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The Alternate Jesus - part 2b: Enthusiastic Exuberance

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That those might have been the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth, is evident in his later theology. His birth in the academy might have inspired one of his most profound statements, "Call no man your father on earth, because one is your Father, which is in heaven." 

He might have added that the concept of personal parentage is built on such a minuscule fringe event that it is not worth the mention, and that 99.999% of the process unfolds without anyone's volition by an imperative that is infinitely greater than anyone of us - a process that is intelligent, harmonizing, perfect, spiritual in nature, and is in short the expression of divine Principle, the creative expression of infinite Spirit. And here Jesus might have added too, that the parent Mind sustains its offspring, which may have laid the foundation for his healing work.

He might have explained further that the spiritual process of sexual intimacy, the sacrament that unfolds the senses of the Soul, is a key element in the social dynamics that forges the necessary bonding between people as a foundation for the extended caring for one-another by which the offspring's success is assured.

Jesus might have also cited in his preaching to the masses, the case of his defence of the adulterous woman that is illustrated in the 8th chapter of the Book of John. 

The case is a case of attempted entrapment. While Jesus had been speaking in the temple, a group of Jews and Pharisees brought a woman before him who stood accused by them of the crime of having committed unauthorized sexual intimacies. 

"Teacher," they said to him, "this woman was caught in the act of adultery, in the very act. Now, Moses' law commands us to murder her by throwing stones at her until she is dead. What about it?"

In defending the woman, Christ Jesus defended his own history, and with it everyone's history in the sacrament of the senses of the Soul that is powered by a higher imperative that no one can ignore, the imperative of Love. 

We are told in essence that he looked the accusers in the eye and suggested that if there was one person among them who regards himself not to be a human being, who is not touched by the divine imperative of Love and by the sacrament of Soul, let him be the first to pick up a stone, with which to kill the woman. 

As it was, no one did so that day. They all left the scene as though they had no case to prosecute. 

Execution by stoning is a collective form of execution in which, theoretically, the burden of killing is shared in a manner that not a single person can be identified as the killer. 

In reality, all would feel the pain, and this by intention. The torturing tares into the soul. Stoning is a form of execution by torture. Death comes extremely slowly, agonizingly, and this evidently intentionally so. When collective participation is implemented on this platform, which is demanded, the process of slowly torturing a person to death tares down the natural sense of humanity across society. It enables fascist control of it. 

The process of murdering by torture had evidently nothing to do with justice. It was required for political dominance. In order to maintain the dominance a flow of victims is required to serve the desired objectives. The needed flow of victims is evidently easily assured by instigating sexual laws that are sure to be broken in a circumcised society in which the foundation for natural intimate relationships has been already wrecked.

Jesus was evidently aware of all this, and had sensed that the accusers of the woman probably knew this too in their heart, and that they also knew, that they had no case before God at all, which in fact rendered their case against the woman, a case against God. 

He might have also realized that the perpetrators of the planned crime knew that the law of Moses had never demanded such atrocities as they claimed it did. In the German translation of the original Decalogue in Exodus 20, the verse interpreted as adultery merely states that one should not break the honourable bonds, the bonds that love has forged. 

Evidently it couldn't have been totally hidden from their hearts that this gentle directive stands in defence of love, which was later turned upside down in the Book of Leviticus, the law written by the Priests for the use of the Priests. There, in the Book of Leviticus, and again in Chapter 20, the Decalogue of Moses had all the gory stuff added that demands society to murder one another for a long list of decrees that were evidently forged to terrorize society, and to soften it from within for the purpose of maintaining power over it. 

Evidently Jesus knew, as they probably all knew in their heart, that a society is not served by killing one-another, but destroys itself in the process. Millions may have been killed in the mistaken orgies of religious murdering, spanning thousands of years. Jesus may have felt that the time had come for society to stand up for God and for the truth, and also for humanity, by putting the cases of insanity to rest, starting that day. 

He would likely have said to the accusers of the woman before him, "you hypocrites! Have you not read the law? Moses demands high on the list: Do not kill! The stones that you would throw at this woman, you would throw at the heart of God. I cannot believe that you can be so insane that you intend this.

