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The Alternate Jesus - part 2a: Enthusiastic Exuberance

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Enthusiastic Exuberance

The Alternate Jesus - part 2

- Mother's spiritual academy

On the basis of what is known through existing and reliable historic records, it is not too difficult to reconstruct a probable real story of the life of Christ Jesus. The result from this reconstruction becomes the story of a remarkable man who had lived at an extraordinary time and under extraordinary circumstances. 

What grand angel messages would have come to the aid of the woman named Mary, who became the mother of Jesus.

Angels are God's impartations of ideas of truth. What were the divine truths that had motivated her, what she may have struggled with against worn-out opinions, with the support of angelic ideas?

Two of the canonical gospels say that Jesus was born in Palestine by a virgin mother. This has become the standard perception of Christianity. It might indeed have been so, in a purely technical sense. 

It is certainly within the range of natural possibilities for a virgin mother to bear a child, although not in the manner that the canonical gospels portray.

The gospels proclaim that Jesus was the personal Son of God, fathered directly by God himself in an exclusively spiritual and incorporeal manner. This type of virgin birth is neither necessary, nor divinely natural, and it doesn't make much sense from a religious standpoint either. Why would the divine Mind set aside the wisely developed order of generation, the perfect product of the most profound divine wisdom? Would the divine wisdom suggest that for the sake of theatrical effects its grandest idea for the unfolding of life, that nothing can actually hinder, needs to be improved? What is perfect doesn't need to be improved.

Is a Superstar with a super-entrance needed, who would show humanity what humanity is not naturally capable of, but requires divine intervention? 

The assumed need for a super-human being, an exception, a God incarnate in human form, would render humanity - the tallest of creation - inferior and impotent. One can hardly call this type of outcome the result of divine wisdom. 

The result fosters the conclusion that the creation story of Christ Jesus, as it is generally believed, is more likely fiction. 

Nevertheless, the highest unfolding on earth of the perfect man - an exemplar who would demonstrate to humanity what every human being inherently is, as a divine idea, and is naturally capable of, would likely have been born in an exceptional environment. In the divine universe, this exceptional environment would have been rich with the richest expression of universal love that can be achieved humanly, in which divine Love is reflected to the fullest in universal loving. 

All nature is profoundly rich with universal love expressed. It unfolds into a symphony of Love without limits. Divine Love is reflected in love in humanity in the widest, and fullest, universal context, without barriers, exceptions, and timidity. 

A person, naturally born in this type of environment, would be more conditioned from the ground up to exemplify humanity's universal birth-principle, the birth-principle that he grew up with, to the fullest, which is the principle of universal love - and thus be able to express this principle in universal healing and in uplifting humanity, overruling all small-minded notions about God and the people themselves.

Is it possible that this type of extremely high-level conception could have occurred within the natural human corporeal context, without miracles intervening.

Most likely, extremely little was known in society 2,000 years ago, about the human reproductive system, and the female anatomy that is a part of it. The status of a woman as a virgin was likely judged, in those early days, by her vaginal skin cover, the hymen, being intact. The hymen covers the opening of a woman's vagina. It tends to rupture during vaginal intercourse. 

However, the hymen covers the opening to the vagina only partially. This means that an entry path into the vagina is always present, naturally. Furthermore, the natural opening widens as puberty unfolds. The natural opening offers a path through which semen can enter the vagina, and so on, without the hymen becoming ruptured to facilitate the process. 

Extensive non-vaginal sexual intercourse could result in conception the natural way. When semen is deposited onto a woman's vulva, possibly followed up with oral actions that would push some of the semen past the hymen, into the vagina, from where it would become further propelled by orgasmic contractions past the cervix, all the way into the uterus, could lead to fertilization without a woman's hymen being broken or damaged. 

The sperm that is contained in a man's semen remains alive for up to seven days. It is an amazingly intricate product that results from 130 days of development. It is designed as haploid. This means that its 23 chromosomes are able to join the 23 chromosomes of the female egg to form a diploid cell, from which the new organism develops. Only a single sperm cell, out of an average of 250 million sperm in a man's ejaculation, is needed, and is systemically allowed, to successfully fertilize a female egg cell.

This means that when extensive sex adventures are repeated often enough, and the semen is rich, some sperm would penetrate into the vagina and past the cervix, all the way into the uterus, and so on, where it would meet an egg cell coming through one of the fallopian tubes.


The chances for conception to occur, by this indirect process, are typically slim of course, but under exceptional circumstances, especially with extensive and frequent intercourse, natural indirect insemination is possible. No miracle is required, therefore, for a human virgin birth to be happening. 

