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Mother's Academy part 2b - The Christly Adam

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The entire allegory illustrates the domination of humanity by personal sense versus the freedom of infinite sense that unfolds the substance of the divine promise, the reality of divine Spirit that is the heart of man. 

Freedom begins when humanity places its intelligence, power, and substance into the divine court instead of the court of the Lord God, the court of personal sense or mortal mind. 

It appears that the entire second period of the development of Christian Science, from 1881 to 1891, was focused on breaking away from personal sense to infinite sense. 

Going into this period, Mary Baker Eddy had established herself personally as the pastor of the Church of Christ Scientist and as the teacher of its science in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College that she had chartered for this purpose in 1881. She was the church, personified, at this time. Everything depended on her, as if she was the only human being on the planet.

It took Mary Baker Eddy ten years to break out of this trap, to achieve a decisive break away from personal sense, to the infinite sense. The trap had limited the unfolding of her church and her science. 

She accomplished the necessary breakout in a big, decisive manner. She dissolved the church in which she had served in person as its pastor. At the same time she closed her college, the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in which she had personally taught 4000 students the science of mental healing. With this done, she revised her textbook on Christian Science over the span of the following two years. 

When the work was done, with the foundation grounded in infinite Spirit becoming established, she reorganized the church in 1892 on an impersonal footing. The Bible and her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, became the impersonal pastor of it.

Personal sense, or 'mortal mind' as Mary Baker Eddy most often referred to in, contrast with 'infinite Mind,' is the chokehold that encumbers humanity's freedom, its science, its health, and its love. It chokes humanity. Devoid of truth, the chokehold fosters inhumanity, war, economic collapse, even the collapse of science. The chokehold has the effect that it prohibits humanity from developing its divinity. Humanity still lives under this chokehold.

For example, with Christian Science being symbolized by an old woman in a rocking chair, society deprives itself not only of the effects of her science, but also of the scientific foundation that she had built on, the city-foursquare structure that every aspect of her work is a part of. This foundation is symbolized in the painting as a tablet laying in her lap. On the tablet, the basic structure of the city foursquare is outlined. 

With the Lord God, or personal sense, ruling this scene, the foursquare foundation that it is plainly evident in the painting, is deemed not to exist. It is the tree of knowledge that is not touched by the current field of Christian Science. It has become lost in the jungle of personal sense. Its promise remains unrealized.

Consequently, the surrounding scene remains bleak. This chokehold on science is reflected in nearly all critical areas of science. In her time, the chokehold on science kept both theology and medicine throttled, which prevented the development of their potential. The chokehold still continues. It is also evident in physical science, even in the critical science of astrophysics.  

In astrophysics, for example, the chokehold against science is so intense that the evidence of electro-dynamics in cosmic space, the very dynamics by which ice ages happen on our planet, is deemed not to exist. 

By this chokehold on science, the approaching Ice Age that evidence suggest may erupt in potentially 30 years from the present, is blocked from sight. It is literally deemed not to exist as this knowledge would endanger that gods of Olympus.

When personal opinions rule over the truth, the truth is essentially dead. As a consequence, especially when knowing the truth is existentially critical, humanity ends up potentially dead by the death of the truth, by the consequences of the chokehold that prevents humanity from responding to the truth.

The chokehold needs to be broken in record time. It needs to be broken by the whole of humanity. The whole of humanity is affected by the chokehold on the truth. According to evidence, the world may have only 30 years left before the next Ice Age begins, when the Sun goes inactive and loses 70% of its energy output. 

The 70% reduction of solar energy, which has the potential to occurs quickly, in just days, has such enormous global effects. The enormous energy loss typically disables human habitation in all areas of the world outside the 40 degree latitudes. I have produced a series of videos on the ice age potential in 30 years, and its consequences, and the inherent power of humanity to live unaffected by it.

