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The Alternate Jesus - part 5: Books of Ancient Wisdom

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Books of Ancient Wisdom

Extremely little is known about humanity's early history that trails back in time two to three million years. Humanity may have seen more than twenty ice ages, many 100,000 years in duration. With the Sun going inactive for much of the glaciation times with a 70% lower energy output, living conditions would have been harsh. It is believed that only 1 to 10 million people existed worldwide at the end of the last Ice Age with which the modern period of civilization began.

We know extremely little about our early ancestral cultures that came out of the last Ice Age environment. We know even less about what their perceptions had been of what is spiritual truth. By definition, Spiritual truth is that which is truthful, provable, understandable; unchanging principle; untouchable by the modus of time; manifest in freedom, healing, and a richly human world.

We can gain some glimpses of what the ancients might have known by exploring the great monuments in stone that they have left behind that appear to have been built in those early times, such as the giant Pyramids of Giza that predate the seal shown here by roughly 8,000 years.

The existence of a highly developed culture is evident in the design and construction of the great Giza pyramids. 

Some scholars suggest that the entire Giza complex was built approximately 12,800 years ago, rather than at the later date that Egyptology assumes. 

The scientific design, mathematical insight, and precision in the construction of the Giza pyramids, which are far too numerous to list here, are all of such an extreme quality that it puts the Giza complex into a category of its own that is way beyond what the Egyptians had been able to create in their time, 8,000 to 10,000 years later, at the beginning of the imperial age, the age of decadence and collapse of civilization that had already been far advanced at this point. 

The quality in design and construction that we see evident in the Giza pyramids, stands miles apart from anything that we find reflected in other Egyptian pyramids, which stand out as rather primitive in comparison.

For example, the geographic alignment of the Great Pyramid to the meridian of the Earth had been more accurately implemented when the pyramid was built 12,800 years ago, than it became implemented in modern time as the Greenwich Prime Meridian that has been established at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich in 1851, which, for a time, had served as the world standard. 

This is only one of the many marvels of great scientific, and therefore spiritual achievements that have been built into the Giza pyramids long before the timeframe of our modern civilization.

A key to the early date for the Giza complex is the orientation of the Sphinx and its shape. When one rolls the celestial clock backwards, the Sphinx becomes aligned to face its image in the stars, the Constellation Leo, at the dawn on the solstice 12,800 years ago. The erosion patterns that are evident on the Sphinx seem to match this dating, as well as many other features that are likewise too numerous to mention here. 

The point is that a highly advanced culture with impressive accomplishments in science, mathematics, astronomy, and physics, had existed in the early timeframe when the pyramids were built. Their achievements had been so advanced that some people suggest that the pyramids were not built by humanity, but by people from other worlds.

The advanced culture that we see evident in the building of these extremely ancient pyramids had evidently existed on earth in the early days at the end of the last Ice Age. One can see in these marvellous achievements a highly developed sense of humanity reflected, which doesn't happen without highly spiritual attainments standing behind them, because spiritual development is the foundation for all advanced scientific and technological achievements. The two are linked. Both of these achievements, that had once existed, have become lost.

Evidence exists that suggests that the early culture that had built the pyramids may have become extinct in the shadow of a devastating astrophysical event. 

The great sandy desert of today's Sahara did not always exist. Rock drawings indicate that the Sahara had been a lush region with rivers and swamps and abundant wildlife not too long ago, that had sustained hunting and fishing, and that this lush area 'suddenly' became a desert.

It appears that the Sahara became a desert by the effect of a swarm of asteroids disintegrating in the earth's atmosphere. Asteroid fragmentation typically happens by means of electric stress-fracturing. A large event of this nature has likely showered the Sahara region, and regions beyond, with the now existing vast layers of sand that extend several hundred feet deep in some places. The entire society that had built the pyramids would likely have perished in the ensuing cataclysmic event or rapid series of events. 

One might assume with these considerations that if the early culture's ideology could be known, this knowledge would serve as a reference for understanding the Gospels from a higher level perspective than that provided by mere historic references related to Jesus' time.

Christ Jesus' travels during the 30 years of his personal development, prior to his work in Palestine, may have brought him into contact with societies shaped by cultures that had an unbroken linkage to the people that came out of the last Ice Age, similar to the builders of the Giza pyramids. 

 The Mastery of Love

It appears that a link has been found that takes us back in time roughly 10,000 years, and maybe even farther, definitely preceding Buddhism and Hinduism.

The discovery by researchers is of an amazing mentality that is attributable to a spiritually advanced society that existed at an extremely ancient time, which is believed to have lived in the general area of modern Mexico. The discovered society has been named the Toltec society.

While what remains of its wisdom has of course been most likely fictionalized, like everything else from the ancient times before written languages came into use, like many stories of the Bible, with which ancient wisdom was documented in later times. 

The discovered wisdom of the Toltec people takes us back to a world prior to the age of the oligarchs and empires that politically determine what is written, though some features of the ancient spiritual culture appear to have survived nevertheless. 

In this context, the spiritual wisdom that had evidently existed long before the Aztec in Central America, through which it decayed, sets the discovered very ancient wisdom apart from modern wisdom, including the wisdom found in Jesus' time. It is interesting in this context to note what comes out of the very ancient background that seems to predate everything that we call civilization.

It is also interesting to see that traces of what has survived is being still reflected in modern cultures in some parts of the world that may have had a link to the deep past in areas where people would have lived through the harsh ice age condition that typically disable much of the planet for human living. The surviving cultures would have lived in the regions of India, Central Africa, and Central America, the regions that we need to redevelop in a big way in preparation for the next Ice Age to begin on roughly 30 years.

