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Christian Science Academy: part 1b - The 5-fold divine

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By Mary Baker Eddy highlighting the Jacob story in the prominent manner in which she has presented it, she is saying to humanity, you must heal this universal tragedy that is built into the oligarchic system, that goes extremely deep. She is saying, I have given you the resources that enable the healing. Go and do it! The light that is needed to extinguish the cross must flow through the crown. There is no other way to clear the way of civilization. This unhealed cross has stood in the way for so long that it became overgrown and largely obscured thereby, covered with flowers as if to cover its tragedy.

In the Jacob story, Jacob himself, by a deep searching effort, experiences a profound healing. But this healing didn't extend to his family. It didn't prevent the murderous tragedy that flowed from the circumcision. The collective healing of society has to be won individually, which is a much harder task to achieve, though not an impossible one.

Mary Baker Eddy seems to say to us with the Jacob story that this collective healing needs to be accomplished by society individually, raising itself above its smallness in self perception, on which its civilization and its security ultimately depend. 

She is saying to us in no uncertain terms, that if you fail in this task that stands before you, the wars that will flow from the unhealed cross, will be your consequence, and this consequence will be great - so great that the brutal American Civil War, and the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, and the Thirty Years War before, and also the Opium Wars against China, - which may have been the worst wars in history up to this time, will stand as but simple beginning examples. 

Today's scene with its horrific nuclear war capability, of which Hiroshima was a minuscule example, bares this out. The hate-filled lawsuit that was launched against Mary Baker Eddy in 1907, the "Next Friends Suit," brought to light the growing ferocity of the failure in society to heal its underlying sickness. 

The shock apparently was so great that she created a new seal in 1908, in the aftermath of the attack on her, which had failed, to be placed onto her textbook. The new seal illustrates the unmet challenge before humanity, and thereby society's failure in the truth. The new seal does not obsolete the truth that she has presented before humanity. Instead, it presents the glaring gap in public perception of the truth, and within the church itself, exemplified by the attack on her.

Her original seal from 1881 is golden with a bright promise. Its crown extends across the entire space of the seal, against a background of rays of light surrounding it, and on the crown itself an array of metaphors point to the grandest structure for scientific and spiritual development that has ever been created, with a historic background in Christ Jesus' time that Jesus himself may have worked with.

These numerous features of the 1881 seal echo remarkably Francisco Goya's etching, "This is The Truth," presenting a farm scene with a rich, full-orbed promise.

In contrast stands Goya's etching, "The Truth is Dead," where justice bides her eyes, the clergy presides, and the public is baffled and turns its back to the scene. This may be the seal that the new crown represents from 1908 on. Gone are the rays of light and the rich metaphors in the crown, which has itself been shrunk to the size of a thumbnail image, with the cross having been enlarged so that it now dominates the scene.

Goya asked himself the question, in the form of an etching, "Will She Rise Again?" He suggests that it is possible. Still, he failed to see the path for it.

Goya suggests that the truth will be rescued by time and that history will record the event. The reality is that time is not a healing factor. History has recorded instead that the system of oligarchy has stood as an unhealed disease since civilization began, which nothing short of a deep-reaching, active, scientific and spiritual development in society can accomplish - which time has not accomplished - and we are running out of time..

In the age of nuclear war - a war that can unleash half a million Hiroshimas in a single hour - for which the engines of war are finely honed - the extinction of humanity is largely assured.

After 50 years of facing the existential nuclear-war terror, no solution has been created by humanity to eliminate the threat of its extinction by its own hand, that is increasing instead of diminishing. When public thought is confronted with a great problem for which no solution appears to exist, thought regresses to a more infantile state, which serves the terror objectives well. 

Physically the train to hell can be easily halted by simply terminating the nuclear war programs. But this requires the eradicating of the driving factors for war, and more so the underlying motivating factors, which are not physical factors, but spiritual factors. 

Mary Baker Eddy seems to be urging us to understand and acknowledge that this critical, existential challenge cannot be met by humanity without the spiritual resources that she has put onto the table, symbolized by the crown in her great seal.

