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The first period in the development of Christian Science

On this note the first period in the development of Christian Science ends. It ends with a grand achievement that will yet change the path of civilization. And even as it ends this period, it opens the next one that builds on what has been achieved.

On the front of healing, Mary Baker Eddy opened the first school for Christian Science Mind healing in 1867, the year after her own healing. Five years later she published her class manual under the title, "Questions and Answers in Moral Science." Four years later, she revised the manual and published it under the title, "The Science of Man." 

In the milestone edition of her textbook on Christian Science itself, in 1881, she incorporated the class manual into it as the chapter "Recapitulation." In the same year she chartered the "Massachusetts Metaphysical College" for the formal teaching of her science of Mind healing. In the same year, she also became the ordained pastor of The Mother Church.

Of course, as one might expect, the grand culmination in all three vital areas, which occurred in 1881, was not an end in itself, but was just another beginning for more, with equally explosive developments going on for the next 29 years, until she laid her pen down. 


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