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Mother's Academy part 3b - Adulterous Adultery

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Every star in the universe is a sun. 

It shines brightly, not by its own energy, but by the physical 'reflection' of cosmic energy streams flowing into it. The cosmic energy is located in flowing plasma in cosmic space, made up of protons and electrons, which are themselves made up of structures of moving points of energy. 

What appears to be matter is but the dynamic construct of protons and electrons bound into atoms that are 100,000 times larger than the parts that form them. In physical terms, the universe is empty space pervaded by intelligently created structures that are created out of essentially nothing but energy. In physical terms there exists no basic matter. The universe exists as empty space pervaded by intelligently created spiritual constructs.

Inversely, the vast expanse of cosmic space is not totally empty, but is a vast sea of thinly dispersed free flowing protons and electrons that carry an electric charge, which by this charge carry all the physical energy that powers the stars, the galaxies, and the universe as a whole. The universe is thereby actively self-powered. 

Contrary to general perception, the stars in the heavens are not powered by atomic fusion, but are powered by streams of in-flowing energy, from the sea of energy that pervades the universe. The cosmic electric energy is transformed by electric interaction at the surface of a sun, into light and warmth that is reflected back and illumines the universe, which also creates the atomic structures that the universe is made of. These basic physical dynamics are also reflected in the spiritual dimensions. In spiritual terms, a star and a sun can be seen as both, symbols of inflowing dynamics and out-flowing dynamics. God, the infinite all, is spiritually, the causative impetus, or the light of the universe, that the universe reflects. Thus, as a symbols, the star and the sun, symbolize the inflowing and out flowing dynamics of God and God's reflection.

Mary Baker Eddy used the symbolism in developing a new seal to symbolize the achieved adulthood in the development of Christian Science. As was stated earlier, she dissolved in 1889 all the material church structures that she had created, and then reorganized the building of the church on a spiritual platform. This platform was put on the table in1891 with the 50th Edition of her textbook. The momentous transformation demanded a new seal. The first concept of the new seal was incorporated into a prominently located stained-glass window of the church edifice constructed in 1894. The basic design became the official seal 13 years later when the underlying development for it was complete.

If one looks closely, the crown of the seal in the window comes to light as a crown of five stars of five suns. In the new seal the five suns are five 7-pointed stars, with seven being the number of the seven basic synonyms for God that Mary Baker Eddy had developed early in her scientific work.

These seven synonyms form the model that unfolds with the concept of Soul at the center, which thereby becomes the center of a larger sun.

The larger sun of Soul can be seen to be represented by the unfolding new crown of five suns.

The five suns in the crown, or five stars with seven points each, evidently represent something specific.

They can be seen to represent the three basic pillars of civilization that Mary Baker Eddy had built on, which are the pillar of spiritual history, divine Science, and scientific mental healing, with two lesser structures standing between them that may be termed Temple and Church. In the four-column context, biblical spiritual history has served as impetus for spiritual awaking. Temple, then, relates to growing up, shedding the diapers, dissolving material structures, growing up in spirit. Church in turn, represents spiritual adulthood. With that, the great church-building began, on a spiritual rather than material basis. And on the far right, the healing element is the element of exuberance in spirit, the confidence that flows from acknowledged spiritual certainty.

If one looks closely at this concept in terms of the crown that Mary Baker Eddy had developed for her seal published in 1881, it becomes apparent that only the three main pillars are identified with symbols for a sun. 

These symbols represent the sun that is represented by the model for God and man, contained in the Glossary in the definition for God, in the form of a specific sequence of the synonyms, from which the model for God and man was developed, which has the term Soul at its center. The basis for this had existed in 1881. While the Glossary didn't exist at the time, the 144 element version of the city foursquare did exist and was published in 1883 as "A key to the Scriptures."

It appears that the superstructures were much more difficult to define, than the basic structure. 

The first superstructure was put in place in 1891 at the end of her growing-up period when the diapers had been shed and the material structures had been dissolved. This first superstructure was presented in 1891 with her 50th Edition of the textbook, in a new chapter, "Science, Theology, and Medicine" within her "scientific translation of Immortal Mind." In this translation the flow is from Principle upwards to Mind, unfolding the process of God unfolding its reflection in the Universe.

Mary Baker Eddy has produced three different sequences for the synonyms for God, for the forming of three different models. The first one is contained in the Key that became the Glossary. From this flows the model of God being reflected in man with Soul at the center. The second sequence of the synonyms was produced for the translation of Immortal Mind, with the resulting model shown here. 

