Transcript for scene 11 of the video " Christian Science Academy: part 1b - The 5-fold divine" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Half a million Hiroshimas in a single hour

In the age of nuclear war - a war that can unleash half a million Hiroshimas in a single hour - for which the engines of war are finely honed - the extinction of humanity is largely assured.

After 50 years of facing the existential nuclear-war terror, no solution has been created by humanity to eliminate the threat of its extinction by its own hand, that is increasing instead of diminishing. When public thought is confronted with a great problem for which no solution appears to exist, thought regresses to a more infantile state, which serves the terror objectives well. 

Physically the train to hell can be easily halted by simply terminating the nuclear war programs. But this requires the eradicating of the driving factors for war, and more so the underlying motivating factors, which are not physical factors, but spiritual factors. 


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