The foundation from which these resources can be drawn was laid before humanity by Mary Baker Eddy in 1881, all fully incorporated into her great seal. All of the nine names of the children of Jacob that she has defined for the foursquare structure, were listed among the defined terms for this structure that she had published in 1881 in a separate book, with the title, "A Key to the Scriptures," which later became incorporated into her textbook of Christian Science. 

Today, after ten million copies of the textbook have been sold, the mental scene is so empty that almost no one is aware of the great spiritual and scientific treasures that she incorporated into the book, which the book itself became incorporated into.

The question of whether the truth will rise, is not a new one. Christ Jesus had illustrated the dynamics involved with his parable of the farmer and the seeds. 

In the parable some seeds fell onto hard ground, like a road, stones, or gravel, and to where birds would eat them. He pointed out that the seeds in this category would bring in no harvest, but would all fail in various ways, for various reasons. But he also pointed out that those seeds that fell onto good soil, would spring up and bear a harvest beyond ones wildest imagination. 

Christ Jesus was saying to humanity with this comparison, that the state of its civilization and the riches in its experience, is the function of the quality of the ground it prepares for itself. If the ground is rich and deep in scientific and spiritual development, then the harvest will be bountiful beyond its wildest dreams, reflecting the unfolding nature of the truth. 

Christ Jesus suggests in his parable that there is no other answer possible than the path of preparing a rich ground in the mind for the truth to take root in and grow. 

Mary Baker Eddy has introduced to us in 1881, with her pioneering work, the tools for preparing the mental and scientific ground, even while these tools would be still further developed by her over the next 29 years. But she did not indicate in any way that her work would spare society the task of utilizing and proving the tools, which sadly, in today's world, are deemed to not even exist.

Mary Baker Eddy's illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, in which the crown of her seal was given a dynamic place, did not exist in 1881. It resulted from one of those further development efforts by her. It may have existed as an idea, but was not published until a dozen years later. It had caused so much speculation when it was published in 1893 that she withdrew it a year later, and did not republish it until 1897, the year in which she had invited her followers to visit her on Independence Day at her home at Pleasant View.

It is said that she predicted that Christ and Christmas, which is an inherent part of the city foursquare structure that her 1881 seal had announced, would disappear from the shelves of the Christian Science Reading Rooms before its significance would become recognized.


Mary Baker Eddy published her new seal in 1908 in the aftermath of the before-mentioned vicious legal attack on her, named the "Next Friend's Suit." With the suit a flood of attempts began to gain control of her assets, and of her provisions for her church, The Mother Church of Christ Scientist. It appears that the seal was intentionally simplified to illustrate that a type of mental circumcision had been self-inflicted by society and was taking its toll. In the simplified version most of the critical features that were omitted, were those that stand in metaphor for the city foursquare and the Glossary structure with its 144 critical concepts.

On the surface it almost appears that Mary Baker Eddy has created an alternate seal that could be safely privatized and be owned by those who aimed to reduce Christian Science to the status of a piece private intellectual property by rendering its defining seal a patented commercial trademark - the trademark of a private club - which Christian Science thereby became after 1918 when the privatization was implemented. 

The same privatization drive was in parallel extended to the Christian Science textbook. There, especially from the beginning of 1971 onward, when the privatization had been shifted into high gear with a special act of Congress, until the end of 2009 for which statistics are still available, the number of Christian Science practitioners and teachers registered in the USA had dwindled from close to 5000 in 1971, to a mere 333, which amounts to a 93% reduction.. 

The unhealed disease of oligarchy, which had been catered to, had infected the healer so badly that the healer itself collapsed. 

Only Mary Baker Eddy's original seal had remained free from the oligarchic hold, free for humanity to symbolize its spiritual dimension with, and its sovereignty. However, this remains yet to happen. Extremely few in the world today, even acknowledge the existence of the original great seal, much less its significance and its relevance. The significance and relevance was not even recognized in her time.

When one stands back and takes in a wider view, it becomes apparent what the purpose of the new seal might have been. In a sense it was required to stand as a statement of completion. The science that Mary Baker Eddy had discovered, developed, and founded, had been fully complete by 1908. With the completion acknowledged, the focus evidently needed to be directed more fully onto the application of the science to the ultimate healing of humanity, to heal the ultimate disease, the disease of oligarchy.

