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Mother's Academy part 3a - Adulterous Adultery

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Mother's Christian Science Academy, part 3: Adulterous Adultery

It is reported in the 8th Chapter of the Book of John that a woman was brought before Christ Jesus who had been caught in the act of committing adultery. The accusers said that the law of Moses demands that she should be killed for her crime, by throwing stones at her until she is dead. Jesus defended the woman by urging her accusers to look into their heart. He suggested that if there was one man among them without sin on his record, he should be the first to throw a stone. We are told that no one did so. The accusers simply walked away as if no real crime had been committed. Christ Jesus said to the woman who stood with him alone, "neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more."

In some of the modern Bibles the story has been removed. It doesn't fit the modern theology of a disconnected humanity. 

In modern theology, man is deemed to have been created by God out of dust, like sand castles are fashioned on a beach, and had life breathed into his creation that was them let go to fend for itself in a disconnected existence, while God moved on. Every form of personal sense is rooted in this fundamental error in theology that is reflected in nearly all religions. The widely accepted concepts of a mortal existence, mortal mind, personal sense, personal intelligence, personal power, personal wealth, and so on, are rooted in the theology of life unfolding in a disconnected state in isolation from God, so that prayer is needed to call God to attention for special favours. 

In oligarchic theology, God's role is further defined as a dictator of restrictive laws, and as a penal institution that issues punishment against mankind for taking a wrong steps along the way. 

You step out of line - Zap! 

Man becomes doomed to cowardice and fear. Don't raise you head! Zap! 

In all too many cases the death penalty has been applied throughout the ages, all in the name of God. That's a childish game, isn't it? 

Society has been intensively brainwashed by this theology for millennia, often with torture. Society has bowed to this gross theology of an isolated, but divinely penalized, existence for millennia and has murdered one-another in God's name, which it still does to some degree. Christ Jesus had said, no! 

Christ Jesus illustrated that there is no such thing as a fundamentally disconnected and isolated existence, except in the form of a false belief. He cracked the shall of false belief and demonstrated the inseparable connection between God and man in the unity of One, or God and man being One.

The story of Jesus defending the adulterous woman evidently went against the grain of the theology of a disconnected humanity that is deemed inherently sinful, which must be whipped into line with penalties, including the death penalty for the crime of committing adultery, or rape by personal sense for which typically the victim is punished. The story has evidently been removed from the Bible, probably, because Jesus said, No, to the theology of a disconnected existence! 

He may have said to the accusers, "if you condemn love, you condemn God, because Love is reflected in love." Thus, he had acted boldly in denial of established doctrines, and had dared to defend the woman. Moreover, he had done it in a way that had set the accusers free to love enough in the name of God, not to condemn the woman. He had freed them from a false law that had demanded them to become murderers. He had freed them to love themselves more. 

He had turned the entire theology of a disconnected humanity upside down, in every respect. That's why the story was removed from the Bible, just like the Susanna story in the 13th chapter of the book of Daniel was removed. Technically speaking, Jesus had even defended the concept of adultery itself, by defending the adulterous woman. After he had said to her that he didn't condemn her either, he had said to the woman, lifting her chin up, "sin no more," as if to say, "don't you dare to condemn yourself too, for having acted in the flow of Love." 

Was Christ Jesus speaking for adultery then, in defending the woman? Was he speaking for the infinite sense? Was he saying that the mindless dragon does not apply.

His infinite sense, the soul-inspired sense of man being One with God, and without disconnection, had brought a light into the scene against which the accusers childish accusations could not stand up, even in their own sight. 

Perhaps they began to recognize that adultery means something different than they supposed, that it had something to do with with actually living as an adult. They may have sensed that Jesus had made a valid point in defending the woman as a child of God. Perhaps out of shame for their small-minded thinking, they walked away, lest they might be condemning God. It might well be that they were condemning the dragon instead, and did not revert back to their mindless standpoint.

Christ Jesus had raised the scene to a conflict between serpentine lies crying about a disconnected humanity, captivated by the great red dragon, and lifted society up to the truth of an infinitely, universally connected humanity. He saw the woman standing on this path.