"You hypocrites! You should be on trial here, instead of this woman. How do you read in the law of Moses? Moses demands, do not covet, do not steal. Every one of you tramples on this law. You have become masters of greed, each in his own way. As businessmen you float in a sea of stolen loot that you call profit. You give yourself incomes a thousand times larger than you let your workers have. You have circumcised your humanity and exiled yourself from the presence of God as Adam had done.

"You hypocrites! Have you not read in the law of Moses that it is an offence against God to speak untruthfully with intention? How many lies do you speak every day? You know that are lying when you say to me that Moses demands that this woman be killed. You speak Levitious lies that you to be lies, which have been falsely attributed to Moses.

"You hypocrites! Have you not read in the real law of Moses, regarding adultery, that the law demands that one should not break the bonds that love has forged? This means that you should honour such bonds, as bonds of love that reflect divine Love. Instead of honouring God in this manner, you come with eager eyes, wishing to throw stones at the love that reflects God.

"Why would you choose to live as hypocrites before God? Have you not read in the law of Moses that the first and foremost demand on the law is that you love God with all your heart and soul, including in all aspects that reflect God in humanity? You are making a mockery of this law before me, before God, and before your children and your children's children. Let them be your judges."

Most likely this kind of speech would have cleared the floor with no one but him and the woman remaining.

It appears that the priesthood in today's world, whoever they may be, or may represent as the guardians of public perception, isn't happy with Christ Jesus having rescued of the woman and the accusers as well. They may regard Jesus' defence of her as heresy against doctrine. It may have been for this reason for which the biblical account in which the story is told, has been censored and removed from the Bible by simply not printing it anymore. This is easily done. It has been done before. 

The entire chapter of Daniel 13 has been removed, evidently for this reason. It contains the once famous story of Susanna and the Elders. In the story Susanna is surprised while bathing in her garden, and is demanded there by two respective members of the community to consent to be raped by them. The story became famous as it illustrated the high-ranking in society to be rapacious pathetic liars that all that is good in society stands defenceless against. The story unmasked what society was finally fast discovering for itself and could identify with. Consequently the story became a subject chosen by many artists who illustrated the struggle and deceit.

In the story the elders are all over her and threaten to accuse her of adultery if she refused. 

Since she was a self-respecting woman who could not consent to the imposed demands, she rebuffed them gently and stood her ground courageously.

Being rebuffed they made their threat come true. 

In the biblical story, Daniel saved Susanna from the ensuing death penalty. He did so by unmasking the elders' lies. The story must have hurt the noble rulers in the post-renaissance period who saw themselves threatened by it, because this story too, is no longer printed. 

It may have been removed some time after Rembrandt painted the story and made it famous during the Thirty Years War, in the year before the Treaty of Westphalia was enacted that ended the war and established a high-level platform for civilized living that still stands today as a foundation for civilization. The Susanna story evidently stung the oligarchy at the heart. Consequently it was removed. 

But there may be been also a deeper reason standing in the background, for the banning of the story.

The deeper reason may have been intentionally brought to light in one of the paintings of the story, from this period. 

The painting seems to illustrate that it is not animal magnetism that motivates sexual intimacies, but that a larger universal impetus comes to light in the intimacies that span all ages and all times, an impetus that is demanded by the Soul or else it wouldn't exist.

The human being is not an animal, but is a complex spiritual being with great capabilities for existing on created resources that require a large range of cooperative social intimacies, and economic intimacies, for the widely interlocked societies to function effectively. The sexual motivations of humanity are therefore evidently not personal, but systemically universal and developed by divine design to enable a high-level society with advanced technological and physical environments to exists securely, prosperously, and creatively.

The painter presents a challenge to society in this painting, challenging it to recognize that by condemning its impulses for sexual intimacies, it is condemning its own divine design. 

Jesus may have referred to the Susanna story in his defence of the woman before him. She stood charged like Susanna had been, with an accusation that amounted in fact to an accusation against God. In the Susanna story the elders were condemned by their lies and executed by the law. Jesus would have pointed out that in the Susanna story the elders were unjustly condemned, because the real criminal in the case was society itself, its small-minded attitude, and its law based on that.

