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The Triply Divine Man

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The Triply Divine - The Alternate Jesus


In the year 1511 the famous renaissance artist Raffaelo Sanizo completed one of his greatest frescos at the Vatican: The School of Athens. The fresco brings together many of the great people who have shaped civilization over a span of more than two millennia, in one of the finest examples of Renaissance Art.

We see Pythagoras in the crowd, surrounded by his academy.

We also see Michelangelo in the crowd.

And we see Ptolemy there, with his back to us, surrounded by an academy of philosophers.

We even see Leonardo De Vinci in the crowd, and Fornarinaas a personification of Love, a creation of Rafael

And we find Alexander the Great present, among the school of philosphers who have shaped history.

Archimedes, too, is represented, busy with his his own academy.

And of course, we also see Socrates present in the scene, evidently in conversation, explaining an advanced concept.

Rafael presents in this vast comprehensive scene a timeless academy of those who have shaped the spiritual history of humanity and its civilization. He presents the principle of the academy. But there is also something terribly disturbing in this scene, which illustrates that the principle of the academy itself is not a guarantor for a rich and advancing civilization.

There is something terribly right in this context about what Raphael presents in this scene, which is at the same time also terribly wrong. This paradox is found at the center of the scene where Plato and Aristotle enter the academy.

The part that is right, but terribly right, is in the way Raphael presents Plato and Aristotle in contrast. Plato is pointing upwards. All his scientific efforts and teachings have been focused on raising humanity up, both in its self-perception and its accomplishments.

Aristotle, in contrast, is shown gesturing into the opposite direction, saying to Plato that humanity must be kept repressed, pushed down, dominated, so that they will never rise and become a danger to the ruling oligarchy.

Plato appears to be terrified at the very thought of such treason against all that is good on earth, closing his eyes as a gesture, evidently saying NO, while pointing upwards instead, to where the future of humanity lies.

Raphael captures this moment of horror well, and what Aristotle represents in this context, which has become a horror that has spread repeating Dark Age tragedies across Europe.

Raphael also shows us something else. He presents Plato with bare feet boldly standing on the ground, while he shows Aristotle having his feet tightly bound in fancy shoes. Who has bound Aristotle's feet? Whose shoes does he wear? Rafael also presents him richly adorned with gold.

Does Rafael present him as the most influential intellectual for hire, of all the ages, an owned or rented man, a genius who sells his soul, arguing the tune of his owner's bidding at the highest places of science and learning? It is well known that Aristotle was that type of a man, the saint and saviour of the oligarchic system who has 'inspired' many likeminded traitors through the ages. His name remains associated for all times with his invention of the theory of natural slavery.

By traitors in gilded clothing civilization is still being collapsed to the very day, as it has been collapsed in many past ages. Enormous damage has been inflicted on society by the oligarchic system that owns the numerous Aristotelians, the system of the cultural sewer that proudly calls itself the Aristocracy.

But Rafael was also terribly wrong about the way he presented Plato and Aristotle side by side as equals, in a potential teacher-student relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth. The two men were opposites, as opposite as good and evil is. By presenting the two men side by side in a cooperative manner, Rafael suggests that Aristotle carries the wisdom and authority of Plato. This is a tragic deception. It has opened the portal to hell by rendering evil coequal in status and power with good.

This deception is rooted in Roman church doctrine that openly declares God, and Lucifer the devil, do not only exist side by side on the earth, but are also equal in power, so that there is war in heaven and on the Earth. The oligarchic system requires this kind of doctrine to maintain its dominance over society.

The Roman cross on which Christ Jesus is shown, being crucified, stands as a silent testament of the doctrine that Lucifer, the devil or evil, is actually a greater power than God, or as Aristotle had said it, it is natural for society to live repressed as slaves and be dominated by their masters in all aspects, which, as Aristotle as put it, is for the benefit of the slaves.

He is saying to humanity, don't raise your head too high - dwell close to the ground so that the Aristotelians, the oligarchs, can eat you up for breakfast. H. G. Wells expanded on the theme more fully in modern time, in his novel, The Time Machine.

This is the environment that was created 350 years before Jesus was born. Some say that the work of Plato was the precursor for the dawn of Christianity. This is highly unlikely. Jesus' teachings and accomplishments had placed him so far above what even Plato had represented and Aristotle had denied. Jesus' work had put him into a category all of his own. However, Plato together with Socrates, and the earlier Pythagorean society, had ushered in the scientific age of the time, and with it the principle of the academy, which together had set up a tall stage on which Jesus could build.