In this conflict Christ Jesus intervened on the side of spiritual sense, and began speaking for adultery, a specific kind of adultery. He was saying to the people who condemned the woman, who condemned the sense of Soul that brings God to light; "please stop your childish parade of ignorance, of penalizing one-another as a disconnected humanity. Grow up, people! Start behaving like adults, like adults in Spirit. The woman whom you accuse, has acted boldly as an adult in Spirit and has defied your childish creeds, or else she wouldn't be here. But deep in your heart you don't believe the crap yourself that you are accusing her with. The childish game that you play is your own undoing. So wake up, people, you are not babies anymore.  

"Evidently there was a specific need for love to be expressed in the specific case the woman had been involved in. She had expressed the love that the doctrines had denied and had demanded to be blocked. This means that the woman had acted like an adult and fulfilled the human need by letting Love shine. She had fulfilled her debt to Love, like every person who has grown up in Spirit, into an adult, would do. Let's not stomp onto any single aspect of the wide scene of universal Love that God has provided for humanity, but raise it up with evermore love, and this evermore universally expressed. Your Father knows what you have need of and is supplying it in rich measure, more fully than you can ask for and are willing to accept. 

Do you say that this is where her sin is located? If you say, yes, the sin is on you. The sin is located in you, by not accepting your being one with God, with infinite, universal, divine Love. 

Yes people, this woman has committed adultery in the most important sense, by behaving like a spiritual adult. I am proud of her. God gave her a heart of love, and this love that flows through it is always supported by God, because God is Love. She had acted like a spiritual adult, and had not turned God down who inspires love in all its numerous expressions. God is Love. God is Good. Love and Good are never personal. They are universal. This is how they are, and are expressed, and cannot be expressed on any smaller scale. Personal love is technically impossible. Any attempt to force love to be personal, is a form of self-denial. 

While there are countless individual forms of the infinite expressions of Love possible, of the one universal divine Love, none of the expressions are personal and need be so understood for the divine color of love to be realized. Love is a universal quality of God that is uplifting, enriching, ennobling. Love defines our humanity. Love is divine. No one can measure it, or weigh it, or see its color, but we know that whenever it is withdrawn, civilization begins to collapse accordingly, and humanity with it. This doom is experienced whenever love is pushed into the background and its flow is interposed. But ultimately, no one can stop divine Love from being reflected, because everything that is real, is divine, and is as universal as divine Love is, being reflected in love. Love is universal. It cannot be otherwise. In the divine universe, all of humanity is more closely married to one-another in this all-uniting flow of infinite divine Love, than by any artificial union that a priest would sanctify. So why not move with the divine winds. Expand your marriages. Let them form a seed kernel that unfolds in ever-widening forms of expression with which civilization is built that fulfills all human needs. 

"The conventional adultery that you crow about," he may have said to the woman's accusers, "is a product of a small-minded society that is failing itself, that is missing the boat. You thereby stand self-condemned by your condemnations of the woman. Adultery is a process of stepping away from the small-minded conventions of society. It is a process of shedding the diapers and becoming an adult in Spirit." 

Jesus might have said something like that if there existed the slightest chance that it would have been understood.

From the scientific spiritual standpoint, it is the small marriage bond that is dangerous to society, because it builds a fence around people that isolates them against the reflection of universal Love. The denial of the Principle of Universal Love has tragic consequences for humanity. It isolates people from one another, and nations from one another. It enables wars. It becomes a model for the tragedy of a mutually disconnected, cultural and political landscape. Isn't this what we need to get away from?

We need to get away from the notion that isolated and disconnected existence is divine. We need to step away from this urgently, because wars are only prevented to the degree that society embraces the spiritual norm of the principle of universal love, and thereby becomes 'adult' in their loving, having laid their swaddling clothes aside.

When Mary Baker Eddy founded her church on an infinite, impersonal platform, she made no provisions for the conventional small marriages. Instead, she left the scene wide open for the infinite, universal platform to unfold that makes its own demands. On the infinite platform "the woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God," which Mary Baker Eddy thereby renders synonymous with the Christ, which she likewise defines as, "The spiritual idea of God." 

With these statements she set up a tall ideal for humanity. The great universal ideal has posed great challenges for society to live up to. 

It is not an easy step for one to grow up from an infantile sense of the divine reflection in man, to the full adult certainty that unfolds profound experiences and commitments to the truth.