While it is technologically possible to build new infrastructures for agriculture to be placed afloat across the tropical seas, where agriculture is able to continue, nothing will be created towards this end, for as long as the Lord-God of personal sense rules, with its smallness of mind, which keeps the truth out of sight.

The truth is precious for all aspects of human living. It should not be allowed to fade out of sight by the choking-effect of personal sense. Instead, society around the world should develop its humanity to the utmost, to reach for the truth and bring it alive in living, and thereby starve the Lord-God, or personal sense, into oblivion and out of existence. 

This is a critical development process that the whole of humanity needs to pursue, instead of allowing the insanity of depopulation in its many forms happen by default.

I had illustrated the dynamics of the required steps before, in Part 1 of the Mother's Academy series, with the title: "The 5-fold divine."

Allow me to invite you once more to do this role playing. 

You are in the picture. You are the woman. You are also the man. As the woman, you are humanity. As the man, you are the image of divine Spirit; the perfect man; the divine man; the idea of God; the pinnacle of creation; the tallest expression of life on the planet; the real you; though yet barely discovered.

The gap between the two separates you from what you perceive yourself to be. It separates you from the God crowned model of humanity. The gap doesn't change reality, but it determines your experience of it. It is a gap in perception only, because in the divine Universe, Principle and its idea is one. 

Your goal is to discover yourself in this undivided singularity, and thereby raise yourself up to become what is already real about the nature of our universal divine humanity. But be careful as you do this. Be careful that what you reach for is the truth, and not just another illusion. The care we exercise, assures the dynamics of healing.

We all seem to find ourselves engaged in this dynamic process to varying degrees, and with varying success. To the degree to which we fail to reach our goal, we give the power that we don't claim for ourselves, to another to have power over us. 

The writer of the Adam allegory called the external entity, to whom we thereby give the unclaimed power, the Lord God, or more correctly, the Lords' God, who wields that power over us that we give away in our mistaken smallness. We create the Lord God by belittling ourselves, by denying the divine promise to us of the fullness in Spirit which is ours to reflect. But we are not yet defeated. We are rejecting the lies that crowd us in.

If we give in, we loose ourselves, and our civilization with us. 

To the degree we give in, WE create an oligarchy, and the rule of personal sense. An oligarchy is not a divine entity. Neither is personal sense. As a lye they have no power in themselves, nor intelligence to perpetuate itself. When the lye appears chronic, as a chronic disease, it is persistent, because it is constantly recreated anew by our erroneously accepted smallness. 

The real Adam and Eve of God's creating, who is in touch with the center of the divine landscape, which is the Spirit of God, would not subscribe to any kind of harboured smallness, nor would it create a ruler over itself. It would be free to move with the winds of God, the movements of infinite Spirit.

In the Adam allegory the false sense of humanity is deemed to have pre-existed. This appears to be so, to judge by the long struggle it takes mortal thought to break free. In real terms, this apparent latency is not justifiable. Truth is never rescued by time. Divine wisdom never imposed a prohibition against spiritual development, which is the heart and soul of humanity, that it would be rescued from. Nor did the divine wisdom provide a long path for humanity to claim its promise. The latency is not divine. Freedom unfolds in the instant of divine recognition.

The apparent prohibition against humanity claiming and developing its divine promise, is a form of culturally imposed mass-insanity, a type of mental circumcision that is typically invented in the service of political objectives. This game of prohibition has become so wide spread that nearly the entire world is dominated by it, or is threatened by it, almost to the highest level. Nevertheless it remains as but the game of the snake. Mary Baker Eddy counselled society to be a law unto itself, that aggressive mental impositions cannot harm it, either when awake or when asleep. 

The logic of the Adam allegory has made the same urgent plea already more than 3,000 years ago when written languages became developed, so that such stories, which had evidently been alive as ancient wisdom, could be written down in order to prevent the illegitimate concepts from becoming dominant.

