. No one can measure it, or weigh it, or see its color, but we know that whenever it is withdrawn, civilization begins to collapse accordingly, and humanity with it. This doom is experienced whenever love is pushed into the background and its flow is interposed. But ultimately, no one can stop divine Love from being reflected, because everything that is real, is divine, and is as universal as divine Love is, being reflected in love. Love is universal. It cannot be otherwise. In the divine universe, all of humanity is more closely married to one-another in this all-uniting flow of infinite divine Love, than by any artificial union that a priest would sanctify. So why not move with the divine winds. Expand your marriages. Let them form a seed kernel that unfolds in ever-widening forms of expression with which civilization is built that fulfills all human needs. 


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