In this context, the first period of the development of Christian Science, from Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of it in 1866, to the first full edition of her textbook, the 3rd Edition in 1881, may be termed a period of a grand awakening. The period was followed by a second period that became a period of growing up to spiritual adulthood. This second period, of growing up, ends with the famous landmark edition of her textbook, the 50th Edition, the anniversary edition, published in 1891. After the diapers had been put aside, the mature building of the church could begin, which became the third period in the development of Christian Science. This period can be seen as an adult period in spiritual terms. The period ended with another landmark edition of her textbook, the 226th Edition, published in 1902. Nor the did the development of Christian Science stop at this stage. Ever greater development became possible, as if to say, there exists on limit to what can be accomplished.

However, a significant barrier was encountered at the boundary between growing up and adulthood. She identified the barrier with the term, Soul.

When her Glossary definition for the term God is applied to the biblical concept of a city foursquare, in the manner of a platform, the term Soul ends up straddled in the middle of the four columns, as the term, Soul, is not specifically defined in her Glossary.

For details see the video: From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding. The evidence tells us that Mary Baker Eddy saw the demands of Soul, as a barrier to moving forward in the conventional way.

Near the end of the second period, Mary Baker Eddy closed the door on every structure that she had created that stood on a corporate, corporeal, or personal platform, and dissolved it, or requested that it be dissolved. This includes all corporate and personal structures that she had organized, even those that she had personally served over the previous 23 years since her discovery of Christian Science. They were all resolutely dissolved in 1889.

She looked at the future, at where the church needed to be, and recognized that one cannot build a spiritual platform for an endless future by building on corrupt foundations. If the goal is to bring the divine infinite into expression, every concept and convention that is encumbered with material and personal limits, personal conflicts, is therefore a 'poison' that needs to be left behind, in order for the field to be open to God, the infinite. The filter that blocks the poison, is Soul. 

Personal teaching; personal preaching; organizational dictates; oligarchic practices; none of them make the grade. As Mary Baker Eddy saw it, they had to be dissolved before a higher-level building process could begin. Her take was that material dissolution fosters spiritual evolution. She had reached a point in the development of Christian Science in the world, where the old simply had to be put aside. She took the 'diapers' off, because they were no longer useful and had become a hindrance. 

She said in essence, that we have become adults in Spirit. We are the children of light, let us walk in the light - or as Paul had put it, let us put off the old man - for we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face. 

Paul had said, "when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." 

Our soul-sense, reflecting the infinite sense of divine Soul, puts up a barrier against everything that doesn't measure up against the divine standard, the Principle of Universal Love, and opens the divine interface to this Principle for its implementation in our world.

This means that our developed soul-sense is more that just a barrier against the false, it functions, once it is activated, as an interface with the infinite. With our soul-sense thus established and developed, a new age for building can begin where everything is placed on a platform that is secure; where it is placed on an adult platform in the spiritual sense, which opens up horizons that are not discernable on a lesser basis.

With all this done, the church was reorganized on a universal impersonal basis. It was not incorporated, but established by a trust as an idea to fulfill a specific purpose. Under the trust, which defines the name and the purpose of the church, an edifice was constructed with a governing structure attached to it under the authority of a Church Manual that defines its structure and processes. 

The edifice, seating twelve-hundred, was built in less than a year from start to finish, and was fully paid for by donations on dedication day in the first week of the new year, in 1895. It stood tall as a beautiful symbol, appropriate for the beginning accomplishment of a great purpose. 

With the Soul-gateway now activated, progress became explosive, and the mental atmosphere exuberant. Five years after the edifice was built, it became so inadequate that multiple services needed to be held each Sunday. On Mary Baker Eddy's suggestion, it was voted in the Annual Meeting of the church, in 1902, by the membership, that an extension edifice will be built with a capacity for 5000. And so it was done.

The corner stone was laid two years later, in 1904. Then two years later again, the giant edifice was completed and fully paid for by donations.

Thirty thousand people had come to Boston for the Communion and Dedication Service, on June 10, 1906. The dedication service for the "magnificent temple" for the Mother Church of Christ Scientist, as Mary Baker Eddy had referred to it in her dedication address, had to be conducted six times that day, consecutively, to accommodate all.

