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Christian Science Academy: part 1a - The 5-fold divine

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Mother's Academy, part 1: The 5-Fold Divine

Allow me to invite you to do some role playing. You are in the picture. You are the woman. You are also the man. As the woman, you are humanity. As the man, you are the image of divine Spirit; the perfect man; the divine man; the idea of God; the pinnacle of creation; the tallest expression of life on the planet; the real you; though yet barely discovered.

The gap between the two separates you from what you perceive yourself to be. It separates you from the God crowned model of humanity. The gap doesn't change reality, but it determines your experience of it. It is a gap in perception only, because in the divine Universe, Principle and its idea is one. 

Your goal is to discover yourself in this undivided singularity, and thereby raise yourself up to become what is already real about the nature of our universal divine humanity. But be careful as you do this. Be careful that what you reach for is the truth, and not just another illusion. This care assures the dynamics of healing.

We all seem to find ourselves engaged in this dynamic process to varying degrees, and with varying success. To the degree to which we fail to reach our goal, we give the unclaimed power to another to have power over us. 

This is how we loose ourselves, and our civilization with us. In the process society creates an oligarchy of many types that becomes its destroyer. 

In order to recover lost ground, and to claim its divine right, humanity has formed academies of many types of advanced thinkers in order to assist one-another in discovering the principles of our humanity's divinity on which human freedom, prosperity, and happiness depend.. On this path of discovering, of the divine Principle that is reflected in our being, Christ Jesus had started a great Renaissance of great power, with a golden promise for humanity that John described as a woman clothed with the Sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

As one would expect, the oligarchic system of the world, which feeds on small-minded perceptions, subsequently flooded the world with wars, in numerous attempts, and at numerous levels, to tear down the unfolding spiritual renaissance. History records that the wars have indeed succeeded to a large degree, but not completely. 

In spite of continuous efforts at devouring the divine idea man, the divinity of our humanity, the woman clothed with the Sun - the golden divine idea - could not be abolished. It was continuously drawn back into the foreground from its obscurity, by the academy of a spiritually awakening humanity. In this awakening the divine idea became ever-clearer, with ever-greater freedoms and human divine power flowing from its unfolding. The renaissance of the waking science of the Christ, was the logical progression of the development work in mother's academy through the ages, unfolding the divine humanity symbolized by the woman closed with the Sun, the Christ unfolding the new term for man. A new stage was set on this path in 1866.

It is reported that Mary Baker, a farmer's daughter from New Hampshire, had said as a child that one day she would write a book. Many years later she did so.

 It became a book that has changed the life of countless masses around the world by healing them in numerous ways and from numerous diseases, which also appears to have had an effect on civilization as a whole.. 

The book that Mary Baker created, with the eventual title, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, was produced by her in over 400 editions. It has sold to date over ten million copies. 

Ironically, only a few people who have read the book, actually know, or ever knew, what Mary Baker is presenting in the book. This is a paradox, isn't it? 

The paradox is further complicated by the two great seals that she has placed on the cover of the book, one from 1881 onward, till 1908, when the second version of the seal was developed. Both seals are extremely symbolic. And again, she left the scene open for society to discover what she has placed before it, what the symbolism represents.

It appears that Mary Baker was aware of the paradox before it would unfold. She wrote in the preface, of the first edition of the book, "Since the hoary centuries but faintly shadow forth the tireless Intelligence at work for man, this volume may not open at once a new thought, and make it familiar, it has the task of a pioneer to hack away at the tall oak and cut the rough granite, leaving future ages to declare what has been done." On this note the unfolding academy continues.

The great seal that Mary Baker Eddy has created for herself in 1881 is itself somewhat of a miracle, which she had placed on the cover of her textbook on Christian Science for 27 years, spanning over 400 individual editions of the book, which for many people became a book that had enabled near-miraculous healing.

By the time the first seal was published on the cover of the 3rd edition of Mary Baker Eddy's textbook on scientific mental healing, fifteen years had passed since her discovery of Christian Science itself. These fifteen years had been years of tremendous development with breakthroughs and scientific achievements that hardly anyone was aware of in her time, nor is so today. The great seal incorporates a number of significant details that present in metaphor the vast scope of these achievements that go far beyond what she became publically known for.

Mary Baker Eddy is remembered in modern time as an outstanding mental healer, and discoverer and teacher of the science of it, and the founder of this science, under the term, Christian Science, since the science restores the lost element of Christ healing practiced by Jesus of Nazareth nearly two millennia ago. For this purpose she founded the Church of Christ Scientist, for which she is also widely honoured.