The entire human sexual system is designed to assure that insemination does happen. Since a female egg cell lives only for 24 hours from the point of ovulation, semen should ideally be present at this time. Since the sperm in the semen typically lives for up to seven days, it should ideally be renewed every three days. The male sexual impulses are designed to facilitate this frequency. They are definitely not arbitrary. They are designed to facilitate the process. Just as the lining of the uterus that accepts a fertilized egg cell is replaced in the women's 28-day renewal cycle, the male seminal system appears to require a similar renewal via the ejaculation process. The seminal fluid has a complex chemical make-up of numerous minerals, hormones, and so on, produced by three separate glands. Ejaculation serves to flush out the system. The male to female interplay, which serves the process, also helps in return to advance the social bonding process, both physically and psychologically.

Eroticism is an element built into the sexual interplay process. Erotic art typically expresses what already exists, built into the human system.

The built-in element also has a physical component. Modern studies suggest that transmitted semen in sexual interplay acts as an antidepressant in women, and also has psychological effects as the result of its complex chemical make-up that includes several mood-altering hormones. These further increase the bonding effect. In short, we have an extremely intelligently-designed system before us that not only assures procreation, but also aids the building of a social foundation in which the offspring is well supported and is able to flourish and create a rich and productive civilization. 

Sexual fantasies, which are also expressed in art, evidently also have a built in foundation. The example shown here reflects what a modern study corroborates. In a survey of sexually active women, the large majority of the respondents stated that they prefer oral sex over vaginal sex, which evidently also applies to men.

That the erotic component of human sexuality is not a modern fad, but is a part of the divine system of humanity that has been recognized so in distant ages, is evident in the numerous erotic sculptures that are found built into the temple walls of the temples of Khajuraho that were built a thousand years before our time.

The deeply intertwined human sexual, social, and also spiritual system, is so well designed that no further improvement appears to be needed or be possible, except for improvement of the recognition of it in society.

Why then would God set aside this well-designed system for theatrical effects, and thereby go against the grain of already established perfection? Why would society inhibit itself with miracle fictions, and move itself away from celebrating its divinely created, rich perfection, that exists, and has always existed?

Indeed, why would God impose the virgin birth as a miracle that would set aside a perfect process that is divinely established? Why would God deny his own creation and thereby belittle man? This type of innermost denial is not divine. The opposite is divine. The recognition is divine, that was engraved in temple walls as a celebration of divine wisdom.

If we go the opposite path, in denial of divine wisdom, great tragedies occur. When the unfolding of the divine design is squelched by false doctrines and false motivation, self-escalating tragedies often erupt, such as prostitution, rape, murder, war, genocide, even extinction. It was recognized in early Rome that one cannot build on this foundation.

It appears that the rape of the noblewoman Lucretia, who committed suicide because of the rape, precipitated the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom for the establishment of Rome as a Republic in 509 BC. A small step forward had been won, which was soon lost again for the lack of further progress.

In later times, the temple builders of Khajuraho in central India, likewise acknowledged that one cannot go against the path of the divine design and build a civilization on it. In their understanding of the divine value of the human system, in all its profound aspects, they went far out of their way to adorn their great temples with acknowledgements of the divine design that includes the universal sexual dimension of it as an element to be celebrated in the temples.

Why then would the divine wisdom impose a special miracle in Palestine under the Roman Empire, that creates an isolating gap between God and man?

Why would humanity deny the riches it has, by not celebrating those riches, and by celebrating unnatural 'miracles' instead?

For the lack of a rational answer, one must assume that the 'miracle' fiction, which fosters an isolating tragedy, didn't happen. The evidence suggests that an exceptional out-pouring of universal love has happened instead, in which Jesus was conceived, so that no special miracle was needed.

The real supporting angels of the process were not esoteric then, but were men and women, responding to the imperatives of the harmonizing divine system that is bigger than all of us.

By it, Mary became Mother.

Sexual emotions inspire sexual love that often spans across all the little barriers of culture, religion, and distance. At further-advanced levels of development, sexual loving becomes spiritual loving on an ever-wider platform without end.

If one considers that Palestine was located at the center of several science-intensive cultures at the time - the Greek Platonic culture north of the Mediterranean; and the Egyptian culture south of it with the great library of Alexandria; and the Hebrew homeland with its spiritual culture located in the East, in Mesopotamia - it is not unreasonable to assume then that some daring free thinkers with advanced perceptions might have challenged the old doctrines of the priests. 

Some rebellious young adults might have snubbed their nose at the stuffy old priesthood that had historically stoned people to death for having unauthorized sex. The rebel pioneers might have acknowledged to themselves that all aspects of the divine creation are inherently good, valuable, enriching, and harmonizing - acknowledging thereby that God doesn't produce miss-creations, or defective aspects of creation that a special divine intervention may sets aside for theatrical effects, especially not in the context of the unfolding of life. 