Where Plato stood tall, Jesus stood as a giant. Plato never healed a blind man, but Jesus did so routinely, and he did so far more than that. Was Jesus a God then? Hardly. This special status would have isolated him from humanity and placed God far apart from humanity, instead of intimately near. Instead, Jesus was a man who had gathered the tallest wisdom of the ages and had developed it to the utmost, perhaps in an academy of his own.

Jesus was a giant who stood on three pillars as it were, the great pillars that support civilization, the pillar of the spiritual history of mankind, and the pillar of science that Plato had prepared, and the pillar of practical Christ healing that he himself had established beyond measure. On these three pillars Jesus stood as the triply divine, surrounded by his own academy.

It would take humanity eighteen hundred years to build itself up on his shoulders, to repeat the type of healing work that Jesus had demonstrated in Palestine. The repeat of this work did occur in the late 1800s.

The renewal of the Christ unfolding stood once again on the three pillars of the spiritual history of humanity, and on science and scientific and spiritual development, and on the pillar of widespread healing of every type of disease by spiritual means alone.

The repeat of Jesus' work in modern time on the platform of Christian Science, proves that Christ Jesus of old had not been a God, or a God incarnate, but had been a man who has since been described as "the most scientific man that ever trod the globe."

Why Christ Jesus, the giant of the ages, came under attack from Rome is fairly obvious. Raphael was clear on that. The giant had to be repressed.

Under the Aristotelian mentality no one is allowed to raise his head. To do so is against the rules of the oligarchy. Whoever goes against the rules will be dealt with. But how did the Roman Aristotelians deal with the giant that Jesus had become? They did it the typical way.

Rome simply killed the man in Roman style and then re-wrote his history in a manner that would advance the purposes of Rome. The victor always re-writes history. This has become a tradition. The re-written history was then published in the canonical writings that became the gospel of the day.

With the gospels published, the church of the empire said to society in essence, "this is it folks; the Christ is dead, which makes us, the church, or the emperor, the interpreter of God's will.

Well, this isn't the real end of the story, is it? The Christ is alive, and is an ever-present healing impetus, as many people have demonstrated in their own life. But what is the real story of the man who most exemplified the Christ, the man Christ Jesus, whose history has been re-written? Shouldn't we find a way to discover what this real story was? We have a need to rediscover what stood behind the tallest exemplar of the Christ in history, both to protect ourselves against the Aristotelian ravishing mentality and to carry forward the work that the greatest Exemplar of the Christ had begun. On this path, it appears, we haven't started yet to make significant progress.

The Aristotelians still rule the world today, and still keep humanity down.

The Aristotelians act out of fear of humanity. They keep it impotent in its own sight, small, and mired in war and poverty. With our modern civilization now crashing at an ever-faster rate, it becomes extremely urgent for humanity to break out of the Aristotelian trap. Just look at the most recent history of the world.

In the late 60s it became evident to the scientific community that the return of the Ice Age is near. The concerned scientists proposed that a conference be held to determine what measures need to be taken to prepare the world for the coming Ice Age conditions, especially to protect the global food resources.

The Aristotelians acted fast. They hijacked the scientist's concerns and replaced them with the Manmade Global Warming doctrine. With this, all the talking about an ice age was suppressed. The goal was achieved, to keep humanity down, docile, and impotent.

Instead of humanity raising its head to increase its food resources and to build infrastructures out of the reach of the cold, the most massive campaign in history was forced on humanity to begin the large-scale food burning, in order to increase the death-rate, to keep humanity down. The food burning in the form of biofuels now eliminates food resources that would be sufficient to nourish 400 million people. This high treason against humanity adds up to a horrific genocide. Possibly as much as 100 million people are murdered each year in the silent holocaust of starvation, out of a billion people living in a state of chronic starvation every single day.

The modern Aristotelian say that the human being is the greatest criminal on Earth by being alive, by using up the Earth's resources. Thus, everything possible is done by the modern Aristotelian society to drive humanity into the ground. It is done with financial looting on a grand scale, and with bailout processes that are wrecking the economies, and bail-in processes that will nail the coffin shut.

Christ Jesus turns the table against the intellectual lies of the Aristotelian school and presents the truth of humanity, illustrating what a human being is.

