Text-only transcript of the video The Alternate Jesus - part 3c: Trapped Children by Rolf Witzsche 

The Alternate Jesus - part 3c: Trapped Children

(01 Trapped Children )

Trapped Children

(02 The Son of God in the infinite sens )

"So, you are the Son of God then, in the infinite sense?" interjects Mary.

"But only in the infinite sense," says Jesus. "In any other sense, the concept of "the Son of God" becomes a tragedy. The people see me as God's incarnation in the flesh, born by a woman without the least sexual interaction. This concept is a tragic statement of incompleteness. It is a statement that suggests that the divine process of unfolding creation is incomplete, and that it has never been complete, so that for special circumstances the order of infinite wisdom needs to be improved for theatrical effects. That's a tragedy, Mary. I have become trapped in this tragedy in the minds of the people. People come to me, saying, hail, Son of God, please heal my blindness, my broken bones, my scarred face, and so on. That's like them saying, give me bread and fishes, so that I can live more comfortably. They seek me out, hoping that I deal with their inconveniences. The tragedy is that no one has come to me to ask what must be done to rid the world of Rome and its fascism, and of the religions of the numerous forms of circumcision and fiction. So I must say to them all that their love is far too small. It doesn't come even close to reflect divine Love. If this is all that the divine academics in future ages will seek - seeking nothing more than those loaves and fishes, then there is nothing there in that empty landscape to meet the human need. Their love is too small then. In this case Rome will not be defeated by them, but become global and humanity will be choked to death by it. Mother says, no, to that. She says that our accomplishment is near to completion. It is near to the point of infinity. She says that this is enough."

(03 When Rome falls on its own sword )

"How can this be," interjects Mary. "Everything that I see happening suggests that your effort here in Palestine will fail to bring Rome down." 

"Yes, this may happen," says Jesus. "But by the time it does, no more than 15% of the populations in today's Roman Empire will remain left standing alive when Rome falls on its own sword and dies. 

(04 Rome kills the precious )

"Rome kills the precious. I say this not lightly, Mary. When Rome simply dies by its emptiness, instead of being displaced by a higher and more beautiful idea that is built on the Principle of God, then in the resulting vacuum a new empire will rise from the ashes, a bloated version of Rome, which will eventually rule the entire world, and will take down the entire world with it to the 15% population level. And when it comes to that under the unhealed mentality, the resulting genocide will be called a salvation. It may even end in the full extinction of humanity. If society looses its link with God, it dies.

"If Rome is not stopped here, and very soon, I can almost guarantee you that this greater tragedy will happen. If we don't win here, the Roman sword will grow in ferocity, as it becomes replaced with evermore deadly weapons. And this track will go on until one morning in an hour of war the world becomes suddenly destroyed so deeply that not a single blade of grass will grow, whereby, whoever survives that war itself, will die of starvation afterwards.

(05 Our work is near completion )

"And still, Mother says that our work is near completion," continues Jesus, "that's a paradox right? There is no victory on the horizon, is there?" 

(06 It is society's task to do its own work )

"In real terms this is not a paradox," says Jesus. "When Mother says that the work is nearly complete, she means our work is complete, not the world's work. She means that the world has then the tools on hand to win its freedom with these tools. She says to us that it has never been our task to do everybody else's work. If society doesn't avail itself of the power tools we have provided by sweeping the centuries for the greatest discoveries of power that were ever made, the failure by society to use this power is then not on our hands.

"This is where we stand. When people cry, why doesn't God prevent war? Why doesn't God eliminate poverty? Why doesn't God stop empire? Isn't the act of empire an act of treason against God by design? The evident answer is that society has the power to stand up for God. This power is not from us. It is from God. We are at best only exemplars of this power. It is society's task to do its own work. When the tools are within reach, the failure to apply them is not God's failure. Mother says that the tools are effectively on hand. The task is almost done. The ball is now in society's court."

(07 Who is this, We? )

"And who is this, We? Does the We have names? Who is this, 'Us' Are you including me?" Mary interjects.

(08 The We is 'Us,' Mary )

"The We is 'Us,' Mary. The two are the same. The names are John, Mother, and I," says Jesus. "Are you including yourself among those standing as one with God against Rome, considering that Rome counts as zero. The We that is Us, that also includes God, should be enough to assure victory. 

I, Mother, and some others have come to Palestine to prevent a future catastrophe. Wherever we went in our travels, the people we met, those who had open eyes, all said to us the same thing. They said you must go back. You are the best there is. You are our hope in the long run. You must succeed. If you won't win this, nobody will for a very long time. We are here to win! Do you want to join the winning team, Mary? You could be a valuable contributor with your precious sensitivity."

(09 Sensitivity to Spirit )

"Sensitivity to Spirit is the power in this world," Jesus continues. "It is the portal to being one with God. Our victory unfolds as small-minded thinking is defeated. We can do this here. This is why I am here," says Jesus. "Still something tells me that my time is running out. The attack on you, Mary, which evidently was intended to get you killed, was really an attack on me, with the intention to get ME killed. The masters of Rome know that they have reasons to be scared of Me! 