Some of the pioneers would likely have argued with the priests for spiritual freedom, if they had seen the slightest chance that the established priesthood would listen. But, who has ever won a fight for advanced perceptions in theological debates where rigid doctrines rule that are cast in stone? 

Those, moving at the leading edge, would likely have had to step outside the established circles. And this, they had probably done. Where the priests said NO to unauthorized sex, they might have said YES to each other. They might have seen sexual intimacy as a form of sacrament in their exploration of what God is and has created - a sacrament carried by the senses of the divine Soul reflected in man. 

The pioneers probably rejected the starched religiosity of those who cannot comprehend the spiritual nature of being in all its aspects, who render the sacrament in Soul a sin. 

The pioneers might have argued that the term sin is a term that applies to the forms of immoral tragedy that destroy civilization and tare all that is good onto the ground, such as with lust for money, with property and status, legal power, and even war, and so on. And they might have argued further that for this reason the term, sin, doesn't apply to the gentle bonds that unfold in love and its expression - the unfolding of the reign of Soul. 

The priesthood probably wouldn't have been able to see anywhere near so far, much less to see sexual aspects as aspects of Love unfolding into expression. 

They would have seen the very opposite, as is it still mostly the case today. 

Thus, the pioneers probably wouldn't have bothered to argue their case before the priests. They more likely gathered privately in isolated places and argued their case before each other, the case for the sacrament with the divine Soul, which is something that the established priesthood, which maintains its power with death-threats and executions, would not be able to understand.

In this context it might have been that their choosing to be honest with themselves and with God, and considering sex being the powerful impetus that it is as a part of the unfolding of the dynamics of life, and the need for it for the natural reproductive process to function efficiently, the daring rebels at heart would likely have felt in their academy assembly with each other that they should give themselves the freedom of the Soul, without official permission, to celebrate its sacrament - to celebrate their oneness in Soul; their oneness with something that is so profound that it defies all knowledge, and which is so vital that no one would exist without it.

They might have said to themselves within the context of spiritual exploration, "I kiss the vulva as a divine element of life unfolding, and wake to know a world brighter with Love, reflected in loving."

They would have celebrated sex as a part of the wide process of life - existing as a great spiritual complex of beauty and perfection that defies all rational understanding. 

Even we ourselves, in modern time, still haven't got a clue about what goes on in the intricate process in which a human being develops in a mother's womb. We have some vague theories, and even those are probably 95% incomplete. We have discovered some of the results, but we marvel at them and at how little we know about how the results are derived. The best answer we have developed to date is that the entire birth process is the product of an amazing, infinite intelligence, with a perfection and quality in design that is way over our head.  

The daring pioneers in Mary's time evidently accepted their part in the divine process, with Soul-filled celebration of an element of God's reflection in the universe and man. 

Of course their sexual intercourse had to be carried out in secrecy, as they lacked the legal authorization for it, by the state or the temple. The pioneers might have said to each other, what we have touched upon here is bigger than us. Who cares about priestly laws, This is a blessing from God, from the divine. 

The divine reflection in us hints as something much bigger than us, let's move forward with this and discover what lies beyond the realm, which the senses can only hint at. 

Indeed, they would likely have done this in an ever-expanding manner on their chosen path of exploring the sense of Soul. 

They evidently knew that they would get away with their physical and social pursuits in exploring the divine reflection in man, by simply making sure that in their exploration a woman's hymen would not be damaged by the unfolding intimacies. 

In their exuberance, powered by the resulting freer love for one-another and for God, the circle of the academy may have expanded to include a number of likeminded men and women searching for evidence of God in their life. And they would have found evidence that they actually couldn't ignore. They may have felt that it was safe to move with it, and pursue their sacrament both individually and together as an academy, because technically, no matter where their explorations would take them, they would be safe from the law by simply assuring that a woman's hymen would remain intact so that they would be able to prove before any judge that no unlawful act was done as no woman's 'virginity' had become violated. 

But oops, one day an unexpected pregnancy might have resulted. While they might have celebrated the discovery with joy over the promised new life, they would also have known that once the pregnancy was discovered outside the marriage bond, she would likely be dragged before the priests to be condemned to death for the evident violation of the law.

However, with the woman in this case being able to prove her virginity, she would have turned the table on them, and put the entire clergy into a quandary. How could this be, if this wasn't from God? A virgin with a child? This has never happened before. 

It is not hard to imagine the twittering. An old wise man, an angel coming to the rescue, may have solved the quandary by citing ancient scripts about a Messiah that is to come. He may have said, "the child that is promised to be born is he. Who else but God would have the power to inseminate a perfect virgin? This means that God alone is the father." 