With this said, it seems wise to begin at the beginning. And this began with a healing of herself that would normally be called a miracle, though it wasn't a miracle as such types of healing would soon become common practice. 

She wrote later, "One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity."

Her healing that turned a page in history occurred in winter of 1866. She had suffered a severe fall on an icy street that had caused a spinal injury that the doctors had said would become fatal. While laying on her death bed she turned to her Bible and contemplated the great healing works accomplished by Christ Jesus. 

Her name was Mary Baker, by birth, a farmer's daughter with a long-standing Christian devotion in the family. 

She was 45 years of age when she fell. She may have remembered from the Bible stories that the Christ had never failed to heal in a single case, and that the divine Principle, which he had applied, that causes all healing, which as a principle is unfailing, should therefore be forever available, and not be bound to a specific time or place, and be as powerful, immediate, and unfailing in her time and in her hour of crisis, as Christ Jesus had demonstrated it. 

In pursuing this line of reasoning she suddenly found herself perfectly well. 

She got out of bed, a healed woman. When the local preacher came to the house where she had been laid down, to 'bury' her, she opened the door for him, fully healed.

This event, obscured in time, has changed the world.

She said later, "I knew the Principle of all harmonious Mind-action to be God, and that cures were produced in primitive Christian healing by holy, uplifting faith; but I must know the Science of this healing," and she added, "I won my way to absolute conclusions through divine revelation, reason, and demonstration."

It is as if she had said to herself, "a foretaste is not enough. I must know it all. I must know the science. The moment of eternity must be attained and retained.

For the next three years Mary Baker 'struggled' along this line, seeking the solution for the science of Mind-healing. She searched the Scriptures for it and read little else. She kept aloof from society, and devoted her time and energies to discovering that practical, positive rule.

She did burn the candle from both ends. She pursued all the potential avenues at once. She explored the Scriptures, applied scientific processes to the discoveries, and them verified the result in practical healing work. 

With this approach she brought her work into line with the great three pillars of civilization: the pillars of spiritual perception; science; and healing. One might call them the triply divine. 

As one would expect, her three-fold approach brought powerful results, and these results were constantly expanding over the space of the next 44 years with effects that would in time change the world, and this perhaps more deeply than is apparent on the surface.

Her monumental achievement was not accomplished in one giant leap. It took work, work, and evermore work. It unfolded in steps. 

Four distinct periods of unique progress can be discerned, delineated by four distinct types of achievement that are still important today. 

The first period is a period spanning15 years. It began with Mary Baker's discovery of the healing divine Principle in 1866. The developments in this period came to a head in 1881 when a major breakthrough was made by her in working with the three pillars of civilization. Each breakthrough in this period was unique in its own context, but they all came together in the year 1881. This made the year special. 

One of the highlights half way through this first period, was the publication of the first edition of her textbook on Christian Science. This happened in 1875. The book was published under the name Mary Baker Glover, in honouring her previous marriage to George Washington Glover in 1843, who had died shortly thereafter..

Six years from the first edition of her textbook, she published a significant revision of it; the now famous third edition. It was published in 1881 under her by then new name, Mary Baker G. Eddy, which reflects her marriage with Dr Asa Gilbert Eddy in 1877, whom she had healed of a heart condition a year earlier, who subsequently studied with her and became a Christian Science Practitioner. In this early period her difficult past was overturned. A new page was opened. She was moving forward, full steam ahead.

In this early period, as her work became evermore popular, Mary Baker Eddy suggested to her followers that it was time to form a church of their own, The charter for this church was obtained in June, 1879. It was designed to commemorate the words and works of the Master, of the art of Christ healing, the man Christ Jesus, to become a church dedicated to Mind-healing in modern time, a church without a creed. It was called the Church of Christ, Scientist. It became the first such church ever organized, chartered in 1879, four years after her textbook was published.  

In her personal teaching-for-healing effort, of the practical aspects of Christian Science, a major milestone was crossed in this arena, also in 1881, with her opening the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston, - the only institution for scientific mind healing that had been chartered in the USA up to this time and possibly to the present. 