They know that I am highly sensitive to divine Truth and what it reflects across humanity. They have struck out for this reason. The target was Me! 

I evaded them this time, but one small success doesn't end the war. When an order comes down from Augustus, to Herod, and from Herod to the Pharisees, to get results, they won't dare to let a single defeat stop them. When at first they don't succeed, they will try again, and again, until they do succeed. However, they do not realize that on this path they will also succeed in destroying themselves. My question to you is, would this be enough of a victory to save the world from empire?"

(10 The world needs an active victor )

"I think not," says the woman, Mary. "When Rome falls onto its own sword and dies, the victory will be passively one. This won't be enough to built the security of humanity on, will it? The world needs an active victor."

(11 They want me to die for them on the cross )

"Ah, you are right. But you don't now how right you really are!" says Jesus. "When we first came here to Palestine, we thought we had a chance. I got some profound ideas across to many of the people. It seemed to have roused their devotion to the task. But past a certain point society couldn't follow me. The momentum has now gone. They stopped moving forward. Mostly they seek me out now to get some loaves and fishes, to get some personal healing and so on, so that they won't have to address their inconveniences themselves. I am their comfort maker. It's frustrating. In fact rumours have it that the people want me dead. They want me to die for them on the cross in agony, so that they can say to one-another that the Son of God took all the sins of the world upon him, from the past, present, and future, who in his agony absolved humanity from having to suffer the consequences for their action or inaction. If this idiocy isn't stopped in its tracks, it will take the people's last shred of responsibility from them, for their actions, which would leave them free to repeat their offences against God and themselves. That's the ultimate in seeking loaves and fishes. This means that there is no one in society standing in this fight with me."

(12 They bow to Caesar and spit into the face of God )

"They bow to Caesar and spit into the face of God," says the woman, "and they want you dead as a whipping boy for their sins. That just about sums it up, I think. What society wants doesn't actually count for anything, and what does count, the rich color in life, is no longer valued. This is more than a tragedy in my books."

(13 A foursquare city of critical spiritual concepts )

"Of all the people I know, only two have a good grip on what is required, and a third one is waking up," says Jesus, looking at Mary. "One of these is Mother, of course. The other is John. Obviously you know John. Who doesn't? We are working on something big together, a foursquare city of critical spiritual concepts that enables a person to deal with 144 concepts simultaneously. We use this path to explore where the blocking factors are located. We explore for example what the nature of an adversary is. 

"Mother thinks an adversary is a mind without God. John thinks that a mind without God is something that doesn't really exist, because a mind without God is a contradiction in terms. 

We all agree that an adversary is what the people refer to as Satan or devil, which exists only in the imagination, in a mind without God. This is to say that an adversary is nothing more than a mere figment of the imagination that has been conjured up to frighten people. We hope that what John, I, and Mother are doing in this larger context, may become a platform for future ages. We hope that some alert pioneers will pick this up and carry it forward, and thereby complete in future ages what we might not be able to complete fully in this age, because of the small-minded attitude in society."

(14 Count me in )

"Maybe you should count me in," says Mary. "Maybe we can work on this together. The prospect is exciting, to be working at the leading edge."

(15 What is involved with burial? )

"In this case let me give you a nut to crack," says Jesus and begins to smile. "What is involved with burial? What are we trying to bury in our quest to bury Rome? John thinks the process involves a spiritual type of discipline that gets us to place all physical notions of the challenge out of sight and hearing, which thereby deletes all notions of its supposed reality that boldly poses itself in the way of God being all. This should meet the challenge. It should annihilate all notions of a challenge.

"Mother's take is different. It is that the process is actually much simpler. She says that a disciplined submergence in Spirit will do it. An academy for being one with God is beautiful and powerful, whereby the immortality of all things real is coming to light. Mother says, What challenge? There is no challenge."

(16 What is the critical key element? )

Mary interjects. "You are both saying the same thing in different ways. This means that you are literally burning your candle from both ends. That's great! But is this enough? You said yourself, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. You speak of processes, but what is the critical key element? What is that one element that has evaded humanity through all ages? What is that one element, which when it is dealt with in the right way pulls the rug out from under the feat of empire so that it crumples into a pile of dust? I don't know what this is. I don't think anybody knows. I have been beating my head against the brick wall, but the wall still stands. The circumcision still stands. Rome still stands. Can anyone heal the world of this? What would Mother say? What could she say?"

(17 The Father who has two sons )

"Mother would say, tell Mary the story that we had a breakthrough with last week - the story of the Father who has two sons," says Jesus. "The younger son had asked for his inheritance and went away and wasted it. When it was all gone he was in a terrible mess and was starving. That's when he remembered that his father's servants were living like kings in comparison. So he decided to go back and ask to become one of the servants. But his father said no. He said I cannot do this. You are my son! He provided new raiment for him, and called for a feast to be prepared to celebrate his return. The older son, who had laboured with the father for years, was wroth. He had never asked for anything, much less a feast. The father countered him, rejoice with me, for your brother, my son, was dead and is alive again. Your wise decision to stay with me has spared you this tragedy. And it was a great tragedy for him. He was no longer alive. He was dead. But he is alive again. If this is not cause for rejoicing, what is? 