The third sequence of the synonyms was produced 16 years later in 1907. It was incorporated in the chapter Recapitulation. The chapter was developed from Mary Baker Eddy's original class-book for her classes on scientific mental healing. She had began to teach her science in 1867, shortly after her original discovery of Christian Science. Its completion of the superstructure for the third development was signalled with the inclusion of her third sequence for the terms for God, with the term Principle as the central sun for scientific mental healing

It appears that she waited with the publication of her new seal until all three of the different models with the terms for God were completed. The third one was completed in September 1907. After that, in April 1908, her new seal was published. The new seal, could now represent all three of the star models, or sun models.

The long-developed scientific conclusion occurred in the light of another majestic conclusion on the landscape of the Mother Church. In 1889 Mary Baker Eddy had dissolved all corporal elements that she had built up over the previous 25 years, and had developed a spiritual foundation for the church-building to proceed. 

On this spiritual foundation, after the material foundation was dissolved, an explosive unfolding began, virtually from the ground up, of the spiritual dimension of church. The spiritual was immediately reflected in corresponding physical manifestations. 

On this basis the original church edifice was completed in three years after the spiritual building process had begun. Four years later, the edifice was already overflowing with the now-expanding congregation. Soon, services had to be repeated several times each Sunday. Six years after its dedication, the new edifice was so inadequate that the building of an extension for it was called for. The extension was voted up in 1902, and completed four years later, fully paid for. It was dedicated on completion day, on June 10, 1906.

This tremendous achievement was the result of only 15 years of church-building, beginning with the new start as the spiritual foundation had been established for the church-building process in 1891. As I had mentioned before, 30,000 people had come to Boston for the dedication celebration. In the shadow of this accomplishment, an obvious question emerged, where do we go from here?

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy had already the answer worked out. The next step in the expression of the expanding spiritual idea of Church would have to unfold in the form of a newspaper designed to heal and uplift the world. With the generous support of the field, the task was completed in slightly over two years. 

By supporting this once again great church-building project, the field was actually supporting itself, by enabling a product that would enrich its world.

Mary Baker Eddy named the newspaper, the Christian Science Monitor, and defined its mission, to enrich all mankind. In this context, the new publishing house was built. It was completed and in operation two months before the first copy of the paper appeared on the news stands.

With the Monitor being designed to have a powerful healing impact on humanity in ever-expanding circles, the oligarchic system roused its forces to prevent this new instrument for universal freedom from being born. This is how the oligarchic system typically operates. The freedom of humanity to develop itself and its light within as an expression of God, manifest in peace and the economic development of society, to richly meet the human need, is a mortal threat to the system of empire, the system of oligarchy that profits from stealing, and looting, and creating poverty that enables slavery in all its forms.

The American nation has been built on the quest of society gaining its freedom from the despotism of the empires that ruled Europe. The quest of the Pilgrims had been to build a land for spiritual freedom. This quest had been under attack since the nation was born. America had been hard hit throughout its history under the thumb of the oligarchic system. Many of its pioneers, including America's best Presidents, who stood for the general welfare principle and the development of the nation, were assassinated in various ways throughout American history.

In this context Mary Baker Eddy was attacked by the oligarchic system as soon as the newspaper idea emerged on the horizon.

The attack began eight months after the Extension temple was dedicated, and one month after the spiritual foundation was laid for moving ahead.

The attack was orchestrated on a wide front. As a part of the attack a legal suit was filed in March 1907, the historically famous "Next Friends Suit." It was launched in an attempt to seize Mary Baker Eddy's property and destroy her leadership authority in the church. A brought frontal assault throughout the press was coordinated with the suit. In order to give historians a sense of the force of the attack and its purpose, she included a note into the preface of her textbook thereafter, that she had never read her textbook throughout consecutively in order to "elucidate her idealism" until June 10, 1907. The date is significant as it is the anniversary day of the dedication of the Extension, and coincides with the frontal attack on her and the church. 

Since the suit was without merit, it collapsed in August that year. It collapsed after a court-appointed master of the case had come to her home for an interview. Legally, the attackers had no case, but the forces behind the case didn't allow the case to be withdrawn or be dismissed. Only the prosecution collapsed, as if to signal that the war had not ended, that a new phase of it had begun.

With the path for the publication of the Monitor now being cleared of legal obstructions, the spiritual basis for establishing it was finalized by her and published in the textbook. After all this was done, her call for building an appropriate publishing house was issued. 

She herself, relocated her entire household to Boston for this purpose, at the beginning of the New Year, the year of the Monitor, the year 2008. This was also the year in which the new cross and crown seal was issued, which was evidently published as a victory seal.

That the attack on Mary Baker Eddy and the church had not ended when the "Next Friends Suit" collapsed. became evident a few years after Mary Baker Eddy's passing. This occurred in 1916, when her victory seal became privatized as a registered corporal trademark.