Mary Baker Eddy may have recognized that each half of the city foursquare must have a distinct seal standing for it that accurately reflects its distinct purpose and its current state. She may have also realized that a special seal was therefore in order to highlight the healing focus that has been the mission of The Mother Church from its first day on, but which was far from being realized, even in her time, which the "Next Friend's Suit" had illustrated. The same is even more the case today.

Look at the last painting in Christ and Christmas, the painting, "The Way." Look at the dynamics that is illustrated.

Look at the dynamics close up. We see the three pillars of civilization illustrated that Mary Baker Eddy had developed to the utmost. We see the dynamics of the spiritual history of mankind represented by the crown that carries the metaphors for the city foursquare and its highest expression in the Glossary structure. We see the pillars of Christ Science represented by the white dove, and we see the light of Spirit focused through the crown at the base of the cross of tragedy, the cross representing the ancient disease of oligarchism, symbolized by the nine birds.

But does anyone today, even in the field of Christian Science, recognize the dynamic interplay between the tree pillars?

Look at the scene. Does anyone recognize the nature of the crown? It is called irrelevant, archaic, and what stands for in metaphor, the city foursquare and the Glossary structure, is deemed not to exist. This is how the crown is seen today. But what is the inevitable effect. Lets amputate the crown from the scene to get a picture of what is seen today.

But if one amputates the crown, what relevance has the Christ Science, that white dove that delivers the message from the crown? With is link to the crown obscured, the dove that is Christ Science, is essentially no longer fundamentally relevant.

So, let us amputate the dove too, to reflect its amputated state, its lost relevance in the picture of Christian Science healing. Thus, the scene shrinks evermore. But what about the cross of unhealed diseases, the disease of oligarchism, that the beam of light illumines the base of? The point is, that if one can't see the crown, one cannot see the disease either that had remained unseen almost since civilization began. People say, what are you talking about, when you speak of oligarchism? There is no such disease. Nevertheless, the consequences still remain.

Since the unhealed cross isn't seen anymore either, lets amputate it too and look at the dark sparse scene that we have left.

This is evidently the scene that Mary Baker Eddy had recognized to be the general state in the world and in the field of Christian Science. The crown has shrunk to but a thumb nail image that has most of its critical features of the crown omitted, which are no longer deemed to exist.

In the new seal the frontal division into 5 parts remains incorporated into the crown. In the new seal, the cross too, has been retained. It dominates the seal. It symbolizes the unhealed problem and the lacking healing power. That the new seal is related to the last paining in Christ and Christmas is illustrated by the changed angle of the cross.

The new angle of the cross accords with the angle of the beam of light that is presented in this painting. In the painting the flow of light is blocked by the cross standing in the way, which is the cross with the nine dark birds around it, the unhealed cross that casts a dark shadow in the foreground, the shadow reflected in the new seal. 

Mary Baker Eddy appears to be saying that the healing that the scene is crying for, which has been evaded since the development of civilization began, is needed now. She is saying to us, get on with it! She is also saying that the power for the healing always flows through the crown, the original crown. She is saying too, to society, go and develop that power, you have the tools for it. Utilize the tools. Utilize the city-foursquare structure that I gave you to develop. Develop it! Make it your freedom crown, and make it shine. Much depends on it. 

She herself, extended her effort far beyond what anyone would have expected. In response to the attack on her, which merely reflected the growing attack on the nation itself in the wake of the assassination of President McKinley, she created not only the new seal that reflects the crisis and the reason for it. She also created the Christian Science Monitor in the same year, to serve as a platform for healing the nation. In her 87th year, long after most people retire, she left go of her beloved homestead, at Pleasant View in Concord New Hampshire, and moved her her entire household to the busy metropolis of Boston, in order to establish the newspaper. Her Boston home is shown here from where she could facilitate the momentous undertaking. Could anyone have done more?

The development that was needed to prevent the spreading attacks on humanity, did not occur. This remains yet to be achieved. Instead of the attacks on humanity being curbed, they are still escalating and is reaching existential dimensions in four major areas at once, in the form of depopulation genocide; nuclear war; the deepest financial and economic collapse in history; and the return of the Ice Age in potentially 30 years from now with a 70% reduction in radiated solar energy. These attacks reflect failures in spiritual development.

