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Was Christ Jesus speaking for adultery ?

Was Christ Jesus speaking for adultery then, in defending the woman? Was he speaking for the infinite sense? Was he saying that the mindless dragon does not apply.

His infinite sense, the soul-inspired sense of man being One with God, and without disconnection, had brought a light into the scene against which the accusers childish accusations could not stand up, even in their own sight. 

Perhaps they began to recognize that adultery means something different than they supposed, that it had something to do with with actually living as an adult. They may have sensed that Jesus had made a valid point in defending the woman as a child of God. Perhaps out of shame for their small-minded thinking, they walked away, lest they might be condemning God. It might well be that they were condemning the dragon instead, and did not revert back to their mindless standpoint.

Christ Jesus had raised the scene to a conflict between serpentine lies crying about a disconnected humanity, captivated by the great red dragon, and lifted society up to the truth of an infinitely, universally connected humanity. He saw the woman standing on this path.


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