In the painting "Christmas Eve", of Mary Baker Eddy's illustrated poem, "Christ and Christmas," we see the Christ-like Adam and Eve standing erect, presenting gems of wisdom from their own Christ experience to the children of humanity. This tree is the center tree of the garden. It is the Christ-tree of divine science.


The textbook chapter that corresponds with this scene bears the title, Animal Magnetism Unmasked. Animal magnetism is one of the Lords of the god of personal sense. In this chapter Mary Baker Eddy speaks of mental crimes being committed, and warns against the adulteration of the truth. She writes: "Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence. God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love." This happens when personal sense is banished and the divine sense becomes the foreground.

When we speak of the Adam dream, we speak of something that is unreal. We speak of a distorted concept of man, the mythical Adam-dream that society dreams, of man fashioned of dust, like a sand castle, with life breathed into it. 

These are the types of absurdities that rule, when the reflection of infinite Mind becomes bound within the insanity of mindless living, a type of prohibition against the truth, enforced by doubt and fear that block the divine promise of infinite Spirit from becoming realized. 

The mythical creation concept, of man made of dust, with life blown into it, whereby creation is deemed complete and God moves on, fosters a sense of disconnected living; a corporeal and isolated sense that is erroneous. The real man living in the reality of God, can never be in a disconnected state at any stage. This means that any type of personal sense, the disconnected sense, has no foundation.

The dream of disconnection is a trap. 

The dream has two aspects. 

In one context it is a collection of lies against the divine man, the reflection of infinite Spirit. The lies belittle humanity. The lies create the disconnecting gap between human self-perception and the divine promise that reflects God, infinite Spirit.

In the second context, the Adam dream of smallness is a collection of lies against God, which renders the gap absolute. It leaves humanity totally disconnected, without any possible anchor in the divine.

The monster-lye against God is, that the infinite enters the finite; intelligence passes into non-intelligence; Soul dwells in material sense; and immortal Mind results in mortal mind, whereby the one God and creator entered what He created, and then disappeared in the atheism of material perception. This dangerous dream leaves nothing standing as a model for one to live up to. It leaves one empty, naked, afraid, and without a hope.

(Based on Mary Baker Eddy's second definition for the term Adam, in the Glossary of Science and Health)

These lies of the dream-image about Adam keep the gap widely open, if not infinite. But these are lies, the type of lies that the Lords' God imposes through the snake, and bids humanity to accept as the truth. Nevertheless, lies have no legitimacy. A lye, by its very nature, is not real. 

In contrast, the Adam and Eve of God's creation, the humanity of the divine promise, have broken the lies and the prohibition against the truth, and touched that which is real. Here, Adam and Eve find themselves unbound and free, and so should we all.

The great gap that the Adam dream conjures up in thought, to smother the real man - to smother the Christ, the spiritual idea of God, and the realization of the divine promise - appears to have had sharp reflections in opposition against Mary Baker Eddy's discovered Christian Science and its platform for scientific mind healing. This is what Mary Baker Eddy struggled with and overcame.

The opposition appears to have come sharply from the Lords of Medicine and the Lords of Theology, and probably from other fields as well.

These specific types of Adamic opposition appear to have come to a head in the middle of the 1880s. 

As one might expect, the overbearing opposition was met with a tremendous response by her. 

She added two chapters to her textbook in 1886 that focus directly on the Adamic myths and their standing in contrast and opposed to the divine creation. Immediately thereafter she published three books, between 1887 and 1889, against the mounting prohibition against the divine idea in the public sphere. She published the books, "No and Yes," and "Rudimental Divine Science," followed by "Unity of Good." 

Then the year later, Mary Baker Eddy shut down everything that she had started. She dissolved the National Association of Christian Scientists, closed her college for scientific mental healing - the Massachusetts Metaphysical College - and even dissolved the church that she had created and served as pastor. With this done, she escaped Boston altogether to the quiet atmosphere of the country setting in Concord, in order to give herself two years for a major revision of her textbook. The revised version became her famous Anniversary Edition, the 50th Edition. She may have felt like Adam and Eve who ventured to embrace the center of the spiritual landscape,. She began to see the zoo that mortal mind is playing in. 