The difference between the Platonic and Aristotelian ideology is, that Plato stands tall for humanity, unmasking its inherent potential, while Aristotle gave his name to a lie about man, to the most monstrous lie ever invented, a lie so foul that it causes the oligarchy to tremble in fear who have subscribed to the lie, thus aiming to keep humanity down, injuring it wherever possible, slandering it, murdering it, starving it.

Jesus took the torch from Plato and carried it forward into a majestic effort to undo the Aristotelian treason. Where the Aristotelians were driving humanity into the ground, he was committed to raising humanity up. He found a society so small-minded that it was essentially dead under the thumb of the Aristotelian lies that had choked humanity for three centuries by then.

Jesus raised humanity up by healing its wounds, even healing its sick. He taught and healed in the highways and byways. The tallest of his achievements have evidently been lost in the winds of time, persecution, and small-minded perceptions.

We see those achievements only from a distance now. Nevertheless, the little that has survived of his grand ideology of the divine majesty of the human being, has remained the most-leading inspiration for humanity for two millennia. The spark of the Christ, the spiritual idea of God that has survived the years of persecution, eventually gave rise to the development of Islam and its Golden Age of science and spiritual achievements, which in turn gave rise to the Golden Renaissance in Europe.

The Christ idea that inspired the Golden Renaissance also brought the three pillars of civilization back into view, the pillars of the spiritual history of mankind, science, and healing..

And through the Renaissance period, primarily through the work of Nicolas of Cusa, the Christ ideology inspired the founding of a new world, distant from the Aristotelian world of oligarchy, empire, and its looting, its wars, and its ideals of poverty and death.

The founding of the USA was the first daring attempt to snub the Aristotelians that ruled Europe, to build on the far off shores in America a society founded on the Christ ideal of the divinely royal human being.

While nearly all of this has been betrayed again, the foundation still stands. However, with the near universal betrayal of the founding principles of the USA, the Aristotelian thumb has been revived in a big, monstrous fashion.

Under the revived Aristotelian thumb, nuclear war is inevitable. The current terror of it prevents humanity from freeing itself of the Aristotelian mentality and building itself a future again. Humanity is kept down as never before.

Humanity is kept down with the focus on destruction instead of on building, on genocide instead of on living, and on depopulation instead of humanity replenishing the Earth with its creative and productive spirit. Yes, the official goal of the Aristotelians is to force the depopulation of the planet from the present 7 billion people to less than one billion, as fast as possible, in order to keep humanity anchored in poverty forever, which is the ideal environment for feudal systems to operate in.

Still, in spite of this immense treason against humanity that is destroying the world and the human landscape, the ice age is coming. The Aristotelians know this and they aim to obscure it.

One of the most-critical indicators of the trend towards the next Ice Age with a 70% weaker Sun, is the weakening dynamics in the heliospheric system.

NASA's Ulysses spacecraft had measured a 30% reduction in solar wind pressure in a ten year period ending in 2008. With the Sun being an electric star, and the natural weakening of the plasma density in the solar system towards the systemic collapse level of the electrodynamics system that keeps the Sun externally powered, below which the Sun cannot remain active, a cut-off point will be reached that ushers in the next Ice Age with a 70% dimmer and cooler Sun.

This cut-off point is near. The 30% reduction of the dynamics of the system that Ulysses had measured over the space of a decade, before it was shut down, speaks of a fast deteriorating system, that could potentially reach the solar cut-off stage in 30 years.

As soon as this finding was published, of the large reduction of the power-level in the heliosphere, the Ulysses mission was shut down, evidently as it would be an indication of a movement in progress towards the next ice age, beginning in the 'near' term. The Ulysses mission that took 36 years to implement until the first findings were realized, was hastily terminated. With this tragic termination, humanity has lost the only window it had to observe the dynamics of the heliosphere outside the ecliptic where the dynamics are not interfered with by the heliospheric current sheet.

The destruction of science is typical under the Aristotelian thumb.

In this process, the USA has lost its only leading-edge nuclear science research facility, the Fast Flux Test Facility at Hanford, that was not only deactivated, but was destroyed in 2005, in a manner that made it impossible for it to become reactivated again. It will cost 5 billion dollars the replace the destroyed portion of the facility.