The underlying four types of existential challenges that reflects specific spiritual failures, surprisingly reflect to some degree the type of historic development thrust that we find reflected in the four periods of the development of Christian Science. This means that we have the basics already established for meeting these challenges. The four periods in the development of Christian Science and the Mother Church, also reflect in principle the characteristics of the four development columns of the city foursquare that Mary Baker Eddy placed all of her achievements into, or had derived them from there.

This also means that Christian Science and the Mother Church stand uniquely qualified to meet all of humanity's great challenges, and that, for this goal, we can expect to see the greatest unfolding development occurring, both in Christian Science and in the Mother Church becoming significant worldwide, beyond anything that has yet been seen - beyond even our wildest dreams.

We will see the contrast disappearing between the discovered potential and the historically achieved, because the potential is so great that we haven't seen anything yet in terms of the realized potential that Mary Baker Eddy's work enables. The more we let the temple shine, the more will the church prosper in its mission.

We will see the 5-fold divine that stood before humanity since 1881, coming to light.

We will see the three great pillars of civilization becoming the pillars for building a new world on. Everything that we need is already established and laid before us.

As one might expect, the angle of the modest cross in the 1881 freedom seal, matches closely the angle of the beam of light in the painting, "Seeking and Finding," which also our promise from God. Humanity, as a divine idea, is already complete. Every divine idea is complete in itself and carries within it all the substance and the resources required for its full fruition.

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy has created two different seals for two different purposes, and to bridge the gap between them. 

The cross of the freedom seal appears to be directly related to the process of seeking and finding of what lays beyond the leading edge, for which the city foursquare has been created, by exploring the spiritual dimension of humanity, in its past, present, and future, a process that is designed for preparing the ground for endless development.

While the painting, Seeking and Finding, presents no cross in its imagery, the cross is nevertheless discernable. It is imbedded into the dynamics of the city foursquare and the Glossary structure. It reflects the global divisions presented in the textbook, in Mary Baker Eddy's rendering the translation of immortal Mind, and of mortal Mind, which has been explored previously in the video "From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding."

I suspect, that when Mary Baker Eddy said in her poem, "Christ my Refuge," saying, "I kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright," she was referring to the cross built into the center of her work in which the Christ has a prominent place.

She was evidently not kneeling onto the ground before the Roman cross of unhealed tragedy, when she said "I kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright."

She may have been referring to the freedom cross of the Redeemer, standing tall above the world with extended arms, saying to humanity, come learn from me, learn from my example in seeking and finding your being one with God.

When Mary Baker Eddy says to us with her freedom crown, "you are Spirit," she doesn't simply counsel us to be careful not the throw the smallest portion of the divine reflection in man away, much less a vital portion, but to reach higher, exploring deeper into the realm of infinite Spirit, in order to discover there, what we do not yet have, but which we may have. She is counselling us to step away from the disabling circumcisions in their countless forms, especially in the sciences, and to step into the opposite direction, and put the crown that crowns us as the 5-fold divine, onto our head with the head held high, and to so let this crown be our freedom crown that no one can own, that is God's crown and humanity's right to claim it, and live with it.

On this note the first period in the development of Christian Science ends. It ends with a grand achievement that will yet change the path of civilization. And even as it ends this period, it opens the next one that builds on what has been achieved.

On the front of healing, Mary Baker Eddy opened the first school for Christian Science Mind healing in 1867, the year after her own healing. Five years later she published her class manual under the title, "Questions and Answers in Moral Science." Four years later, she revised the manual and published it under the title, "The Science of Man." 

In the milestone edition of her textbook on Christian Science itself, in 1881, she incorporated the class manual into it as the chapter "Recapitulation." In the same year she chartered the "Massachusetts Metaphysical College" for the formal teaching of her science of Mind healing. In the same year, she also became the ordained pastor of The Mother Church.

Of course, as one might expect, the grand culmination in all three vital areas, which occurred in 1881, was not an end in itself, but was just another beginning for more, with equally explosive developments going on for the next 29 years, until she laid her pen down. 

Also, nobody could have known in 1881, that the entire 44-year period of her work, from 1866 on, until her death in December 1910, became in history the only major period of peace, humanity, and prosperity, that the world had known in the last half dozen centuries.