She escaped to freedom and established herself on higher ground. Together with the major revision of her textbook, she also published still another major book in this timeframe, with the title, Retrospection and Introspection. The year therafter she reorganized her church on an impersonal footing. 

Mary Baker Eddy also did something else at the end of the second development period of Christian Science, that concludes with the 50th Edition of her textbook. She withdrew from the textbook her famous court case analogy in which mortal man is tried for having committed a disease, for which he is condemned to death.

In this court case, Personal Sense is the plaintiff. False Belief is the attorney. Judge Medicine is on the bench. In this disconnected state of being, standing under the thumb of Personal Sense, the death penalty is a foregone conclusion. However, the sentence is reversed in the higher Court of Spirit where Christian Science is recognized as an attorney. Here, step by step, Personal Sense is stripped of every vestige of legitimacy and is demonstrated to be liar. The Jury, peopled by Spiritual Sense, returns the verdict, Not guilty!

One of the reasons why this court case analogy was removed from the textbook, may have been to dispel the notion that attacks on humanity by personal sense, occur only in health related issues, rather than on a wide front. The court case analogy was restored to the textbook in 1894, the year in which the corner stone was laid for the original edifice for the Mother Church of Christ Scientist in Boston. At this time too, the Bible and the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, were ordained as an impersonal pastor for the church. Personal sense was replaced, as it were, with the revolutionary concept of impersonal sense. With this done, the unmasking and replacement of personal sense, with impersonal sense, was placed on a wide canvass that went far beyond health issues. Thus, it was safe to put the court case back into the textbook.

The wide canvass on which the term, personal sense, would be applied is somewhat indicated in the second scene in the painting "Christmas Eve." The scene shows the effects of personal sense encumbering theology, medicine, and also science. These are the three areas where Christian Science met the harshest rejection and attacks by Personal Sense. 

In the 50th Edition of her textbook, Mary Baker Eddy published the critical chapter, 'Science, Theology, Medicine.' In this chapter too, under the heading, Science, she brings to light for the first time the fundamental distinction between the divine promise, defined as the "translation of Immortal Mind," versus the prohibition against it by personal sense in the three step definition of her "translation of mortal mind." The exploration contains the dynamics for breaking the prohibition of personal sense against the divine promise by infinite Spirit. 

The chapter provides her answer for the healing of the scene shown here, which is a part of the painting, "Christmas Eve", in her book "Christ and Christmas."

The combined painting represents the two 'scientific translations. 

The first half represents the translation of 'immortal Mind' and the divine infinite sense. 

The second half represents the translation of 'mortal mind' or personal sense. 

The two halves stand together as one single scene. In the first half personal sense is unmasked and banished. In the second half, personal sense is indulged.

The gap that we translate into life between divine Spirit, and the model that we impose on ourselves with personal sense, determines our experience. If we embrace divine Spirit as the reality of our being, the gap size is zero.

If we accept Science and recognize spiritual being for our model, which is the Christ model, the gap is minimal and is destined to fade into nothing as the spiritual idea of God as divine Spirit is being developed. If our model is merely moral, however, the gap is larger, and can be dangerously large as we allow too much that is critical in life drift out of sight. Moreover, if our model is depravity, the gap is extremely large. It could become absolute, which it would become when the denial of God is so great that God is deemed not to exist or to have relevance, including Love, Truth, Soul, Mind, even Life. Some people may indeed die without ever having lived, as the saying goes.

The basis for the recognition of these types of gaps was placed before humanity by Mary Baker Eddy with the 50th Edition of her textbook on Christian Science, published in 1891. The scientific translation of "immortal Mind" and "mortal mind" is contained in the chapter, "Science, Theology, Medicine" that was added with this edition.