It seems that she signalled that a major milestone had been reached in the arena of her Scriptural research. She signalled this with a creation of a unique seal that had all the dimensions incorporated that place her Scriptural recognitions squarely onto a scientific basis. The seal presents in metaphor an architectural framework that was complete in 1881, which would enable great freedoms in perception, but which would not be recognized for what it is, for its complexity, for more than a hundred years. On this note, the great seal may be termed the freedom seal, and its crown, the freedom crown. The foursquare city, which the metaphor of her seal points to, had enabled unprecedented freedoms from the doctrines of religiosity.

One of the most obvious feature in the seal is the construction of the crown that carries in metaphor Mary Baker Eddy self-evident application of the biblical city foursquare, for her work. 

A foursquare structure has 16 elements within it. The Bible presents such a city in Revelation 21, as coming down from God out of heaven, to humanity, which the nations of the earth would bring their glory into it. The biblical chapter also describes the city with a measure of 144. This means that if one utilizes this metaphor, and extents the city to a structure of 144 profound concepts being brought into it, then each of the 16 elements of the structure would carry 9 specific concepts pertaining to the spiritual history of humanity.

The resulting 9 by 16 dimension of the city is indicated in metaphor in the construction of the crown. The frontal view of the crown gives us the dimension of 9. It presents nine jewels: one right, left, and center, ant two groups of 3 jewels each. But if this frontal view pattern is mentally extended right around the crown, we count 16 jewels altogether, four single ones, and four clusters of three.

The global view represents the 16 elements of the city foursquare, and the frontal view represents the number of concepts placed into each elements, for a grand total of 144, according to the biblical measure.

Many of the details for the definitions of the structure and those relating to dual definitions have already been presented in my video, From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding.

All of this is contained in the way the crown is structured. One could dismiss this metaphor as something that just happened by chance, if it wasn't for the fact that Mary Baker Eddy has provided exactly 144 defined concepts in her Glossary in the textbook. Some concepts in the Glossary have dual definitions, of which there are 5 different types, which, when all types are accounted for, give to us a Glossary where the terms are contained, that adds up to 144 specific definitions, according to the biblical measure. Even this critical factor 5 is represented in the construction of the crown. This means that the complex metaphor in the crown represents something that is very real and is majestic. It provides us a near infinite canvass for exploring the nature of spiritual concepts pertaining to the spiritual history of humanity.

The canvass is that wide indeed. If one computes the number of permutations and combinations that are possible in a 144 element structure with 144 variables, a very large number results that is 250 digits long. For all practical purposes, that's an infinite amount. 

It gives us an infinite canvass for exploring the concepts in relationship to each other and to numerous points of reference. Here is an example of what the canvass can look like with all the 144 concepts being brought into it. However, this is not all that is referenced in metaphor in the construction of the crown.

One can see in the crown the three pillars of civilization represented. The first pillar, our spiritual history, is the pillar that the city-foursquare originated from, which John had presented in his book of Revelation. He and Christ Jesus would have likely worked with this structure in a similar manner. The second pillar is Science. Mary Baker Eddy had challenged herself to discover the operating Science of Christ healing. This wasn't a quick thing. It took a lot of patient development effort. How big this effort was is indicated by the 400 different editions of the textbook that she kept updated as her understanding of the science gradually developed. And the third pillar, of course, is the pillar of applied spiritual concepts to the universal practical healing of diseases and other ills.

However, she didn't leave it with that. The structure of the crown suggests that she was dealing with two more great spiritual concepts - one that stands between Science and spiritual history, and another that stands between Science and healing. The first of these may be termed, Temple. And the second may be termed, Church.

The in-between structures are peculiar in that they are triangular in shape. The triangle is unique in geometry. It has no opposite sides. Also, each of its points is linked to every other point in the triangle. The triangle is inherent in the 12-sided hexagram that is an ancient symbol signifying abundance. The hexagram is made up of two overlaid triangles, one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards. If one separates these into two triangles, the one pointing upwards would represent the concept of Temple. Mary Baker Eddy defines, Temple, as "body, the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence; the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love." The superstructure is pointing upwards. The other triangular structure, representing, Church, would be pointing downward. It represents the practical aspects, the structure of Truth and Love, and the institution that affords proof of its utility. If one applies Mary Baker Eddy's seven synonyms for God to the structure, a rather interesting combination comes to light.

It is interesting to note that the double triangle structure matches the physical construction of the first Christian Science Church edifice in Boston, which was constructed 1894 on a triangular plot provided for the purpose by Mary Baker Eddy herself. A decade later, this original edifice had a second edifice attached to it, an extension edifice that Mary Baker Eddy had called a Temple. She had likewise provided the land for this second structure. The two structures were build back to back. In this manner they reflect in principle the double triangular model of, Temple and Church. We find this double triangular structure reflected in the crown of her seal long before the actual buildings were constructed.