The recognition of the electric nature of the Universe, pioneered by Hannes Alfvn, the Swedish plasma physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1970 for his work in developing the magnetohydrodynamics theory, was equally shut down under the Aristotelian thumb. For this shutdown the Big Bang cosmo-mysticism became immensely promoted.

Although the Big Bang theory has been considered since the 1920s, it was dramatically promoted in the 70s to offset the advancing electric cosmology.

All this was done in parallel with the equally huge promotion of the Manmade Global Warming doctrine, which continues to be required to offset the recognition of the approaching near new ice age. This means that humanity has been blinded on many fronts, with science becoming a tool for the destruction of science itself, and with it the destruction of civilization, which is intentional, of course.

The destruction of science under the Aristotelian thumb - that destroys all that is good, especially the destruction of the queen of astrophysical science, the electric cosmology - has imposed immensely tragic consequences for the world already, not the least of which is the growing confusion in science. However, all of these consequences pale in comparison with the near global destruction of humanity that is inevitable when the Ice Age takes its toll, and a fit replacement for the nations place to live, and for its agriculture, has not been prepared.

We appear to be only thirty years away from this point - from the start of the next ice age - from the day when the Sun becomes inactive and looses 70% of its energy output. The 70% loss of solar energy will disable all the regions above the 40 degree latitudes, for human habitation. This means that every single one of the northern nations will loose its territory and food supply if the preparations have not been made by then, that have created new territory and new agriculture afloat onto the tropical seas where agriculture will still be possible under the 70% weaker Sun, though this may be possible only barely and may need to be supplemented artificially.

Since the collapse of the living space of the world is hailed as a panacea in the Aristotelian cesspool, every aspect of the electric-universe dynamics, and with it the ice-age dynamics, is prohibited. It is suppressed by the Aristotelians in every way possible, together with the science and technology for it. That is why not a word of the unfolding challenge to humanity will ever see the light of day in print or any media for as long as the Aristotelian rule the world..

When the suppression of the critical science becomes lifted, as the treasonous nature of the Aristotelian system of oligarchy becomes progressively unmasked, we will see a new industrial revolution unfolding with automated high temperature industrial production that will create the needed land bridge across the tropical oceans for an alternate agricultural base that is secure from the ice ages, all placed afloat on the oceans, complete with floating cities and industries. The utilization of 2% of the ocean surface would be enough to replace all the endangered agriculture. Thus humanity would live not off the Earth, but would live by created resources that presently do not exist. Without this, civilization will collapse for another 100,000 years, and possibly for all times.

What the Aristotelians aim to suppress, also includes the anti-entropic cosmic electric energy resource, which is presently focused onto the Sun, but which is nevertheless always available to us on Earth.

This resource is not finite and consumable, but is boundless, and is of a potential higher energy density than any system that we can create on Earth to produce energy artificially.

If this readily available resource was developed, which the natural planetary systems already utilize, this single step forward would obsolete the private energy ownership that the Aristotelians have under their thumb, which they presently use to bleed society and keep it in poverty. But will we use the potential we have and get out from under that Aristotelian thumb?

We are at the stage today, comparable to the day before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the ancient allegory in which the patriarch Abraham had pleaded with God that the cities be spared that were in danger to be destroyed.

Abraham may have seen signs of a great earthquake coming, or a volcanic event. Would God spare the cities if there were 20 righteous men within them, or only ten? He asked God those questions. God agreed in the story that a single righteous person would be enough to spare the cities.

The writer of the allegory seems to suggest that if one person would make the effort to inspire the people to recognize the dynamics of what was coming, and would cause the cities to be evacuated, then the cities would be saved. The writer was saying that with the people being saved, the cities would be saved. Whatever stones and mortar structures would fall in the cataclysmic event, could be rebuilt. Thus the cities would survive. In the allegory, this didn't happen. We are told that not a single person was found that the people would listen to. Consequently they all perished in the famous catastrophe that could have been avoided.

The writer suggests that the people were all too busy with their family and domestic concerns, to take note of potential events in the future. In the allegory no one took the time to come to Abraham, saying to him, "let me give you some help in rousing the people, on which their existence depends. No one did so, in the allegory. The scene was dead. The society lay impotent, mired in the poverty of its riches. The writer of the allegory may have seen this tragedy reflected in many ways in his time. Isn't this also in essence what we see happening today, though on a vastly larger scale in the context of the ice age challenge.