By registering Mary Baker Eddy's seal, and also her personal signature, as commercial trademarks, the Mother Church had transformed itself into a corporal club. That's what the registered trademark symbol certifies. The error that was committed by this move in the 1916 to 1918 timeframe, had reverted the church back to the type of foundation that Mary Baker Eddy had dissolved in 1889 in order that the spiritual church-building could begin. 

With this error by the church, the original attack that had been launched with the "Next Friends" suit, which had aimed to accomplish actually less, had now succeeded. It had overturned the critically important powerful foundation that the church had been built on.

In the shadow of this error, the textbook itself was reduced to the status of a restricted private club-book.

In the posthumous stage, copyright claims typically serve to protect a product's commercial property value. The Christian Science textbook, and Christian Science itself, was constricted thereby.

In earlier times, during Mary Baker Eddy's development years, the copyright symbol was applied to the textbook for the purpose of protecting the book in its development phase. More than 400 editions of the book had been produced by Mary Baker Eddy in this period.. 

In 1910, when she laid the pen down, this phase was concluded. 

However, the development of Christian Science itself was not concluded at this point. In fact, the discovery phase of what Mary Baker Eddy has developed hadn't even begun. She said so herself, in essence, in the preface of the textbook, saying that future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished. The copyright constriction that reduces the textbook to a club-book, contravenes this purpose of ongoing development. The constriction serves no other purpose in this context than to secure the book's commercial value and to enable oligarchic control. 

The constricting error began in 1917 with the first posthumous renewal of the textbook's copyright status, followed by several more such renewals till 1934. After this the constricting quest culminated with the lobbying for a Special Act of Congress to extend the constriction for the club-book indefinitely, which passed in 1971. While the constriction was overturned 16 years later, after a lengthy battle in federal court, the mental effect of the restriction and constriction had done its damage. With the church thereby self-constricted to a club, its operational field collapsed in the USA by 93%, from 1970 onward, to the present, in terms of the numbers of listed practitioners and nurses. That's a huge collapse. A thousand churches have closed their door in this timeframe. The constriction had the corresponding effect.

To date, the constricting quest continues under the mantle of the commercial trademark symbolism that renders spiritually significant symbols as registered commercial property of a corporate club, business, or corporation. The resulting choking effect has become so dense that a vast portion of Mary Baker Eddy's scientific and spiritual achievement is deemed not to exist.

While the copyright constriction has been removed from the Christian Science Hymnal in the approximate 2008 timeframe, its traditional front cover image, an image of the original Mother Church edifice and its Extension, has been reduced to a commercial trademark symbol that thereby designates the hymnal as the songbook of a club.

Christian science is not a club. When the church was built on its spiritual foundation, to "reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant," the potential for any form of club status was laid aside. 

This high spiritual significance was further elevated in 1906 when the Extension edifice was dedicated and referred to by Mary Baker Eddy in terms of what it represents in the spiritual dimension, saying, "its crowning ultimate rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance - the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness." 

If one reduces this tall spiritual significance to the material status of a commercial club trademark, the spiritual significance is being negated thereby.

The commercial trademark is fundamentally a mortal mind construct that has been engineered for the purpose of mental manipulation, such as the manipulation of public perception in favour of a branded product. Its intention was a form of mental malpractice right from the beginning. 

In ancient days the head dress of the king became a symbol of status and rank, together with impressive garments that served the mental malpractice well.

In later times the crown became the symbol of power belonging to the monarchy.

The crown remains the trademark of the monarchy to the present day, as a kind of uniform that specifies the superior office of the ruling oligarchy. It still serves the purpose of mental malpractice that isolates the oligarchy from the lowly society deemed commoners. 

All commercial registered status marks serve the purposes of mental malpractice instead of the freedom of humanity from oligarchic manipulation.

What Christ Jesus and the Apostle John had visualized, and had evidently worked with, and what Mary Baker Eddy had continued and built on into a majestic foundation for discovery, science, and healing, is presently deemed not to exist, or is deemed to have no value, or to be irrelevant, which indeed they would be for oligarchic purposes.

While some discoveries were made over time, of what Mary Baker Eddy had accomplished, especially from the 1940s onward, the overbearing weight of the restricting chokehold had prevented any significant further development of Christian Science to the present, and with it had prevented the unfolding freedom for humanity from its own chokeholds, the kind of freedom that Mary Baker Eddy had envisioned. 

Thus, the self-constricted club that the Christian Science church defines itself as, remains small to the present day, and impotent in comparison with its potential, while humanity remains trapped into the ever-increasing smallness and disintegrating civilization that unfolds under the thumb of growing oligarchic forces.