I have explored the details of the double triangular type structures in a separate video, with the seven synonyms for God applied to it. Amazing spiritually significant concepts come to light in this type of exploration. I had referred to the structure as a model of man, or more correctly, a model of God and man being one. The concept of Soul being the center of the model has been derived from the sequence in which Mary Baker Eddy lists the seven synonyms for God in the Glossary, and how they apply in sequence to the city foursquare.

In my previous video, "From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding," I have brought together all of the numerous global definitions for the city foursquare.

These global definitions are numerous and far reaching in their significance. Among these are the seven synonyms for God.

If one looks at only the synonyms, it becomes apparent that three of these have not been specifically defined in the Glossary. The evident reason is that these three have global significance for the structure. In this context the divine concept of Soul forms a center that divides the structure into two halves.

Here the concepts of Temple and Church come into view to define the two halves respectively. If one applies the first five synonyms to the crown in the same manner, the structure of the crown gains a still greater significance.

In this view, Healing becomes associated with Principle as a divine foundation, and Mind becomes associated with Church, Soul with Science, Spirit with Temple, and Life with the biblical spiritual background. Civilization is humanity's foundation for supporting life and reflecting divine, Life. In this manner, the freedom crown becomes the 5-fold divine crown.

In the combination of Temple and Spirit, a significant factor comes to light. In the spiritual sense, the term, Temple, refers to the human body, which corresponds to divine substance as an element of Spirit. The correlation reflects the profound saying by Job, "in my flesh shall I see God."

With this correlation a great tragedy comes to light that underlies the collapse of civilization to the point that it threatens the extinction of humanity. The tragedy is a type of religiously motivated mental blindness in which the mass-circumcision of the male population of humanity has been imposed that amputates a critical element of the design of divine wisdom.

It appears that the conjunction of Spirit with Temple was definitely intended by Mary Baker Eddy, and perhaps for the reason of the circumcision that is by intention a form of treason against God. If one amputates an element of the design of divine wisdom and throws it away as trash, the inherent intentional denial of God cuts deep into the fabric of civilization and one's individual unity with God. It unfolds as a deep-reaching betrayal. That this betrayal is not trivial is hinted at by Mary Baker Eddy in her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas.

The verse for the first half of the painting reads: 

Christ was not crucified--that doom 

Was Jesus' part; 

For Sharon's rose must bud and bloom 

In human heart.

She adds the following quote from Paul, saying, "God was manifest in the flesh."

It is interesting to note here that this verse is the only verse in the book that has a biblical quote attached, which singles this concept out as being of critical importance. It is also interesting to note that the poem and the scene pertain sequentially to the highest element on the side of Temple, that is coincident also with the divine synonym, Spirit.

The concept of the human body, seen as the manifest of divine Spirit, is one of the revolutionary concepts pioneered by Mary Baker Eddy. It is also one of the hardest to accept. It is reported in a book, Collectanea, that Mary Baker Eddy once touched the hand of her secretary Adam Dickey, asking him, "What is this?" He replied that it is matter. She countered him, saying, "it is not; it is Spirit." At another time she looked at him and said, "You are Spirit." He replied, "no Mother, I am spiritual." She said to him in a very emphatic manner, "You are Spirit."

It is interesting that she would say this, a hundred years ago. We are just beginning to appreciate what an immensely complex and intelligently developed construct the human being is. The hand is a marvel of utility, but it does not make us human by itself. Distinct from mammals, the development of the human hand has been accompanied by important changes in the brain and the relocation of the eyes to the front of the face, which together enable complex muscle control, guided by stereoscopic vision that are all necessary for high-level control of grasping and manipulating tools. The human being is such an amazingly complex wonder in the expression of life, that the term divine Spirit is barely sufficient to describe it, though it has to do, for the lack of a better term. 

The sexual system is another one of the many complex systems of the divinely intelligent design of the human being. Like the hand, sex is designed to fulfill far-reaching critical needs in the sphere of a highly cultured civilization. Tragic consequences result when a portion of the complex divine system is being amputated and discarded as trash in the service of political objectives for which religion is often abused. Sex has become a paradox in this regard.

Responding to the natural imperatives built into the divinely natural system of humanity, is termed a sin, while rejecting and amputating a portion of what God has created, is deemed a moral act or a divine service. This paradox needs to be resolved before it becomes hugely destructive to civilization.