"This is our answer to your question, Mary. The younger son represents the circumcised. The circumcised society took what God has provided and threw it away as a sham; it amputated it; threw it in the gutter. The people committed treason against God and found that they were as good as dead. Some actually committed suicide. This still happens. Those, of the victims, who could discern the cause or their demise, who experienced the outcome of their denial of God, those of them who woke up and were able to link the cause with the consequences, do invariably find their way back to God. And, Mary, when they do return, they will be made equal in status with those who never left. We referred to it in the academy as a form of natural spiritual compensation, where the only history that is the present, the eternal now that God sees. Spiritual compensation is natural, because in being one with God no status-separation is possible. If one is home, one is home. This applies to all healing. Those returning from the cold do receive full honour. Their presence is celebrated for the wisdom of having become alive again. They are celebrated as angels in heaven and as giants on earth. They have stared their death in the face and said, I will go back to the Father. Many will go the route of the younger son and seek their fortune in empty living. Some of them return. Many will not return home, but die in the empty landscape of their choosing. The one who does return from the desert disserves a celebration, for he had lost much, suffer much, and has overcome much. The senses of Soul are spiritual, and as such, they can never be truly lost, which imposes a different way of measuring value. It measures the value that God sees in his Sons, and on this platform spiritual compensation is as plentiful as the sand on the seashores once the errors in which people become lost are recognized and rebuked."

(18 Doesn't justice demand an acknowledgement? )

"I can hear what you are saying," Mary interjects. "Still, I can also see the older son's point, who has never left his father and is not celebrated. Doesn't justice demand an acknowledgement?"

(19 My son you have failed to celebrate this fact )

"Ah, you have been listening," says Jesus. "We included this challenge on purpose. The father's comment in the story is, 'son you are always with me, and all that I have is yours. My son you have failed to celebrate this fact. You have failed to recognize who you are and what you have, which is so profound that it should inspire continuous celebration. Maybe you should follow your brother's lead and truly come home, likewise.

"We also had a deeper reason in mind when we staged the paradox of the celebration of the returning son who had been lost, who had been as good as dead, living in an empty landscape. You will understand the celebration when I tell you what we have been told by some people in northern India. 

(20 The Great Night in which the sun goes dim )

"The people living high in the mountains there spoke of a future that they warned us would be a replay of the Great Night in which the sun goes dim and nothing grows except in regions where the sun is high in the sky all year long. They speak of legends that tell of such nights; long nights; nights of famine. They also had visions of a people returning home to the great Father in whose house is always an abundance of everything good. But seeing further, they saw in their vision those who had failed to return - a vast sea of humanity who all perished in the agony of their starvation. They believe that those are they who had never recognized the power of their humanity that naturally unfolds to people who are at one with the Father. The people in the mountains warned that the path to the next great night is already set in the heavens. They only couldn't tell us how distant in time the turning point would be when the next night begins.

"Now Mary, consider what they said about the vast sea of humanity that they saw perishing in the agony of their starvation? Wouldn't there be a vast celebration in heaven and on earth if humanity returned to its home and discovered the power of its humanity to avoid this tragedy? 


(21 I would celebrate too, because then all would live )

"The celebration would be unavoidable," said Mary. "I would celebrate too, because then all would live. I would celebrate right now, because we would then live without empire, without the circumcision, and without fascism and poverty. Wow, what a story!"

(22 The treason of empire is real )

"This is not just a story, Mary," says Jesus. "The treason of empire is real, including all that goes with it that stands in denial of God and destroys what is good. Our story is the story of civilization. It is a story about an obstacle that can be cleansed from the landscape of humanity. I think it can be done in the manner the parable lays out. Any society that tolerates empire and lives under its treason is essentially dead. Some day this fact will be seen. It isn't that deeply hidden that it cannot be recognized and be uncovered. The story acknowledges that society universally has the open door before it that it needs, and the power to awake, and the wisdom to go through the open door and return to its normal, divine humanity. "

(23 The wayward son inspired his own awakening )

"In your story the wayward son inspired his own awakening when he had nothing left to live for, except the spiritual sensitivity that he still had as a human being, which he hadn't valued much until then, " says Mary. "Every society that chooses the path of empire will eventually reach this point and will awake and rouse itself, or die. Which it will be remains yet to be determined."

(24 Finity is a sense of limitation; a delusion )

"Mother would add that the determining element is the deadening delusion called, finity, that keeps the budding thought from unfolding. Finity is a sense of limitation; a delusion; the opposite of infinity," says Jesus. "Mother is right on the mark with this. We dream of great accomplishments. We know what to expect when the divine is established on earth, but in the same breath we say to ourselves that there are limits to what we can do. The word 'when' is the finity factor that puts the limitation right into the premise. John sees the same in the context of science, even when we apply science to our divinity. Science means that we explore the unknown. This puts the limitation right into the premise. He suggest that we explore what is immanently knowable, because Truth is knowable. Otherwise we defeat our highest hopes. I feel we are on the right track on this path to get out of finity, but have we moved far enough?"