Jesus would have challenged the woman's accusers to recognize that the impulses that unfold from love are designed into the human system by a greater intelligence than all of ours put together, and with an imperative that cannot actually be blocked. 

"We may try to block them," he would likely have said, "but these imperative impulses tend to break through in numerous ways, pushing against the barriers of the prohibiting laws of deemed morality that foster spiritual poverty, based on small-minded thinking."

He might have said that an intelligent society does not fight against God's provision for humanity, but moves forward with them to fulfill the divine design.

"If you don't move in this direction," he would have warned, "then you bring great tragedies upon you. Spiritual poverty invariably opens the hell-gates to rape and war. Both are the same in essence. Rape is a hidden form of theft by desperate men. And war is an open form of theft by greed-consumed nations. Both rape and greed let loose, are forms of murder. The murdering becomes endemic on both fronts simultaneously once you step into the arena of war. This means that the spiritual poverty that drives these fronts forward, has to stop. It has to stop now! This is the poverty of Rome! Don't fall into the same trap."

In Jesus' time the people backed off and walked away in shame. Maybe some walked away healed.

If Jesus would speak to us in modern time he would point out that his words had fallen onto sand and have dissipated.

"The proof lies in the tragedies of war," he would say to us today. "Rape, and war for stealing, have become a concurrent tragedy. Both are still rooted in small-minded thinking and attitudes. In both rape and quests for war, for stealing, the moral barriers become suspended. The protecting prohibitions become lifted. The spiritual nature of humanity is denied. It is trampled under foot. The dynamics of spiritual intimacies break down. 

In the resulting desert of spiritual poverty the outcome is often brutal rape and murder on a vast scale that soldiers historically are encouraged to commit for political effects, or get away with in war as easily as the elders of my time got away with, as the Susanna story has unmasked.

In war, rape, even lies about rape to encourage war, are all too often monumental in numbers, brutal in execution, tearing the divine face of humanity the shred in mindless fascism on a senseless path. 

The war statistics present such a horrid face of humanity that no one wants to acknowledge them. This too, is reflected in the Susanna story."

If Jesus had said this today, he would have been right on the mark. According to statistics presented by Wikipedia on war rape, as many as 80,000 women were raped by Japanese soldiers in the first six weeks of the occupation of China's capital city in 1938, that became known in the journals of war as the Nanking Massacre. In the same six weeks of utter madness, more than 200,000 Chinese people were murdered as captive prisoners, one person at a time. 

The example shown here, is of a 'sports' contest, with goal of killing more than a hundred prisoners with the sword, per contestant, per inning.

 It may have been as a response to prevent the repeat of this insanity, which prompted the Japanese military, during World War II, to 'acquire' an estimated 200,000 Korean and Chinese women and girls for its military brothels to serve as captive rape victims for the soldiers. The victims were termed "Comfort Women."

These types of horrors perpetrated in times of war, were perpetrated by numerous cultures with widely diverse backgrounds, as if brutality was a built in feature of humanity. 

But as Jesus had illustrated, this isn't the case. Brutality is not the native face of universal humanity. The horrors are fringe events that are 'inspired' by cultural destruction that has become intentionally imposed on society on a wide scale, which has not been resisted.

A female Soviet war correspondent described a similar type of tragedy. She had witnessed the tragedy at the end of World War II in Germany. She wrote, "The Russian soldiers were raping every German female from eight years of age, to eighty. It was an army of rapists." 

What the correspondent had seen, was likewise not the natural face of humanity. It was the face of cultivated madness, a type of inner war with an inner destruction that is incurred when the spiritual dimension of humanity is denied for political goals.

Another example of this type, has occurred during the Bangladesh Liberation War by the Pakistani army in 1971. There an estimated 200,000 women were raped and up to three million people were murdered. 

Later in Europe, 20,000 Bosnian Muslim women were raped by Serb forces during the three and a half years of the Bosnian War in 1992 to 1995, in which 100,000 people were killed.