The publication of the 50th Edition marks the end of a period. It marks the end of the breakout from personal sense. While the details involved seem complex, the principle is simple and profound.

The critical details that are involved, at the various levels - for the distinction between infinite sense, the translation of infinite Mind; and personal sense, the translation of mortal mind - are presented in my video, "From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding." 

It should be noted that Mary Baker Eddy had initially referred to the two "scientific translations" as "scientific definitions." The change from 'definition' to 'translation' was made much later in the 4th development period of Christian Science from 1901 onward. 

It evidently became apparent in the later timeframe that whatever we define for ourselves as reality is translated also into experience in life. For this reason, the separation of the Adam dream from Adam's Christ-reality, becomes of critical importance for our well-being and also for civilization.

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy dealt with the Adam allegory far more extensively than we may realize. In the painting for the top of the first column, Seeking and Finding, we see the snake behind the woman's back, the snake that speaks for the Lords' God. The snake speaks for the lords that wear many different costumes, such as personal sense, spiritualism, culturally inherited mass insanity or mortal mind, or tradition. The snake is the enforcer of the prohibition against the realization of the divine promise for humanity. 

Mary Baker Eddy associated the quiet scene presented here with the textbook chapter, "Christian Science versus Spiritualism." 

It has been suggested in many ways that she had been controlled by Dr. Quimby, a mind-force healer who could not heal her when she was ill, before she discovered Christian Science - suggesting that he was reaching back from his grave, or that she is the second coming of Jesus, and other such myths that floated about in public thought. It seems that in order to be free of the Lords' God, enforcing of the numerous prohibitions, she had to be absolutely clear that Christian Science is nothing less and nothing more than the highest realization of the divine promise to humanity in her time, that comes to light when one reaches for the center. She knew that this is what she had done. She had broken the prohibition that had stood for nearly two thousand years, in 1866, and had reached for the center. 

The verse for this scene, from the poem, reads:

What the Beloved knew and taught, 

Science repeats, 

Through understanding, dearly sought, 

With fierce heart-beats;

When she placed the freedom crown into her seal in 1881, surrounded by rays of light, and had placed the seal onto the cover of her textbook, she appears to have stated for herself that she has touched the center of the divine promise. The Adam dream had been broken. 

The Adam of the myth had been healed. The only man that she could acknowledge in Christian Science is the divinely royal man who stands not isolated from the center of the landscape of divine Spirit, but stands as one with it. Principle and its idea is one. With this realization she broke the animal magnetism of the snake, and the near-magnetic notion in society, that humanity is not human. She broke it with the divine promise that is the heart and soul of all, but is not animal in nature controlled by brutish physical instincts. She lifted the Adam and Eve image out of its snake-bound dream state smothered with lies, to the Christ state, the free state of humanity.

Thus Christ, eternal and divine, 

To celebrate 

As Truth demands,--this living Vine 

Ye demonstrate. 

It appears that this grand breakthrough that she had celebrated in 1881, would remain lacking in society for some time to come. The mythological Adam and Eve still ruled the scene today in medicine, and in theology.

For heaven's Christus, earthly Eves, 

By Adam bid, 

Make merriment on Christmas eves, 

O'er babe and crib.

It appears that it took a decade of work to heal the scene, or at least to provide the scientific foundation for the healing, which was furnished, as I said before, in the textbook chapter, "Science, Theology, Medicine."

What her vision was, of the ultimate healing of the Adam and Eve identity, from the dream state to the Christ-identity, is symbolized by the bright morning landscape in the painting, "Christmas Morn."

Yet wherefore signalize the birth 

Of him ne'er born? 

What can rehearse the glorious worth 

Of his high morn?

The chapter, Physiology, celebrates this healing of Adam. It celebrates the freedom of the Christ identity that the writer of the Adam allegory may have had in mind for all humanity, which in later times Jesus had mastered and illustrated, and Mary Baker Eddy in modern time had accepted as her own and as the right of all mankind. 