(25 Experiencing the Truth about God and man )

"Moving far enough?" interjects the woman Mary. "If John says that science imposes a sense of limits, then we must step up from mere searching to knowing, to experiencing the Truth about God and man as being one. There we will be free from searching as we find ourselves to be already there. We must step from 'when' to 'being' as the only true possibility. Isn't that what you have been telling us all along, saying, know the truth and be free?"

(26 Wars are fought under this banner )

"You are on the mark," says Jesus. "If one is not at one with God on all counts, one stands apart in a sea of self-imposed limitation. Limitation is always self-imposed. But how soon will society see this? This is not for me to tell. The very heart of empire is built on finity, and so are its fascism and its circumcision. The banners proclaim limitation. The wars are fought under this banner, and the theft from society by empire, and its murdering and circumcision are the inevitable self-imposed results. All this happens while the divine reality that our humanity reflects is rich, but is ignored. This tragedy of self-deprivation will go on until the error in the premise is resolved. But will it be resolved? We have explored this question in the academy. Suggestions are being put forward that this question is central to the Noah story. 

(27 The Noah story )

"The Noah story appears to be an attempt by a writer in later times, when writing was in general use, to explore the reason why great cultures have suddenly vanished in the past. The story may be linked to the legends of the Great Night, or similar legends. A occurrence of a great flood was envisioned by the writer as a possibility for the disappearance of cultures that have suddenly vanished. 

The writer evidently saw in his own world a society that was so inwardly dead that he projected the prevailing conditions backward in time as a cause to explain the disappearance of entire cultures. In this context the writer envisions a culture that is so devoid of the common humanity of man that only a small group had the capability remaining, with the aid of God, to build an infrastructure that would afford safety in the face of cataclysmic natural events, the kind of wisdom that everyone in human society by then should have had, but did not have. 

John has pointed out in the academy that the Noah story is peculiar for its extreme focus on sexual interaction at the end, which he suggests is really the key to the story that the writer had wanted everyone to see, but didn't dare speak about openly.

(28 Noah had become a wine maker )

"We are told in Scriptures," Jesus continues, "that after the flood, and after the ark had landed on top of Mount Ararat, Noah had become a wine maker and was found naked in his tent, drunk, and asleep. There, his son Ham discovered, perhaps for the first time, that he was a circumcised man, possibly like he himself was. 

"Ham saw his father's nakedness, his circumcision, and was fascinated by the discovery that his father was afflicted as he was. Consequently he told his brothers about it: come and see! His brothers, Shem and Japheth did so, but would not look at it. They went backwards holding a garment between them and covered up their father's nakedness, his circumcision, by overlaying it with a garment. 

"We are told in the story that when Noah awoke, he commented on what had been done. He predicted, based on his sons' reactions, that the child of Ham, named Canaan, who had no part in the affair at all, would always live as a servant, while God would enlarge Japheth and he would dwell in the tents of Shem. "The writer makes three points in the story that are both of critical importance," Jesus continues. "The first point is that the circumcision is potentially the most crippling social disease that has ever been invented. And the second point is that an alert person who has discovered himself as being one with God has the power to step up to higher ground where the disease has no hold on him. The third point is that the circumcision is merely one of the symptoms of small-minded thinking that every human being has the capability to step above. That is why the writer of this epic story of a great, near-universal catastrophe, focuses in the end so extensively on the damaged sexual intimacy as the potential cause of it that is reflected also in damaged social intimacy, which is essentially a denial of God. The writer suggests that when this disease is left unhealed, it has far more extensive social consequences than anyone cares to admit, and may ultimately cause the self-extinction of society, which in the story only a few people were able to escape?

(29 The trap that Adam fell into In the story, Adam is instantly ashamed )

"Nor does the story end here," Jesus continues. "Another writer takes the unmasking of the circumcision as small-minded thinking still further back in time, and builds a creation mythology around it, the story of Adam. In the story the subtle snake that hugs the ground, symbolically represents the coercive mentality of primitive, small-minded, thinking. The tree in the midst of the garden of Eden represents the full-orbed completion of good. It represents the divine All in which the design of the universe is complete and perfect, and is reflected in all life. In the Adam story God demands that nothing must be removed from this tree of completeness. But yielding to tempting coercion Adam ignores the warning in an attempt to improve himself. The result is, that instead of gaining a richer life, he finds himself naked, circumcised by small-minded thinking, by the effect of a mentality without God at the center. Every imagined knowledge that is formed in a supposed mind without God, which is deemed superior, is in reality the opposite. It is small-minded thinking. That's the trap that Adam fell into. He didn't gain superior knowledge. He discovered that stepping away from God, produces emptiness, nakedness, the nakedness resulting from the circumcision. The writer of the Adam story clearly had the circumcision in mind, which is a type of amputation that once its inflicted cannot be reversed. It is a type of self-expulsion from the garden of divine living, which every form of mindless thinking is.