Immediately prior to this period the Spanish Inquisition became abolished, the Opium Wars against China were over, the American Civil War was concluded, and the tragic slavery in America, was abolished. 

Then, after her time, the train of horrors started to roll again. We saw world wars and little wars, and a long Cold War, followed by worldwide economic collapse, nuclear war threats, cries for depopulation, and a rise in fascism that pales Hitler's, which is still gaining speed, and all this while we face a new Ice Age on the horizon in possibly 30 years time.

World War One should have been prevented, and with it all the horrors that followed, which instead have increased in ferocity to the present day to the point that the very existence of civilization is at stake on many fronts, even the existence of humanity itself.

If there exists the slightest chance that Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering work had been a contributing factor for the peace and prosperity that humanity was blessed with during her period, then the greatest efforts we could possibly make today to get us out of the present trap, and to rebuild our humanity into a platform for peace, beauty, and prosperity, as had been experienced in the rare periods of renaissance, are justified. This means pulling the stops out in exploring the movements of scientific Christ healing that Mary Baker Eddy had begun, that had become worldwide in her time, but had not found enough fertile 'soil' in the mental environment that would enable a harvest beyond our wildest dreams, as Jesus' parable of the farmer and the seeds suggests that we should expect. 

Mary Baker Eddy was well aware that the full realization of her discovery lay still far in the future until the color of the divine Spirit reflected in man becomes recognized, understood, and acknowledged. She said even in the last edition of her textbook that she produced after working for 44 years in establishing her discovered Science, that future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished. However, she never suggested anywhere that time is a factor on the path of progress. Her song was, work, work, work, watch, and pray. 

And the tune for the song of progress, she said, is grace. Give us grace for today, feed the famished affections, is the Lord's Prayer stanza for the image of the future at hand. The title of the painting is: I thank thee O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. - attributed to Christ Jesus. She points beyond mere wisdom and prudence, to the land of infinite Spirit that is ever new, ever near, ever vital, ever available, and is forever a part of our humanity. This is the well that Mary Baker Eddy drew from. By drawing from the same well we begin to discover what she has discovered and laid before our feet. Language is too primitive to describe the wonders, but the process of discovery can, and on this path, it appears we have barely begun.

On the path of discovery, as she has discovered, everyone of the great problems that encumber humanity in the modern world can be met with ease, and be met as instantaneously as a light turns on with the flick of a switch. Mary Baker Eddy's own healing unfolded in this manner, in the space of a moment - a moment that has changed the world, an will change it for evermore. The march of spiritual ideas has begun, a march in which we will win our freedom, the freedom that is inherent in our humanity.

In the course of producing this video I remembered that the march of divine ideas, out of the slavery to false ideals, is prominently explored on a wide canvass in my novel, 'Winning Without Victory.' The exploration even touches on the Ice Age challenge to some degree, and the path for meeting the challenge.

The ice Age challenge is real. It is immediate. I presented extensive explorations of it. The evidence is strong. But stronger are the resources we have as human beings to meet the challenge, which would otherwise overwhelm us. 

As a divine idea, human existence is complete and unfolding, both in the universal context, and in the individual context.

I have presented dialogs of thirteen of the chapters of my novel, 'Winning Without Victory,' in video form. This is the largest number of dialog videos that I have produced for any of my novels, which places "Winning Without Victory" into a category all by itself. It provides a background platform for our continuing spiritual exploration as divine human beings. 

The videos, with the dialogs from the novel, are presented here in the sequence as they appear. They are available for free, as are all of my novels, and likewise the audio versions for them.

You are invited to avail yourself of the videos. Christian Science stands in the background in all of the dialogs, though not as you may expect.

 Christian Science is not a doctrine, but a scientific impetus that breaks the hard ground of ages of tragic doctrines and practices towards the freedom that is inherent in our humanity as the divinely royal man.

The historic development that gave rise to Mary Baker Eddy's great seal in 1881, which may be termed her freedom seal, which she has placed on the cover of her books for 27 years, stand as reminders for us today, of the majestic healing resources that Mary Baker Eddy has laid before our feet on a very wide canvass. Let us explore and develop these resources that have remained dormant for far too long, and explore and develop ourselves with them, and uplift our world in the process. This, we should certainly be able to do.

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