Transcript for scene 47 of the video " Christian Science Academy: part 1b - The 5-fold divine" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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If there exists the slightest chance

If there exists the slightest chance that Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering work had been a contributing factor for the peace and prosperity that humanity was blessed with during her period, then the greatest efforts we could possibly make today to get us out of the present trap, and to rebuild our humanity into a platform for peace, beauty, and prosperity, as had been experienced in the rare periods of renaissance, are justified. This means pulling the stops out in exploring the movements of scientific Christ healing that Mary Baker Eddy had begun, that had become worldwide in her time, but had not found enough fertile 'soil' in the mental environment that would enable a harvest beyond our wildest dreams, as Jesus' parable of the farmer and the seeds suggests that we should expect. 


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