27b ~adam_eve_expulsion_7

"In the story, Adam is instantly ashamed of himself when he discovers the resulting nakedness. As he lacks the power to reverse it, he tries to hide it. The writer of the story was evidently aware that small-minded thinking is a trap with a debilitating feedback that makes it hard to get out of. In the Adam story, a rescue isn't even attempted. Adam is immediately expelled from the garden of divine living. In essence he has expelled himself by the course of his choice. Small-minded thinking causes its victim to live a primitive existence by default, because Mind is no longer expressed then, but is rejected. The term 'small-minded' is actually a contradiction in language. The correct term is, mindless. There is nothing small about the expression of divine Mind in man. The default from that is, mindless, meaning a mindless existence where everything gets messed up. In the divine universe, small-minded existence is not possible. The term, small, cannot be applied to God and God's reflection. Whoever attempts to do this, looses everything.

"This is in essence what I was hinting at," says Jesus to Mary, "when I said to you after your trial on the charge of adultery, 'keep the gold precious!' No one is secure and happy in a mindless type of existence."

(30 You present the truth to society )

"Maybe this is where the universal stumbling block is located," Mary replies. "You present the truth to society. Do you also make it your task to assure that the truth is accepted by society, and is understood? You have never done this. If you had done this, you would have affirmed thereby that God is not in control. You would have affirmed that the mind of society and the Mind of God is not one. 

Isn't this the trap that one gets easily lured into when ones thinking becomes too small? Religion becomes a sea of conflicts on this path. By going this path one affirms that humanity, the image of God, stands impotent against the winds of time, impotent in the face of empire, impotent in the face of the circumcision that serves empire and its fascism and cultural idiocy, and so on, as if there exists a limit in Truth to the omnipotence that should be naturally reflected in humanity."

(31 To correct this error )

"And how do you propose to correct this error," says Jesus calmly.

(32 We leave the field to God )

"Isn't this obvious? We leave the field to God," says Mary. "We impose no time-limit, no resolution-limit, no resource-limit. We speak the truth and leave the field to God. God didn't built a security wall around the tree of completeness in the Adam story. To do so would have been an admission by God of an inherent incompleteness in the design of infinite wisdom. He said to man, be wise. And yes, I think we will be wise. We already say to empire, 'you are inherently dead, because you never had life in you.' God didn't have to say this to Adam when he discovered himself naked. Adam was well aware of it. I propose we say to society in the same context, 'you are already the sons of God, because you had never been anything else and never can be anything else, and that the time has come for you to discover this for yourself and to acknowledge it. Of course, this is what you have been saying all along, haven't you? You have probably explored this in the academy eons ago, and Mother had been the living case of it from the beginning.

(33 Out of the Adam trap )

"If we leave the field to God, as it was evidently designed to be," Mary continues, "than some day both empire and society will recognize that the truth that has been spoken about them, is truthful, and they will stop beating their head against the brick wall as I have done. Till then, let them hop to it. Isn't that what the Adam story is saying? For me, I had to find the healing in myself that gets me out of the Adam trap. Of course, your many parables and examples have helped me along that way. I also knew that the consequences of my unhealed problem were not your responsibility. They never were that. Your responsibility was first and foremost to God, to speak the truth. I think I recognized this right from the start, though faintly at first. I think this recognition enabled me to deal with the circumcision imposition that had devastated me when I was suddenly confronted with the mess. It enabled me to step away from it and let it be. The task of humanity may not be any different, in principle. So, I would say that your mission is already completed. I am the proof of it. You have voiced the truth. You stood up for it. I healed myself with it. You demonstrated the truth in numerous occasions. Others have healed themselves with it. The truth is timeless. It is forever. The task is done. The work does not need to be repeated. It will stand through time. It is the task of society to discover itself in the truth, and discover also that it has the power to do this just as you and I have done On this road, failure is not really a possibility, is it?. The victory is inherent in the process of becoming one with God. It may happen tomorrow for the whole of humanity, or in a thousand years, or in a million years. The key to progress appears to be that one steps away from the intoxicating myth of failure and leave the scene to God. Whoever doesn't do this on all counts appears to be guilty of self-inflicting mental malpractice by denial."

(34 You have missed one small thing )

Jesus smiles. "Wow! Well spoken! I am proud of you! However, you have missed to address one small thing. You had failed to protect yourself from the fallout of the winds of the world, so that I had to rescue you. That is why we are here. What is your comment on that, considering how you see things now?"

(35 Divine Truth has been my ark )

"I have trusted that Truth is a powerful thing, as much as I was aware of it. I trusted that it would be my protection," says Mary. "Divine Truth has been my ark since you have illustrated it to us as such. It still is that. There is freedom in that ark. In its reflection I am safe. Was I wrong then to trust divine Truth to be my ark, and my understanding of it to be sufficient for the day? Did my trust extend too far? I came to within a hair of being killed. I am aware of that. But I am alive. I came through the storm safely, held in the arms of divine Love. Can Truth ever be relative in any way, so that it cannot always be trusted? Is Truth not absolute? You teach that divine Love is reflected in love. Isn't that what has saved me? You were the expression of divine Love. And so I live. 

"Yes, I could have protected myself in the conventional sense by never having laid eyes on another man, and never having responded to the men's pleas as love demands one to respond. Yes, I would have lived securely then, as securely as those in the graveyards. But, there, one is already dead. I have decided that I will not live in the graveyards. Yes, it took many patient steps to build a life above the primitive ground."