With this chapter established, the "Christian Science Healing" of humanity can now begin. 

It took Mary Baker Eddy 25 years of developing the center of the divine promise to humanity into a majestic scientific structure. It appears that it took her 15 years till the healing of Adam under this promise could become practical, and another ten years until it was completed. This completion was signalled with the 50th Edition that brought her unfolding Christ Science fully into the biblical city foursquare, which the 3rd Edition had signalled the beginning of.

The momentous achievement resulting from 25 years of developing the divine center in her perception, closes the second development period of the Christian Science, which may be recognized as the ten-year period between 1881, when the seal of the divine crown was placed onto the textbook, and 1891, when the crowning 50th Edition of the textbook resulted from her two-year revision of it, that brought it more fully into line with the city foursquare structure that John had described in Revelation 21, as:  "coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."

The result of the development of Christian Science over its first two periods, spanning 25 years, is illustrated in the painting, Christian Science Healing. It may be termed the period of the healing of the Temple. With this accomplished, the building of The Church could begin for the rapid healing of humanity. The church was reorganized the year after the 50th Edition was done. It was reorganized in 1892 on the universal model, to reflect to some degree the 'Church Universal and Triumphant.'

The verse for the poem that corresponds with this scene is:

Christ was not crucified--that doom 

Was Jesus' part; 

For Sharon's rose must bud and bloom 

In human heart.

The corresponding element of the Lord's Prayer is:

Enable us to know, - as in heaven, so on earth, - God is omnipotent, supreme.

The textbook chapter that corresponds with this scene and verse, is the chapter: "Footsteps of Truth."

She writes in the opening page of the chapter: "The best sermon ever preached is Truth practised and demonstrated by the destruction of sin, sickness, and death... We cannot fill vessels already full. They must first be emptied. Let us disrobe error. Then, when the winds of God blow, we shall not hug our tatters close about us.

The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love.

What Mary Baker Eddy had developed as a resource for the Christian Science Healing of humanity is of critical importance in many areas in the present age.

 Humanity still lives under the thumb of the "Lord God" and is choked by it. The healing of humanity to its God-bestowed freedom remains yet to be accomplished. We still face the terror of nuclear war, and are choked into starvation on numerous fronts by economic and cultural collapse. Nevertheless a "silent healing, heaven-heard," has also begun.

While society is still facing great perils in the modern age, especially with the next ice age standing on the near horizon, we see light unfolding on the horizon. 

Yes, the Ice Age is coming. The phenomenon is real. The transition is near. The evidence is strong. While little is known about it, of course, in the public domain, since the Lords' God tradition still continues that imposes barriers of prohibition against the truth, the veil is lifting. The scientific recognition is unfolding. The truth is shining through.

The scientific evidence in electro-astrophysics indicates, that the next Ice Age cycle on Earth may begin in potentially 30 years from the present, in the 2050s or sooner. The evidence tells us that the Sun will enter its periodic inactive state in the near timeframe, with a quick transition that starts the next glaciation period of 90,000 years under a cooler Sun at a 70% reduced energy output. 

To date, the inclination is that society will not react to it and build the infrastructures it requires to be able to live in an ice age environment. However, the truth has an imperative of its own, which will yet inspire humanity to rouse itself. We will value life enough to take the footsteps to ensure our future existence.

The result on Earth when the Sun gets cooler and darker, which is called the Ice Age, poses an immense challenge for humanity. It may be the vast scope of the challenge that will in due course stir a few grains of universal love in society, for itself, as a divine idea, that inspires some footsteps in the presently bleak, nearly dead, landscape, towards its self-development, and protecting its future.

