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Christ Jesus was saying to humanity

Christ Jesus was saying to humanity with this comparison, that the state of its civilization and the riches in its experience, is the function of the quality of the ground it prepares for itself. If the ground is rich and deep in scientific and spiritual development, then the harvest will be bountiful beyond its wildest dreams, reflecting the unfolding nature of the truth. 

Christ Jesus suggests in his parable that there is no other answer possible than the path of preparing a rich ground in the mind for the truth to take root in and grow. 

Mary Baker Eddy has introduced to us in 1881, with her pioneering work, the tools for preparing the mental and scientific ground, even while these tools would be still further developed by her over the next 29 years. But she did not indicate in any way that her work would spare society the task of utilizing and proving the tools, which sadly, in today's world, are deemed to not even exist.


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