(36 The academy of God stands on three pillars )

Jesus laughs. "Let me introduce you to my family, to the academy. Mother will be delighted to meet you. She always keeps saying that the light can never go out, so that there will always be leading edge thinkers in the world, and that those, no matter how few, are the majority, because they will change the world. And she is right. We will change the world. The academy of God stands on three pillars. We built on scriptural history that sweeps the ages for the tallest recognitions of the reflected divine Spirit. We use this, and build with it on the pillar of science, the development of science that paves a path away from even itself, from finity and limitation, to the fullness of God. And the third pillar that we build on, is healing. Without proof in healing the other pillars stand on sand and are empty shells that bear no weight. Welcome to the academy, Mary.

(37 A small-minded society is a precarious society )

Nevertheless, you fail to recognize the serious nature of the challenge that I had defended you against. If I had not stood up for you, they would have murdered you, just as they have murdered thousands before you for the same cause. A small-minded society is a precarious society in which no one is secure. I offer you a seat in the academy so that you can add your voice to the movements of divine Mind being expressed that lifts the veil off the trap of small-minded thinking. I am certain that all will agree that you are a great asset on this path. This path is also the story of my life. For this end I was born. For this purpose I was brought into the world, to bear witness unto divine Truth, to unmask the trap of small-minded thinking and to supplant it with the Mind of God being brought to light, and so leave the field to God."


(38 For one is your Father )

Indeed, had Christ Jesus not been born into the academy, against the type of background that develops the divine majority on earth that will never cease to be active, a majority of leading-edge thinkers devoted to spiritual freedom that opens the field to God, working under extraordinary circumstances and with extraordinary love - Jesus would not have stood on the pinnacle from where he could declare by his own experience, "call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Without that, whatever followed along his line of his teaching and healing, would likely not have been possible at all. 

His profound recognition from a lifetime of experiences, with a devotion that lays everything into the court of God, may have forged the foundation for his remarkably successful life work, and his remarkable achievements that changed the world and still does. What he has achieved on this basis has put the mark of eternity on time. It stands as a grand achievement, even while the ultimate goal, to end the age of empire had not been reached in his time, and has not been reached yet in our time, while it is inevitable that it will be reached.

(39 In the cesspool of small-minded thinking )

At the present time we still stand deeply mired in the cesspool of small-minded thinking. The evidence stands glaringly before us!

The Western world stands committed under law to burn massive amounts of food to fulfill its biofuels mandate. The agricultural resources that are diverted to be burned in the process, would provide sufficient food for 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation for reasons of numerous political insanities, the food-burning policy murders a minimum of 100 million people per year, silently, without headlines being made, relentlessly, without flinching, without repentance, and for no other reasons than committing genocide for profit. That is how small-minded we have become.

(40 The biofuels system )

The biofuels system is not a significant net energy producer. It takes nearly as much energy as input, even more in some cases, to produce the biofuels, than the fuels give back. The biofuels system is an expensive energy conversion process that adds its own damaging pollution. It is efficient only in producing genocide by burning the available food. The process is demanded under the depopulation doctrine, a type of imperial objective to reduce the world population from seven billion people to one billion. This is how small-minded the modern society has become. But who today stands up and defends humanity as Christ Jesus had once defended the adulterous woman from a similar fate on the minuscule scale, as it was then?

(41 The circumcision practice )

The circumcision practice that I have referred to extensively in the dialog as small-minded thinking, has definitely been dealt with by Christ Jesus, who may have warned of the consequences of cultural deterioration as we are now suffering in the modern world.. His comment was then, that if the circumcision were good in purpose and useful in any way, we would have all been born circumcised. This comment is presented in the Gospel of Thomas that has been found contained in the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in Egypt in 1945. 

(42 Based on personal knowledge )

Many related comments in the dialog about the circumcision, are based on modern research of its consequences, and is also based on personal knowledge of people effected, such as the case of a suicide because of it, and a case of a widow not being able to remarry; and one person commenting who chose the circumcision in later life, saying, "I have been there, I have done it, I am suffering still." One person who defended the need for it as a means to prevent AIDS, was himself dying of AIDS, although being circumcised.

On the world scene upwards to 800 million men are believed to be circumcised and over 100 million women. The USA is an interesting case in that its circumcision rate increased from World War II to the present from 6 out of 7 men being whole, to 6 out of 7 being circumcised. This vast increase corresponds with the fall of the USA from being the most admired nation on the planet with the most powerful economy, to becoming the most hated war monger in the world, with a dying economy and hunger at home against a background of increasing deprivations imposed on the population. 

A similar collapse is also seen in the spiritual field, reflected in statistics about the field of Christian Science in the USA, and possibly in other spiritual institutions likewise. 

(43 The great war cries focused onto the Middle East )

The great war cries focused onto the Middle East today may be the result of the confluence there, of three of the most circumcised cultures in the world, fighting each other, which are the USA; the Muslim cultures; and the Jewish culture.