This was the type of response that unfolded when the Soul-gateway was activated to the infinite domain of divine Mind and Spirit. It is self-evident that Mary Baker Eddy could not bring the small marriage model into onto this boundless scene that evermore became a monumental manifest of the divine Principle of Universal Love. The expanding impetus of this principle impels one to leave the small model behind. It impels us not to scrap the idea of human unions, but to uplift its expression in thought and in deed to approximate to some degree the divine Truth in which all humanity is already more closely married to one-another and human beings than a priest could sanctify - uplifting the marriage model to become a seek kernel for ever-wider forms of expression of the reality inherent in our humanity.

Sure, this higher demand poses no small challenges in the small-minded world. But what of it? Do the challenges alter the principle involved?

I have written a series of twelve novels for the exploration of the Principle of Universal Love. It started as a single novel that I named, "Discovering Love." However, the spiritual dimension proved to be far too wide for the subject to be explored in a single treaties. By the time the work was done, the end product was a series of 12 novels. I called the series, the Lodging for the Rose.

I have discovered recently that the 12 novels unfold in essence along the line of the natural progression of awaking: shedding the diapers: becoming adults past the portal of the soul being made wider and wider; culminating in a growing exuberance with the growing sense of humanity.

I have also discovered recently that the same progression is also evident in the small, in the novels. It comes to light right right from the beginning in four different types of unfolding relationships that the main protagonist develops with four different women that he comes into contact with in the story of the first novel "Discovering Love."

Erica discovered a world beyond the small, but she lacks the depth on which it can unfold. Helen is a healer who has taken many a diaper off in growing out of the conventional encumberment. Ushi and Steve have dissolved the small platform in their mind and have moved away form it, and built a taller platform with the portal of the human soul links to the Divine Soul and the dimension of Truth. The platform that unfolds with them stands tall across the entire series of novels, which itself unfolds as single story. Heather is drawn into the exuberance of the unfolding spiritual-adult scene built with Ushi and Steve. 

The portal to the divine Soul that stands between growing up and adulthood is critical in all aspects of civilization. This is critical, because when the gateway remains unrecognized, and thereby closed, the transition to adulthood in spirit remains blocked.

When the gateway remains closed, society denies itself its potential future. In the case of energy, it denies itself access to anything beyond the growing-up stage. In its earliest awaking humanity discovered its ability to use fire. The fuel for this fire, typically was wood. Eventually coal was discovered as a fuel for fire. In more recent times, oil and gas resources were discovered as useful fuels for fire. In most recent times nuclear fuels were added to the list of available fuels. Nuclear fusion technology may extend the burning of fuels for fire still further. At the present a number of large unresolved critical problems stand in the way for nuclear fusion power to become practical. Nevertheless, it appears possible that these problems can be solved over the next few decades. And this is how far the current horizon extends. Anything beyond that is deemed impossible. Nothing beyond that is deemed to exist. 

With humanity having been unable to free itself, and this extends to the present, from the oligarchic chokehold, humanity's scientific access would be blocked before it was able to avail itself of the limitless electric energy resources in cosmic space that exist in the form of plasma, which presently powers the Sun and the galaxies. 

Humanity denies itself the use of this 'fire.' It denies itself the use of this boundless energy resource for which no fuel is needed that would be used up. It is a resource that is abundantly available and has no depletion limits. With this resource being blocked by small-minded thinking and cultivated degeneration, humanity denies itself its own survival in the coming Ice Age, which, potentially could begin three decades from now.

While presently, hydro-electric power is hailed as a sustainable energy resource, and likewise power from windmills and solar collectors, these resources are the shortest-lived of them all , because their resource is the Sun, and the Sun is poised to lose 70% of its radiated energy when it goes inactive, and the next Ice Age begins.

All green energy ends in roughly 30 years. Gas and oil deposits will be depleted in 60 years at present rates of depletion. Fuel reserves for nuclear power, which is currently under attack, will likely last us only another 100 years, and possibly for 1000 years if the fast breeder reactors would be allowed to be implemented. The use of thorium for nuclear power may extend the nuclear-power resource limit by another thousand years. But this too, is ultimately limited. There is simply no entropic energy resource available to humanity that will last through the next 90,000 years of the coming glaciation period, much less beyond it  

Nuclear fusion power is not an exception from this built-in fate for entropic systems. Yes, nuclear fusion power is entropic in nature. Its entropy is located in lithium, which is essential for its basic fuel. Lithium exists in limited quantities in natural deposits. If nuclear-fusion power became possible, its fuel resource would only last for roughly 400 years, when the world's lithium deposits are expected to be exhausted.