Humanity has an urgent need to break out from the chokehold of its constriction and smallness that allows immensely destructive developments to unfold within the dark hell of the oligarchic system that it is subjecting itself to, and its unfolding plans for depopulation genocide, nuclear war, economic collapse, and silent plans for the near-total Ice-Age-extinction of humanity. 

Humanity is in an urgent need to regain its freedom to be able to resume the kind of vast development that it is capable of on all fronts.

As we suffer terribly under the constricting power of the dark hell of the oligarchic system, it is well to remember that Mary Baker Eddy had pioneered a path out of this hell. The path begins with recognizing the impersonal nature of this hell and its secret methods based on cultivated lies that ensnare the soul-sense of humanity. 

Mary Baker Eddy had a faint taste of this hell and dissolved it in 1889 for the freedom of church-building.

She had a harsher taste when the "Next Friends" attack was launched, which her developed spiritual power had caused to collapse. Still, she warned humanity afterwards, especially the field of Christian Science, with an addition to the textbook, at the end of the chapter, Christian Science Practice, saying, "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."

The methods of mental malpractice are deep-reaching, secret, and ensnaring, and the outcome is devastating. I have devoted an entire chapter of my novel, Winning without Victory, to explore the deeply hidden secret methods of mental malpractice, both symbolically and in real terms.

I have named the chapter, The Imperial Bravo. It unfolds entirely in dialog, as mental malpractice typically does, with boasts, and fear, and threats, and intimidation, and lies to hide its emptiness. Since the outcome of mental malpractice is threatening the whole of civilization, I have produced the dialogs of this chapter in the form of a two-part video with the same title. It can be found in the section for "Dialogs for Civilization."

Mary Baker Eddy warns about the consequences of being ensnared by the constriction of mental malpractice. She writes in the chapter, Atonement and Eucharist, saying: "If living in disobedience to Him, we ought to feel no security, although God is good." 

The warning was born out with the eruption of World War One. The war should have been avoided, but wasn't. Likewise World War Two was built entirely on aggressive mental malpractice, with the corresponding result.

The warning still stands before us in the context of the Ice Age challenge that is deemed not to exist under the cultivated smallness, resulting from mental malpractice, though it does exist as the greatest challenge that ever confronted modern humanity, and Christian Science has a critical role to play in meeting this challenge.

While it is tempting to say that God will intervene so that the unmet challenge will not become an existential crisis, because, as Mary Baker Eddy states, that "divine Love always has met and ever will meet every human need."

Oh yes, this statement is true. The reality is that God has already intervened and provided the solution for the challenge before the challenge was even recognized.

Christian Science IS the solution that God has provided to meet the greatest challenge in this age. It is the "final revelation," as Mary Baker Eddy has referred to her discovery. It is the final instalment towards the healing of the world, the final tool for meeting the ultimate challenge in the present landscape of the world.

It is tempting to assume that Christian Science was inspired to heal humanity of the scourge of slavery. Mary Baker Eddy grew up against the background of society's prayers for this healing. However, Christian Science is too big to have been inspired just for that. Its enormous potential was evidently developed for a bigger purpose, the biggest purpose, to meet and master the Ice Age challenge. 

God's answer towards this end started already with the advent of Christ Jesus when the climatic weakening began in earnest.

Mary Baker Eddy was born during the early part of the rewarming of Earth from the Little Ice Age in the 17th and 18th Century, which could be the most recent pulse of the Dansgaard Oeschger events that have uplifted the climate of the last Ice Age briefly at intervals of 1,470 years. The development of Christian Science early in what is likely the most recent event of this type, may be God's final inspiration to humanity to enable it to prepare itself for the impending Ice Age.

The start of the next Ice Age will likely occur when the current Dansgaard Oeschger event terminates, which appears to be near, as near as 30 years from the present. This suggests that Christian Science is by divine design far-more important for the welfare of humanity than even its supporters recognize to date. 

If this is the case, Christian Science is by design equal to the task, when it is developed to its full potential.

Thus, to squander this great opportunity that God bestowed on humanity, with idleness and silly games, would be synonymous with a crime against God, and by humanity against itself.

This is also how the current project should be seen, that aims to depopulate the world from the present 7 billion people, to less than one, with the genocide of starvation. 

Genocide in whatever form should be seen as a crime against God who enabled a large population to develop on our planet, which is needed to build the far-flung Ice Age infrastructures.

The contemplation of nuclear war, and more so the preparing for it, is likewise a crime against God, and for the same reason. The same can also be said for the currently ongoing economic collapse that assures starvation and mass-genocide, which should all be termed a 'nuclear' war and a crime against God.

