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She had fulfilled her debt to Love

"Evidently there was a specific need for love to be expressed in the specific case the woman had been involved in. She had expressed the love that the doctrines had denied and had demanded to be blocked. This means that the woman had acted like an adult and fulfilled the human need by letting Love shine. She had fulfilled her debt to Love, like every person who has grown up in Spirit, into an adult, would do. Let's not stomp onto any single aspect of the wide scene of universal Love that God has provided for humanity, but raise it up with evermore love, and this evermore universally expressed. Your Father knows what you have need of and is supplying it in rich measure, more fully than you can ask for and are willing to accept. 

Do you say that this is where her sin is located? If you say, yes, the sin is on you. The sin is located in you, by not accepting your being one with God, with infinite, universal, divine Love. 

Yes people, this woman has committed adultery in the most important sense, by behaving like a spiritual adult. I am proud of her. God gave her a heart of love, and this love that flows through it is always supported by God, because God is Love. She had acted like a spiritual adult, and had not turned God down who inspires love in all its numerous expressions. God is Love. God is Good. Love and Good are never personal. They are universal. This is how they are, and are expressed, and cannot be expressed on any smaller scale. Personal love is technically impossible. Any attempt to force love to be personal, is a form of self-denial. 


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