The only option that humanity has for maintaining its future, is to open the gateway of its soul that would unblock the current barrier against the utilization of cosmic electric energy that exists abundantly - that powers the Sun and can even be 'photographed' to encircle the Earth - but which is deemed not to exist.

The cosmic energy resource is currently blocked by small-minded thinking that has been patiently cultivated under the rule of the oligarchic doctrine for keeping humanity small, dumb, and docile.

The oligarchic system has been highly successful in placing its chokehold on humanity, which refuses to grow up. The self-refusing notion of humanity is so gross that it willingly supports the oligarchic program for depopulating the planet. The oligarchic powers aim to reduce the human presence, from the current seven billion persons being alive, to less than one billion, as rapidly as possible, by destroying the world food supply, such as by massively burning it, and by other similar measures.

The programs for nuclear war, and conventional perpetual war, are advanced symptoms of society's refusal to grow up spiritually, as human beings with a common universal humanity that should be developed rather than being decimated. 

With the portal to the divine Soul closed, humanity cannot see its own value and freely allows its economies to be destroyed with the destruction of its industries, farming, science, culture, and as of late its financial system with speculative looting, bank bail-outs, and also the fascist bank-deposits bail-in processes that have already been prepared for.

On this platform of de-humanizing destruction, the return of the next Ice Age assures the near or total extinction of humanity, which could potentially begin in 30 years. This can be prevented by us mobilizing the soul of our humanity.

Soul stands at the center of our humanity, as in this model shown here. It appears that all aspects of our humanity flow through the center of Soul reflected in man.

In this deep sense, the entire model of man becomes a spiritual 'Sun' with Soul being the heart of this sun.

Should humanity open the portal to its soul on this wide basis, and thereby find great value in itself, it would instantly latch onto the immense Ice Age challenge and be impelled to protect the value it sees in itself. 

This type of awaking in society would re-awake its spiritual heart; its center; its creative and productive potential. It would become an adult-civilization in this process. The process would enable it to create the needed scientific and industrial revolution with which the Ice Age challenge can be met, which is still possible, but is presently kept under wraps so tightly that it is deemed not to exist. It humanity would accomplish this spiritual breakthrough, its children would live. 

Presently, every person who expects to be alive thirty years from now, which includes most people who are 50 years or younger, will be exterminated in the coming Ice Age extinction, mostly by starvation, unless the world meets the Ice Age challenge before the Ice Age begins.


Currently, society merely shrugs its shoulders, seeing no value in itself. Thus it keeps on playing its despicable games of genocide, nuclear war threats, financial looting, and economic destruction. 

In the oligarchic scene of the deepest self-denial of humanity, soul stands as a beacon of hope, and as the most critical factor that needs to be brought into the foreground, in order to be opened up as never before. All life literally hangs in the balance. The big question thus, is, will humanity continue to refuse itself? Will it continue to deny itself, even as it denies the Ice Age challenge as a reality? The answer will decide the future of mankind, or the lack of it.

The Ice Age challenge is presently the greatest challenge on the horizon of humanity by far. The principles for its occurrence are known. The evidence is strong. The consequences are enormous. The urgency is great. We have potentially thirty years remaining to meet the challenge. It is a narrow space for repentance that we have still left, with enough time for massive development. Nothing is comparable on the global scale to the Sun going inactive, with a 70% reduction of its energy output. While we have our future within reach for our grasping as human beings, society's reaction is to do nothing and dream away the hours it will never have restored, that become lost opportunities.

As the German poet Friedrich Schiller lamented in a letter, in referring to the tragedies that humanity has suffered, saying that "the great moments in history have all too often found society a small people", whereby the precious opportunities became lost. And with this loss, the freedom that had been at hand, had not been realized.