The destiny for Christian Science is to fulfill its divine purpose for humanity. It is the fulfillment of a great divine promise of boundless good. Without it humanity has no hope, no future, no civilization, and no life. Inversely, with Christian Science becoming activated, society has a secure future before it, with a rich civilization, and would encounter no limits placed on its path that would bind it to impotence.

Our task is to move with God, and to develop the divine promise. This means for us, to develop the provisions already bestowed on us by God, as a matter of Principle, as completely as possible, for the full realization of the divine promise.

In the divine sense, Promise means Principle. It implies that the full realization of the divine promise, as a matter of Principle, is within reach. 

This also means that the time has come to stop fighting against God - to do away with constrictions, restrictions, and other games of mental malpractice - and to implement the divine Promise for which Christian Science has been developed.

Since Christian Science is presently choked into constricted and restricted smallness by the chokehold of mental malpractice, which is fundamentally oligarchic in nature and is not rooted in God, in humanity, or in anything that is fundamentally real, the breakout from the self-made prison that has nothing substantial standing behind it, should be imminently possible.

Simply by knowing where the root of the chokehold is located, the hold can be dissolved and the divine freedom for humanity to develop itself on all fronts, be gained. With God's presence being felt in the heart and soul, man is free.

Once this is done - once the chokehold is located and the heart becomes free - not even the sky is the limit. This is what Mary Baker Eddy and the Mother Church with her, had demonstrated in stone.

This is also what the field had demonstrated for itself in a rich measure with the building itself up with the Monitor.

In the publishing house an instillation has been included that aids one in countering the false direction of mental malpractice. The installation is a mapparium that enables one to look at the sphere of the world from the center outward. In spiritual terms the center is God. Looking from the inside out is the scientific view that enables the correct perspective.

This principle of looking from the inside out, from the center of the soul, as it were, was illustrated long before the mapparium was created. We find it illustrated in the stained-glass window at the front of the original Mother Church edifice with which the great church-building process began. The scene in the window is arranged in such a manner that its correct perspective can only be seen from the inside. When seen from the outside, the scene is reversed.


The same is true of the crown in the seal. If one looks at it superficially, one sees a sparse crown with 5 stars.

But if one looks outward from the depth of what the stars represent, the crown becomes a majestic symbol.

One sees a majestic crown by beholding scientific wonders that are deemed not to exist. 

Then one also sees the underlying models that are likewise deemed not to exist. One discovers thereby that they do exist. 

One also sees the underlying superstructures, and their models that are built on the biblical city foursquare, such as the 144 element Glossary structure; the 16-element Christian Science Platform structure; and the 24-element Recapitulation structure. One finds great riches unfolding. The Lord's Prayer thereby becomes a majestic 16-part construct that is directly rooted in the biblical city foursquare. Likewise the textbook chapters themselves are raised from the status of being a collection of articles, to being an integral part of the city of complex spiritual concepts that Christ Jesus had evidently begun to develop, and Mary Baker Eddy had carried forward. The same applies to the 16 parts of her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, and also to the 16 segments of the Church Manual. Even the topics of the Lesson Sermons that are repeated twice a year in Christian Science churches in many parts of the world, are anchored in this complex of spiritual, scientific structures that Mary Baker Eddy has created in a development period spanning 44 years.

She left us with a monumental legacy that has the potential to uplift and heal the world.

The legacy that Mary Baker Eddy has left us, when it is utilized and developed further, will without fail inspire a new renaissance in the world, of such power, that not even the coming Ice Age will have an effect on the living of humanity in the sunshine of this renaissance. The Christian Science Monitor will no doubt play a leading part in the building and unfolding of this culminating Ice Age renaissance in which the greatest challenge in human history can be met and mastered.

Divine Science opens to us a spiritual universe of three suns. 

It beckons us to develop those suns, and the models for them, and also the structures that the models are representing, including the superstructures, such as the Temple and The Christian Science Monitor. Mary Baker Eddy spoke of the concept of superstructures in glowing terms when she referred to the great temple of the Mother Church on its dedication day:

You have dexterously and wisely provided for The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, a magnificent temple wherein to enter and pray. Greatly impressed and encouraged thereby, deeply do I thank you for this proof of your progress, unity, and love. The modest edifice of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, began with the cross; its excelsior extension is the crown. The room of your Leader remains in the beginning of this edifice, evidencing the praise of babes and the word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Its crowning ultimate rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance - the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness. Methinks this church is the one edifice on earth which most prefigures self-abnegation, hope, faith; love catching a glimpse of glory.

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