In Africa, too, the rule of rape had its day. There, an estimated 500,000 women were raped during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, in which up to a million people were murdered, one person at a time, in a horrid killing spree lasting 100 days. 

The train of horrors continues to the present day. In the Second Congo War, or the Great War of Africa, as it is also called, from August 1998, a year after the First Congo War, till it ended in 2008, five and a half million people were killed. Millions were displaced, and an estimated more than 200,000 women were raped. 

Worldwide, more than 240,000 cases of civil rape are reported annually, though typically only a small percentage of the occurring cases are ever reported.

While the statistics are unreliable, and the political reason for the military raping has many backgrounds, one single thread can be discerned that ties all the widely dispersed horrors of inhumanity into one single face. This thread, is empire. 

Wherever the tentacles of empire reach to, around the world, its dehumanizing culture becomes apparent. 

Another thread is also visible, which ties the entire worldwide system of empire itself into one consistent web. The thread, though thinly veiled, is the circumcision practice that precedes all empires in history and is typically cultivated by them, both to advance and to maintain their dominance. This thread is slowly becoming rejected.

Mass-murder in war occurs when the inner spiritual raping in society is not combated. Mass-murder becomes a form of the rape of war that opens the door to ever wider forms of such rape that eventually opens the hell-gate of mass-genocide. And this happens right at the home gate.

A huge mass-genocide is now in progress that is already beyond comprehension. And even then, it is not an end in itself. We tend to speak softly now, when we speak the word, depopulation, as if the word is unspeakable.

Genocide always bears such an ugly face that is too horrid to look at! 

This is evident in the case of the presently ongoing bio-fuels burning of food, at a global rate of burning that consumes food resources that would normally nourish upwards to 400 million people. 

In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the type of massive food burning that is presently implemented, adds up to the largest-ever mass-genocide by far, in which probably 100 million people are murdered worldwide with the sword of starvation, each single year.

This speeding train of horrors, if it is not stopped, will reach its final destination without fail, for which the stage is already set that no one can survive.

The destructive force of 500,000 Hiroshimas let loose in the space of an hour, will create conditions on earth in which not a blade of grass can grow, much less food for seven billion people.

Extinction is the ultimate rape by intention. The swords have been honed for decades by now, to assure the event of completion. That final hour begins without warning, and it ends as fast as the sword strikes.

The prepared-for world-crash extinction is a form of decapitation. One moment the world is bright and alive. The next moment it is no more. The result will be a great gaping silence in which not a single human voice will ever be heard.

Some form of slow extinction caused by war may be already in progress.

During the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, primarily the Iraq war starting in 2003, more than 5 million kilograms of uranium were vaporized in the use of penetration weapons. More than half of the vapour particles were smaller in size than the wavelength of light. The fine particles would float with the air-currents and spread across the northern hemisphere.

Of course, the uranium particles, no matter how small they are, which get into everything like the sand on the seashore, remain radioactive, and affect bees as readily, or more readily, than they affect human beings. Uranium particles are powerful alpha-emitters. They are extremely dangerous to biological systems at close distances. The result that was experienced after three years of war with uranium weapons, with which the northern hemisphere became densely polluted with radioactive poison, was that lung cancers have increased 6-fold in the USA, and likewise diabetes-two, which has increased from 30 million cases worldwide, to 230 million cases. Several other exotic diseases were erupting at the same time, like the bird flu and the Morgellons Fibre Disease.

It was in this same timeframe of the winter of 2006 to 2007, that the massive Bee Colony Collapse Disorder began. During this single winter, 875,000 bee colonies, perished. And the dying is continuing. In some areas more than 90% of the beehives are lost, according to reports in 2012. With uranium having a half-life of four and a half billion years, are we looking at the start of a slow extinction event? We may.

This is serious, because when the bees die, and the pollinating insects with them, humanity will likely follow the same course not far behind, and die likewise. With large quantities of our food plants requiring pollination by insects, primarily by the bees, the dying of the bees may be a preview of our own dying from the effects of war, even though the wars have already stopped.

When pollinating is richly proceeding, then the fruits do unfold abundantly, as on this elderberry bush.

But when the pollination fails for whatever reason, the fruits are sparse.