The old man may have winked to the woman who would have understood that nothing contrary must ever be told. 

He may have counselled the woman to keep her joy to herself and the child obscured to keep it safe once it is conceived, and above all to keep it out of the reach of the eyes of Rome.

Would the old man counselling her, have violated the law himself thereby, protecting a woman with a child conceived in sin? The wise old man would likely have recognized what the pioneers already knew, without having to ask it. He wouldn't need to ask, what is sin? Nor would he need to ask, is loving, and what results from it, sin? He would have been aware of the spiritual academy that had been formed and of the advances in spiritual perception it had accomplished. He might have been a frequent guest at the academy. 

He would have said to the priests if anyone of them had dared to challenge the people of the academy, "Sin is when you steal from one another. Sin is lust for money, lust for power, and committing acts of fascism, murder, and war to fulfill your lusts and to maintain your power. All this is sin. But this is not what happened among the academy people. Love has happened among them. Love is of God. The child that was conceived in the process was created by God like any other child is. He would have pointed out that the process is so vastly intricate, complex, and harmonizing, that its principles are far beyond our comprehension. And he would have pointed out that in fact the process is all automated. It runs on its own. It is self-fulfilling. Our part in the process is so minuscule that it isn't worth the mention, and even this minuscule part is compelled to happen by a force that unfolds from Love and its manifest in loving so that the people and the woman with a child have touched the hem of Love and have become one with it. Would you deny them, he would have said to the priests? If so, you would deny God?" He probably wouldn't have had to make this speech if he had been a part of the priesthood himself.

Evidently the pioneers devotion to Love, in which Christ Jesus was conceived, had established a more divinely human platform for humanity that would have had an elevating influence even then, which would be acknowledged in later times by Christ Jesus himself, and it would be seen again and again in future periods of renaissance.

The sacrament of the senses of Soul in which humanity discovers itself being one with God, has given rise to great works of art in which the naked beauty of men and woman is not portrayed as profane, but is seen as being divine.

Sex in art had continued in renaissance culture for as long as the renaissance spirit had continued. It was eventually crushed by the rise of fascism in the world, but the Spirit of God, reflected in the spirit of good, continued on in the background.

God was likely seen in the circle of the academy as the creative principle of man in all aspects of existence, and the Mind that is the Universe. They may have felt that as Mind 'touches' its idea, its creation, its image as man, the Mind and idea is the divine one, that they endeavoured to become one with, themselves. They thereby became an unfolding singularity existing outside the limits of time and space, which have no place in God. 

In ancient time women were revered as goddesses in honour of their fertility, the bearer of a process that even now, with all of our scientific knowledge, no one understands to any significant degree past the superficial. A kiss of the vulva may have been akin to a holy act. 

The pioneers in Palestine may have stood on similar ground, and so should we in respecting children.

The children of the world should not be seen as personal creations by their parents who routinely claim ownership. Instead all the children in the world should be seen as the offspring of our humanity; as children of the dynamic complex of God and man being one.

The children on earth should not only be seen as such universally, but be cherished and protected as such. This might have been recognized already at the birth of Christ Jesus.

When the child Jesus was eventually born, it was likely seen by all as the product of our universal humanity, as a specific father could probably not be identified. 

As one might expect also, with the 'universal' birth a slew of problems would have arisen that soon would have had to be faced. 

The virgin birth of the child that was officially declared to be the Son of God, would have inevitably become common knowledge round about. And so, as one might expect from Rome, it would have caused a crisis at the higher levels in the Roman occupation administration. 

With this background fast unfolding, the wise old man would have said to the circle of the academy, "can you imagine the shock hitting Rome when the word comes to them that a Son of God has been born - that the divine Being has become incarnate in the flesh - that a leader would arise from this in the future who would challenge the god-king emperor of Rome itself?" 

The wise old man would have therefore counselled the woman to flee Palestine and to take the child with her, and not to stop until they would be out of the reach of Rome, and out of the reach of the 'priests' who would see the same threat. And he would have said to the others, who were with the woman, "one of you must go with her. Since obviously no one here knows whose sperm has sanctified her ovum, one of you men must play the role of her husband. Society expects this."

"I will go," the carpenter among them might have said. "I will teach the child my trade when he is old enough to learn."

"I will also go with you," another man may have said to the woman. "I will protect you, and I will protect the child with all the strength that is in my arms."

Still another man might have said to the woman, "I too, will go with you, I will support you with my knowledge of the lands."

A sixth person speaking up, would have said, "I will be with you too. I will accompany you and give you my knowledge of the foreign languages that you will encounter." 

In time it would have been decided among them that all members of the inner group would go with her, a company of nine, with the child among them being regarded as their most precious gem, the most precious they ever had.

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