Technologically the challenge of protecting the future of humanity against the coming ice age transition can be met fairly easily with the application of automated industrial processes, powered by nuclear energy, and with the utilization of the vast stores of the finest unused building materials that we have at hand. The needed infrastructures may take a couple of decades to be constructed. We still have that much time remaining. The only critical barrier that we face against the securing of our future, is a mental barrier. 

This mental barrier of the ice age challenge will likely not be overcome for as long as the Lord God of the world rules, the god of personal sense, which denies life as being something valuable, which heeds the snake enforcing the Lord God's prohibition against the needed scientific, technological, economic, and spiritual development of humanity that enables us to meet the ice age challenge. 

The present trend is not to move on this front.

All forms of the development of the power of the divine promise is presently under prohibition, guarded by deceit, fascism, greed, and the imposed blindness of small-minded thinking, which altogether render life, truth, and love as worthless trinkets - which in short, is the Adam dream.

The healing of Adam, to restore the Christ-identity that is native to all humanity, will evidently be the most critical healing that will ever be accomplished on our planet. To fail is not an option. Without the development of the divine promise that we have as humanity, manifest in uplifting our world with the greatest cultural, scientific, and technological renaissance of all time, the Ice Age challenge cannot be met, and the human presence will collapse back from the present 7,000 million population worldwide, to a mere one to ten million that the primitive Earth has previously supported with its meagre resources in an Ice Age environment. 

To accept this colossal failure is not an option for a humanity with a Christ-identity. It would be the default result when the realization of the divine promise were to remain blocked by the "Lord God" prohibition. At the present stage the snake still whispers the prohibition song. Prometheus remains still bound in chains.

Humanity is more than sick it the present stage. It is near death. The nuclear war song is getting getting sung lauder than in the past. The economic collapse is cutting deeper than in the deepest depression. Science is choked more tightly than ever. The truth is essentially dead. 

Will she rise again? The answer will be what we make it to be. We are humanity. We inhabit this planet. We determine our future, and with it direct the present. We decide whether the 'Lord God' rules us down, or divine wisdom uplifts us.

 Mary Baker Eddy had the resources for the full-orbed healing of humanity essentially fully established in 1891. But will the resources be applied? Will the divine promise be claimed and be fully developed? The potential remains valid today. The final answer has not yet been spoken. Still, it is becoming critical. While time has never healed anything, the intentional squandering of the time we have, by not building ourselves the new world that we need, is essentially suicidal.

In Mary Baker Eddy's time the divine promise for a rich and secure world was becoming developed. The third period in the development of Christian Science became a whirlwind-period of great developments, the developments that established the Mother Church of Christ Science, its Church Manual, and a lot more. The healing developments in this period unfolded almost, explosively. This, of course, is another subject by itself. 

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy in the present context to acknowledge that this explosive development had once taken place. It stands as a light for us to follow up on.

It sets an example for the present that proves in principle that an even greater explosions in development are possible in our time if we reach up to the center of the divine promise and move with Mary Baker Eddy's achievements, examples, and their further promise. The future is determined by Love: "Oh Love, our Mother, ever near!" Would we not built a great future on this promise?

As an academy of one, I have researched the Principle of Universal Love extensively in my series of 12 novels, the Lodging for the Rose.

Of the 12 novels one stands out in the context that this video has focused on, of the tragedy of personal sense when universal love is lost.

The novel that applies here has the title, "Winning Without Victory."

I have produced major dialogs from 13 chapters of the novel in video form. Four of these stand out against the background of the subject presented in this video.

The dialog videos are, "Shadow in the Night" and "The day after." The two work together in exploring the response of love in a love-lost landscape. 

The third is a two-part video, "The Imperial Bravo." It adds some vistas into the oligarchic background for the Lords' God subject of the video in the context of the present world. The forth video listed here takes one full circle, back to the religiosity of personal sense in its countless forms, and the native power of humanity to step beyond it. The simple fact is that humanity is the supreme being on this planet, as the fullest reflection of God, the All and all.

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