The nuclear war threat is a simple challenge to meet, in physical terms. It is known where all the bombs are located. They could be disabled in a week, whereby the nuclear war danger would exist no more. In comparison, the Ice Age challenge cannot be so easily met.

The Ice Age challenge is imposed on us, not by ourselves, but by the dynamics of the universe. The challenge can be met by relocating our agricultural production, and industries, and cities, into the tropics that will remain habitable in an Ice Age environment under a dimmer Sun.

This means placing much of the world's agriculture, together with new cities with free housing, across the tropical seas, on floating modules between the hurricane zones, . When the human soul becomes activated to its inherent potential, the vast infrastructures that are needed for this can be produced in automated, high temperature, industrial processes, including the construction of free housing as an 'investment' by society into itself. All this is possible. But will we do it? Or will we lay ourselves down to die as we, humanity as a whole, are presently committed to, by doing nothing. Thus Schiller's lament is appropriate again. Will the last opportunity, the last great moment that stands before us, find humanity once again a pathetically small people, latched tenaciously to its death trap?

The Principle of Universal Love is the powerhouse that can get us out of the death trap, if it is honestly pursued. Truth opens the door to the riches we have within. It bears the fruit of our health and our 'holiness' as the greatest form of life on the Earth, which we, as a divine humanity, are. 

Life bears the fruit of immortal harmony. But Love is king. It destroys all fear and heals the sickness in society and its small-minded living that should be deemed the greatest sin. As attributes of God, our divine elements are available to us to become manifest without reservation. 

In humanity, the divine Mind is reflected individually as one mind. God is incorporeal, but is reflected in man and the Universe. Divine Love is reflected in love. The 'Intelligence' of the Universe is incorporeal. By design, the divine, and only the divine, is incorporated in Us and in the Universe. We are its intention unfolding; its shape, beauty; sublimity; and its Spirit manifest in myriad forms of expression. 

This also includes sex as an element of the divine, and an amazing one at that. It is an aspect of the all-encompassing dynamics of Mind, Soul, Life, and Love. It manifests Truth, and Principle, and Spirit. It has its roots in all of these. It is a corporeal expression of the infinite One that is All, and is reflected in all. 

But what does this mean? This, we have yet to discover in detail, step by step. 

Mary Baker Eddy responded by dissolving everything that didn't measure up, and then building on the gold that remained. On this basis she created a worldwide movement for spiritual healing in slightly over four decades, starting with almost nothing. 

History also tells us that the four decades of labour in discovering and establishing Christian Science, where decades of the greatest peace and development that humanity had experienced in the last 600 years to date. 

What Mary Baker Eddy put onto the world-scene with her work is an aspect of the 'universal kiss' that does not fade into the dark, but retains its sparkle and stays alive for many days, and years, and centuries. 

Frankin Delanor Roosevelt had built on the principle of the 'universal kiss,' the kiss of the soul, which became reflected in his commitment to the principle of the general welfare. 

This principle has always stood, and still stands, in complete opposition to the system of oligarchy, a system that is fascist in nature, for its utter emptiness, existing without a principle, and life, and light.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy also built on the platform of the 'universal kiss' in the Roosevelt tradition, fighting for the improvement of the human condition by every powerful means available, including to go deep into space and have the moon under our feet. 

Some may still remember his words from 1962:

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills; because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win ...

It is for these reasons that I regard the decision last year to shift our efforts in space from low to high gear as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the office of the Presidency. 

For this inspiration and commitment to the general welfare of the nation and humanity, President John Kennedy was murdered by the system of oligarchy, just as humanity as a whole is set up to be murdered on the altar of the depopulation doctrine, and of the commitment of the oligarchy by all possible means, to prevent a meaningful response to the Ice Age challenge. 

Still, the love of these pioneers for humanity, and their commitment to its welfare, remains a light in the world, which is destined to become the new fire.

In the sparkle of the Principle of Universal Love, the artificial distance that has been cultivated deeply between human hearts, which is deemed to be civility, becomes reduced to zero in the light of this principle as the natural zero-distance between all humanity is being laid bare before us. 

The zero-distance love is what the poets sing about and composers enfold into music, as the kind of love where all of love's rich colors melt together into a great symphony of tone, and color, and freedom, and humanity. Here unfolds the sun of the soul.

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