Are we looking at a slowly unfolding extinction event with the dying of the bees and the diminishing flying insects? Has the modern war by society against one another, with the uranium use in weapons, become a war against itself that is slowly destroying the infrastructure for its existence? This is the face of the world when love fades out of sight.

Ultimately, the train to the extinction destination is powered by a spiritual failure, by the global lack of a deep universal healing of the entire scene of humanity of its loss of universal love, encompassing the full range from sexual intimacies, to national intimacies, and on to universal spiritual intimacies, which together by design, bind all humanity into one people, one human society, in one divine civilization.

One example of the ongoing silent movement to heal the lack of love for all life, and for its widely interconnected purpose that extends into the smallest form of it, is evident in a recent work of art in the form of a large "carpet of bees." The work contains 17,500 images of bees, representing a third of a bee colony, printed on silk tissue, covered with bees wax.

The artist illustrates the dynamics of life unfolding, in the small, and in the love that is designed to nourish and protect it.

The title of the art, "not by chance alone," speaks to me of a recognition that we live in a wider world of greater good, harmonized by a great universal principle that is love that we are invariably a part of, that we must protect, cherish, nurture, in which we find our own love, rather than to amputate it all with the horrors of war and indifference, that we cannot really live with.

The artists lists 55 fruits that the bees and pollinators service, which we otherwise wouldn't have. 

With war and indifference, we wage war against them, and against ourselves. Ironically, the trend has been that what society doesn't wish to see, it refuses to acknowledge.

Thus, if the intention is to silence whatever truth is uncomfortable, then an excuse for the silencing is not hard to find, as it was found for example, for purging the Bible of the story of Christ Jesus defending the adulterous woman. 

I have explored the path to extinction, and also the path to counter it, in my novel, Brighter than the Sun!

The trigger for nuclear war may not be pulled directly, but the intention for this to happen looms in the background and is promoted from the highest levels of the policy circles, driven by a system that is carefully kept out of sight.

The question that comes to the surface here, is, was Jesus aware that the train of horrors, if it is not halted would lead to the extinction of humanity?

The evidence suggests that he was aware of the potential danger, and that this awareness may have been the underlying imperative for his returning to Palestine, into the snake pit of Rome and of small-minded religiosity, to illustrate a way out, in spite of the danger this would pose for him. This was the great love that he should honoured for, which to some degree was also reflected in his defence of the adulterous woman, which thereby takes on a vastly greater meaning.

The story of his defence of the woman was likely removed from the Bible for this reason. The official excuse is, that in one of the many early copied manuscripts of the Gospel in which the story normally appears, the story had been omitted, and in another copy a mark had been placed beside it.

For this excuse the Book of John, Chapter 8, now begins with Verse 12 instead of Verse 1, in the doctored Bibles.

In the full version, where the story is included, we are told that after the woman's accusers had left the scene without condemning the woman, Christ Jesus had addressed the woman, who was still standing beside him, and counselled her to sin no more.

Most likely, Jesus would have bowed to the woman and have congratulated her courage to stand up for the principle of universal love against the great perils for doing so. Then he would have added, "sin no more."

"What are you saying with that, sin no more?" the woman would have countered him. "You said yourself that no sin has been committed."

"I am saying with this in metaphor: be careful to keep the gold precious," Jesus would have replied. "Don't allow yourself to be raped, and above all, don't be a rapist yourself, and a murderer. I was able to defend you this time against the crime of offending God's law. Your sin lies in not protecting society against the rages of its smallness in thinking. The would have killed you, and you would have been guilty for inciting this rage. You drew them into deep waters while knowing full well that they are unable to swim, or in this case, become murderers.

"I don't say with this that you should keep your love small, as small as they demand. I am saying that you must do it in ways that uplifts everyone. If love is not universal, it is not love and gains you nothing. 

Universal divine Love is the great heart that inspires the unfolding of all that is good. Love designates the path to it. And it leads you on the way. This means that you must keep the gold of Love precious in your sight. This may not be a simple task for you. However, I also know that you can do this. When you come to agree with me on this, with you all your heart and soul, then you qualify yourself to become a member of Mother's house, of the academy, of the secret place where loving is natural and safe, and productive, and beautiful.