According to statistics, 30% of all men, that is over a billion men worldwide, have been sexually mutilated by the circumcision practice. 70% of these are Muslim men. During Mary Baker Eddy's time, the practice was minuscule in North America and had no effect on the culture of the North American civilization. Now, the victimization rate is extremely high in North America, in the 20% to 80% range, depending on the area. This needs to be urgently healed, because the victimization of society has dramatic consequences. The victimization has deep-reaching effects that has changed the culture of many nations, as deeply as it has affected individuals.

It has been said by one who subjected himself to the circumcision later in life, who has experienced the difference, that living with the circumcision is like living in a world without color. 

However, here the tragedy only begins.

Modern research, that is still only in the beginning stage, presents some rather surprising discoveries of deep-reaching and often hidden effects. The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviours, impotence, lost of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders that are only now becoming associated with the Post Dramatic Stress Disorders caused by the sexual mutilation that is most often imposed on children. 

 In later life, the diminished sexual sensitivity leads to further debilitations in the social context as it inhibits the normal deep-reaching social bonds, and social trust that would normally be developing between children and parents, and between one another, that has an impact on the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind.

The technical assessment stands in the background and supports what is being experienced worldwide in the arenas of debilitated cultures. In areas where the prevalence is high, warlike cultural tendencies are also high, together with disintegrating economic structures.

That this coincidence is not a modern phenomenon is evident in the Bible where the first recorded act of war is attributed to the circumcised culture of the Children of Israel in Genesis 34, in the Jacob allegory. It is a story of deceit, betrayal, and war, in which all men in an entire city were murdered by a gross act of cultural insanity specifically attributed to the circumcision practice. The story suggests that instead of the circumcision being an element of a people's culture, it is the causative factor that has shaped the culture and determined its effect on civilization.

Mary Baker Eddy highlighted the Jacob allegory by devoting the largest block, almost 10%, of her 144 definitions for the city foursquare, to the Jacob story. She even highlights that story in the last painting in Christ and Christmas, in the form of nine dark birds according to the nine names of the sons of Jacob that she presented specific definitions for.

She presents the nine dark birds, associated with the cross that stands in the way of the light, which foreshadows a dark cross in the foreground. The cross is not the Roman cross, but is a much more ancient cross that has stood at the beginning of the oligarchic system, it is the cross of the universal 'circumcision' imposed by the oligarchic system that is 'amputating' humanity on many fronts: in science; economics; education; culture; politics; health care; agriculture; employment; even society's self-perception, such as the depopulation ideology that defines humanity a cancer on the Earth and demands the genocidal reduction of humanity from the present seven billion people to less than one billion. This is the ancient cross of oligarchism that has stood in the way of civilization since civilization began, which still stands and casts its black shadow in the foreground.

This is what the scene of 'The Way'" represents. The cross that stands in the way, represents the darkest, and most ancient and unhealed disease that has ever inflicted humanity, the oligarchic disease, of which the sexual circumcision ideology is but a small subset, which though to some degree, is characteristic of the whole.

While Mary Baker Eddy's definitions of the selected nine names for the sons of Jacob, represented by the dark birds, refer only to the raging social conflicts that are inherent in a circumcised culture, which the Jacob story is evidently intended to illustrate, Mary Baker Eddy may have intended to extend the scope and to highlight the entire Jacob story, including the war culture that the sexual circumcision consequences breed. 

I have produced a special exploration video with the details that Mary Baker Eddy has provided about the Jacob story. I have named the video: "Marriage on the Infinite Plain." The writer of the Jacob story uses the tragedy of circumcised marriage to illustrate to some degree the entrapment of society by the oligarchic system., which Mary Baker Eddy challenges society to heal itself of. Marriage is vulnerable to the effects on it by the oligarchic mentality and its system that is shaping civilization, on all levels. Mary Baker Eddy made no provisions for marriage ceremonies in her church, as if to say that in the divine universe, humanity is already more deeply married to one another as human beings than any ceremony would accomplish. So why bother? Instead, develop the principle of universal love that heals all oligarchic tendencies.

I have created a series of 12 novels with a single story to explore the wide dimension of the principle of universal love in our world. I thought the project could be accomplished in a single volume. The subject turned out to be so wide that 12 volumes barely could do justice to it. 

I have named the series, "The Lodging for the Rose." The series is oriented in the opposite direction than the Jacob story.

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