Let's hope that society will heal itself of this disease.

Like in the cities in the allegory, modern society has been badly infected by the Aristotelian disease. However, we have something in our time that Abraham didn't have available to him.

We have the spiritual history of Christ Jesus on our side to aid the healing process, if we care to discover this history and his science reaching forward in time, to us.

We also have the advanced extension of Christ Jesus' work on our side, in the form of Christian Science, discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800s in the USA, which coincides with the only major period of peace and prosperity the world had in hundreds of years.

With these spiritual resources, we may yet turn the tide against the Aristotelians' treason and remove those people from power who have brought this treason into the halls of governments. With this we can end wars, stop nuclear terror, prevent looting and destruction, block the food burning in its track, and likewise the depopulation policy, and so on, and rebuild the world.

One thing is certain, in respect to the modern ice age challenge, which is that no one is not involved in the process of protecting and advancing the course of civilization. We live in a city, as it were, located behind a great dam that is breaking up. The fissures are many. Something needs to be done. We either put our hands and minds to work, to create a solution, or we do nothing and suffer the consequences. Either way, everyone is involved on this planet in shaping the outcome that becomes our common future. We either aid the solution, by repairing the dam; or allow the destruction of our world, by doing nothing

But whose example will we follow? Plato points upward. Jesus exemplified that we have the power to gain our freedom from every disease, including the Aristotelian disease. Mary Baker Eddy provided the most advanced tools for the healing task. Plato would counsel us to use the tools, saying, get the job done. Uncover what the Aristotelians have obscured. Remove the fiction and uncover the real history of Jesus, then you may have a chance.

With is in mind, let's move forward. The little that we do know about Jesus, if the obvious religious fictions are peeled away, is powerful and should be enough for a start.

For example, Jesus gave us some hints of how we can gain our freedom from the Aristotelians.

When he was asked if it is right to pay taxes to Rome, he answered, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's - which is to say, render to Caesar what is valuable to him, which is of no real value in the universe of God - and render to God the honour that is due, whose image, is your image. If this counsel was heeded the current world financial end economic collapse would have not occurred, as a real value system would have motivated society instead.

Today's 'worldwide' fight the restore the repealed Glass-Steagall law in the USA, is an example of what Jesus had illustrated in spiritual metaphors. The fight over the Glass-Steagall law is essentially a fight over the private right to steal, versus, the right of government to block the private right to steal. With the repeal of the protective Glass Steagall law, the private right to steal has been enthroned. But this is fundamentally not a technical and legal issue. It is a critical human-value issue. Since the protective law has been repealed the entire financial and economic value system has collapsed, and this so deeply that the U.S. government was coerced to shell out upwards to fifty trillion dollars in bailout funds to keep the thievery system afloat in a process that is collapsing civilization.

The fight over the Aristotelians right to burn humanity's food with ever greater intensity, is likewise not a technical issue, but is an issue of human value versus the right by the forces of empire to commit genocide on a scale that pales the Nazi holocaust. The same applies to the world depopulation doctrine that seeks to rapidly eliminate six billion people from the face of the Earth. Depopulation is a human value issue that no one has the right to overrule.

Nuclear war is likewise a human value issue. When the human value has sunk so low that the infrastructures for extinction have been fully built, and have been forced upon humanity under the Aristotelian thumb, then we face not a technical issue, but face instead the issue of depressed human value, which all by itself nearly assures extinction.

Maybe Christ Jesus also knew something about the coming ice age challenge when he demonstrated how to walk on the water and how to feed 5000 with food resources made out of nothing, the kind of created resources that do not yet exist. Maybe he knew something about the coming ice age that we don't even know yet today. He loved to speak in parables and illustrate truth in metaphor. What is presented therefore in the canonical stories, in terms of fantastic physical miracles, was most likely presented by Jesus as stories illustrating in metaphor the physical dynamics of creativity and productivity that is inherent in an advancing humanity.

Instead of just walking on the waters, we will built bridges across the oceans to link the continents with them, and grow our food in farms afloat on the waters, serviced by people living in floating cities that are built for one-another for free, which is possible to do with automated, high temperature, industrial processes shaping molten basalt.

Well, I think the point is well made now, that the time has come to discover what else Christ Jesus has in store for us, meaning, that we begin to pull the cover off false history from off his face so that the real face of Christ Jesus may shine through, and with it the face of humanity.

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