The woman would have likely countered Jesus, saying to him astonished, "You speak of lofty ideals. From where I stand, the world in which these high ideals apply, no longer exists. What once was, is gone with the winds of time. The light is gone dim. We live in a circumcised world now, a world of mutilated men where no one has a normal relationship anymore with anyone - at least not here."

Jesus might have hushed her at this point. "This kind of talking will get you killed for sure. You are speaking treason against the foundation of the priesthood that demands society's subservience. Hush! You are right, the world has deteriorated. Evidently, the kind of world in which your sort of talking would be safe, hasn't existed for a long time, and won't exist for a long time to come. We may get it back some time far in the future. But for now, hush! Hush, hush, and love. In a 'circumcised' world, war is on the agenda. When the link to God and Love is broken, the priests of war claim the world and kill those opposing them, including entire nations. Without universal love on the agenda, no one is safe." 

Both Jesus and the woman would have been right in their kind of speaking. The environment that is required for the implementation of the Principle of Universal Love does not presently exist. It didn't exist then, nor does it exist now. We still live in a multiple 'circumcised' world in which the implementation of the Principle of Universal Love on the home ground is so far out of place that it can only be explored as fiction-fantasy. I have done this. The result is my series of 12 novels with a single story that I named, The Lodging for the Rose.

Nevertheless, in spite of the great, even impossible seeming, challenges, the implementation of the Principle of Universal Love is required for humanity to be able to meet the Ice Age Challenge in the short space of 30 years that we may have still remaining of the current interglacial period, before the Sun goes into its mostly-inactive phase. 

May my novels stand as a light in the jungle. Jesus would likely comment, that under the Principle of Universal Love, we begin to see ourselves as God sees us. And he would add that anything less won't do.

Christ Jesus would suggest at this point in his conversation with the woman, that they should go for a walk in the woods. There, they would be alone and be free to continue their evidently needed conversation - in the free world where none other than the trees, birds, and the flowers in the meadows, would be listening in, and where they would be surrounded by the unrelenting beauty of the divine creation, the creation of Life.

"Let me tell you a secret," he would say to the woman on the way. "The secret is that it wasn't I, who defended you and saved your life. It was God, who defended you. 

"All justice comes from God, the standard of perfection. Justice comes from within. It comes from God, through man being One with God, universally and eternally. External justice is an impossible concept. God is the Government of the Universe. We pursue justice to see the glory of God.

"Justice never comes from the outside," he would add, "not even from persons like me. So it wasn't I, who saved your life," he would say to the woman. "I played a part in the process, but this part was minuscule. My part was no bigger than the minute part the man had played, of Mother's academy, who had sanctified her ovum with his sperm that had started the process in which I was born.  

"The man's part in the birth process was so minuscule that no one could tell in retrospect, who it was who played the part. The rest was all done by God unfolding as divine Principle. The process is so perfect that the most unlikely fringe event sufficed to get it triggered.

"This makes me the Sun of God indeed, doesn't it? It makes everyone else so likewise. We are the Son of God and of divine Love at the same time.

"Of course my amazing birth-background in Mothers spiritual academy gave me the kind of flying start that one builds on enthusiastically, and easily, readily, and moves with it. Mother's spiritual academy gave me the grandest start that one could have on the road to spiritual discovery.

On this road that opened before me many people and cultures have contributed their most-leading concepts that our divine, human scientific capability, has brought to light as all aspects of our being one with the infinite God in which everything, Principle and its idea, is One.

"In this unity justice is established, and all good for us and the world.

"Our unity with the divine, is also our unity with one another. In the divine universe no one lives isolated and apart. We are bound as one in a vast network of strands of love that are the light of civilization. In this network that spreads boundlessly like a lateral lattice, no one exists above or below, with all reflecting the same spirit, the Spirit of God. In this lattice we meet one-another's needs, and thereby create the richest world that can ever be. This is the divine design that everything is subsumed to in the universe of life, that everything reflects, beginning with our conception, to our reaching for the stars, for our joy and for God's glory."

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