(44 The seven 'names' for God )

The seven 'names' for God that stand poised against small-minded thinking, which I have presented in the fictional dialog between Jesus and the woman Mary, whom Jesus had defended, are not mentioned anywhere in the Scriptures. The woman may have been Mary Magdalene who is frequently mentioned in association with Jesus

(45 Pioneer of divine Science, Mary Baker Eddy )

The seven terms that I refered to as names for God in the dialog, were presented nearly two millennia after Jesus' time, in the USA, by America's pioneer of divine Science, named Mary Baker Eddy, the renowned discoverer of Christian Science in 1866, who referred to the seven terms as, synonymous terms for God. This does not mean that these terms, as names, and their spiritual significance, were not known throughout all times, though being articulated in different manners. 

Likewise the sexual focus in the Noah story that is rarely ever noticed, was specifically focused on by Mary Baker Eddy, and may have likewise been so focused on in Jesus' time.

(46 Mary Baker Eddy's design )

Furthermore, the double triangular structure that I have presented in the dialog in the second segment, doesn't exist anywhere, except in the shape of Mary Baker Eddy's design of the Christian Science Mother Church center in Boston.

(47 Triangular in shape )

The entire Mother Church center is triangular in shape, including the edifice structures within it.

(48 Built in 1894 on a triangular plot )

The original edifice was built in 1894 on a triangular plot. The land had been provided for the construction, by Mary Baker Eddy.

Years later, the much larger Extension edifice for the Mother Church, was completed in 1906. Again, the land for it had been provided by Mary Baker Eddy. The Extension edifice continues the triangular form, but it has its own point in the form of a great portico, heading it up.

The two structures are built back to back. The great organ in the Extension is located near the joining wall, with the great dome overhead.

While the double triangular structure of the model that I referred to in the dialog, can be seen reflected in the complex design of the joined edifices, it is unknown whether this feature had been intended.

(49 The extended portico )

The extended portico was not constructed in 1906, but may have been provided for in the original design.

(50 Unique in the world )

To the best of my knowledge, the double-edifice design, with a double triangular feature pointing into two different directions, is unique in the world. It is not unreasonable to assume that Mary Baker Eddy had intended the underlying metaphore as she had provided the land for the implementation of it.

(51 The triangle-based model )

The triangle-based model in the second segment of the dialog is based on Mary Baker Eddy's work. I have projected it backwards in time on the recognition that the Christ Truth that unfolds in humanity's scientific recognition is timeless, without a beginning in days and an end in infinity, which would have been the guiding star in Jesus' time as in our time, though individually expressed in form. This timeless feature is somewhat reflected in Mary Baker Eddy referring to the Extension, not as a church, but as a "magnificent temple." The concept of, Temple, is significant in the spiritual dimension, together with the concept of Church, which supports the dual triangular structure referred to in the dialog.

(52 Christian Science extensively developed )

The part of the dialog about looking outward instead of inward is reflected in the stained-glass window in Mother's Room of the original edifice of Mary Baker Eddy's church. The windows shows a scene from her work, Christ and Christmas, presented with a side-reversed perspective, meaning that the correct perspective can only be seen from the inside looking out. The same applies to her seal. Is she saying that all the divine aspects can only be perceived correctly when they are perceived from the standpoint of God looking outward, instead of them being seen from the periphery looking inward? Perhaps she is saying this. And perhaps this is important.

The whole of humanity needs the full scope of Christian Science extensively developed as a spiritual science, to enable it to master the immense existential threats that humanity is facing from an inverse perspective manifest in the form of economic collapse, nuclear war, terror, the depopulation ideology, and above all the physical challenge that the start of the next Ice Age is imposing, potentially in 30 years time, that we need to become prepared for.

(53 The Great Night )

The Great Night that I referred to in the dialog, is the Ice Age challenge. The ice age dynamics had required the human society during the last Ice Age to live for long periods under an inactive Sun, according to the Dansgaard Oeschger oscillations that only a few may have survived, which may have been remembered by early cultures and have given rise to the Noah story that now looms before us in huge terms with the potential start of the next Ice Age in possibly 30 years time, that we need to prepare our world for, to be able to survive. In this context the Noah story, may be the most critical of all stories in all the scriptures. 

(54 Northern nations will cease to exist )

All the northern nations on earth will cease to exist in short order if humanity fails to built the needed vast new infrastructures for agriculture that would need to be staged afloat across the equatorial seas for the lack of land in the tropics, where agriculture will remain possible under a 70% diminished Sun, which is an electrically inactive Sun.

This means that the nations of Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, and Poland, and so on, would simply vanish as functioning nations. A nation without a food resource does not exist.

(55 The 30-years timeframe )

This means that the most critical change in the physical condition on earth, which promises to supersede anything that has ever been experienced in the history of civilization, may be upon us in roughly 30 years. The 30-years timeframe, which involves large astrophysical systems that are already in a transition phase, appears to be on this basis more readily predictable than the weather next week. But will the ark be built that will carry humanity through the coming Ice Age that may start in 30 years? The current small-minded thinking is so dense with illusions of empire, profit, impotence, and limitation that an Ice Age start is not even considered, much less is being prepared for. The default survival rate is unimaginably slim.