 See: The Mastery of Love

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The Toltec book of wisdom

With everything considered, let me present a brief story from the background of the ancients' ideology that may reflect the critical spiritual principles with which humanity had flourished throughout the most challenging times of the human journey. 

The story that I will present is from the "Toltec book of wisdom," as the researcher Don Miguel Ruiz has called the ancient source that he presented in his video, The Four Agreements:


The selected story is about a dream in which the dreamer sees an old man by a river, in meditation. In the story, the old man has beautiful multicoloured light emanating from his head, something that we no longer see today or expect to see.

The dreamer is noticed by the old man. The old man smiles at him with eyes filled with love. 

The dreamer asks the old man at the river what he is doing, being so serene. The man replies that he had asked this very question once to his own teacher a long time ago. He says that in response his teacher had opened his chest and taken out his heart, from where he took a beautiful flame. 

The old man says that his early teacher then opened up HIS chest, and also HIS heart, and placed the little flame inside it and put the heart back. 

The old man says that as soon as this was done to him he felt an intense love, because the flame of his teacher's love was now his own love.

The old man tells the dreamer that the flame grew and became a fire - a fire that doesn't burn, but purifies everything it touches. And so, as his flame of love burnt, it touched each of the cells in his body, and the cells of his body loved him back, and they became one.

The old man at the river says that he had felt a need to share his love further.

He touched with his love every tree, and as he did he noticed that the trees loved him back. He became one with the trees. And so, while this was happening his love grew still more. 

He says that his love touched every flower and every blade of grass on the Earth, and they all loved him back and he became one with them.

The old man continues saying that his love kept growing still more and more.


He says his love touched every animal in the world, and they all responded and loved him back, and he became one with them in this love.

And still his love kept growing. 

He says, it touched every crystal in every stone on the ground and in the dirt and in every metal, and they all loved him back, and he and they became one.

With his love growing still more, it touched the waters, the oceans, the rivers, and the rain and snow. And they all loved him back. 

The old man says, “we all became one.”

The old man continues saying that his love kept on growing without end. It touched the air and the wind, by which he felt a strong communion with the wind, with the waters, and with all nature.


He says that his love grew so much that it touched the sky and reached to the Sun and the stars. And so it was that his love was reflected in every star, in the Moon, in the Sun, and he felt that they all loved him back so that he became one with them too.

And even then, his love kept still growing. He says it kept growing and touched the whole of humanity, and he adds, “I became so extensively one with the whole of humanity that wherever I go, and in whomever I meet, I see myself reflected in their eyes, because I am a part of everything - because I love.”

Then, as the old man says this, he opens his own chest and takes out his heart with the beautiful flame inside, and places that flame into the dreamer’s heart.


“Now that love is growing in you,” he says to the dreamer, “you are one with the wind, with all nature, with all animals, and all of humanity. You feel the heat and the light emanating from that flame in your heart. Out of your head now shines that beautiful multi-coloured light that you noticed in me, because you are now likewise radiant with the glow of love.”

The old man suggests to the dreamer that a sense of gratitude would emerge from this and grow into a great gratitude to the Creator of the Universe in the form of a prayer of love, saying:

Thank you, for the gift of life and for everything that I have ever truly needed.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind.

Thank you for living inside me with all your love, with your pure and boundless spirit, with your warm and radiant light.

Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share Your love wherever I go. I love just the way you do, and because I am your creation, I love myself just the way I am.

So help me to keep the flame of love, and the light of peace that radiates from it, in my heart, and help me to make loving a new way of living so that I may live in Love for the rest of my life.

With this the story ends of the old man at the river. 

How much of it is fiction,I do not know. But would I need to know, or would any one of us need to know? 

If we can replicate the story, then we can feel its essence as a truth. Thereby alone would we prove that it is truthful, and not mere fiction. On this platform many aspects of religion that divide and disable humanity today would simply dissolve. They would dissolve into fiction and fade out of sight.

Christ Jesus may have followed a similar course of realization. 

He stood on high ground when he returned to Palestine. He might have said to John the Baptist with joy, like the old man has said in the story, in essence:

"If the Mind of God is in all humanity, then by loving it, desiring it, listening for it, we become one with it. 

"I want to be one with the Mind that is the Universe; one with the Spirit and Soul that is God, and one with all Life that is, because God is. 

"I want to be one with all that is truth, because God is Truth. "

Christ Jesus would likely have said to John in conclusion: "I have already succeeded in this quest in many ways, have I not? Just look at it, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the blind see. That's a good start."

Jesus would have been right if he had said this, because if this type of desire doesn't open doors to amazing inspirations, grand healing abilities, and powerful teachings, what then would?

It may have been this fundamental question of what is the Mind of God in the quest to be one with it, which made Jesus into what he became. And since this quest had evidently been to some degree also the spiritual objectives of the ideologies in distant ages, some of which may have been still 'alive' in Hinduism at his time and in other early spiritual teachings. Therefore, the deeply underlying core of all modern religions, including Christianity, may be located in these early developments of spiritual human cultures, some of which Christ Jesus had evidently brought to the surface again in his time, and had developed further. 

Jesus' resurrection, as it may be seen one day, was likely the result of an unfolding quest for him on the path to being one with the Mind of God. This may have been the power that set him onto the pinnacle that enabled his marvellous public work. 

His resurrection was evidently not a event that closed his earthly history, as theology makes it out to have been, but was instead an ongoing, progressive, opening spiritual process of discovering the dimension of the One that is God and is All, including himself in it and humanity universally, and eternally.

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