The cataclysm of a society remaining unhealed of its willing subjection to empire and its numerous forms of idiocy and fascism, which Jesus may have warned about, is quite real and is looming before us on many fronts, not just on the Ice Age front. 

(56 The Principle of Universal Love )

The challenge that stands before society to heal itself on all fronts, is ultimately a challenge to reflect the love of God, divine Love, as universal love. The world stands as far from meeting this challenge on the home ground, as the Moon is from the Earth. The Principle of Universal Love is not even being considered. Universal love is difficult to implement, extensive in its reach, and multifaceted. I have written an exploratory story on the subject, in the form of a novel. By the time the story was completed it extended accross 12 volumes - 12 novels of a single story. The very existence of humanity may hinge in the near future, on humanity mastering the challenge of the Principle of Universal Love.

(57 Selected stories from the 12 novels )

I have presented selected stories from the 12 novels in the form of a substancial array of videos that focus on individual critical subjects, though in the domain of spiritual exploration all subjects are critical.

(58 The nuclear war challenge must be mastered )

In the arena of war avoidence, the challenge is great. The nuclear war challenge must be mastered. The the engines of war do exist, which in the space of an hour, can create such catastrophic conditions on our planet that no one can survive, as no one can live without food. Nevertheless, this challenge is not the biggest challenge we face, because it is physically possible to dismantle the existing engines of war in the space of a week if we care to do so, while the Ice Age challenge will take humanity decades to prepare for. But will we move on either front?

(59 Up to 100,000 Hiroshimas )

Up to 100,000 Hiroshimas ride in the bellies of America's 14 submarines of the type shown here. These engines are presently fully protected and maintained while the economies that once produced them have themselves collapsed. The outcome could be a war that ends everything. It might also be that if this outcome is delayed, that in time the nuclear weapons will no longer be maintained, whereby they will become useless.

(60 Warheads require a tritium booster )

Most modern high-yield light-weight nuclear warheads require a tritium booster, item 5 in this case. With tritium having a half-life of only 12 years, it needs to be continuously bred in nuclear reactors so that the warheads can be replenished to keep the weapons functional. If the economic breakdown is such that the weapons can no longer be maintained, nuclear war becomes obsolete. However, in the wake of such a deep collapse humanity will live in a primitive, decaying feudal world that most people won't survive either. This trend is presently idealized under the depopulation doctrine that seeks the elimination of 6 billion people of the present world population of 7 billion. All this means that the nuclear war issue can only be won in an active manner of spiritual healing, which frees society of its small-minded attitudes, and enables it to simply dismantle all nuclear weapons. Apart from this active spiritual process that has been refered to in the dialog, humanity's chances are slim.

(61 In my novel, Flight Without Limits )

I have written about both of the potential default outcomes in my novel, Flight Without Limits. The novel is mostly focused on the processes of healing society, whereby both types of the potential tragic outcomes can be avoided.

(62 The City-Foursquare story )

The City-Foursquare story that I referred to in the dialog, is a concept that was presented by John in the biblical book of Revelation, near the end of it. It may have been a concept that Jesus was familiar with, and may have been utilized by him extensively as a platform to advance scientific spiritual development.

(63 Two millennia later )

Nearly two millennia later, Mary Baker Eddy had continued the platform and built all her works on it. This means that Mother's academy, theorized in the dialog, still continues. The seal contains in complex metaphors all the critical features of the foursquare city.

(64 The timeframe of Mary Baker Eddy's work )

It is interesting to note, too, that the timeframe of Mary Baker Eddy's work that was evidently based on this platform, extensively, coincides with the only major period of peace and prosperity that the world has experienced in the last several hundred years. 

(65 Christ Jesus was right on the mark )

The coincidence suggests that Christ Jesus was right on the mark when he suggested that peace, prosperity, and security, even life itself, stand on a spiritual foundation, and that if this foundation is lost sight of, all becomes lost with it. But Jesus also pointed out, and demonstrated, that the necessary healing is possible at any time, in any age, and is therefore immanently possible in our time, as slim as the prospect may seem. He is saying in essence, "God has never changed, and the underlying nature of humanity has never changed likewise. Allow yourself to find this out and live with it, as scary as this may seem."

(66 Yes, God is scary )

Yes, God is scary. God is Love, reflected in universal loving. This can be scary in a small-minded world ruled by narrow doctrines. At least, it can be extremely challenging. As I said, I wrote a novel on the subject in the early 1990s that focus on the Principle of Universal Love. I have called the novel, Discovering Love. And as I said too, as the subject unfolded, it grew and became bigger. It became a series of 12 novels with a single story threaded through. I have called the series, The Lodging for the Rose. 

Maybe the large size of the series hints at the size of the challenge before us, and it may also hint at the size of the blessings for humanity that are within our reach in the form of the Principle of Universal Love unfolding from the grassroots up, bridging the isolating gaps between cultures and nations, towards the ultimate realization that divine Principle and its Idea reflected in humanity, is One. 

Isn't this what Christ Jesus' work had ultimately been about?

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